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    Rejection is hard. Rejection from your 2 year old is harder.

    Rejection is hard. Rejection from your own two year old is harder. As a new mother to a precious baby girl I would spend hours looking forward to days of lovingly combing her long hair after a bath, reading bedtime stories and whispering sweet little nothings to each other. But most of the time I [read more]

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    Win a chance to train with the Australian Cricket team.

            Would your son or daughter (or a child you know) like a chance to train with the Australian cricket team? In only four sleeps? Then we’re about to hit you for a six. As part of the Milo Valuable Player (MVP) campaign, the Milo team is giving 20 kids the chance to attend a money-can’t-buy [read more]

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    “The day I was told my husband was abusing my daughter.”

      Trigger warning: this post deals with child sexual abuse and may be distressing for some readers.   One month ago my life changed. One month and one day ago I was happily married to my second husband who was a wonderful stepfather to my teenage daughter, and I was (I hope) a great stepmum [read more]

  • Breastfeeding cuts cancer risk

    “9 reasons my child is not ‘too old’ to breastfeed.”

    It’s a real tragedy that women in many societies are completely removed from one of the most natural, ancient and normal ways of mothering our growing children. I posted this picture of myself breastfeeding my two year old. As my followers on Facebook and blog are people (mostly women) who support breastfeeding to natural term, [read more]

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    9 dumb things people say when you tell them you don’t want kids.

    Some of us choose not to have children—and for good reason. It’s been about 10 years since anyone asked me, “Why don’t you have kids?” “Just lucky, I guess,” was my response then (it was a kid who asked me), and my friends and colleagues just know it’s a non-issue, like you wouldn’t ask Woody Allen [read more]

  • Netball

    Why it’s worth standing on the sidelines once a week.

            When I say that I’m a sideline parent, I don’t mean it figuratively. Every week I stand on actual, physical sidelines watching my boys play soccer. And the games are never at the same location. Oh no. That would be way too organised. They are mostly at different fields so there [read more]

  • School holidays are here... which means one thing.

    6 ‘out of the ordinary’ school holiday ideas your kids want to try.

          Having six weeks with the kids over the holidays is fantastic, but it’s also hard work. Not in terms of the kids themselves (well maybe, you be the judge of that…) but coming up with exciting ideas to entertain them each and every day. Yes, you could always do the same old [read more]

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    Worst parenting decision she ever made: “I signed my 3-year-old up for modelling”.

                By Eden Strong for Yourtango.com. “Great, perfect, beautiful! Oh so beautiful! That is exactly what I want to see gorgeous, work it for the camera, lean in baby, lean in! What a natural you are, so BEAUTIFUL!” Those are the words that every model wants to hear, words that [read more]

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    “The day my son gave up on me. For good.”

                  Ever since our two sons began sharing a room, their bedtime routine has been the same. Baths, PJs, teeth, stories, cuddles. And every night as I leave their room, Eli always says, “Remember to come up, cuddle, and bring water!” I head down the stairs with a quick, [read more]

  • Being mom is a balancing act!

    “29 reasons I envy people who decided not to have kids.”

            By: Casey Mullins for YourTango.com I will never be the woman who asks you about children. I will never ask you if you want them. I will never ask you if you’re trying to have them. I will never tell you that you should have them, and I promise I will never, ever [read more]

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    “I grieved at first for the son I dreamed about while I was pregnant.”

    Dear Elly, I consider us friends. I’ve known you for quite a while, long before your beautiful newborn Rex was born last week. The day he was born, however, we suddenly had a LOT more in common. Because Rex was born with Down syndrome, just like my toddler Parker.   Kat’s son Parker. So, here’s [read more]

  • Concerns over 'heading' a ball in soccer

    How sport made me (and my kid) more resilient.

            I dropped my son off at soccer training in the rain, watching my phone carefully for the text that I knew was only seconds away that would announce that soccer training was cancelled because of the weather. I don’t know everything about this parenting gig, but I have always believed that [read more]

  • losing a friend to retts syndrome

    “Apparently my life was too difficult for my friend to cope with.”

        I lost an old friend this week. Not in the sense that he passed away, nor in the literal sense that I misplaced him in a crowded supermarket and never found my way back to him. Although, metaphorically perhaps that’s exactly what happened: we lost each other in the crowded supermarket of life, [read more]

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    Extreme parenting fights back. And it’s not pretty.

      Parenting memes. So cute. So reassuring. So helpful. Such a good way to let your fellow parents know that they’re doing their darndest, that we’re all muddling through the best way we know how, and that they’ve got a community of other parents out there who’ve got their back with every misstep. Right? Um. How [read more]

  • Holly-family

    Stop using these three words to hold women back.

            “It’s a pooooooo! It’s a poo-poo!” I have been trying to write this story about “having it all” for two days. During that time, I have been interrupted approximately 200,000 times, most recently by the voice of my 2yo son, shouting about poo. From the bath. A poo in the bath, any [read more]

  • man depressed

    How a devastating miscarriage changed this dad forever.

      Rewind to December 2009. My wife was 11 weeks pregnant, and I was going to be a dad for the first time. In June of 2010 (ironically, the due date was a day before Father’s Day) I was going to meet the baby boy or girl that I was already completely in love with…and [read more]

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    The wombs that brought these two women into the world, also delivered their children.

            Science and women – is there anything that these two together can’t do? Nine women were recently given womb transplants after they were either born without one or lost their womb to cancer. Seven of these have been successful. As part of this fertility treatment program, two mothers from Sweden gave their daughters their [read more]

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    Hundreds of strangers helped to scatter the ashes of Haillie’s son.

      In 2010 Haillie lost her son CJ. The former member of the US airforce took his own life after an argument with his parents. He never got to see the world fully. So Hallie made a decision that would literally change her life – and bring her joy in the process. She set up [read more]

  • newborn

    Heartbreaking: A tiny baby smothered to death by her own mother.

        A tiny baby smothered to death by her own mother. In a week too full of stories of unthinkable things happening to newborns, another one  seems too depressing for words. But this one is not what you think. The baby girl was suffocated when her mother fell asleep while breastfeeding her. The court case has just been dismissed in [read more]

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    MIA: “To the mothers of unwanted babies: You have choices.”

        Two newborn babies in a week. One swathed in bubble wrap and left to die in a drain. The other naked and buried crudely in the sand to be found by two little kids who will always be scarred by their horror day at the beach. One mother who has been charged with attempted [read more]

  • Michael Clarke Press Conference

    “Thank you Michael Clarke, for showing my son it’s okay to cry.”

              BY BERN MORLEY From the moment they can understand us, we teach and tell our boys to ‘be brave’ every time they feel like expressing emotion. “Brave” meaning they should internalise their pain, be it either physical or emotional. We tell them to be “strong” and lead by example, especially when [read more]

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    “If you buy my child one of these 6 things this Christmas, we can no longer be friends.”

      To my adored friends and family, We need to talk. I love that you love my kids. My kids love that you love my kids. I love that come Christmas, their piles under the tree are teetering towers of enormousness, and not even half of it cost me a cent. Or, more importantly, several [read more]

  • Senator Larissa Waters.

    Many women drive trucks, while men push prams. Toy companies haven’t caught up.

       Update:  In a response to Greens Senator Larissa Waters’ No Gender December Campaign, The Australian published a photo of her daughter in a pink dress to showcase the supposed double standards surrounding the campaign. The Australian ran an image from Waters’ Facebook account that showed her six-year-old daughter in a pink outfit with her face blacked [read more]

  • looking after a newborn

    “Why the first six weeks with my newborn have been a breeze.”

      It’s 3am and my daughter Maisie just woke me up with an ear splitting scream to let me know she’s ready to eat, puke on me, have her nappy changed and be rocked back to sleep after crying for a while about seemingly nothing. It’s a routine that we’ll repeat throughout the small hours [read more]

  • floyd-henry-morley-baby-with-dwarfism-3

    It’s hard to imagine a better response to unexpected news about your baby.

      Tonight’s episode of 60 Minutes told the story of Floyd-Henry Morley, a happy one year-old who was diagnosed with Achondroplasia – a rare bone disorder commonly known as dwarfism.  Mamamia’s sister site iVillage wrote about Floyd-Henry and his remarkable parents earlier this year. This is the story of the best response to unexpected news [read more]

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    We are all grieving for the infinite lives that we’ll never lead.

            As we were leaving Everest’s wheel-throwing class today I struck up a conversation with one of the other mothers. She has two daughters who attend the class and I asked the basic questions, “How old are they? Where do you live?” etc. The girls went to retrieve their coats from the [read more]

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    What it’s really like being targeted by the school gate mummy mafia.

    So apparently Cate Blanchett and I have a lot in common. Okay, so maybe not the timeless beauty, mega wealth and superstardom so much, but we definitely have one thing in common, we’ve both been targeted by the schoolyard “Mummy Mafia” and weirdly, for the same reason. Our inappropriate “school drop off hair”. According to [read more]

  • died during childbirth

    It was either her life or that of her unborn child. So she made the ultimate sacrifice.

    Karisa Bugal’s last Facebook post read, “Only reason I would ever get up this early is for a baby!” She left her house that morning to go to the hospital and give birth but never returned home. Karisa Bugal was days away from her 35th birthday when she went into labour on November 4 this [read more]

  • tough-kid

    “I’m just going to say it: Santa is creepy.”

        “I’m not sitting on some stranger’s lap,” announced my daughter. She is 5. We were on our way to see Santa at our local shopping centre because I we have a new baby this year and thought it’d be cute to get a Christmas photo of all the kids together. But my daughter just [read more]

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    These are 24 of my greatest parenting fails.

            By JO ABI I had a grand vision of what kind of mother I’d be. I’d be firm but fair, steering my children with a perfect blend of wisdom and love. I’d be organised, supportive and, well, perfect really. I never expected to be the kind of mum whose children regularly [read more]