sc0065fce5 380x298 Tell us: What was life like when you were 11?

Bec rocking a drop-waist dress and a red hairband when she was eleven.


Can you remember being eleven?  Not quite a child anymore. Not yet a teen.

I was eleven in 1983. I had a crush on Brendan Windsor. I wore Dunlop Volleys.  I played netball. And watched Young Talent Time. I dreamed of meeting Olivia Newton John. I still secretly played with my Barbies. I had a fondness, clearly, for dropped waist dresses and red hair-bands. (What the hell am I wearing in that photo? It’s beginning to become clear to me why Brendan was more interested in Rachael Lowe at the time ….)

Aussie filmmaker Genevieve Bailey remembers being eleven too – it was the happiest year of her childhood. That’s why she’s made I AM ELEVEN  – a doco that’s winning a swag of awards because it’s touching and poignant and funny and, you know, utterly brilliant.   From India to Morocco, Bangkok to Amsterdam, from the Upper East Side of New York to Gen’s hometown of Melbourne, I AM ELEVEN takes us to 15 countries exploring the world today through the eyes of today’s eleven-year-olds. Chrissie Swan, Jane Hall and Claudia Karvan all fell in love with the film and have become unofficial ambassadors for it.

Take a look at the I AM ELEVEN trailer and you’ll see why …



I AM ELEVEN is screening in selected cinemas around the country so go catch it before it disappears.

For more details go here or here.

Do you remember being eleven?  What year was it and what was your life like?


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