• shared parenting advice

    Your proudest moment as a parent. Go.

    This video is brought to you by Omo Ultimate. There’s an amazing satisfaction you get when you see your kids showing love and care to somebody else. It’s always a proud moment when we see all the lessons we’ve been trying to teach our children come to fruition. But still, the fact of life is [read more]

  • Bec and Fin soon after he was born

    Bec: The five words every new mother says and what they really mean.

              By REBECCA SPARROW How quickly we forget. A few weeks ago a friend of mine gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Hurrah! Hurrah for the safe arrival of her bald-as-an-egg, chubby-cheeked, smoochalicious son. Hurrah that my friend too is doing well. And hurrah that I have an excuse to [read more]

  • dad with daughter 1

    4 words all dads of daughters need to hear.

                By JEFF BOGLE First it’s this… “Oh man, you’re having a girl? Dude, you’re in trouble!” And then it’s all of this… “Oh, wait until they are crawling!” “Oh, wait until they are walking!” “Oh, wait until the terrible twos.” “Oh, wait until they start talking!” “Oh, wait until [read more]

  • pregnancy hospital bag

    The most hilarious things people have screamed while in labour.

    Every woman who has given birth would relate to these. Even if they just thought them. Giving birth can turn you into a person you never thought you would become. And for these Reddit users, they’ve seen it first-hand. A recent Ask Reddit question invited doctors and nurses to share their funniest experiences of women giving birth. Here is the [read more]

  • Robyn and Xavier.

    “I’ll always be a mother to the son I lost.”

              By ROBYN MAY Motherhood is the strongest bond there is. Not even death can sever it. When you lose a child, it doesn’t mean you stop being their mother. And in many ways, it’s very similar to the way you mother a living child. I wanted to write a list of [read more]

  • annoying Facebook friends

    Is it fair this 4-year-old was expelled because of something his mum said?

          By JO ABI A 4-year-old boy has been expelled from preschool because his mum wrote a not-so-nice Facebook post about the school. So I suggest we all go through our posts from the past few weeks and make sure none of them could possibly offend our children’s schools. Because apparently it’s our [read more]

  • Alissa Warren.

    “I was antibiotics shamed.”

            By ALISSA WARREN I’m a victim of the latest shame campaign. Med-shaming. And I’m a glad recipient of the title. For one week, the five people that make up my family have been taking antibiotics. All of us. Me, my husband and our three kids. But that confession has been met [read more]

  • 85451795

    A message to all my younger friends who want to have children.

              On ya, Sonia. I just finished reading the wonderful news about Sonia Kruger’s pregnancy. Even though I don’t know Sonia personally, I am truly thrilled for her and am so proud of her for being honest about the reality of her conception. I too conceived my daughter through a long [read more]

  • second child 2

    “An apology letter to my second child.”

          By JENIFER DeMATTIA My Dearest Second Child, As your arrival into this world got closer, I began making my rounds. I got together with aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and anyone else I could think of to reminisce about all the fun times. I had convinced myself that once you came, being the [read more]

  • dv1953023

    7 secrets nobody at Mothers Group confesses to.

          By LISA MITCHELL Mother’s group really is a lifesaver during those first few years of parenting uncertainty. I managed to keep the same mother’s group for both of my children and we soon became experts at ‘parking’ our prams at our favourite cafe. It was like a clever jigsaw puzzle. And we’d [read more]

  • taking kids out in public

    Twenty four hours with no kids, no husband and a king-size hotel bed.

              By BERN MORLEY As parents, it’s often easy to forget that we had a whole other life before our children arrived on the scene. A life that included sleep-ins, “me time” and self-indulgence. Because back then, let’s face it, the only people we had to worry about, were ourselves. There’s [read more]

  • funny family photo fails

    Family portrait perfectly captures what 10 years and 3 kids really looks like.

        Warning: If you have been with your significant other for an extended period, and have children who like destroying your house and your sanity, the following picture could be a bit, um, too real. Reddit user Trapiezist has been married to his wife for ten years. He posted the following image on the [read more]

  • formula fed babies

    “What the experts didn’t tell me about formula.”

              By DAVID VALDES GREENWOOD From 2005 to 2006, the first year of my daughter’s life, I was warned repeatedly that being a formula-fed child would diminish my gal’s entire future, making her fat, slothlike, dim, equipped with an immune system that practically summoned infection, and unattached emotionally to her parents. [read more]

  • taking kids out in public

    The day of the week kids always manage to ruin.

          By BERN MORLEY I used to have this dream. It really didn’t seem unobtainable at the time but now, with a few more years of parenting experience, I know it was far too big a dream to ever be realised. It was to have a nice relaxing family day out. I told [read more]

  • baby names from books

    A list of baby names we can actually get behind.

        Not sure if you noticed, but it is Book Week. And we can’t think of anything better than being inspired by books for a newborn’s name. While it might not work, your newborn might take on the gifted intelligence of Hermione from Harry Potter, or the fierceness of Tris from Divergent. And we also [read more]

  • risks of homebirth 1

    What rights does a mother have when she gives birth at home?

            By BILL MADDEN University of Western Sydney The ongoing and sometimes emotive debate about risks and rewards of giving birth in hospital or at home is nothing new. What is new is the attention being given to the legal rights and responsibilities of parents and health practitioners. Consider this recent news: South [read more]

  • what parents should not say to non parents

    5 things parents need to stop saying to non-parents.

            First, I should say that I am 100% guilty of all of these. I know this reads as an advice list, but really it’s advice I’m giving myself. The “you” I am addressing in this piece is me… unless it applies to you; then it is you. I ran head first [read more]

  • Baby feeds itself

    The “miracle baby” who fed herself at 3 days old.

        This tiny baby has shocked medical professionals the world over… By holding a bottle in her tiny hands and feeding herself just three days after she was born. Surely, she is destined for greatness. Reportedly, three-week-old Amara Chiedozie has fed independently from a bottle since she was only three days old. Astonishing doctors – [read more]

  • perfect mother and housewife

    How To Be The Perfect Mother. Commit this to memory, ladies.

            By LYZ LENZ. In order to be the perfect mother, you must do absolutely everything you can for your child. But not everything because if you do, then you are setting them up for failure in life and ruining the future of the world. Of course, if you don’t do everything [read more]

  • Shauna and Jasper 1

    Seven things a midwife wants you to know.

              By SHAUNA ANDERSON When I had my first baby I was busy. I was working an “important job in TV land.” I was dedicated, I was committed, and I was focused. Pregnancy was just a sideline. Morning sickness – I could overcome. Pre-natal classes – you must be kidding I [read more]

  • Kate Hunter

    “F**k you open plan. I want a ‘good room’.”

            By KATE HUNTER So the other night I wanted, as a privilege of my middle age, to sit on my couch and watch the The 7.30 Report. Not a lot to ask, you’d think. But I couldn’t because there was TOO MUCH CRAP ON MY COUCH. The crap comprised of (but [read more]

  • teenagers on phone

    The app that makes it impossible for kids to ignore their parents’ phone calls.

        Remember when you could count on the fact that anyone over a certain age couldn’t understand technology enough to worry about an unreturned text or phone call. Yeah, well those days are gone. We’ve entered a new dawn. A place in the technology spectrum where once naive parents are fighting back. Sharon Standifird [read more]

  • Jo and kids

    15 things every mother needs to get through the first two years.

            By JO ABI Everyone tells you how quickly that first year with your baby goes, but it’s not until you watch your little one pulling themselves up into standing position on your coffee table that it really hits you. Soon they’re running around and you’re running around after them, getting everything [read more]

  • Image via Parents on Phones Tumblr.

    An open letter to mums who like to check Facebook while their kids play in the park.

          By JENNIFER HICKS Dear Mum on the iPhone, I see you at the park with your kids, phone in hand. Your cherubs are running around playing and calling out “Mummy, watch me!” They go down the slide squealing in delight, yelling “Mummy, watch this!” As they climb the ladder to go again, they [read more]

  • bernwithherkids

    10 rules for coming to my house for playdates.

        By BERN MORLEY “Playdates” are quite the common occurrence when you become a parent. If you’re not familiar with what exactly a ‘playdate ‘ is, basically a scheduled appointment for children to get together and play. I know what you’re thinking… Since when did kids have to “schedule” an appointment to play? That [read more]

  • mila kunis pregnant

    All the pregnant ladies: Step away from the photos of celeb baby bumps.

        By BEC SPARROW Imagine there’s a fence and I’m sitting on it. Because that’s how I feel about some new research findings that have come out about pregnant women obsessing over celebrity baby bumps. Here’s the thing. You know how all women (okay, not all women. My mum is really not Googling Mila [read more]

  • taking kids out in public

    The things I miss about my life before kids.

        By BERN MORLEY There’s no shame in admitting that you miss certain parts about your life BC (before children). Just because you have reproduced and now care for another human, this doesn’t mean that you stop being one yourself. I was, by today’s standards, a fairly young mother. Barely past the young adulthood [read more]

  • how to be a good mum

    “When my eldest started school, it didn’t turn out the way I planned”.

            By JO ABI When my eldest child started school I was so excited. Finally I’d get to be just like all the mums I used to see walking their kids to school and picking them up. I’d have to dress him in a cute uniform and buy stationery. I’d be a [read more]

  • .

    20 things you should never say to a pregnant woman.

            By BERN MORLEY For some reason, a pregnant woman brings out the unfiltered in people and often, when you’re pregnant, it can feel as if you have a flashing neon sign strapped to your forehead asking random strangers to touch your belly and give you unsolicited advice. Not only is this [read more]

  • Jac and bub

    A checklist of everything a parent of a 6-12 month old needs.

            By JACQUI PORTER Congratulations, you’ve made it through the fog that is a newborn and found yourself with an actual baby, a toddler even. One that babbles and isn’t an immobile little bug anymore. One thing that I have found with my children, is that with each new stage of development, [read more]