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Greetings y’all.

Welcome to best and worst. It’s the post that’s been going almost as long as Mamamia itself and for a lot of our readers (some of the MM team included) it’s the stand out post of the week.

We like to think of this post as a community notice board – the place where you come and tell us what’s happening in your world. Sometimes there’s a problem. Sometimes there’s a funny story. Sometimes there’s even a delicious recipe or two (hint, hint.)

You can also use the post as an opportunity to ask Team Mamamia a question or make a suggestion for a post you’d like to see.

Here are our best and worst:

Best: Our wonderful contributing editor Bec Sparrow is abandoning Mamamia’s official Adelaide offices (i.e. Bec’s dining room table) for our Sydney Headquarters next week and coming to visit us.

We’re pretty excited. Karaoke is on the cards. Bec thinks we’re joking – but we’re not.

Worst: Did you know that 1000 Australian parents are diagnosed with post and ante natal depression every week? We were shocked too and saddened to hear how so many of Mamamia’s readers have suffered not only with the illness but the stigma that can come with it.

This week was Post and Ante Natal Depression Week and to raise awareness of the issues we ran two posts – one was from a mother named Lisa who suffered from PND after the birth of her twin daughters. The other was from her husband Matt. Matt wrote about what it was like to be living with Lisa and caring for their daughter while she went through PND.

The posts are heartbreaking but give a rare insight into these parents’ lives at a truly difficult time. They are must-reads.

Over to you now – what’s been the best bit of your week? What’s been the worst? And what’s on your mind?

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