• Kate Hunter

    “F**k you open plan. I want a ‘good room’.”

            By KATE HUNTER So the other night I wanted, as a privilege of my middle age, to sit on my couch and watch the The 7.30 Report. Not a lot to ask, you’d think. But I couldn’t because there was TOO MUCH CRAP ON MY COUCH. The crap comprised of (but [read more]

  • teenagers on phone

    The app that makes it impossible for kids to ignore their parents’ phone calls.

        Remember when you could count on the fact that anyone over a certain age couldn’t understand technology enough to worry about an unreturned text or phone call. Yeah, well those days are gone. We’ve entered a new dawn. A place in the technology spectrum where once naive parents are fighting back. Sharon Standifird [read more]

  • Jo and kids

    15 things every mother needs to get through the first two years.

            By JO ABI Everyone tells you how quickly that first year with your baby goes, but it’s not until you watch your little one pulling themselves up into standing position on your coffee table that it really hits you. Soon they’re running around and you’re running around after them, getting everything [read more]

  • Image via Parents on Phones Tumblr.

    An open letter to mums who like to check Facebook while their kids play in the park.

          By JENNIFER HICKS Dear Mum on the iPhone, I see you at the park with your kids, phone in hand. Your cherubs are running around playing and calling out “Mummy, watch me!” They go down the slide squealing in delight, yelling “Mummy, watch this!” As they climb the ladder to go again, they [read more]

  • bernwithherkids

    10 rules for coming to my house for playdates.

        By BERN MORLEY “Playdates” are quite the common occurrence when you become a parent. If you’re not familiar with what exactly a ‘playdate ‘ is, basically a scheduled appointment for children to get together and play. I know what you’re thinking… Since when did kids have to “schedule” an appointment to play? That [read more]

  • mila kunis pregnant

    All the pregnant ladies: Step away from the photos of celeb baby bumps.

        By BEC SPARROW Imagine there’s a fence and I’m sitting on it. Because that’s how I feel about some new research findings that have come out about pregnant women obsessing over celebrity baby bumps. Here’s the thing. You know how all women (okay, not all women. My mum is really not Googling Mila [read more]

  • life before kids

    The things I miss about my life before kids.

        By BERN MORLEY There’s no shame in admitting that you miss certain parts about your life BC (before children). Just because you have reproduced and now care for another human, this doesn’t mean that you stop being one yourself. I was, by today’s standards, a fairly young mother. Barely past the young adulthood [read more]

  • how to be a good mum

    “When my eldest started school, it didn’t turn out the way I planned”.

            By JO ABI When my eldest child started school I was so excited. Finally I’d get to be just like all the mums I used to see walking their kids to school and picking them up. I’d have to dress him in a cute uniform and buy stationery. I’d be a [read more]

  • .

    20 things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

            By BERN MORLEY For some reason, a pregnant woman brings out the unfiltered in people and often, when you’re pregnant, it can feel as if you have a flashing neon sign strapped to your forehead asking random strangers to touch your belly and give you unsolicited advice. Not only is this [read more]

  • Jac and bub

    A checklist of everything a parent of a 6-12 month old needs.

            By JACQUI PORTER Congratulations, you’ve made it through the fog that is a newborn and found yourself with an actual baby, a toddler even. One that babbles and isn’t an immobile little bug anymore. One thing that I have found with my children, is that with each new stage of development, [read more]

  • alissa warren

    The 5 words mothers aren’t supposed to say.

          By ALISSA WARREN I like being a mum. There, I said it. In fact, I’ll go one step further. I love being a mum. For years, I’ve been a bit sheepish about admitting it. I’d go as far as to say I felt a bit embarrassed. Admitting you enjoy motherhood is met [read more]

  • down syndrome girl 2

    Why should we offer screening for Down syndrome anyway?

            By AINSLEY NEWSON The details of a surrogacy case involving an Australian couple commissioning a pregnancy in Thailand have created outrage in all sorts of quarters. But the father’s admission that he would have asked the surrogate mother to terminate her pregnancy if he’d known baby Gammy had Down syndrome didn’t [read more]

  • Names that go together

    Do your kids’ names “go together?”

          When you are pregnant with your first child, picking a baby name is quite the challenge. But eventually you get there. What you probably didn’t think about though, is which names go with your firstborn’s name. And apparently, there are “rules” to picking siblings names (which we think everyone breaks every time). [read more]

  • Jo and baby

    Check list: 7 things every mother (and father!) of a baby needs.

          So, babies need lots of stuff. But, they also don’t need lots of stuff. After I emerged from the fog of those first few weeks, I surveyed in dismay several ‘essentials’ I didn’t need after all, and sent my husband on several shopping trips to buy the things I didn’t know I [read more]

  • what to expect from a child with down syndrome

    “I’ve discovered he has Down syndrome. I’m scared.”

      Earlier this year, Mamamia ran a story about a video that was made for a woman who had discovered she was pregnant with a baby who had Down syndrome.  The expectant mother wrote a letter to an Italian-based Down syndrome advocacy group expressing her worry. And in response they created an extraordinarily heart warming video called “Dear Future Mum”. In [read more]

  • ..

    The 22 things I want to do with my kids before they up and leave me.

          It goes a little something like this: 1. Your child is born 2. Your baby becomes a toddler 3. Your child goes to school 4. Your child goes to university or work 5. Your child leaves home. That’s it. Five major stages and wham, they are leaving the nest to make their [read more]

  • why do mums judge

    WATCH: Why letting your kids walk home covered in mud is a good thing.

      As a mum, you’re constantly worried that judgemental eyes are burning into the back of your head. Because you’re just not doing the ‘mum’ thing right. You worry that you’ll get judged for not making your own organic baby food, or for the fact that you let your kid jump in muddy puddles, and [read more]

  • Josefa with bub

    10 things every mother of a newborn needs.

            By JOSEFA PETE Hugging a toilet bowl in a fluorescent lit bathroom in a hotel in Los Angles, was where I found out I was first pregnant. Overwhelmed with excitement and waves of nausea I composed myself enough to let the reality sink in. I was pregnant and in the US [read more]

  • Mamamia

    Stuff that is beautiful about life.

            I’ve just put my baby to bed.  We’ve done dinner, played a few hundred rounds of ‘pick-the-Sippy-cup-off-the-floor’, splashed in the bath and snuggled in front of Giggle and Hoot. The house is quiet. His soft little head smells like soap and for about thirty minutes, everything is right with the world. [read more]

  • Things kids eat

    “A definitive ranking of the worst things my child has ever eaten.”

            Have you ever tried to unwrap a Chupa Chup while your child has a Defcon 1 level meltdown on the supermarket floor? I have. See, once upon a time, a lollipop as bribery was my only currency. As a result, I learnt to undo those suckers in under 15 seconds which really, [read more]

  • Alissa Warren

    “I used to think working mothers were bludgers. Now I’m one of them.”

            by ALISSA WARREN Going back to work is a bit shit. It’s not what I thought it would be. Well, it is. The problem is me. I’M not what I thought I’d be. I’m a bit shit. It’s been about three months since I started back in the office. I’d heard [read more]

  • Nicky with her then newborn,  Amelia

    An essential check-list for every mum-to-be.

          My pregnancy: 36 weeks, 1 day. My labour: 3 hours, 40 mins. My hospital bag: one Vogue magazine, one toothbrush, no toothpaste, maternity pads, one pair of undies, no baby clothes. Labours rarely go according to plan (seriously throw out that birth plan right now because it is pointless) but my labour [read more]

  • Gammy parents

    Could this be the real reason why Gammy’s parents abandoned him?

      By MIA FREEDMAN Somewhere in Australia tonight, there’s a baby girl sleeping soundly in her cot, content in her beautiful new nursery that was so lovingly decorated before she came home. She’s had her bath, her dinner, lots of cuddles and maybe a story. It all sounds very normal but it’s not.  You see, [read more]

  • being a single mum

    The surprising truths a single mother wants you to know about her life.

        By MAVIS KING At a party, a social gathering, simply chatting to a parent in a park, almost anywhere, if a conversation goes for long enough eventually I need to declare that I’m a single mother of a young baby. This needs to happen for a conversation to progress with any authenticity on [read more]

  • Em and her eldest daughter.

    You need to read this post to understand just how much parenting has changed in 30 years.

          By EM RUSCIANO This week I signed my eldest daughter up to a mobile phone plan. She will be catching public transport on her own and I, of course, need to be able to speak to her at all times when she is away from my side. She asked me what my [read more]

  • Parker and Kat

    To the Australian couple who abandoned their son with Down syndrome.

          By KAT ABIANAC I went to bed last night in July, and by the the time I woke up this morning in August, 7,500 people worldwide had shared a blog I wrote about my son Parker. Something else happened this morning, as well. Thousands of people shared a Sydney Morning Herald article [read more]

  • premature baby time lapse video

    Show this to anyone who’s brought a baby into this world before their due date.

        Walker Cott Pruett was born premature on April 25 2014, barely weighing 1lb. He spent 80 days in the NICU. For each of those 80 days, photographer Deneen Bryan was sitting with him. Bryan is the founder of Capturing Hopes Photography, an organisation that takes pictures of preemie babies in the NICU. She started the [read more]

  • adopting a child

    The letter she wrote to her daughter’s birth mother.

            by KATHY KRUGER I wanted to share something very personal – a letter I wrote to our daughter’s birthmother seven years ago. I wrote it as I reflected on how lucky we are to have our daughter (even luckier now to have our son also). At the time an adoptive mother [read more]

  • Means test childcare rebate

    Want to encourage women to go back to work after babies? Don’t do this.

      by FIONA SUGDEN My fellow feminists, I fear we made a mistake. We assumed the days of the 1950s were over and that having a baby didn’t mean you had to say goodbye to your career. We assumed that we could make the choice to have a career and have children and share the [read more]

  • Pregnant

    Do women deserve whatever kind of birth they want?

      by LUCY KIPPIST I have a big problem with the phrase ‘dream birth’, it’s disingenuous. Too many people I know have been lured by the false security of having something written down on paper only to feel terrible when things don’t go to plan. Not only does it set up a damaging set of [read more]