best 380x570 Best and worst. Hows your week going?

How was your week?






Is it Friday already? How did that happen? Welcome to best and worst. It’s the post where you get to settle in with a nice cup of tea and tell us all about how your week has been.

Sharing is caring and for several years now, Mamamia readers have been gathering here on a Friday and over the weekend to trade highs and lows.

Here are our best and worst of the week:

Worst: We were very sad to hear that the world is ending soon because we’ve been having such a lovely year (plus we’re really looking forward to Christmas).

The Prime Minister isn’t particularly happy about it either – she gave a (hilarious) press conference on the impending apocalypse. Seriously, she actually did. You can watch it here.

Best: We were excited to hear that Kate Middleton is pregnant with a Royal Fetus. Everyone has their fingers crossed that Kate is released from hospital very soon because we know from this post that Hyperemesis Gravidarum is HELL ON TOAST.

Over to you now – what’s been the best bit of your week? What’s been the worst? And what’s on your mind?

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