best worst Best and worst. Hows your week going?

Best and worst of the week. How was your week?




Here at Mamamia headquarters, we didn’t have to think too hard before deciding on our BEST of the week.

The Editorial Team were absolutely rapt by the victory of Barack Obama in the United States. Our eyes did not shift from the television for most of Wednesday, as we watched the votes being tallied and the pundits weighing in. We were pretty excited to see THIS bloke (affectionately known as the ‘legitimate rape guy’) lose (“Suck it” were the exact words used as we watched the results come in) and we were absolutely taken with the photo the President tweeted of him embracing his wife after victory.

Managing Editor Jamila totally nerded out – giving us ‘Electoral Fun Facts’ every 5 -10 minutes (very few of which were actually fun. We’re looking into a misleading and deceptive conduct claim). Nat tried to get into the spirit by wearing blue but was completely outdone by Bec who pulled out Ava’s old ‘Mama loves Obama’ onesie (just to show us via Skype, not to wear). The day culminated with Lucy forcing Jam to go home after Jam became so overcome with Republican-related anxiety that she started vomiting.

And our worst? Well, Mia tweeted this last night and that pretty much sums it up:

tweet Best and worst. Hows your week going?

Where is the kind of gravitas, inspiration and charisma that we saw from Barack Obama last night, in Australian politics? Is it hiding under those green seats in the House of Representatives? Has it rolled down the grassy green hill of Parliament House and is now drowned somewhere at the bottom of Canberra’s Lake Burley Griffin? Come on MPs and Senators: give us a little magic. Hope, even.

How has your week been? What were your bests? Your worsts?

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