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Happy Friday! About time, isn’t it?

Welcome to our Best and Worst of the week. This post is your chance to get together with the rest of the Mamamia community and talk about the highs and the lows of your week, as well as anything else that’s on your mind. If you’ve  never posted on Best and Worst before you should try it today – it’s cathartic. And a little bit addictive.

We’ve been handing Best and Worst over to you, our readers, to host as our way of thanking you for being a part of this great tradition.

(You too can have a chance to host – just email with your full name, headshot and a short bio (include any links to your blog/Twitter etc), and we’ll take it from there.)

Now – introducing Lauren. She writes:

Best: Finally getting on top of my study and slowly reaching the acceptance of my dad’s death.

Worst: Finding it hard to make more friends since moving to the Gold Coast.

Lauren Bell is a 25 year old communication and business student from the Gold Coast. Find here on Twitter here.

What was your best and worst of the week?

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