News: Frenchman fined. For not having sex with his wife.


Man fined for lack of sex with wife

A French court has ordered that a man pay his wife 10,000 Euro for not having sex with her over a period of years, an act which meant he ‘failed in his duties’ to her. The man was fined under a portion of French law which states married couples agree to ‘share a communal life’ which evidently includes sexual relations. They had been married 21 years before the woman filed for divorce two years ago, citing problems with their sex life.

‘Traffic light’ warning labels of food turned down

The Federal Government has decided not to endorse a scheme that would see red, amber and green (traffic light) warnings for key ingredients like salt, fat and sugar on food labels. Health Minister Nicola Roxon said there was not enough evidence to suggest those types of labelling systems worked. The light system had been recommended by the Government’s own review, however. Critics said it was proof the Government had bowed to industry pressure.

Premier Anna Bligh attended a rally outside Parliament before the vote

Civil unions pass in Queensland

It was a close vote – 47/40 – but it was enough and history was made in Queensland late last night. Civil partnerships are now an option in Queensland. As the vote was handed down an overflowing gallery burst into cheers and applause. It came 21 years to the day that another Labor Government in that state decriminalised homosexuality. Premier Anna Bligh said: “This bill is fundamentally about the human rights of Queensland’s citizens, but it is much more than that, it is about the joyful business of love and that is why it has touched the hearts of so many Australians, why so many people believe that Australia should be dealing with this issue.” The vote was passed by conscience votes from the Government (four Government MPs voted against) but the Opposition were told to vote against it as a Bloc by unelected leader Campbell Newman, who said he supported civil unions, but not a change to the law.

Fertility clinic claims 90% success rate for under 38s


A new IVF screening technique, which allows only the best and healthiest embryos to be implanted, has led to one IVF clinic claiming a 90 per cent success rate for women under the age of 38. Microarray comparative genomic hybridisation, or CGH, has a success rate of 65 per cent for women over the age of 38. The process does cost an extra $3000, however.

Hanson, then and now.

Boy band Hanson to release a range of … beer

You’ll probably remember the then long-haired brothers who released the one hit wonder MmmBop in the 1990s. But the brothers have now grown-up and, looking for a new audience, they’ve decided to release a range of beer. Called MMMhop, after one of the key ingredients in the beverage. The more you know.

Federal politicians to get a Christmas pay rise

The Prime Minister will soon be taking home $470,000 a year in pay in the top job – more than US President Barack Obama and UK PM David Cameron. All MPs will receive a hike to the minimum base salary they receive and will watch it rise from $140,000 to around $180,000 a year. For the first time ever there will be a special ‘loading’ applied to the salaries of Opposition shadow ministers. reports: “The lifetime Gold Pass (travel trips and perks for all former MPs) will be axed for future MPs as part of an overhaul of entitlements aimed at cleaning up a system open to abuse. The overseas study allowance – which allows MPs to travel first class around the world to study wine regions and fashion houses – will also be junked.” The changes were recommended by the independent Remuneration Tribunal and have the support of the Opposition.

What’s happening in Burma?

This is interesting, and we might be watching history in the making. Burma, an initially quite prosperous and relatively peaceful nation, has been ruled by a military junta almost four decades. It was dissolved last year and a general election held, installing a civilian government. But none expected dramatic change to the years of persecution of ‘resident aliens’ and political prisoners, including Aung San Suu Kyi – a pro-democracy activist who was held in detention for more than 20-years and recently freed. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is flying to Burma to meet with her – the first time a representative of the US has been to Burma in more than 50 years. It seems to be a delicate balance for the new Prime Minister, who appears to be pushing back on ties with China, trying to hold military hardliners at bay and carry out a reform program. Baby steps, but success means a better quality of life for all in Burma.

And here is Beyonce knocking those knocked-up rumours that she faked her baby bump.

Yup, she’s making fun of the Daily Mail for saying she made it all up:


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