Aloha, readers and tea enthusiasts!

Welcome back to another  episode of Tea with Mamamia. It’s a our latest series and it involves Mamamia’s Editor Jamila, many cups of delicious Dilmah tea and some of Australia’s most talented celebrities.

Today Jamila chats with Poh Ling Yeow, who is an artist, actress and was the runner up in the hit series of Masterchef in 2009 – making her an extremely good chef as well. Poh also has her very own show, Poh’s Kitchen, that airs on ABC1.

The pair discuss Poh’s career, the plusses of their home towns Adelaide and Canberra,  Poh’s many creative pursuits and how her art and food compliment each other, as well as the launch of Poh’s new book.

So if you were a fan of Poh in Masterchef, or enjoy watching her series on ABC, then you will thoroughly enjoy this interview.

And yes, she is as lovely as she appears.



The Tea with Mamamia series is brought to you by Dilmah


Screen shot 2013 03 06 at 12.53.52 PM1 380x151 Mamamia has a cuppa and a chat with Poh (who is really quite delightful).forumbutton2 Mamamia has a cuppa and a chat with Poh (who is really quite delightful).

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