• Hannah Profile

    24 hours with Hannah Starkey: Social worker, counsellor and mum.

    Share  Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you a series of ’24 hours with’ where we profile some very inspirational women. Here at Mamamia, we know being a mum is a pretty tough job on it’s own. So when you add studying and working to the midnight feeds and nappy changes, we think [read more]

  • adoption depression

    One of the most extraordinary adoption stories you’ll ever hear.

      There’s a saying among adopted families, something mothers say to their children: ‘you didn’t grow in mummy’s tummy but you grew in her heart’. In this video, Mamamia publisher and Nissan ambassador Mia Freedman meets Jenny, a mother of five kids who are ranging in age from 19 to three. Jenny’s two youngest children [read more]

  • supermum

    11 things all the Organised Mums have.

          Being a mum of two boys close in age requires the planning of a navy-seal. There are lists, notes, charts, reminders, labels, rules, regulations, steps, procedures… Then, there are the items that make it all work. This comprehensive list of 11 things the organised mother always has at home will change your [read more]

  • I'm awkward.

    EM: Sometimes being a mother is just sh*t.

            Over the Easter and ANZAC break, we’re going to bring you some of our most popular (and our favourite) posts in recent memory. They are stories that made us laugh, made us cry, or made us want to pump out fists in the air. Enjoy.   I wish to start with [read more]

  • Rebecca and son

    “I had a baby and became a crap friend.”

            Over Easter and ANZAC break, we’re going to bring you some of our most popular (and our favourite) posts in recent memory. They are stories that made us laugh, made us cry, or made us want to pump our fists in the air. Enjoy.  At some point when I wasn’t looking, [read more]

  • should I tell my children the truth about the easter bunny  1

    Group Therapy: When is it time to kill off the Easter Bunny?

              I’m wondering how long I have to keep up this Easter Bunny caper. I know, I know… pretending there is an Easter Bunny is part of the magic of childhood and a good mother would keep it up as long as possible to the point where she works hard to [read more]

  • dealing with shocking news

    Where are all the happy parents? Not on social media, clearly.

          Sometimes I wonder, ‘where are all the happy parents?’ Where are the mothers not worried about strangers criticising their post-baby bodies (or as I like to call them: ‘bodies’)? Where are the parents who happily drop their kids at the skate park with instructions to be home in an hour? Who sometimes [read more]

  • Nicky and her daughter Amelia.

    “The best piece of advice my mum ever gave me.”

            As long as you live under my roof, you’ll do as I say. Did you clean your room? Don’t ask me WHY. Just do it. I’ll treat you like an adult when you start acting like one. I don’t care what “everyone” is doing. I care what YOU are doing! You’ll [read more]

  • rachel corbett

    3 reasons women shouldn’t have kids in their 40s. (And why they’re bollocks.)

                I don’t think I want children until my 40s. “Why?” I hear you cry. Because I’ve got shit to do, that’s why. At the ripe old age of 33, I feel like I’ve barely ticked off a tenth of the ‘to do list’ items I want to accomplish before I’m [read more]

  • Letting go

    The hardest part of motherhood is knowing when to let go.

              This post was originally published on Role Reboot and has been republished with full permission. Our youngest son moved his berry lips from the dark of my nipple to the paler, smoother skin around the corner and blew a raspberry on my right breast. He did this intermittently between bits [read more]

  • Rhiannon Swan Family

    What are the 2 words you’d use to describe your family?

        Here at Mamamia we are doing a series of posts on amazing and inspiring women. Our next wonderful woman is Rhiannon Swan. When she isn’t working 60 hours a week as a Wedding and Event Stylist/Planner at 2 trending Sydney cafes/restaurants (The Boat House Palm Beach and Moby Dicks Whale Beach), she is a wife [read more]

  • Jo Abi finds being connected is the missing ingredient to an enjoyable family holiday

    “The things I learned from my mum.”

          My mum taught me a lot about how to raise happy and healthy kids. She taught me that children need lots of fresh air, good food and love. She taught me that children should have some freedom to explore, time to use their imaginations and lots of time outdoors. But it’s what [read more]

  • should kids go vegan 1

    “I eat raw, my children are vegan, and no animals were harmed in the making of this message.”

              Nine months ago, I initiated the somewhat “radical” switch for my family to experience an all-vegan diet. And I’m pleased to report that we haven’t looked back once. Having said that, this post isn’t about being boastful or self-congratulatory or smug, but it is about accomplishment and for that reason alone I [read more]

  • modern families

    What to do if you’re a single woman desperate for a family? This.

          What do you do if you’re a single woman and you’re desperate to become a mother? This is a conversation I first had with my sister-in-law Nicky, while sitting on my lounge room floor drinking tea (where I have all my best important conversations with my girlfriends). What happened over the next [read more]

  • learning fun

    Seriously parents, why all the drama around screen time?

          This morning, my daughter had turned away from watching morning cartoons to cut someone’s hair. She’s four. No, she hadn’t attacked her little brother with the clippers, she was fully immersed in the very simple and funny hair-cutting and styling game on her Samsung GALAXY Tab 3 Kids. From the moment my [read more]

  • emma and Zander

    She met a family on Facebook. And decided she’d carry a baby for them…

          Last month I gave birth for the third time. Only this time, the baby wasn’t my husband’s. Nor was it mine. I gave birth to a gorgeous 9lb, 9oz baby boy with his parents standing by the hospital bed ready to hold him for the first time. I screamed as he crowned, as [read more]

  • parent teacher interviews

    5 reasons parent teacher interviews are just like speed dating.

          In the same way that speed dating is structured to allow people to get to know complete strangers efficiently, so too are the new Parent Teacher Interviews. Well perhaps none of this is particularly “new”, maybe it’s been like this for a decade but I’ve only been the parent of a highschooler [read more]

  • Reluctant father

    One Dad’s searingly honest experience of parenthood – in pictures.

      When you ask new parents about their baby, you anticipate glistening eyes and the use of phrases like “miracle of life” and “never expected to love something so much”. But what happens when a baby’s arrival isn’t accompanied by that immediate joy, and is instead a source of bewilderment, resentment or just complete disinterest? Phillip Toledano, a New [read more]

  • "This morning I heard the news and I cried at my desk"

    24 hours with Bec Sparrow: Mum and Writer.

          Over the next few weeks, we’ll be bringing you a series of ’24 hours with’ where we profile some very inspirational women. Our first inspirational woman is our very own Mamamia Contributor Bec Sparrow. When we asked Bec to describe her family in a nutshell, she came up with, “My husband and [read more]

  • Lauren-Napolitano-PsyD

    “Why I cry in my car every Wednesday morning at 6.45″.

            I wake up on Wednesdays with a pit in my stomach. I hear the alarm go off and I immediately become tearful. I hate Wednesdays. Wednesday is the day that my kids go to their dad’s house until either Friday (which I can barely tolerate) or until Monday (which feels beyond awful). After [read more]

  • stop saying hurry up 1

    “The day I stopped saying ‘hurry up’ to my kids.”

              When you’re living a distracted life, every minute must be accounted for. You feel like you must be checking something off the list, staring at a screen or rushing off to the next destination. And no matter how many ways you divide your time and attention, no matter how many [read more]

  • fire safety tips

    Would your kids know how to act in this situation?

            My favourite days are always the ones where the kids and I have nowhere to go. We hang out at home. I bake and they play. It’s on days like these that many families drop their guards. I know I had. The kids were running around the house playing a game. [read more]

  • beautiful birthing

    Why do some people assume this kind of birth is unpleasant?

      When I had my baby girl nine weeks ago I was surrounded by family. My husband was there. And so were my mum and dad. We all sat in comfort, with our choice of music playing, a television at the ready. I enjoyed a coffee and a laugh between contractions as I moved from [read more]

  • learning fun

    Hey parents, here’s one less thing you need to worry about today.

        I’m always trying to cram bits of learning into my little girl’s head without her realising it’s going in. And I’ve struck gold. It took my daughter all of 30 seconds to get to grips with her latest piece of technology to come into our home. I can only imagine how dumb she’s going to [read more]

  • children with asperger's

    “If only I could smile, say ‘Asperger’s’ and all would be understood.”

            “Can’t you read?” she screams. My eyes close for the three seconds it takes to prepare for whatever is to come next, and to consider how I might deal with it. I look across the playground and spy the target; 40 metres away an elderly woman, the kind who still wears [read more]

  • toddler ballet classes

    The one thing this dad never expected when he dropped his daughter at ballet.

            What did you do yesterday? My Saturday mornings have changed a bit of late. My daughter, ever the girly-girl, has recently started ballet and I often take her. It’s not a bad deal, I kiss her goodbye at the studio door and then sit down and do some reading or writing [read more]

  • gwyneth paltrow

    A working mum’s open letter to Gwyneth Paltrow.

            Dear Gwyneth, I really enjoyed your recent comments to E! about how easy an office job is for parents compared to the gruelling circumstances of being on a movie set. “I think it’s different when you have an office job because it’s routine and, you know, you can do all the stuff in [read more]

  • your family's health

    Having a tough parenting week? This video will remind you that it’s worth it.

          It’s amazing how as a child, things just get done for you. Things that are done for the simple objective of helping to keep you happy and healthy. Things that, at the time, you don’t realise or appreciate because they just occur, out of love for you. All you know is that [read more]

  • Samsung

    “The one device I’m happy to buy my kids.”

            My family has a tablet device. And we love it. Unfortunately, we love it hard. I read books on it, work on it, prop it up in the kitchen for recipes, and in the living room to talk to family via Skype. My partner uses it every day to be across [read more]

  • laptops for kids

    Group Therapy: Should you ever give in to your child’s desire to look “cool”?

        My friend Catrina has a daughter, Elly who is 13, preparing to go to a school that has a Bring Your Own Device policy – known as BYOD to the cool kids (a group Elly certainly wants to be part of). Catrina asked me what she should do. I’ve jumped through these particular [read more]