UPDATE: Ricki Lee has responded to rumours she’s being replaced as the face of shapewear brand holdmetight.

On Twitter, she said “Don’t believe everything u read – Im still the face of @holdmetight :) xxx”

“I’ve got D cups, hips & a butt … I’m always going 2 have a womanly shape. (Hold Me Tight) is all about embracing and enhancing that.”

Earlier we posted:

Ricki Lee’s weight loss could cost her money.

We’re often outraged when brands dump models and ambassadors for being “too fat” but what happens when the tables are turned?

Pop star and The Voice mentor Ricki Lee Coulter is an ambassador for shapewear brand holdmetight – she signed on to be the brand’s face in 2008, and in the time since then she’s been on a health and fitness campaign that’s seen her jump from a size 14 to a size 8.

Now there are rumours holdmetight is looking to replace the former Australian Idol star. The Herald Sun reports:

A source said moves had begun to find someone more full-figured.

“(Ricki-Lee) looks incredible and this has nothing to do with that – she just no longer appeals to the customer they (Hold Me Tight) target,” the source said.

“One of the poster slogans say ‘These curves are a work of art’. Anyone who has seen (Ricki-Lee) lately knows that just isn’t so any more.”

A spokesperson for the brand (which encourages women to “embrace their curves”) has said Ricki Lee still had six months left on her contract and that there were “no real plans for us to change at this stage”.

But in 6 months time? Who knows.

What’s your take?

Ricki-Lee Coulter

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