Wednesday is my favourite day of the week. The slow beginning of the week is over and the crazy end of the week is yet to come (is it just me or do Thursdays last about five minutes?). Nice things always seem to happen on Wednesdays – including our open post of the week, where we open the floor up to all of you so that you can talk about WHATEVER YOU LIKE. What’s happening in your life? At home? At work? What have you been watching, wearing, eating?

You can also ask questions of the MM Team or make suggestions. We love that.

As for what’s been happening around the office this week – we’ve grabbed some of the photos from our Mamamia Instragram account (follow us – @mamamiaaus) so you can take a look.

But before I go any further – a word from our former Managing Editor Lana with big news about the launch of iVillage Australia

“I cannot tell you how excited I am about the launch of iVillage. Excited and proud. I feel like we have collectively just given birth to a baby and it is beautiful and strong and, dare I say, very gifted (that’s a mother’s bias speaking there).

I’ve learned a LOT in the past few weeks – not only about a new content management system, but about parenting, beauty, health and celebrity. About recipes and relationships and er, sex positions (hint – click on all the hyperlinks!)

And now we are bringing our baby to you – to have a little sniff and give a little cuddle.

Welcome to iVillage. You can read more us here, follow us on Twitter here and like us on Facebook here

So cold. Need tea.

I’ve got a couple of things OMM (On My Mind) this week:

The snow. I’m heading down on Friday but have been packed and ready for about two weeks now (and considering I usually leave packing until the very last second, that’s saying something about how excited I am). I’ve been praying to the Snow Gods for lovely weather, tasty hot chocolate and short lines at the chairlifts.

Tea. It’s ridiculously cold in the office this week. What has happened to Sydney? We’re warming up with big jumpers, warm socks and delicious hot tea from Dilmah (we’re all baking – badly – ahead of their upcoming High Tea Challenge).

Jars. Thanks to this article, I have become somewhat obsessed with jars and all the things you can do with them. Check it out – 21 things you can do with jars. (Beach-in-a-jar is my favourite, I think.) I’m going to try a few of them this weekend, you should too:

Beach in a jar (via

How is your week going? What’s been on your mind?

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