Are these people for real?

Look, we’re all for a bit of healthy regal procreation speculation. Conspiracy theories as to why the Duchess of Cambridge is drinking water while everyone else is drinking wine, analysis of outfits and the strategic study of shift dresses is all in good fun.

But Photoshopping a baby bump onto Princess Kate? That’s just a bit ridiculous.

Apparently US magazine, Star don’t agree with us. Have a look at the cover picture they ran of Kate Middleton this week. It’s a shot of Kate during her royal tour in Singapore and it appeared with the headline: “It’s Twins”.

NEWSFLASH: It’s not.

[Click through the gallery for more Photoshop fails]

Katy Perry with two left hands

This from the UK press:

The 30-year-old is seen standing in what is quite a typical pose, with her shoulders back and hips forward, with her arm resting across her midriff, as she toasts Mary Tan, the President of Singapore’s wife.

However, the gossip site Celebuzz suggests that Star Magazine has taken the liberty of retouching the photograph, to make it appear as though the Duchess’s stomach is larger than it is.

On comparison with what it believes to be the original photograph, the site says there are several glaring clues indicating that it has been airbrushed to suit the title’s headlines.

It reads: ‘Not only has is her floral slim-fit frock been mysteriously blown out… but Prince William‘s wife is mysteriously missing her right-hand ring’.”

If you want to see more pictures of Kate and Will (sans Photoshop) on their royal tour of the South Pacific, you can do there here. If you want to look at pictures of something ever cuter, you can click here.

And for a Duchess of Cambridge style retrospective, there’s an amazing gallery of the princess’ best looks over at out sister site

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