It’s been a big, er noisy week for us. We’ve been hearing Lana and Nicky from the iVillage team laugh, delight and make a lot of excited noise as they prepared the final tweaks on iVillage. And then we just heard applause – iVillage Australia went live.

Now that they’ve  switched the on button we share their excitement for many obvious reasons including:

1. They have brought you a site focussed on women of every age  – from those thinking of trying for a baby (you might want to click here) to those looking after grandchildren and beyond.  It is a community of like minded women and seriously there is something for everyone.

2. The content is not only expansive but current and up to date with posts, galleries and more being published throughout the day and sometimes in the middle of the night because just like the rest of the net iVillage never sleeps

3. Pregnancy and Parenting is huge. iVillage provides so much parenting content, advice and tools you’d be able to parent a village. Almost literally. There are also some amazing tools from a baby name finder to a development tracker.

4.Food glorious food.  Check it out

5.Tools, Quizzes and Games. Yup, not only can you read but you can play, interact and have fun you can even sort dinner. Warning: some of these games are rather er, addictive. And as a side note this gender prediction test has worked on every single person in the iVillage team – try it

6. Celebrity and entertainment updates. Just a little bit of the way the “other people live”

7. Er, there is a sex position finder. Not sure you are going to find many places that will help you THIS much.

8. Galleries. So many beautiful galleries that cover subjects as diverse as beauty, news, parenting, food, relationships and even horoscopes

9.iVoices. Some of the most popular blogging voices from across Australia all in one place

Our home page. Check it often because it changes often

You can read more iVillage here, follow them on Twitter here and like them on Facebook here. We suggest you do all three

Take a look at the site and tell us what you love – just click here

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