article 1115048 02DF6981000005DC 352 233x420 These are the un retouched, un fake breasts of a 33 year old woman who has breast fed two babies. God bless you Kate Winslet.

This is a movie still from Kate Winslet's film, The Reader. So accustomed are we to seeing fake boobs in movies and magazines and on TV, seeing the real thing can be a visual shock. But in a GOOD way. Because this is what many many women see when we look in the mirror. And other than the mirror, it's extraordinarily rare to see other real boobs. Which can leave many of us feeling inadequate about our real boobs. If there were more real boobs depicted in popular culture, perhaps more women would be happier with what they had. Do you think? Send a link to this post to all your female friends as a sign of solidarity.

After her most excellent double win at the Golden Globes (for best supporting actress and best actress), Kate went on Oprah and Oprah high-fived her for having real breasts. And she truly does deserve high-fiving because imagine how much pressure there must be in Hollywood to conform to the utterly unrealistic fakery that almost everyone in Hollywood applies to their bodies. Clip of Kate and Oprah after the jump. It's heaven. Bravo Kate. My bosoms salute you.


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