• forced marriage

    1 in 9 girls marry before the age of 15. This is what happens to them.

    The end of the year is a time for reflection. To think about what we, as a human race, have done well, and what we could do better. This post is going to focus on the latter half of that sentence. Each year, 14 million girls are forced into child marriages. This infographic from The [read more]

  • Beyonce single ladies

    “I am 35. I am single. And I f*cking love it.”

            I am 35. I am single. And I f*cking love it. There I said it. Let me explain. Recently I was welcomed into a new friendship group.  These women are awesome. Smart, funny, intelligent, feisty and opinionated. I love them. But over cupcakes, talk eventually turned to pity talk and how [read more]

  • bouquet

    WATCH: The wedding bouquet throw fail. Try not to laugh too much.

    There’s always one. One person at the wedding who absolutely has to catch that bridal bouquet. One person who, despite knowing perfectly well that it will not solve all her single-lady woes, is still determined to get that hot little bunch of flowers in her hand and wave it around for the world to see. [read more]

  • Why are

    Do we really need prescriptions for the pill?

            Women using the contraceptive pill currently require a prescription from a doctor and to return once a year to renew it. But recent research suggests the relative safety of this oral contraceptive means we should consider making it more freely available. For many women the current model can involve a fair [read more]

  • Facebook love story

    Can you help Reese find Katie?

              It’s New Year’s Eve, 2012. Reese McKee, a 25-year-old New Zealander, is in Hong Kong. He’s alone. He’s lost. He sees a girl crying on the side of the road. She says her name is Katie, and that she’s lost all her friends. But that’s okay, because Reese is there [read more]

  • do-women-enjoy-anal-sex

    When did this become a normal part of bedroom behaviour?

          WARNING: This article deals with descriptions of sex, and some of the comments are getting quite graphic! Please avoid if that sort of thing upsets you. I have recently returned to the land of dating. Yay! It has taken me the better part of three months to get back out there; to [read more]

  • polyamory married couple

    What the hell is a polyamorous couple? Glad you asked…

      So there is a man, his wife, and the woman who shares their bed. No, this isn’t the beginning of a long and complicated riddle. Thirty-eight-year-old Kamala Devi and 49-year-old Michael McClure don’t believe in monogamy. They live in San Diego with their six-year-old son, Devin. And they have taken to the internet to describe [read more]

  • Kate and Mia holiday inn love stories

    WATCH: These real life love stories will have you smiling all day.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Why is it that when we share a love story, we feel the need to add a heavy dose of sarcasm? Perhaps it’s something about being Australian, we don’t want to pretend our love story is any more special than anyone else’s; lest we appear ‘up ourselves’. Today some of our favourite [read more]

  • Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 9.56.13 PM

    Forget The Bachelor, this real life love story will melt your heart.

            Napoleon and Josephine… JFK and Jackie… Elton and David… Even Kanye and Kim can’t beat this couple. It’s a true love story. A tale of commitment, dedication, companionship and endurance. A couple who still hold hands and touch each other’s knees. Perhaps one of the greatest love stories never told. They [read more]

  • Clara with

    One dress, 21 days. Could you do it?

      As far as stressful situations go, it is said that travelling with a partner is up there with moving house and getting married. So imagine travelling with someone you are only meeting in person for the first time. Just for an added degree of difficulty, imagine doing this with absolutely no luggage. And I [read more]

  • lust actually

    The love story ending you’d never see in the movies.

        It’s all wrong from the beginning. We know it. Ignore it. Coast on borrowed time. We fall into one another far too quickly. I feel myself dissolving; no longer a whole person, but an outline, coloured in with parts of him. We meet in secret, snatch hours from the top and bottom of [read more]

  • Ladies, you're gonna need to load up on these babies.

    You could be getting paid for something you do everyday.

          Ever looked at the things you do for your friends and thought: “I should get paid for this”? Replying every two minutes to your bestie’s enthralling text messages detailing her day-to-day life. Smiling and nodding at the dress your friend is trying on whilst mentally burning every dress like it in the [read more]

  • bec sparrow

    BEC: Is this the easiest way to save a marriage?

          “If my husband has a one night stand, I’ve told him he is absolutely NOT to tell me. I don’t want to know.” Say whaaaa? Last week a woman I met at a birthday soiree uttered that sentence. A veritable VERBAL HAND GRENADE amidst the small gathering of 30-something women gas bagging [read more]

  • "I'm too old to have a boyfriend."

    When are you too old to call someone your “boyfriend?”

              This article was first published at Role/Reboot. You can read the original article here. I’m 41 years old and way too old to have a boyfriend. I haven’t had a boyfriend since I was in my 20′s. And, here I am two decades later single and dating the same man [read more]

  • Little baby stands up on her feet

    Man sues wife for giving birth to these ‘ugly’ babies.

      Last year, Mamamia reported on the tale of Jian Feng, the man from Northern China who sued his wife for producing ‘ugly’ babies… and won. Now that this photo of the family has been made public (NB: whose accuracy has been widely questioned), the whole world seems to be weighing in on whether or [read more]

  • "It was wrong from the beginning. We knew it. Can’t ignore it any longer. It isn’t love."

    Group Therapy: “My marriage is perfect, except for the sex.”

      From the outside, I have a seemingly perfect life. A handsome, faithful, hard working and kind husband who is wonderful with our two children, who are both under five. He doesn’t go straight to the pub after work, nor does he gamble. Three days per week he picks the kids up from school, feeds [read more]

  • This is Erin. She wants free food.

    This woman uses men for food. Free trade or poor form?

            This article was originally published at Role Reboot and has been republished with full permission. “I’ve got a pretty face and a pretty extensive Urban Spoon wish list…We all know that getting what you want in life can be tough, which is why I’ve decided to let someone else finance my dreams. My [read more]

  • Kellie Connolly nee Sloane and

    “I want my name back”, writes Kellie Connolly (now Sloane).

              “Honey, I love you, but I want my name back.” They’re not exactly the words a husband wants to hear on the eve of his 10 year wedding anniversary. But, after a decade together, three children and a career forged under the name Connolly, I am returning to my maiden name.  [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-03 at 5.27.40 PM

    Dear girls in the cafe. That’s not what men are like.

          Trigger Warning: This post could cause distress for survivors of abuse.   …. “He was so pissed off when he came home last night. I was having a cup of tea and he grabs it, slams it down on the counter so hard it broke. So I was all: ‘What are you [read more]

  • Engagement ring

    “My big, fat, fake engagement ring”.

      by LECEE HUMPHREY My fiancé proposed with a cubic zirconia or as some people might say, ‘a fake diamond’.  I said yes and let him slide the $500, 2.5 carat extravaganza on my hand. It was a balmy summer evening and the sky was washed in pink as the sun set over Perth’s coast. We [read more]

  • What about the guilt?

    Let’s talk about anal sex.

      By SARAH WONG This article was originally published at Role Reboot and has been republished with full permission. So I did it. I had anal sex. The day after, my boyfriend asked me if he could tell his friends that we had anal sex. I hesitated for a moment, and he added quickly that [read more]

  • When dating a single mother, there's more than two people to think about.

    Here’s some advice on dating single mothers. Listen and learn.

          By NeTeah Hatchett There seem to be several perks when it comes to dating a woman with kid(s). One of the major perks being that you have the opportunity to see firsthand the type of mother she would be to your future children. The other perk being that you can almost guarantee [read more]

  • wedding-overlay

    Straw poll: Is this too young to get married?

              By JESSICA PETERS My colleague stared at me wide eyed: “But you’re too young to get married! You’ve barely experienced life. What’s the rush?” “You’re just a baby,” another exclaimed. A discussion about how old my colleagues were when they tied the knot followed. All of them were at least [read more]

  • couple after workout

    Every relationship you’ve ever had. In five minutes.

    Ever wondered what the whole of a romantic relationship would look like if it was compressed into a short film? Look, we haven’t either. But when we stumbled across ‘A Relationship in Five Minutes’ by Restless Short Films, we learnt that it looks pretty cool… and worryingly accurate. We defy to find at least one [read more]

  • Could you get married to a man you had only recently met?

    You will not regret reading this surprising love story. (Tip: Wait for the twist!)

      I’m 24, I’ve been with my boyfriend for two and a half years. And last weekend we went for a weekend away to Uluru. With the ambiance of this gorgeous setting surrounding us, we got engaged. It was magical. We were sitting at the base of the giant heart of Australia. The sun was [read more]

  • imsis015-025

    Vibrators. What’s the buzz all about?

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Remember sex education at school? The teacher was most likely awkward, bananas and condoms were involved and between all the fits and giggles the only thing you got out of it was a sudden distaste for phallic shaped fruit. Cue Dr. Doe, a sexologist who is taking her knowledge of all things [read more]

  • How could she not have known?

    The 5 things guaranteed to lead to embarrassing sex.

            By ANONYMOUS Anyone who says they haven’t experienced some kind of hilarious sex disaster is not telling you the truth. Sex can be fabulous, but let’s face it: two naked, sweaty bodies trying to be in perfect sync? Well, it’s just not going to happen every single time. Everybody grows up [read more]

  • Em-Rusciano-4-290x385

    Em Rusciano is finally ready to tell this story. Prepare yourselves.

            I think there has finally been enough space and time from this event, for me to finally tell you all about it. Trust me, I’ve been bursting to. As it was happening, I suppressed an urgent need to excuse myself from the situation and write this very post. Also the person [read more]

  • Wade went to MIT. Hence the t-shirt.

    Carrot dating is exactly as absurd and gross as it sounds.

        Check out this picture. That man sitting on the couch, dangling a carrot over the hot babes? That’s Brandon Wade. He’s an entrepreneur and app developer, and his latest brainchild is an app calling Carrot Dating. Unlike what the picture might suggest, Carrot Dating does not encourage literally dangling carrots in front of [read more]

  • alexis-sperm-donor

    Do sperm donor kids have a right to know their dads?

            All families are complex. A tangled web of good and bad relationships, marriages and divorces and separations, half siblings and step siblings, and love. The traditional definition of a ‘nuclear family’ applies to very few these days – and ‘family’ no longer just means those who you are biologically related to. [read more]