Welcome to a new post on Mamamia where we take a voyeuristic peek inside the handbags of interesting women and highlight some of the new beauty products we’re finding it hard to live without right now.

Okay, maybe we’ve just invented the level above Facebook for stalking online, but whether you carry everything from a half eaten banana to body lotion in your handbag, or your a keys-and-credit-card-only kinda woman, there’s something undeniably interesting about the the essentials other women choose to carry on them every day.

To get us started, we literally emptied the contents of Mamamia Publisher, Mia Freedman’s, tote onto the office floor, took a photo and broke down what she keeps handy in her bag every day, and where to get it. Plus, there’s a freebie at the end of the post, just for you.

HandbagEssentialsEditorial BEAUTY: Shop Mias Handbag Essentials

TOM organics1 BEAUTY: Shop Mias Handbag Essentials

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Flick through the gallery to see what other beauty products we’re testing (and loving) in the Mamamia office:

Toni & Guy Leave In Conditioner

What do you ALWAYS carry in your handbag?

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