Oh yes I did. Hang-gliding. Me. Hanging. While gliding. IN THE AIR. It was my son’s idea really. We were having a family holiday in Byron last week and he got it into his head that he wanted to hang-glide. So he organised for him, his friend and my husband to go, each of them taking a tandem flight that took off near the Byron Bay lighthouse and landed at Tallows beach half an hour later.

We all went – I figured I’d probably watch – but then I made an uncharacteristically spontaneous decision to do it. To jump glide.

So I did.

With the lovely Brian steering the thing and talking me through it, we glided (glid?) over the trees, the ocean and the beach. We saw turtles below us and eagles flew alongside.

Landing was smooth. And as long as I didn’t over-think it (I’m scared of heights), it was incredible. What I loved even more than doing it was having done it. Having not wimped out like I totally expected myself to.

When we were up there, Brian said to me “When we land, let’s play a joke on Jason. I’ll say ‘We spent the whole time talking about you. I learned some very interesting things!” to which I replied “Brian? You forgot that this is a man whose wife has been talking about him on TV, radio, in the newspaper and online for 15 years. He won’t even raise his eyebrows at the though of me telling you secrets.”

See the video of my take-off:

Here’s the website of the hang-gliding company I flew with. Tell Brian I sent you.

Has anything unexpected happened to you this week? Anything else you’d like to share?

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