Would you do THIS with your girlfriends?

Would you?

Bathing. Showering. Beyond the age of seven it’s generally one of those on-your-own activities. Like using wonder soap to get stains out of your delicates, plucking ingrown hairs from your bikini line or doing number twos.

Occasionally it can be a nice, shared experience. Especially when you’re in the early months of a new relationship and he/she is just SO amazing that the prospect of 5 minutes standing under running water without each others’ company is simply TOO MUCH TO BEAR.

At those times, sharing is caring. Sharing is friendly.

But what about showering with actual friends? Girl friends with whom you are most definitely not having sexy times.

2DAY Network drive show hosts Jules and Fifi tackled this one earlier this week and were astounded to discover that women showering with other (straight) women friends, isn’t all that unusual.

Jules had this to say on his radio show this week:


“I’ve mentioned that I am a little bemused by women. A friend of mine was telling me last night, and um, I got a lot of joy out of it and I wanted to bounce it off you because as a guy, I don’t really know what to say. It seems odd to me. So on the weekend she had a friend stay with her. A female friend from interstate.


“They’ve been friends for years. Decades. Anyway, so they were chatting. And my friend, she was saying – she went and had a shower and her friend walked in and was just getting ready. You know, brushing her teeth while she was in the shower.

“So at this point they’re chatting…. And there’s a glass door to the shower only. It’s not like footy change rooms where you can’t really see each other. So that’s pretty weird. And my friend wasn’t all that comfortable. She’s sort of facing the other way, she’s not flashing her bits as her friend’s brushing her teeth. Anyway, so as they’re chatting, my friend’s friend goes “oh, I might pop in.”

“She drops her kit. I promise you… this is true. She’s naked. She jumps into the shower.

“My friend let her in because she just didn’t know what to say.

“At this point you’re starting to wonder ‘do other people do this?’ Do other people’s friends have showers? So she gets in and they’re in the shower together. Is that…?”

Here is Fifi’s reaction to Jules’ story:


“No, that’s not normal! Look, the shower nozzle only covers one body. You freeze if you have to share the shower with another person!

“It’s even annoying when boyfriends or partners try to get in!

“You and your friend were sharing ONE NOZZLE.  I’m saying no. Ok?

“The answer to the question has to be no. I think it’s strange to share a shower with a friend. That’s just not necessary.”

After that, several women rang into their radio show to swear that THEY TOO shared showers – and baths! – with girlfriends. So tell us. Is this a thing? Is it just an environmentally friendly and indeed friendly-friendly norm of 2012 that straight female friends will shower together?


Do you shower or bathe with your friends in the nude?



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