• Holly and her son Billy.

    “This time every year, the world is full of men I don’t want my son to grow up to be.”

    By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT I don’t want to shock you. But. There was a stripper at the Grand Final yesterday. Not a streaker – the kind of nudity we’re happy to laugh of as harmless hijinks – but a woman apparently paid to take her clothes off for a corporate crowd in a fancy box. Because [read more]

  • allergic reaction

    “I had no idea that my son was being cyber bullied.”

              By JO ABI I grew up playing lots of video games, so when my boys started playing them, I didn’t think of it as a huge deal. Philip is 10 and is a total and complete Minecraft addict. He has it on our PC, on his iPod and on our [read more]

  • griswold

    The 7 truths about going on holiday with your children.

          By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT I look forward to a family holiday like a starving woman in sight of a breakfast buffet. I crush on the very idea of not having anywhere to be at five-minutes-ago O’Clock, of it not mattering a jot if no-one wants to get out of their PJs til 11 [read more]

  • baby-names-pulling-face-jpg (2)

    The 29 baby names everyone will judge you for choosing.

      Deciding on your kid’s name is right up there with one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. Mostly because it’s such a huge commitment. Let us reiterate that. A HUGE commitment. It is a name your kid will live with for the rest of their life, and you’ll be saying several times [read more]

  • frozen costumes for adults

    Em Rusciano: Stop moaning about sexed-up Frozen costumes, wowsers.

    By EM RUSCIANO It will come as no surprise to some of you that I take costuming very seriously. I may struggle with most other aspects of parenting (and, indeed, living) but if me or my children are in need of a themed outfit, I’ve got that shit covered. So you can imagine my joy [read more]

  • having a daughter changes a man

    10 things no one ever told me about having a daughter.

              By BRET SPEARS Average people have a habit of turning into wild soothsayers when they find out you’re expecting. In my case, volumes of predictions were given about what being a father would be like or how it might feel. Here are some things that no one prepared me for. If [read more]

  • toddler room

    How to upgrade your toddler’s room from nursery to “big kid” bedroom.

                By BERN MORLEY The first year of motherhood is a roller coaster ride of unending adjustments and learning experiences. We all focus so much on getting the baby home to the perfect nursery that little to no thought goes into the next phase, the almighty Toddler stage. I remember [read more]

  • Bern with her son Jack.

    Why terror won’t keep my family away from the Grand Final today.

              By BERN MORLEY This coming Saturday, we, as a family, are going to the AFL Grand Final here in Melbourne. Approximately 100,000 people will attend the game with even more set to come along to the free after-concert. My 7-year-old is particularly excited about this, as his team is in the top [read more]

  • you-have-to-fucking-eat-thumb

    “There’s a sequel to Go The F**k To Sleep. And I need it.”

    By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT In news that will make snarky parents everywhere smile a secret smile, there’s a sequel to possibly the most famous non-children’s children’s book of all time, “Go The F-k To Sleep.” You know the one. The one that all the celebrities read out in honey-tinged voices. The one that made its author, [read more]

  • Sovereign Hill

    A school holiday activity that’s fun and easy. Yes, it really does exist.

              By BERN MORLEY I don’t know about you, but as a parent, especially over the school holidays, I run out of fun, cool and easy things to do with my kids. The great thing about living in Melbourne is that there is ALWAYS something to do and it is virtually [read more]

  • Michaela's three kids.

    ‘The one day of parenting I wish I could erase.’

                By MICHAELA FOX Recently a close friend of mine tearfully confessed that she had lost her cool and smacked her child, after being pushed to the brink. She was deeply regretful and I knew she considered the smack a major parenting failure. Her eyes bared her pain, and also [read more]

  • Another example of the #adoption trend.

    The reason teenagers are stealing your kids’ photos and trying to pass them off as their own.

    By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT So here’s something I wasn’t worrying about when I uploaded that really cute picture of my really cute kids on Saturday: Somebody stealing the picture of my child, pretending they were their’s, and using it in a complex role-playing game where they invent what my baby might say or do. Baby Role-Playing is the new thing sent [read more]

  • Single parent alone

    The one thing you never need to tell a single parent.

          BY MAVIS KING Stop and smell the roses’, it sounds so easy however the fact we have the saying at all, and that it must be recited like a mantra, recalled as a reminder, shows how difficult it is for us to actually do. We’re busy. Our electronic devices, originally time saving, [read more]

  • teenagegirlstakingselfie

    Do you know what your kids are doing online? Are you sure about that?

            By LISA ALMOND “I saw it on Tumblr, so I sent a Snapchat to show them. They tagged me on Instagram and I messaged them on Kik to say it was hilarious. Originally it came from Facebook but I Tweeted it too.” So parents – do you have any idea what [read more]

  • smartarse-baby-mistakes-jpg

    7 rookie parenting mistakes all new mothers make.

      By MELISSA HUGZILLA If I have learnt anything during my time as a parent, it’s that children have a way of confounding our expectations, and that I have no idea what I am doing most of the time. I am the first to admit that I made lots of rookie mistakes when I had [read more]

  • i love being a mum

    How your wish-list changes after becoming a mum.

              By BERN MORLEY It’s a universally acknowledged truth that your life changes when you have a child. In both the big and small ways, your priorities change and a lot of the things that were once important to you, simply no longer are. Your wants and your needs — or [read more]

  • scooter

    Lollipops at 5.37am. And 5 other things I let my third child get away with.

        By LISA SADIKMAN It is no secret that we parent each kid differently. With my first one, I was on the floor during tummy time, running around to multiple Mommy & Me classes and diligently teaching her the Rules of Life: say please and thank you, share, don’t play ball in the house, [read more]

  • how to raise kind children

    How to raise kind daughters.

              By KARI KAMPAKIS When my daughter Ella was in fourth grade, she got in the car one day after school and announced her plan to run for student council. At her school each class has a representative, and I was thrilled she planned to put her name in the hat. [read more]

  • what to tell children about sex

    What former “sluts” teach their daughters about sex.

            By BERN MORLEY The sex talk I had with my own mother went a little something like this: “If you do it, you will get pregnant and then you will die.” Well maybe not exactly like that, but it was pretty close. Basically, it was a very closed and off-limits subject. [read more]

  • helen mirren

    15 glorious celebrity women on why they don’t have children.

      When you’re a woman over 30 who doesn’t have children, it can feel – in a world of primary-school reading groups and soccer presentation nights – like you’re the odd one out. A walking taboo. And the question of why you’re not like the others can hang in the air at every unfamiliar social function. Inspired [read more]

  • disney 1

    DILFs. Just like MILFs. But with dads.

    By AVI VINCE What’s the deal with the ovary-pinging hotness of men holding babies? I don’t know whether it is the cute baby making the guy holding them even hotter. Or whether it is that pesky biological clock poking me. So when I stumbled across, what the user describes as, “Welcome to the happiest place on Instagram!”, [read more]

  • why it is important to vaccinate your child

    HOLLY: “I didn’t feel like a mother. I felt like a fraud.”

                By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT An experience I will never, ever forget. I was a new mum. My baby was five weeks old. I looked like a mother, wandering around with birds-nest hair and a 1000-yard stare, holding an infant. But I didn’t feel like a mother. I felt like a [read more]

  • things that annoy parents

    Every parent’s sh*t list. Perhaps you’re already on it?

      By BERN MORLEY There have been many times during the past 15 years of parenthood when I’ve been annoyed by people for what they have or haven’t done. But it’s always been an internal and mental list, left trapped inside my frustrated mind. Until now. I think it’s time to introduce the Parent’s ‘Sh*t List’. [read more]

  • L Almond and boys

    “My mum has always been my hero. But my kids? Their heroes are toys.”

              By LISA ALMOND My Mum has always been my hero. Even as a child I looked up to my mum and was amazed at how much she managed to accomplish and how she managed to treat all four of us kids equally throughout our entire lives. Even now as adults [read more]

  • sally before and after

    Why this woman’s “post baby body” should not make you feel anything at all.

      By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT Sally Brouwer is amazing. She really is. Sally is a Brisbane police officer, a personal trainer and a mother-of -three who sits on the board of the Blue Sky Foundation for autistic children. That’s amazing, right? And that’s before we even get to her abs, which – credit where credit is due [read more]

  • Holly and her son Billy.

    Holly: “A comprehensive list of the things I did before 9am.”

        By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT Ah, good morning. Sit down, drink your coffee. Breathe. How’s your day been? Do you remember a time when all you had to do in the morning was get your sorry arse out of bed, into a shower, and onto the bus? And then you had children. And then you went back [read more]

  • The lunchbox police are out there. Trust us...

    The attack of the Lunchbox Police.

          By TANYA ASHWORTH On the day that my eldest daughter started school, I sent her off with a lunchbox of freshly prepared, beautifully presented items. Amongst them was a home baked chocolate muffin dusted with icing sugar, which she had helped make the day before. When she came home that evening, the [read more]

  • baby with 8 limbs

    The incredible before and after photos of a baby who was born with 8 limbs. 

          By CAITLIN STOWER Paul Mukisa is only four months old, but he’s already got a pretty inspiring tale of survival to tell. The baby boy was born on 27 May in Nabigingo, Uganda, with four arms and four legs — and now, after a lengthy surgery involving multiple surgeons, anasthesia and a blood transfusion, he’s successfully had [read more]

  • best apps for parents

    7 mummy hacks that will change the way you cook dinner.

            By JO ABI Cooking dinner used to be so much fun. I’d cook meals and bask in the compliments as everyone at the dinner party devoured everything in sight. Then I became a mum. Here’s what I’ve learned so far: – The longer you spend cooking a meal, the less your [read more]

  • Pablo's parents are delighted.

    After 16 weeks of bedrest and a lot of heartache, miracle baby Pablo entered the world.

            With his wispy dark hair, tiny pink fingers and his slow-blinking brown eyes, two-day-old Pablo Hernandez is absolutely perfect. But what makes Pablo particularly special is that his parents, Maria Herrara and Andres Hernandez, came frighteningly close to never meeting him. They’d endured eight miscarriages and seven rounds of IVF over six heartbreaking years — [read more]