• mia jam

    Exciting news for two of our Mamamia favourites.

      Well, this is a bit exciting. Excuse us while we indulge in some self-congratulation. It’s just that here at Mamamia, we’re beyond proud that the world is recognising what we already know – we work with some amazing women. Our Publisher and Founder Mia Freedman and our Editor In Chief Jamila Rizvi have been announced [read more]

  • rbcracekids

    The simple thing you can do to help sick kids.

            By REBECCA OXENBOULD “It’s hard to explain how difficult it is to have a little one constantly in and out of hospital” says Charley’s mum, Margot. “Life as you know it becomes so much more hectic and exhausting. As parents though, you can’t stop – you have to keep going and [read more]

  • chanel20

    Feminism might be the new black, but you need to do more than wear it.

          By KATE LEAVER It’s finally fucking fashionable to be a feminist. The biggest pop stars in the world, the coolest TV actors and yes, even supermodels, are letting their feminist flag fly. Need convincing? Example 1: Taylor Swift.  Swift only just came out as a feminist. The 24-year-old singer (who, if you need qualification of [read more]

  • julia-thumb

    Open Post: The one where Julia Gillard visits the Mamamia office.

    By KATE LEAVER Julia Gillard came to Mamamia HQ this morning. The woman we’ve all been casually worshipping for years. The first female Prime Minister of this country. One of the more resolute, dignified, effective leaders we’ve had. Ms Gillard sat down with our editor in chief Jamila Rizvi (who yes, before you point it out, used to [read more]

  • coffee pods

    Yes, we know you love your coffee machine. But there’s something you need to know…

              By John Rice, Griffith University and Nigel Martin, Australian National University Mornings just aren’t the same. Late sleepers, once troubled only by the quiet gurgle of the boiling kettle, are now shaken from their slumber by the guttural sounds of steaming water being forced through aluminium or plastic coffee pods. [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video - Mamamia

    The list no mother would want her daughter to read.

      By ELISSA RATLIFF Seventy-one per cent of young girls feel a pressure to be beautiful. Eight out of 10 women say they dislike at least one aspect of their body. That’s a lot of negative issues surrounding a woman’s body image. Where does it come from? Role models. And not the celebrity kind. Mothers, grandmothers, carers, close [read more]

  • georgeandamaledited

    BEC: George and Amal just proved it’s worth waiting for the right person.

            By REBECCA SPARROW This past weekend George Clooney gave all of us a lesson in love. And it’s possible we missed it. It’s possible that amongst all the swooning over luscious designer gowns and Armani suits and Venetian canals and tequila and hang-on-was-that-Emily-Blunt-on-that-gondola? – we missed it.   We missed the real [read more]

  • photo _Snapseed

    Mamamia is looking for design interns.

    Mamamia, iVillage Australia and The Glow are looking for design interns. If you are a graphic design or digital media student looking to gain invaluable experience working in digital media, we’d love to meet you. Applicants must have their own laptop, adobe software and be available for at least one full day each week (which can be broken [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video #NotAnotherChild: the campaign fighting against child abuse

    More Aussie kids are living away from home for their own protection than ever before.

            By DANI COLVIN More Australian children are living away from home for their own protection than ever before.  The number has doubled in the past 10 years. Tonight, more than 40,500 children won’t be able to sleep in their own beds because it not safe for them to do so. It’s [read more]

  • A Current Affair bullying story

    Why a mother told her daughter’s horrific story on national television.

      By KATE LEAVER This is what bravery looks like. A mother who refuses to stay quiet when her baby girl is savagely bullied. A mother who wants all kids to go to school without fear. A mother who makes the decision to tell her daughter’s traumatic story on national television. On tonight’s episode of A Current Affair, mother Julie* told host [read more]

  • Kate Leaney.

    This non-Muslim woman is wearing a headscarf for all the right reasons.

          By ALYS GAGNON In many ways, Kate Leaney is a pretty average 27-year-old Australian woman. She lives in Adelaide, holds down a full-time job, hangs out with friends and messes around on her social media in her quiet moments. But last week was quite different for Kate for one big reason. Despite [read more]

  • Mohamed El-

    What made this man give up $100million a year?

        By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT Picture this: You’re feeling tired and crabby with your kids. You yell at your daughter to hurry up and brush her teeth, and no matter how loudly you shout, or how serious you make that tone, she refuses to do it. When you push her on why she’s ignoring you, the 10-year-old disappears [read more]

  • george clooney and amal wedding

    Every single dazzly detail from that time when George married Amazing Amal.

    Update: Just when we thought Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney’s wedding couldn’t get any more Hollywood Glamour, she went and upped the chic factor…. By wearing a pair of perfectly-tailored wedding pants. Amal, 36, wore the ridiculously stylish, high-waisted, white wedding pants to the civil ceremony part of the celebrations. The move sparked an internet wedding pants frenzy, with [read more]

  • sonia-kruger-pregnant

    Sonia Kruger: “My baby is not a ‘miracle.'”

        Onya, Sonia. Sonia Kruger has corrected the Australian Women’s Weekly cover line that hailed her pregnancy as a ‘miracle’. “It’s important to me to not mislead women out there as if it was some kind of miracle baby.” The 49-year-old Big Brother host is pregnant for the first time, but it was not by coincidence. [read more]

  • Rob Mills Homophobic tweet

    Rob Mills’ tweet is not what homophobia looks like. This is what homophobia looks like.

      By GAVIN FERNANDO Rob Mills posts an image of two Lego figurines going at it after an AFL game. Next minute the social media universe blasts him for “being homophobic.” Really, world? Really? Have we really reached the point where something so trivial can lead an onslaught of social justice warriors to weightily accuse [read more]

  • ocsoberer

    Giving up alcohol doesn’t have to be hard.

            By KATE WEBBER I love booze. I love it in all its forms. I love beer, cider, scotch, good vodka, better gin, bourbon cocktails, quality rum, bad rum (I am a Queenslander, after all), tequila, but most of all, wine. I actually can’t imagine a world without wine; it doesn’t bear [read more]

  • dinner-power-play-jpg

    “Why I’d never be with a man who always pays the bill.”

        By HELEN BARCHAM A few weeks ago I went on a date with a charming man I met on Tinder. The date went splendidly—he chewed with his mouth shut, was kind enough to share his duck breast, and conversation was as organic as the quail egg we had for starters. Then came the [read more]

  • Maggie and Karen.

    When a pair of jeans can change a life.

              By LAURA HAMPSON It’s a fashion line that’s worth some hype. Downs Designs produces jeans, pants and shirts that cater to the needs and unique body shapes of people with Down syndrome. And it exists because a Kickstarter campaign raised nearly five times its original target. American grandmother Karen Bowersox [read more]

  • thumbs down

    That time a pro-life campaign hijacked the AFL Grand Final.

    Something that happened on Facebook yesterday made us long for a time when crusty old bigots didn’t know how to use the Internet and were wary of its mysterious white-magical powers. It made us almost nostalgic for when their idea of activism was a pitiful rain dance at the Sydney Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras’ starting line. It made [read more]

  • Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 10.14.34 AM

    Amal Alamuddin is officially married to a guy called George. You might have heard of him?

            UPDATE: Well, it’s happened. George Clooney is officially, 100 per cent married, people. The actor’s representative, Stan Rosenfield, broke the news in a statement this morning confirming Clooney’s marriage to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. It read: “George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin were married today (September 27) in a private ceremony”. [read more]

  • 1tfd-fkV3IyheaoQ0BC2dfF2uF10kX2oYwywCJxQm9g,06o5ZWGDXDfv54CjLxXEmdEAPn7wXyXFsxBjrNzrGcs,FmZqdOyx_cZVbf3wB_cXHooOeqjDHcHPvTaIqlUNrJ8

    Voulez Vous: Annie Everingham. The woman who knows how to work colour.

      By ELISSA RATLIFF Experimenting with colour is always going to be tricky. Most people learn this in primary school art class after a failed attempt of a rainbow goes wrong. But there are some who just get it, who understand what goes with what. Designer meets artist Annie Everingham is one of those people, [read more]

  • Casey Veal and Zayden Veal

    I sat through the trial of my baby’s killer.

              By CASEY VEAL In April this year, a Supreme Court jury in Victoria found 19-year-old Harley Hicks guilty of entering the home of Casey Veal at Long Gully in Victoria in the early hours of June 15, 2012, and beating her son Zayden to death with a makeshift baton. Hicks [read more]

  • australian terror threat

    “Dear Prime Minister, My brother was killed by terrorists, and this is what I want you to know.”

              By GEORGIA LYSAGHT Dear Mr Abbott, My brother, Scott Lysaght, was killed in the 2002 Bali Bombing at the Sari Club. As you can imagine, our family – his wife, my mother and father, my sister, and I were all devastated. You too have experienced first hand the impact of [read more]

  • Rachel's brother and his husband.

    5 arguments against gay marriage – and why they are bullsh*t.

            By RACHEL WALD My kind, clever, funny, witty, generous, amazing brother got married recently.  His partner is absolutely beautiful in every way and we could not be more thrilled.  They are a perfect match. My brother has never been happier. And there isn’t a bride in sight. I have a new [read more]

  • Iphone-5s-black

    Samsung’s perfect response to iPhone bend gate.

        By MATILDA RUDD Much excitement always surrounds the release of a new Apple product. This was no exception when last weekend the much anticipated iPhone 6 and its slightly larger twin the iPhone 6 Plus was placed on the market. So when it was discovered that the new iPhone’s aluminium build was bending [read more]

  • stressed

    Quiz: What kind of stress-head are you?

                  By NAT HAWK Life is full of the moments that make all of us stressed, uncomfortable and… well… sweaty. Some of us are, of course, better at handling these moments than others. So I’ve put together this fun little quiz to determine exactly what kind of person you [read more]

  • best and worst

    Best, worst and everything else: How’s your week been?

    Oh hey there! Welcome to Mamamia’s Best and Worst of the Week. If you’ve never been here before, where the bloody hell have you been?? Welcome. Best and Worst is our Friday tradition, where we talk about how the week’s been. It’s kind of like catching up for coffee with your best girlfriends. So get [read more]


    126,000 reasons why the Emma Watson hoax isn’t all bad news

          By EVITA MARCH, Federation University Australia In less than a week since actor Emma Watson’s stirring United Nations speech on gender inequality, two big things have happened – but you’ve probably only heard about one of them. The first, which has driven days of global headlines, is that the 24-year-old actor (best [read more]

  • Mutual sex for all.

    This is what it’s like to live a life with no sex.

      As long as I can remember, I’ve never been interested in dating. When I was 14 and my friends started talking about boys, I decided that my own lack of crushes and infatuations meant I was a lesbian. I happily ignored everything to do with romance and relationships and sex. It’s easy to say you [read more]

  • Wozniacki 4

    The tennis player who left 1.4 million bucks just lying on a court.

    Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Giant trophy and tennis gear? Check. Massive prize cheque? NO CHECK.   Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki accidentally left a $1.4 million cheque off her check list when she left the tennis court after the US Open. Whoops. So this is what happened. Wozniacki came second to Serena Williams at the US [read more]