427443 kate hunter 290x385 OPEN POST: New job, new home, new teacup.This is my first ever post as a bona fide member of the Mamamia Editorial Team. I’ve been a contributor and a commenter for years so it’s more than a bit exciting to have my own @mamamia email address (even though my actual address remains in Brisbane). I’m a bit shocked and awed at the pace of things behind the scenes. It’s a bit like when you’ve had a baby – you’d read the books, planned, dreamed, thought you knew how it all worked and then, BANG! NO ONE TOLD ME IT WOULD BE THIS CRAZY. The non-stoppedness is astonishing. But so fascinating. Although I’ve never really stopped working, I haven’t had an actual job for years (interestingly, the last one I had was at an ad agency and Mia was my client) so this is a big leap.

I always celebrated a new job by buying myself a new teacup. There’s a pic in the gallery of the one that marks this job.

Also OMM (On My Mind) is moving house. My desk is surrounded by growing towers of boxes. This is exciting, if unsettling and a big diversion from what we’d planned. I’d thought our place would be home for 20 years. We designed it when the children were small – it’s all open plan and I used to scoff at rumpus rooms and parents retreats because I wanted, ‘to see and hear what the kids are up to all the time.’ Now, I actively don’t want to know. GIVE ME A RUMPUS ROOM.

Despite the chaos and the steepest of steep learning curves, I’m buzzing. I love change; it’s the surest sign of life. Speaking of buzzing, check out the behind the scenes of MM this week:

Mia mixes Easton Pearson skirt, Rag & Bone shoes, and Dotti jacket.

Any changes happening in your world? What’s on your mind? Feel free to discuss anything and everything!


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