jordan leandro 290x385 Shed rather Google herself than have sexThis is the complaint made by Katie Price’s ex-fiance Leandro Penna who dated the British celebrity for 20 months during which time he modestly claims to have given her ‘the best orgasms of her life’.

So let’s assume she did occasionally take a break from the computer to enjoy them. Proving yet again that Price has diverse taste in men (her ex husband – the one after Peter Andre, come on, keep  up! – was a cross dressing cage fighter), Italian male model Penna has been talking to anyone with a chequebook about their relationship.

According to UK press reports:

leandro penna 290x385 Shed rather Google herself than have sexMaking the most out of his new found celebrity status, Leandro Penna has dished the dirt on his ex-fiance Katie Price saying ‘she would rather spend all day Googling her name and looking at pictures of herself on websites’ than have sex with him.

The model did not hold back when it came to revealing the private moments of their 20-month alliance, that Leandro is clearly using now to boost his fame.

‘I’d say: “Come on, it’s better to f***!” But she’d just say: “Not now.”‘ Leandro continued.


The model also claims he gave Price ‘the best orgasms in her life’, and that he was ‘the best sex she ever had’.

Best sex and best orgasms of her life, eh? Wow. Bet no woman has ever said that before.


Discussing this snippet of information in the office, it sparked a conversation about what you’d rather do than have sex.

“Nothing” came one enthusiastic reply. Others weren’t so sure. Especially those in long term relationships. ‘Sleep’ may have been nominated a couple of times.

So. We couldn’t help but wonder….is there anything you’d rather do than have sex?

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