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    One Woman. Two Husbands. One Bloody Execution.

        By MIA FREEDMAN Louisa Collins was not your average Australian woman. A mother of 10. She liked a drink and a dance. She had two husbands and a baby who all died in a short space of time in unexplained ways. One woman. Two husbands. Four trials. One bloody execution.   The new [read more]

  • Ana Ferguson

    “I’m dying from breast cancer and I hate your pink ribbons.”

            By ANA FERGUSON Yesterday, I had to go on a little shopping adventure. A pretty normal excursion, you would say. Nothing uber exciting. A bit of retail therapy normally puts a smile on any woman’s dial.  Traditionally, I find wandering through the shops and focusing on something other than cancer, a great [read more]

  • red-phone

    He thought it was a prank call, but this emergency operator ended up saving a life.

      Trigger Warning: This post deals with issues of sexual assault and domestic violence and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. A recent Reddit thread asked emergency call operators to describe the one call that they would never forget.  There were hundreds of sad, shocking and fascinating responses, but one in particular has gone viral [read more]

  • genderless gingerbread figures

    Gingerbread people now must be genderless. We’re all doomed.

      By ALEXIS CAREY So “genderless gingerbread figures” are now a thing, and they prove the world has officially lost its mind. In case you’re not across the background story, an unnamed, “hip” Melbourne bakery has made international headlines today after a picture of these biscuits were posted on Reddit with the caption: “So this [read more]

  • short horror film

    These people should not be allowed at the movies. The end.

    By LUCY GRANSBURY Alright, movie-goers. It’s time. Some of you have been pissing me off for years. It’s time we talk about cinema etiquette. I pay half my wages every week to go the cinema (both indicative of my low income and the high ticket prices), and I’m sick of the carry-on. It’s not all [read more]

  • TaylorShock

    Why millions of Taylor Swift fans wish they didn’t spend $1.29 on her new track.

      Taylor Swift has just released another number 1 hit on iTunes. The track is ambitious. It’s edgy. It’s modern. It’s eight seconds of white noise. Thanks to a glitch in the Canadian iTunes system, a song called ‘Track 3′ was accidentally released under Taylor’s name. Fans thought she had released a snippet of a new track, [read more]

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    “I wrote a shopping list of everything I wanted in a husband. And then he walked past my desk.”

        By KEYON BAYANI If you want to be married or in a long-term relationship, but find yourself attracting Mr. Won’t Commit, or, Mr. I Don’t Believe in Marriage, I’ll tell you why — it’s because you’re not being upfront. Yes, you heard me, you’re not being honest with yourself or the person you [read more]

  • mia freedman

    Of course feminism needs men. But you know what it doesn’t need?

            By MIA FREEDMAN Take a deep breath because there’s a small, yet loud handful of women who are angry with anyone who thinks feminism could benefit from the support of men. Last month, while the world was enthusiastically taking Emma Watson‘s brilliant UN speech on this topic viral, these same women were rushing [read more]

  • Renee Zellweger

    Why is the world losing its mind about Renee Zellweger’s face?

    Update: Renee Zellweger has responded to the day’s tsunami of rumours about her face. The actress, 45, told People magazine: “I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.” “It seems the folks who come digging around for some nefarious truth which doesn’t exist won’t get [read more]

  • potty-mouthed princesses

    These preschool princesses are swearing for one very good reason.

    And she’s f*cking fed up. This potty-mouthed princess and her friends are fed up with a future where women are still paid 23% less than their male counterparts and where 1 in 5 women are raped or sexually assaulted. So they’re saying F*CK THAT and asking: “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or [read more]

  • “I love my husband, but here’s why I want to cheat.”

            I’m one of the lucky ones: I’m married to my soul mate. The first time I ever saw Nige, my heart caught in my throat and my stomach dropped faster than you can say ‘love at first sight’. I was captivated, awed and knocked sideways by the depth of my attraction [read more]

  • Buddy bags postcard

    How buddy bag care packs help kids in refuge

    By DR JUDITH SLOCOMBE, CEO, The Alannah and Madeline Foundation A few weeks ago we received a Facebook message from Carly, a young mother who had recently been forced to seek shelter at a refuge to escape her violent partner. Carly and her nine-year-old son, Max, arrived at the refuge with nothing but the clothes [read more]

  • party

    How to throw a spring party so good your friends won’t want to leave.

            By JACQUI PORTER The spring racing calendar is certainly heating up, which means celebrations and parties. Instead of schlepping it to the tracks this year, why not have a go at throwing your own amazing racing party to rival the marquees. Here are seven tips that will transform your party and [read more]

  • kyle sandilands baby

    Kyle Sandilands opens up about losing a child to miscarriage.

              Kyle Sandilands is getting attention for something he said on the radio this morning but for once no-one is offended. In a rare moment of candidness, the divisive Kiis FM host opened up to a caller to reveal that he and an ex-partner once lost a child to miscarriage, The Daily Mail reported. “It was [read more]

  • lena dunham instagram tribute

    Lena Dunham’s tribute to Jill Meagher’s husband Tom.

            Trigger Warning: This post deals with issues of sexual assault and violence and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. US writer and actress Lena Dunham has paid tribute to the “beautiful words” of Tom Meagher, the husband of murdered Melbourne woman Jill, on her Instagram. The 28-year-old posted the following [read more]

  • God's Love We Deliver, Golden Heart Awards - Arrivals

    Blake Lively is a magical pregnancy unicorn.

      Okay, so she only announced that she was pregnant two weeks ago, but already Blake Lively is all over this maternity fashion business like like a very photogenic case of nappy rash. In an outfit we seriously doubt ever seeing Kate Middleton wearing (more’s the pity), the 27-year-old actress wife of Ryan Reynolds appeared on the red carpet of the [read more]

  • LawsonILoveYou

    Someone in the Big Brother house said the ‘L word’ last night.

      NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY HOUSEMATES. Big Brother contestants Cat and Lawson said ‘I love you’ to each other last night, while Lawson’s girlfriend of five years probably cried on the couch at home. At least they tried to whisper it… but they forgot about the microphones. Watch this video, and throw popcorn at them: This is the Big Brother love [read more]

  • SwiftMonk

    The best thing Taylor Swift has done in Australia had nothing to do with singing.

          What’s the number one thing that a Taylor Swift-hater will say about her music? She only sings about her ex-boyfriends. Well, guess what, Anti-Taylor peeps? Swifty herself has just called you sexist. In an interview with 2DayFM‘s Sophie Monk and Merrick Watts, Sophie asked Taylor what she thought of the common accusation. “How [read more]

  • Louise and Blake during The Bachelor

    This is where Blake and Louise (probably) consummated their love.

      It’s been a difficult few months/days/hours for this Bachelor duo. They’ve been terrorised by online bullies, scrutinised by past lovers (Hi, Sam), and asked countless times if their love is legitimate. Finally, they released all the answers on The Project last night. What has also been released are images of the resort they stayed [read more]

  • Louise, Most Hated Woman in Australia.

    Is this really the most hated woman in Australia?

            By EM RUSCIANO With regards to The Bachelor announcing that he is now desperately in love with 2nd runner up Louise Pillidge and that they plan on moving in together and the resulting outpouring of putrid hate towards Louise, can I say this? CALM THE FUCK DOWN AUSTRALIA. Louise has been [read more]

  • 168495408

    The one thing nobody does on their wedding night anymore.

          Wedding night sex is hard work. It’s probably the most unsexy, least exciting sex that a person can have. You’re tired, maybe drunk, maybe very drunk and that dress you’re wearing takes a mighty long time to extract yourself from. The sex comes after a long day; a long day, which has [read more]

  • fight for ryder

    Fight for Ryder, the 3-year old with four months to live.

              By ISABELLE MCKENZIE Ryder was having nose bleeds for a year and a half before we went to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Every doctor turned us away saying that he must have been picking nose! I knew it couldn’t be that straight forward — his nose had been [read more]

  • divorce letter

    “The letter to my ex-wife on the day of our divorce.”

              By MICHAEL CHESHIRE An open letter, to my ex-wife on the first day as your ex. Well, today our 20 year marriage ended in courtroom 2-D. To be honest, it was surreal. When we came to this decision months ago, I felt like the world had ended. In truth, I [read more]

  • how to help someone who gambles

    Meet the 120 friends you probably don’t need in your life anymore.

            By BERN MORLEY. What would you do if Facebook disappeared tomorrow? Would it shatter your world or like me, would it almost come as a welcome relief? Because lately, I’ve been starting to see it as less of a friendly online community and more of, well, a troublemaker. There are so [read more]

  • lice-video

    This case of lice is so extreme, it will make your flesh creep.

      By THE GLOW A shocking video has emerged of  a mother combing hundreds of lice out of her daughter’s infested hair. The girl appears to be around 7 years old.  Warning: this video is graphic and unpleasant Experts have said that this is an extreme case of head lice, and it would have taken months of [read more]

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    Voulez Vous: ‘My work is so melancholy – people are surprised when they see me smiling’

        By ELISSA RATLIFF “I paint, I draw, I write, and I photograph the world around me. I am inspired by the beautiful, the ugly, the evanescent. I am forever striving to emulate the wonder and fragility which the subject emits. Exploring the intangible and indescribable, to try and pin down the mystery of [read more]

  • buffy

    One of our favourite Buffy stars just got arrested (and married)

                A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan favourite has been arrested today, spending several hours in jail after being charged with damaging property and resisting arrest. E News! reports Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander- one of Buffy’s best pals on the cult tv show – was detained in Boise, Idaho on Friday night after police [read more]

  • Mamamia Out Loud podcast

    The second episode of the Mamamia podcast is here.

              If you listened to the podcast last week, thank you so much. In just 5 days, we cracked the Top 20 podcasts in Australia, and we are so thrilled. If you missed the debut episode of the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, we’ll chuck in a download link below so you [read more]

  • 482048805

    Ghosting. When you leave a party and never say goodbye.

              By ALISSA WARREN. I was a professional at leaving parties, lunches, baby showers, dinners. Everything. When I’d had enough, I left. Vanished. Pft. INTO THIN AIR. Call it what you will. Ghosting. Phantom. Disappearing. Smoke-bombing. I was one of the best. But I’ve stopped. Sort of. When did we become [read more]

  • the block 2014

    What ever happened to the sixth apartment on The Block?

          It’s been almost a week now since the gut-wrenching finale of The Block Glasshouse, when everyone discovered that renovations are expensive and don’t leave you with a lot of money in the bank. You’ll recall that the final auctions, which saw brother-duo Simon and Shannon Voss rake in an impressive $335,000 profit, also left [read more]