It’s Wednesday! And that means two things – the countdown to the weekend has officially begun and it’s time for Mamamia’s Open Post. If you’ve never joined us for an open post before, pull up a chair and get comfy. Think of this post as the internet equivalent of catch-up coffee with your friends; if there’s anything you’d like to share – whether it’s good, bad, funny or sad – this is the place.

But first, a look at what’s been happening around Mamamia HQ. (Photos by our very talented News Editor Rick Morton).

Our darling Rebecca Sparrow, managing editor of Mamamia Publishing, was in town to talk about the Gift of Sleep eBook on Mornings.

And for music this week, the MM team has been streaming – and loving – the mix from smoothfm.

The Mamamia Tumblr

Good news… Mamamia now has a Tumblr! So if you’re partial to a little Tumbling – and you can get past the omission of the ‘e’ in Tumblr – you can find the Mamamia page at

On My Mind (OMM)

I’m thinking about a friend this week. She just suffered two pretty devastating losses in as many weeks. And it just sucks to see her hurting so much. My natural reaction is to shower her with chocolate and Ben and Jerry’s, but the house is filled with flowers and enough sugary treats to full the supermarket confectionery aisle. So I’m offering hugs, and a shoulder… and a punching bag if that’s what she needs.

And as I’m writing this I just found out another friend has lost someone close. With that in mind, I’m sending this one out to everyone who’s doing it tough at the moment. Big hugs.

What about you… what’s on your mind?

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