Yet another example of how messed-up Photoshop can really be.



Anna Hill is a 24-year-old university student from East Carolina. And for a digital photography class, she decide to have a play with Photoshop and create the below faux-Photoshop ads.

They show just how much various other ads (for fashion, or beauty, or just about anything ever) manipulate their images so that we are tricked into thinking that we ought to be poreless, incredibly good-looking superhumans.

Anna shared the below pics on Reddit. Take a look:






On Reddit, Anna wrote that looking at the different images really made her realise how different her perception of beauty has become:

One thing I noticed when I was doing these (is) that when I suddenly went back to the unedited layer, it looked so wrong and kinda gross…  It is kind of fun to play “character creation” on yourself, but it makes you realize how screwed up your perception can get. But a lot of those super edited airbrushed models don’t look that much better than us without makeup and editing. :)

We love a good pushback against Photoshop, especially anything that exposes how much trickery is really going on behind the scenes. And good on Anna for going through her own processes to realise exactly what’s really possible when you’re got a magic computer wand on your side.

You can find Anna’s website here and also take a look below at some Photoshopped pics of celebrities to see how they differ…

The Victoria’s Secret models, un-Photoshopped…

And some extreme other Photoshop fails…


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