• taylor

    “What to get a single 25 year old woman for Christmas.”

          Much like Taylor Swift, I recently turned 25. I also recently became single. Even more recently (it was about 15-minutes ago) I read Elite Daily’s “51 Things That A 25-year-old Single Girl Really Wants for Christmas.” It didn’t resonate with me. Actually, it filled me with very un-seasonal fury. It opens: “Let’s [read more]

  • hair app how's your hair

    “The time my hairdresser threatened to call the cops on me.”

        My hairdresser threatened to call the police on me last week. No, I didn’t run at her with the scissors after discovering my haircut was more  ‘V for Vendetta’ than ‘Victoria Beckham'; and no, we didn’t just have a nasty disagreement over the temperature in the wash basin. In fact, I’m not normally a [read more]

  • australia most popular instagram

    Is this the world’s favourite country?

    It’s not enough that we have incredible beaches, beautiful weather and brilliant people. Now, we’re the proud holders of the most coveted title in the social media world. Australia is officially the most popular country on Instagram. With photos of baby possums and beautiful city skylines, it’s no wonder we’ve clocked over one million followers. [read more]

  • sam armytage mamamia

    Sam Armytage tells Mamamia: “I don’t need you to speak for me.”

      Samantha Armytage is like any woman, really. She’s dated some bad guys, wrestled with the idea of being single, managed a love-hate relationship with her body, and worked really hard for what she’s got. Oh, except that she gets up at 3.40 every morning, spends 3 hours on live telly, and sometimes finds herself [read more]

  • Brian Houston FB resize

    Hillsong founder should be referred to police says Royal Commission lawyer.

          Trigger warning: this post relates to child sex abuse and may be distressing for some readers. In October this year, Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse about the day that he found out that his father was a paedophile. He said it [read more]

  • granny

    Meet the cheeky nannas who have bared all for charity

      Forget crochet and lawn bowls – these grannies have a much cheekier pastime. The group of grannies from the Vale of Clwyd, Wales, recently got their gear off – for a good cause. The 15 women created The 2015 Wrinklies Charity Calendar for £10, and they are already well on their way to hitting [read more]

  • sdfa

    This Christmas break, we decided to try something a little different.

      When you’ve got kids, taking a holiday can be a tricky exercise. You pack up half the house, drag it through the airport amid constant cries of “are we there yet?”, only to be greeted by complaints of boredom and hunger when you finally do arrive. But determined to have a family holiday this Christmas break, [read more]

  • Stella Young.

    Today, Australia pays tribute to a fearless, beautiful advocate.

      Today, as Australia remembers a strong, fearless comedian, writer and advocate — Mamamia remembers a friend and inspiration. Stella Young passed away at age 32 earlier this month, and her memorial service is currently underway at Melbourne Town Hall. In true Stella style, the dress code at the service is “fabulous” with little to [read more]

  • mariepic

    What happens when a woman is Photoshopped by 21 different countries.

            Marie Southard Ospina is fashion and beauty editor who’s fascinated by Photoshop and its use by women’s magazines in the relentless pursuit of perfection. Inspired by recent experiments where women sent photos of themselves around the world and asked to be “made beautiful” according to different cultural standards, Marie — a plus-size woman — [read more]

  • laura and her son

    Santa wrote these kids a letter. And it scared them silly.

      Look, I’ll admit that I’ve thrown around an idle threat or two in my time. The old, “Santa is always watching you” and “If you don’t behave, you’ll get a lump of coal in your stocking for Christmas” that kind of thing, but honestly, show me a parent who hasn’t used the omnipresence of [read more]

  • kid on swing

    Every parent does this. But your kids wish you wouldn’t.

      In my struggle to write and share, I’ve noticed that I have created the nasty habit of becoming glued to my phone; checking my emails, replying to questions, and sending updates has started to dominate that small voice sounding ever more irritated in the background—my daughter. “Daddy, play with me!” Here we were at [read more]

  • tampon ad 4

    What if tampon ads were made by clueless men? Oh, wait.

      A comedy sketch group from New York have done a funny and created a fake ad for tampons. The hook? What if tampon ads were scripted by a group of clueless men. The misconceptions about “that time of the month” flow thick and fast, because men. AMIRITE?! The punch line of this parody is [read more]

  • outdoor dinner party friends

    The 6 personality types you’ll find at every dinner party.

                The location changes and so does the food, but there’s one thing that stays the same at any dinner party: the people. These are the six personality types you’ll find at every dinner party, and how each of them gets the conversation flowing. Or not.   1. The one-upper. [read more]

  • babay

    Yes, babies crying on planes are annoying. But what these women did about it was way, way worse.

        We get it – long flights can feel like torture, especially when the trip is disrupted by screaming babies. But Air China passengers took their in-flight frustrations to the next level this week by starting a brawl with the mother of a crying baby. Young mother Chan Juan Sung, 27, was flying from [read more]

  • hipster heart

    We’ve never needed some holiday cheer more than we do right now.

    Even before Monday, were you constantly hearing these words? “We’re just trying to get to the end of the year… We’re crawling to the holidays.” And then. Monday. December 14, the day when the whole nation was flung into a shock of panic, fear and grief, the day that will forever be the Day of the Sydney Siege. And then. [read more]

  • Gun control FB resize

    To the people who say Australia needs to relax its gun laws….

      Australian Senator, David Leyonhjelm, says he knows how to stop horrific events like the murder of hostages at Martin Place. He says Australians just need to carry more guns so we can properly defend ourselves. Without them, he says, Australia is a “nation of victims”. “What happened in that cafe would have been most unlikely to [read more]

  • Beyoncé shows off her > $500 <$2000 engagement glove.

    17 reasons being single is awesome (besides having a Beyonce song dedicated to you).

    Every relationship status comes with pros and cons, and being single is no different. Certainly, flying solo has some downsides – especially at this time of year when your coupled-up mates are busy planning romantic beach holidays for two and having automatic plus ones for Christmas parties. Then again, being a ‘lone wolf’ is also [read more]

  • Mamamia best and worst

    Best and Worst: How was your week?

    Hi, Mamamia readers. As the weekend heads our way so does another instalment of Mamamia’s Best and Worst. For those who are new here, you are in luck as this is my first time, too. I’m Taylor, and I’m an intern at Mamamia. These were my best and worst bits of the week. What were yours? BEST: With [read more]

  • victorian abortion laws

    Jailed for 40 years… because she had a miscarriage.

    Here’s something we know about abortion but that we sometimes struggle to articulate. Making access to abortion safe and legal, actually makes it less common. That is because it is in countries where abortion is outlawed – and contraception is hard to come by – that the abortion rates are highest. It is also in [read more]

  • Stephen Collins admits abused three girls.

    Stephen Collins admits ”I did something terribly wrong”.

      In an interview being labeled as #sorrynotsorry the actor many of us remember as being the kindly pastor and father in the hit 1990’s show 7th Heaven, Stephen Collins has admitted he sexually abused three underage girls. This confession, which comes on the back of a leaked tape alleging the events several months ago, [read more]

  • Army woman

    She asked the internet how bad sexism in the military was and got 3000+ awful answers.

          TRIGGER WARNING: This post deals with rape and sexual harassment, and may be triggering for some readers. It’s a big step for gender equality – a woman’s right to serve on the military’s front line. But it seems that the dangers of war aren’t the only obstacle women have to overcome while serving for [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 10.26.25 am

    A funny thing has happened to Melissa Doyle.

    Broadcast journalists have a special role to play during major news stories. Whether it’s Beaconsfield or Port Arthur, the Bali bombings or 9/11,  Ash Wednesday or the Sydney Siege, the faces and voices who bring us rolling coverage of a tragedy walk an incredibly fine line. The best of them manage to combine empathy, sensitivity, [read more]

  • Question mark FB

    The most Googled question of 2014 remains unanswered.

    The results are in, and Google has some surprises. Like the fact that Australians were more interested in the soccer World Cup than anything else this year according to the 2014 top search terms. Google have just released their year in search and from all of the stories that sat on our screens, Australians had an interesting mix [read more]

  • Tori Johnson's partner has spoken of the horror events.

    The country mourns Sydney siege victim Tori Johnson.

    The 34-year-old victim of the Sydney siege has been named as Lindt cafe manager Tori Johnson. Mr Johnson was reportedly wrestling a gun from gunman Man Haron Monis, who had begun to doze off, when he was killed. He is now being hailed as a hero of the siege. Tori Johnson. Photo: ABC. To read about Sydney siege victim [read more]

  • smug guy

    The do-gooder’s guide to Christmas shopping.

    Christmas is about presents. Obviously. It is about getting gifts and giving gifts and most importantly feeling good about what a thoughtful and tasteful gift-giver you are. But wait. What if there was a way you could feel even better about haemorrhaging money this holiday season? Look no further than our do-gooders guide to Christmas shopping. Below are [read more]

  • 1 Typhoon Hagupit

    Typhoon Hagupit: Women will carry the real cost of humanitarian crisis.

    By SOPHIE FORD Typhoon Hagupit has swept through The Philippines, but it will take some time to get a full picture of the damage it has wrought. Whilst the successful evacuation of hundreds of thousands meant far fewer casualties than that of Typhoon Haiyan, the fact is that many people have lost their homes and  [read more]

  • Sydney flowers

    Open Post: Remembering the Sydney siege victims.

    Hey lovely people, welcome to our weekly open post. You know the deal: I’m going to kick us off with what’s going on in my brain right now and then it’s over to you. It’s been a tough start to the week for Sydneysiders, and Australians generally, with the terrifying events of Monday’s Sydney siege playing [read more]

  • sydney siege

    If Man Haron Monis had not been freed, 2 innocent people would be home tonight.

    In the past 24 hours we have seen the very best of humanity, triggered by the very worst. We’ve seen great control, dignity and patience from our police and rescue services. We’ve seen the whole world rally behind a hashtag – #illridewithyou – that shows solidarity and love for everyone in our community. And we [read more]

  • Gill Hicks

    London Bombings survivor: “I will not continue the hatred that’s been shown to me, this ends here.”

    If you’re looking for detail on the Sydney siege and related tributes, see this post. For details on the hostages of the Sydney siege, see this post. Survivor of the London bombings, Gill Hicks is urging Australians to remain united in the wake of the Martin Place siege in Sydney. The South Australian of the Year [read more]

  • katrina dawson

    “There are two little girls and a boy in Sydney, who I wish I could hold tonight.”

      There are two little girls and a boy in Sydney, who I wish I could hold tonight. I wish I could rock them and murmur words of comfort to them. I wish I could wipe away the events of the last few days. I wish I could instead fill their heads with innocent questions [read more]