• kids maths

    Adam Spencer wants to teach your kids to love maths.

            By ADAM SPENCER. Every week seems to bring another sad story about mathematics in Australia and especially women in mathematics. Falling rates of final years students doing maths, lower enrolments in physics at university and the truly bizarre and galling tampon ad that suggested the latest Libra product “absorbs more than [read more]

  • things you say to toddlers

    The 10 dumbest things I’ve said to my toddlers.

                By CHRISTINA ANTUS Since having kids, I tend to say things I’ve never said and do things I’ve never done. Being a mum has made me rattle off the dumbest questions and most pointless sentences of my life. Some so ridiculous that after I say it, I think to [read more]

  • Disney Ariel

    “Ariel and Elsa, this is how I wish my daughter saw you.”

    In my house, 2014 feels like it’s been sponsored by Disney. Frozen. Frozen. Frozen. We have Elsa costumes, we have the DVD on high-rotation. The CD’s playing in the car. We have Elsa and Anna action figures, we go to Frozen parties, we eat Frozen cake. The look on my daughter’s face here pretty much sums it up: [read more]

  • bac and ava

    “My daughter can be whatever she wants. As long as she’s not a teacher.”

              By REBECCA SPARROW This week my five-year-old pranced into the kitchen and announced she wanted to be a teacher. I winced. Actually I did more than that. As she twirled past me wearing her Wonder Woman cape and Dora The Explorer pajamas I thought, ‘Teaching? Oh God, I hope not.’ Why? It’s simple.  I [read more]

  • Holly and her family.

    “Yes, we can trust men with children.”

          By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT Dear People Who Judge My Partner, Yes, clearly you were surprised to see a man. A man at the play centre. On a week day. And he wasn’t on his iPad. He was actually playing. With his children. Perhaps you couldn’t see that the reason he was crawling through that [read more]

  • If you are pregnant and reading this now then I am sorry, it is too late for you and your nipples

    “The 7 things people told me would bring on labour. TIP: Only one of them worked.”

                By BERN MORLEY I was 41 weeks pregnant and, like most women by this stage, I was completely OVER it. I just wanted that baby out already and yet nothing I was doing seemed to be working. This was my third baby and previously, I had almost been like [read more]

  • 10-year-old girl lies about her age

    Forget being grounded. The new way parents are punishing their kids is much smarter.

      By KATE SPIES Some kids were sent to their room. Others were banned from TV. And the really hard core parents grounded their kids when they did something naughty. This isn’t how it rolled in my household. I was disciplined in a much more public, much more mortifying way…with punishment t-shirts. Yep. My dad [read more]

  • 1D274907067477-today-leukemia-141024-02.blocks_desktop_large

    This darling boy is dying. What his neighbours did next is truly beautiful.

      By SCOTT STUMP In a close-knit Utah town where time has become a precious commodity for one family, the Christmas lights are already up and Halloween is in full swing 10 days early. The town of West Jordan has come together to ensure that a 4-year-old boy with only a short time to live [read more]

  • 76751082

    Thinking about adding a third child to your family? Read this first.

        By DR ANDREA BONIOR Many of our friends, happy in the lives they have with two kids, are nevertheless entertaining the idea of adding a third child to their brood. Having pushed through the heart of that particular dragon with three kids in a four-and-a-half year span (whether we’ve survived is still being medically investigated), [read more]

  • online health advice

    The one thing you should never do when your kids are sick.

            By JO ABI This is what happens when you ask a bunch of strangers for advice on your kids’ health: you get hit with random, irrelevant opinions based on their own lives which are often far from helpful. Put milk in her eye and it will cure her eye infection right [read more]

  • retro mum

    “I’m a stay-at-home mum – and I CAN’T shut the eff up.”

            By SUZANNE JANNESE . I’m a stay-at-home mum, and I need to vent. OK? Recently an article was published entitled Dear Stay At Home Mums, Shut The Eff Up! Well, guess what? I’m a stay-at-homer, and I CAN’T shut the eff up. For the most part, I agree with the aforementioned article. [read more]

  • elsa-t-shirt-thumb-jpg

    This T-shirt isn’t the problem. You’re the problem.

    By MAGGIE HAMILTON Silly parents, I’m looking at you. Over-reactive, over-protective parents who are expending precious energy stressing about things that really don’t matter, I’m pointing an un-manicured finger in your direction. How do you know if I am, indeed, calling you foolish? Here’s the test: Are you offended by this T-shirt?:   The one on the left [read more]

  • storage hacks feat

    Storage porn for the Type A’s of the world.

                By HELEN VNUK My house was pretty much under control before I had kids. I had plenty of things, but I knew where to find them. I had cans of food neatly lined up in my pantry. I had books grouped by subject on the shelves. I had CDs [read more]

  • stay-at-home-mum-380x571

    “Dear Stay-At-Home Mums, Shut The Eff Up.”

          By SUSANNAH B. LEWIS for YourTango.com Dear Stay-At-Home Mums, Shut The Eff Up. Just be content or quit your whining. Oh, the poor, exhausted stay-at-home mother: her yoga pants constantly covered in little people’s various body fluids and her dreams of backpacking across Europe flushed down the toilet with her mobile phone (courtesy [read more]

  • sarah-wilson-IQS

    The one where Mamamia asked Sarah Wilson what’s so wrong with Paddlepops.

        For parents, school is about learning and preparing our kids for life. For kids that’s all an aside – school is about lunchtime. Tag, handball, chasies and the big one – the canteen. Do you remember the thrill of being given 50c from Mum to spend at the canteen? A Sunnyboy and a BIG M [read more]

  • baby and comp

    How to kick your career goals (while working, raising a family and generally being awesome).

            By LISA MITCHELL Having children changes you in every single way. When we first have to leave our precious little humans, even for a short amount of time, it hurts, physically and emotionally. Our every instinct screams at us to stay with them. So we become pickier about what we allow to [read more]

  • rainy day

    4 tricks to stop your kids from saying, “I’m bored”.

            By CYNTHIA PEARCE I love sleeping when it’s raining. My children are all safe and happy, tucked into bed and then I crawl in, exhausted, and fall asleep to the sound of rain falling. It’s so relaxing. But rain during the day? Total. Nightmare. Children and rain don’t mix, whatsoever. It’s [read more]

  • linda

    The sad and surprising reason this woman changed her name.

      By LINDA ANNETTE DAHLSTROM ANDERSON After I got married, I started getting mail addressed to Mrs. Michael Anderson. I hadn’t actually changed my last name from my maiden name, Dahlstrom, but elderly relatives and companies offering credit cards or discount oil changes seemed to assume I had. That Halloween, I contemplated dressing up as [read more]

  • pregnant tummy

    4 health tips for pregnant women.

          By HELEN VNUK Every pregnancy is different. My first pregnancy I barely even noticed. My second, the nausea really kicked in, I got huge and the whole thing was a lot more of an effort. But both times I just loved that feeling of my baby kicking inside me, and I miss [read more]

  • boy on phone

    The little boy who fell in love with a phone.

              By BERN MORLEY You don’t need be the parent of a child with autism to identify with the story I am about to share with you. It is less about a young boy’s relationship with an inanimate object and more about the beauty to be found in discovering someone who [read more]

  • bored family

    “Babies have made my friends boring.”

              By FRANCES FARADAY OMG you had a baby! That’s pretty sweet. You actually grew a human and pushed it out and now it’s a thing. Awesome job, well done you. The thing is, I know it’s a big job. I know it’s life changing. I know you’re tired from being [read more]

  • fight for ryder

    Fight for Ryder, the 3-year old with four months to live.

              By ISABELLE MCKENZIE Ryder was having nose bleeds for a year and a half before we went to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Every doctor turned us away saying that he must have been picking nose! I knew it couldn’t be that straight forward — his nose had been [read more]

  • em rusciano 3

    Em Rusciano: “I hate play dates. Tell me I’m not the only one”.

          By EM RUSCIANO. I have a confession to make, yes another one. I am not a fan of “play dates” after school. Aside from that, I am even less of a fan of the term “play date” because it gives me the heebie geebies. Like it is some kind of weird pretend [read more]

  • cute hacks

    4 life changing Mummy Hacks for busy women.

              By JO ABI The kitchen has always been my favourite room in our home because it’s the room in which I spend the most time. My husband offered to set up a work desk for me in the study but I declined. My office is the dining table in the [read more]

  • bec with FIn

    BEC: Everything you’ve been told about c-sections is probably WRONG.

      By REBECCA SPARROW It was a headline too good to ignore. A lure, I couldn’t go past. “The major caesarean problem nobody talks about!’ whispered the article on my Facebook feed. What? What problem? There’s a major problem nobody talks about? I had to click. I had to click which is err, RIDICULOUS. I [read more]

  • 2014-10-02-10354158_940650779284798_2953093046441631476_n

    People are upset about this breastfeeding photo for all the wrong reasons

      By ALISSA WARREN Alas, this picture will just about do me: I’m calling it. This photo is bullshit. This breastfeeding picture has created controversy around the world after it ignited the “when is a child too old to be breastfed?” debate. Let me begin by saying, FORGET IT. I don’t give a baby’s-merconium-smelling-fart about how [read more]

  • mia 5

    Beyonce, don’t bother taking your kids to historical monuments.

    By MIA FREEDMAN You’re Beyonce and when you visit Paris, you can book a private tour of the Louvre so you can walk around in peace. You are happy about this because it means you and your husband Jay-Z can take your 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, to see some of the most famous paintings in the [read more]

  • Book-with-No-Pictures-thumb-jpg

    This is the book you wish your teacher had read to you at school.

            Do you read to your kids every night? Chances are, if you do, your kids love books with more pictures than words. Little kids love picture books. But this book. This book changes all that. This children’s book is just words. Just words. Boring ol’ words. So the reaction you’d expect to get [read more]

  • It was

    “The lie I tell each time someone asks: How many children do you have?”

          Six babies are delivered stillborn every day in Australia. And the loss of every single one of those precious children is keenly felt by their mothers, fathers and family. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day, and in honour of all the families who have ever experienced the devastation of a stillbirth, [read more]

  • work life balance

    I struggle with motherhood every single day.

              By GINGER GORMAN I am a radio producer and presenter. I am a cook and textiles lover. I’m a talker, a reader and a writer. I am also a wife and a mother of two small children. And the truth is, I struggle with mothering every single day. In this [read more]