Happy Friday and welcome to one of our favourite posts of the week – best & worst. It’s time to reflect on what’s happened during your week – the good, the bad and the in-between. There are no “rules” – just join in and tell us about your highs and lows.

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sand stompers1 380x317 Best and worst of the week. Hows your week been?

This is what I woke up to...


Waking up to this [picture to the right]. Having style.com as my internet homepage is usually a nice wake-up, albeit a little luxurious. Not today though. No-sir-ee. I woke up to these shoes as a key feature of their ‘Summer Essentials’ list. We have the Crocs debate time and time again, recently though their novelty – and therefore our fascination with them – seems to have dropped off. This, ladies and gentlemen is what happens when we let our guard down, essentially … BEJEWELED CROCS! Ahhhh!!! So NO –these “sand stompers” are not worth $1000+ and NO, just because they’re on style.com doesn’t make them OK. Pheww…

brother Best and worst of the week. Hows your week been?

My very little brother..


Observing my little brother in action. Having come home from school for the day my youngest brother dumps the shopping he’s been given to bring up, grabs himself an ice-block, starts rummaging through the kitchen drawers and finds what I would call a very average oven mitt. He lifts it up like it’s treasure, walks over to me and says, “can I wear this?” – I say, “sure.” He was so excited!

When you’re an adult everything’s so complicated and not a lot of these tiny things in life seem that amazing. He’s the smallest by a lot in our family so I think most of the time he must just get lost in his own fun little world while the rest of us at home are busy being adults. He’s such a character. He makes my week each week with things like this.

OMM (On My Mind):

Why are we here? Sometimes lately I’ll have really sporadic bursts of spirituality. Nothing really profound but definitely curious, things like: Where did we come from? How do we have our own unique personalities.. Why is that palm tree even there?! I know, right – and then I’ll think ‘I’m hungry!’ and then I’m back. All a bit of fun.

Nichole is a communications student and intern at Mamamia. She loves writing, even more so with a Zumbaron and good coffee in hand. Read more from Nichole at – holliandlola.com – where she writes under one of many unexplained nicknames, Lola.

What were your best and worst bits of the week?

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