• imsis015-025

    Vibrators. What’s the buzz all about?

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Remember sex education at school? The teacher was most likely awkward, bananas and condoms were involved and between all the fits and giggles the only thing you got out of it was a sudden distaste for phallic shaped fruit. Cue Dr. Doe, a sexologist who is taking her knowledge of all things [read more]

  • How could she not have known?

    The 5 things guaranteed to lead to embarrassing sex.

            By ANONYMOUS Anyone who says they haven’t experienced some kind of hilarious sex disaster is not telling you the truth. Sex can be fabulous, but let’s face it: two naked, sweaty bodies trying to be in perfect sync? Well, it’s just not going to happen every single time. Everybody grows up [read more]

  • Em-Rusciano-4-290x385

    Em Rusciano is finally ready to tell this story. Prepare yourselves.

            I think there has finally been enough space and time from this event, for me to finally tell you all about it. Trust me, I’ve been bursting to. As it was happening, I suppressed an urgent need to excuse myself from the situation and write this very post. Also the person [read more]

  • Wade went to MIT. Hence the t-shirt.

    Carrot dating is exactly as absurd and gross as it sounds.

        Check out this picture. That man sitting on the couch, dangling a carrot over the hot babes? That’s Brandon Wade. He’s an entrepreneur and app developer, and his latest brainchild is an app calling Carrot Dating. Unlike what the picture might suggest, Carrot Dating does not encourage literally dangling carrots in front of [read more]

  • alexis-sperm-donor

    Do sperm donor kids have a right to know their dads?

            All families are complex. A tangled web of good and bad relationships, marriages and divorces and separations, half siblings and step siblings, and love. The traditional definition of a ‘nuclear family’ applies to very few these days – and ‘family’ no longer just means those who you are biologically related to. [read more]

  • Alex Lilly

    ‘I’m 20 years old and I’d let my parents arrange my marriage.’

          By ALEX LILLY I’d let my parents arrange my marriage. Wait. Although my mum’s side of the family is Indian and arranged marriages have happened within my extended family, I’m not talking about that kind of ‘arranged’, the one that involves a 12 year-old girl being whisked off to somewhere like India [read more]

  • .

    This is how a marriage ends.

        By ANONYMOUS I am an intelligent professional with a highly stimulating job. My husband has a great job too. We have delightful children who have never caused us trouble or grief and we always agreed on parenting. We never fought over money or even household chores. Sure, there were niggles between us, but [read more]

  • catfish 2

    What’s this ‘catfishing’ thing everyone is talking about?

            By NATALA HAWK It’s 9pm on a Friday night. I’m on the couch at home, eating a caramel slice and watching a TV show in which an American girl has flown across the country to meet up with her long-distance boyfriend. The girl’s name is Jen. She is an 18-year-old high [read more]

  • Engaged.

    BLOG: The ultimate argument AGAINST taking his last name.

          By KATE HUNTER When I was in high school, it wasn’t unusual for the loved-up girls in my class to while away the hours during maths by practicing their ‘married’ signatures. Susan Delany would scrawl, ‘Sue Battersby,’ so she’d know how to sign a cheque when she became Mrs Battersby, wife of [read more]

  • woman-walking

    A simple guide to looking at women on the street.

          By MARK GREENE I live in New York City where, when I walk down the street, I see literally thousands of women a month walking towards and past me. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes. The range of interactions has some variability, but 95% of the time, it works like this: [read more]

  • .

    A younger sister’s love letter to older sister she’s adored since day one.

            By ERIN COOK We grew up together, you and I. I was born into a world that you had taken by storm. As a natural over-achiever, you had already sung, danced and shimmied your way through your toddler years. Now, you had a wide-eyed younger sister to follow you around and [read more]

  • Group Therapy

    Does she stay? Or does she go?

          By ANONYMOUS My partner loves me very much. He does say so occasionally, but mostly his love is communicated through gestures. He demonstrates his love through taking care of me when I am sick (read: hungover), being proud of my career and achievements, doing things he doesn’t enjoy without complaint, watching “Four [read more]

  • Em-Rusciano-4-290x385

    EM: “Men are uncomfortable if you’ve slept with this many people.”

            By EM RUSCIANO Recently, I had a startling conversation with two of my straight male friends and I desperately felt the need to share with you all. To begin with, I’ve had to coin an excellent fusion word – “Sexflation” – so you know this is a legit issue. Both of [read more]

  • Wendy Squires

    BLOG: All the single ladies need to read this.

          BY WENDY SQUIRES Apparently we women have a problem. Something so insidious it’s stopping us from “keeping a man.” (Yes, I loathe that term too.) Just last week I encountered yet another strong friend I admire in distress, her relationship almost over. The problem, her partner had explained to her, was that [read more]

  • wedding-overlay

    Ten things I hate about weddings.

        By ANONYMOUS From the moment I receive my wedding invitation in the mail I can’t help but pick fault in it. I know I should have stronger opinions on real issues like the plight of refugees, the Syrian crisis and gender bias in the workforce, but nothing seems to incite more emotion in [read more]

  • 178514699

    Can you force love in 40 days?

    by MAMAMIA TEAM You can do lots of things in 40 days. If you’re Goliath, you can pester the Israelites enough times that David decides enough is enough and breaks out his slingshot. If you’re Jesus, you can fast in the desert without dying. If you’re Phileas Fogg, you can go halfway around the world. [read more]

  • Wedding

    Believe it or not, 46% of women would be okay with this…

      By EVA BOTANY Hey ladies! Remember the days when a gentleman would go out and buy an engagement ring, and then hire a flash mob/book a nice holiday/find a restaurant and a nice dessert for said engagement ring to be hidden in, and then eventually get down on one knee and pop the question: [read more]

  • Petter Helliar

    All your dating questions answered. You’re welcome.

          By PETER HELLIAR Since It’s A Date began airing on the ABC, I have been asked for my viewpoints and opinions on dating on TV and radio, been approached on the street for dating advice, and contacted on Twitter by somebody hoping I could save their fledgling relationship. I couldn’t for two [read more]

  • chrissie swan

    Chrissie Swan: Would you sign a sex contract?

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Radio presenter, television host, Logie winner and all-round funny woman Chrissie Swan sat down for a conversation with Show + Tell’s Monty Dimond about… sex contracts. And it is, predictably, absolutely hilarious. “No I mean, I would sign one that says after the age of 38 I’m not doing it again.” You [read more]

  • Don't let the toolbox fool you, a tradie partner won't have time for YOUR jobs, let alone anyone else's...

    4 facts of life that only a tradie’s partner understands.

              By LISA ALMOND I wish I was a WAG. Oh, how I wish I was a WAG. But, no, instead I’m a POAT (partner-of-a-tradie). As a long-term POAT (yeah that’s so not going to catch on) let me tell you that being the other half of a tradie is no walk in the [read more]

  • Stephanie

    Give us a break: She’s making 300 sandwiches so he’ll put a ring on it.

      By BERN MORLEY Hear this ladies! Apparently all that stands between you and your fairy tale wedding are 300 sandwiches! Meet Stephanie Smith. Stephanie is currently midway through making her boyfriend 300 consecutive sandwiches so that he will, upon completion of the “Mission”, propose to her. She’s even been quoted by the New York [read more]

  • "I am enough. Just the way I am."

    Attention single people: Please do not purchase this product.

          By RACHEL CORBETT In all the years of buying colourful wristbands to support worthy causes I never thought the day would come when the charity case needing its awareness raised would be me. But thanks to the good people at ‘My Single World’, those of us who do not yet have a [read more]

  • I married a man I only knew for three weeks.

    “I spent three weeks with my husband before agreeing to marry him.”

        By ZANNI LOUISE I spent three weeks with my husband before agreeing to marry him. True story. Here is how it went. We were both flown in to help install artwork for the 2006 Sydney Biennale – he from Europe, and me from Melbourne. We met under the largest chandelier in the Southern [read more]

  • white and blue woolen baby booties

    When you want another baby… and your husband doesn’t.

            By ANONYMOUS Dear Husband, So you know how we had our two kids, and you know how great they are, and you know how we swore that we wouldn’t have any more? Yeah, about that. I’ve changed my mind. Wanna make another baby? I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately [read more]

  • Kezia on her 6th birthday. Another birthday that her father missed.

    Dear Dad: I’m ashamed to be your daughter.

          By KEZIA LUBANSZKY Dear Dad, We’ve never had a typical relationship. I’ve only known you for a few years. And since the day I first saw your face there’s been something on my mind. I remember that day. I was fourteen, full of teenage angst and craving to know where I came from. [read more]

  • Courtney with her boyfriend

    Being a WAG isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

        By COURTNEY COLLINS I am always surprised at the amount of girls that want to date an AFL player. Some people seem to think I live in this mystical land of free things, champagne & pretty people. Well, I just spent a good 30 minutes cleaning up dog turds on my deck because [read more]

  • bec sparrow

    BEC: My best friend’s gay wedding.

      By REBECCA SPARROW I’ve known Louise since I was five-years-old. We sat side by side in Mrs Robinson’s grade one class and became instant bosom buddies in that Anne of Green Gables/ Diana Barry, Mary Tyler Moore/Rhoda Morgenstern, Laverne De Fazio/Shirley Feeney kind of way. She was the girl with the sparkly, mischievous eyes. [read more]

  • 1

    Meet the woman who wants to sleep with 100,000 men.

      By MAMAMIA TEAM Meet Ania Lisewska. She’s trying to break the world record for the largest number of sexual partners in history. And there isn’t even a record for her to break – that’s just how dedicated this 21-year-old from Poland is. Her aim is to sleep with 100,000 men. Nope, that wasn’t a [read more]

  • married sex

    The 10 different kinds of married sex.

      By LADY CHATTERLY Just before we got married, my husband lost count of the number of times he was told by his mates to “kiss your sex life goodbye.” Yes. Because obviously he was marrying a woman who was only having sex with him until he put a ring on it and not because [read more]

  • parents

    Only children: Spoilt. Lonely. Anti-social. Pu-lease.

          By ALEISHA MCCORMACK Why are you an only child? Were you lonely? Do you have some sort of congenital illness? Are you the consequence of a one-child policy? Are you Chinese? Ah, the questions. The never-ending questions. I don’t mind answering them, it the stereotypes that really bore me. Spoilt. Lonely. Anti-social. [read more]