It’s been hectically busy around Mamamia HQ lately. Always is but there is so much happening and there has been so much buzz on the site lately we are just lapping it up.  You know that we are now posting on weekends right? It’s creating such a fluid feeling to the site and although the 24/7 aspect can sometimes seem a little daunting it’s creating a real sense of flow. Loving it.

Around the Office


The Mamamia office - as you walk in


Last weekend I managed to take out an hour from some very intense time with my extended family. Almost. My husband was away so I landed up at the shop with my 11 year old son. Not a great combination until I discovered that he was very happy browsing the aisles of JB Hi-Fi which was located very close to Supre. Tantalisingly close.

I’ve never been a Supre shopper but my fashion mentor Mia speaks about it with great enthusiasm, she is a big fan of their crop tops which come in about a bazillion colours and cost $5.  Yes $5. So I ventured in. I blushed slightly when I heard the music.  I was ridiculously excited to see a friend at the counter paying for some purchases. At least I was not the only 40 something in the shop. And then I went to say hi and realised she was shopping for her daughter. Duh.

But let me tell you I walked out with a bag full of purchases. Two pairs of coloured jeans, three tops, a jumper and two crop tops and I spent less than $200. How good is that? I may never be able to wash them but I am happily dressing as a teenager for a while.  Still not buying the soundtrack that accompanied my shopping expedition.  And no Supre have not paid me, they did not give me a discount and they are not sponsoring this post :-)

The interns

Mamamia has taken on five new interns in our first organised intern program. Haven’t had a chance to work with all of them yet but Lord the interview process was tough. What amazing people are out there looking for internships? Truly I was bowled over.

The Flowers

This amazing gallery comes from colossal art and design and I wonder if I have ever seen anything quite so spectacular.

The massive art installation called Bloom is the work of artist Anna Schuleit who has filled almost every square foot of the Massachusetts Mental Health Center (MMHC) with 28 000 potted flowers.

The facility was about to be demolished and the exhibition was a way to pay respect to all the people who had been cared for or worked there and also to allow them to come and visit and reflect.

Bloom by Anna Schuleit at the Massachusetts Mental Health Centre

What’s been happening behind the scenes in your world? And what’s on your mind?

PS: ‘OMM’ stands for On My Mind for those playing along at home. Enjoy!


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