• having a preemie baby

    The things no one tells you about having a premmie baby.

          By JESSICA BENSTEN I didn’t know how lucky I was to have a normal first pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I just assumed it would go well. I made sure I ate my fruits and vegetables, eliminated caffeine and took my vitamins. But for some [read more]

  • Motherhood images

    These photos are going viral for a very surprising reason.

      When 83-year-old photographer Ken Heyman received a call about a box of old photographs, he didn’t realise the treasures he was about to uncover. A storage facility where he had kept old prints was closing. He needed to collect the boxes his photographs were kept in straight away. There was one box of photos that stood out [read more]

  • skinny models Sydney Fashion Week

    “The conversation with my kids I did everything to avoid.”

            By MIA FREEDMAN I spent the weekend doing a lot of diving. Diving for the remote control. Diving to turn off the radio. Diving to intercept horrible news from reaching the ears and eyes of my youngest children. And I did it. Despite three days of saturation media coverage, I managed [read more]

  • Gender Equality.

    The clinic where Australian couples are secretly going for gender selection.

              Most people undergoing IVF would be happy to have a baby of either gender. But some couples are undergoing IVF not because they’ve had trouble conceiving – it’s because they desperately want a baby boy or a little girl. An IVF clinic in the United States has revealed that one [read more]

  • Snow plow, baby.

    ‘It’s bloody expensive’ + 5 other reasons this writer won’t be mixing the snow and little kids this ski season.

            Holidays aren’t really holidays when you have little kids. If you have them, you know it. It doesn’t matter where you go, a young family going on holiday is pretty much defined as: packing up all your stuff and dumping it somewhere else. Nappies, sterliser, formula, pureed food, penne pasta for your five-year-old [read more]

  • mia freedman

    MIA: “Refusing pain medication for yourself or your kids does not earn you smug points.”

            I love drugs. I really do. Always have. Not the illegal kind so much. I was never very good at those and haven’t gone there for many years. I’m an over-the-counter girl. With the odd antibiotic prescription. I don’t go anywhere these days without a little emergency pack of useful drugs [read more]

  • IVF single women

    Bulk-billing IVF is happening. This is why it’s such a big deal.

              This is huge news for families. IVF treatment is about to get affordable. Primary Health Care’s first bulk-billed IVF service in Australia opens today in Sydney. If other clinics are rolled out across Australia, this is the start of something big. There are tens of thousands of women in Australia undergoing [read more]

  • Prince George birthday

    “Why pictures of Prince George walking, ruined my entire weekend.”

        Brace yourself, mothers. Not only does this child rock a baby blue knit and overalls - he’s up. Yes, the heir to the British throne has become one of ‘those’ kids. Prince George is walking. And he’s not even one yet. He’s walking on his delicious, chubby, itty bitty feet. By himself. I’m going to say it like it is [read more]

  • You know you're a parent when

    14 things you never thought you’d say until you became a mum.

              Before I became a mother I, like most people before they were parents, had a bunch of ideas and ideals that I was adamant I was going to stick to. For instance, before I had a baby, I was unwavering in my belief that a baby shouldn’t become dependent on [read more]

  • pregnant woman chemical ban

    If you’ve never been pregnant, this video will freak you out. If you have been pregnant, you’ll watch it with a big smile.

      If you have had children, this video will make you smile. And if you’ve never been pregnant, it might make you freak out a little bit. Ryan and Debi Cragun decided to try and capture those beautiful moments that remind a parent that their baby is doing fine, wriggling away inside of them. They [read more]

  • stay at home mum

    25 ways you know you’re a stay at home mum.

        1. Your kids ask where you are going when you put on jeans. 2. At least half of your meals consist of your child’s leftovers. 3. When your husband asks, “what did you do today?” you can’t muster up a single thing to report, despite feeling like you’ve been put through the spin [read more]

  • parenting in the 70s

    Anxiety and depression rates in teenagers are rising. Could this be the reason why?

          A few months ago, I was driving home from work when I saw a man doubling his school-age son on a pushbike, at dusk, with no headlights and no helmets.  The boy was perched up front, legs swung over the handlebars. I arrived home and told my husband about the “f***ing idiot dad” I’d [read more]

  • talking to kids about mh17

    “I want my kids to watch TV coverage of the MH17 crash.”

            When I woke up yesterday, nothing seemed particularly different. I followed my normal routine of hitting the snooze button approximately seven times until I could no longer deny the day. Then, as I do every morning, I rolled over in the dark, grabbed my phone and almost blinded myself by reading [read more]

  • posting pictures of your baby on facebook

    The most honest – and realistic – motherhood selfie we’ve ever seen.

              People often say to me, “Robin, you’ve got three under three, how do you do it? I struggle with just one/two”. I answer them as honestly as I know how: “I do it with a lot of grace, dignity and glamour.” So they ask me: “How, Robin? How can I be [read more]

  • 3.-Nudity-in-general.

    The most popular baby names for 2014 so far are…

    The mid-year tally of the most popular baby names of 2014 is in, with Imogen and Asher — two names that barely registered a generation ago — claiming the top spots in this poll, according to the baby-naming website Nameberry.com. Silas, Jasper, and Milo have all risen into the Top 10 for boys, while the sedate Claire is [read more]

  • raising boys 1

    The 7 things only the mothers of boys will understand.

    I am not sure there is much in the world that beats watching the fierce love of brothers. That lump-in-your-throat feeling you get from watching them interact. Best friends one moment. Mortal enemies the next. As a mum it’s a physically overwhelming, all encompassing love and one that you hope with all your heart will see them through their lives. [read more]

  • flower-girl

    The little girl who was so desperate to be a flower girl, she took matters into her own hands.

          All Annabelle wanted was to be a flower girl, so she got herself a pretty dress, some gloves and made a sign. Then she made her way to city hall with her mum and waited patiently for one of the 20,000 couples who get married at the Manhattan Clerk’s office to take [read more]

  • parents on phones

    In defence of parents on phones.

    I don’t need to tell you that parenting is a busy and challenging job. If anyone needs a smart phone to get through the day, it’s a parent who’s juggling 25 different things at once. Enter this delightful Tumblr, Parents on Phones. It’s been designed with one purpose in mind – shaming parents who are [read more]

  • boy in oven

    How to stop your child burning themselves in the kitchen.

            My mother warned me that parenting just gets harder as children become older. “Enjoy them while they’re little,” she said after I’d suffered through another sleepless night of baby feeding and soothing. “Soon they’ll be getting into everything. At least now if you put them somewhere, they stay there.” Gosh I hate [read more]

  • toddler

    The telltale signs that you’re living with a toddler.

      You’ll identify. In fact, anyone who has ever met a toddler will. Because, let’s face it, there is no way of knowing that the exquisite newborn you have produced will one day turn into a tiny terrorist that will, in the end, have his or her way with you. And don’t worry, it takes [read more]

  • baby pre nup

    Well, this is one way to make sure dad is doing chores around the home.

              Here’s what I did this morning; Make breakfasts, put on load of washing, puree pumpkin for baby’s lunch, empty bins, make beds, wipe kitchen benches, check milk, pick toys up off the floor, dress baby, write list for my sister who is a babysitting, get dressed, pack bag, get on [read more]

  • istock.jpg copy

    Changes in Childcare? What you need to know.

          Okay, straight up, I have used Childcare services, on and off, for the past 13 years. For one reason and one reason only. I work. So, my first instinct – when I heard about the proposed new childcare policy that the Abbott Government wants to implement, the one where they not only intend [read more]

  • child milestones

    The 5 parenting moments that never make it onto social media.

            Celebrating the milestones of our children is a rite of passage for parents. We get collectively excited about the most talked about firsts – the first smiles, first coos, first solids. We note the date of first teeth, first steps, and of course, the first day of school. Then there’s those personal, [read more]

  • Lucy with her son Harry

    12 life lessons you learn during maternity leave.

                My maternity leave ends today. Bam! Just like that. No longer will life be entirely divided into feed/play/sleep intervals. It’s been ten months since our little boy Harry was born. Ten months since I started learning how to be a mum. But it’s time to go back to work and see what [read more]

  • Pregnancy

    An open letter from a 15-year-old pregnant teen

        15-year-old Georgia Hageman lives at home with her parents in New Zealand. In November last year, Georgia found out she was pregnant. After splitting with the baby’s father and enduring hospitalisations at 30 weeks after going into pre-term labour, Georgia has cited her unborn son as the reason she keeps going. She has [read more]

  • enhanced-30155-1404944490-10

    Giving birth is a private and beautiful experience. Unless Dad is wearing a GoPro…

    Anyone who has had to watch their partner go through labour knows that it is simultaneously terrifying and euphoric. Usually however, it’s a very private affair. Not so much when Dad is wearing a GoPro and shares the footage with the rest of the world. Now some detractors of the video you are about to [read more]

  • time thief

    7 time saving tips for busy parents. (AKA every parent).

          Children are tiny time thieves. There is just no way around it. No matter how lovable or cute a child is, each and every one of them seems to be born with the ability to zap time away, and frankly when faced with the choice between cleaning up and chasing bubbles in [read more]

  • 200411971-001

    A typical classroom punishment is now being called “human rights abuse”…

      Until two weeks ago, I was a primary school teacher. I’ve used the Naughty Corner many times in my classroom. And apparently, I’ve been abusing some human rights. In the lead-up to a Behaviour In Australian Schools Summit, experts from the University of South Australia suggest that “suspending or continually excluding children from classrooms could [read more]

  • potty training

    Would you pay someone $2K to teach your child use the toilet? This family did.

      Here’s a question for you:  Would you pay someone $1750 to toilet train your toddler? Now before you immediately answer ‘Hell no!’ – consider this: This expert would come to your home. And what if they could get the job done in ONE day. ONE DAY, PEOPLE. No more pottys. No more following your [read more]

  • surly-teenager

    24 signs you have a teenager in da house.

        Teenager. Noun. A person aged between 13 and 19 years. That there above is the dictionary definition of a teenager. Now whilst it’s certainly not untrue, it’s also not really giving us an accurate description of what it’s like to be a teenager. Or how it feels to live with one. So that’s why [read more]