• Means test childcare rebate

    Want to encourage women to go back to work after babies? Don’t do this.

      by FIONA SUGDEN My fellow feminists, I fear we made a mistake. We assumed the days of the 1950s were over and that having a baby didn’t mean you had to say goodbye to your career. We assumed that we could make the choice to have a career and have children and share the [read more]

  • adopting a child

    The letter she wrote to her daughter’s birth mother.

            by KATHY KRUGER I wanted to share something very personal – a letter I wrote to our daughter’s birthmother seven years ago. I wrote it as I reflected on how lucky we are to have our daughter (even luckier now to have our son also). At the time an adoptive mother [read more]

  • Pregnant

    Do women deserve whatever kind of birth they want?

      by LUCY KIPPIST I have a big problem with the phrase ‘dream birth’, it’s disingenuous. Too many people I know have been lured by the false security of having something written down on paper only to feel terrible when things don’t go to plan. Not only does it set up a damaging set of [read more]

  • john kinnear

    5 ways childcare is supposedly ‘ruining’ my kids.

            Both of our kids go to daycare. They have for most of their short lives. Every once in a while I stumble across an article or a conversation where folks are talking about how horrible it is that some kids have to go to daycare. There is a lot of guilt [read more]

  • bush kindergarten

    The radical idea that will freak out all Helicopter Parents.

        By MIA FREEDMAN When I first heard about Bush Kinder – where kids are dropped off to be supervised in a park or bushland –  I assumed it was in rural areas where there had been funding cuts and indoor shelter was not available. Wrong. Bush Kinders are more of an urban trend [read more]

  • stranger danger

    Stop telling me that stranger danger is a myth.

          BY MINDY HARVEY I have a question for you. When did it become a ‘bad thing’, a negative,  to be a protective parent? I get it. Children are more likely to be abused or harmed by someone they know rather than a stranger. Police officers, child abuse experts and even free-range parenting [read more]

  • can kids drink coffee

    This drink has double the amount of caffeine as a glass of coke. And now little kids are drinking it.

            Today’s instalment of “What the hell are parents thinking” is brought to you by the words ‘coffee’ and ‘children under ten’. Yep, that’s right. In an alarming new trend, parents at hip Sydney cafes are letting their kids drink coffee. Owner of Flood Street Carousel Café in Leichhardt, father of two [read more]

  • talking to kids about death

    Big Bird has some surprisingly sage advice for talking to kids about death.

      By KERRIE NOONAN Don’t you remember we told you? Mr Hooper died, he’s dead. Oh, yes, I remember. I’ll give it to him when he comes back. Big Bird, Mr Hooper’s not coming back. Why not? Big Bird, when people die they don’t come back… Ever? No, never. Why not? Well, Big Bird, they’re [read more]

  • lying to your kids

    “Watching too much TV will give you square eyes” + 18 other lies our parents fed us.

          By BERN MORLEY We’ve all been lied to by our parents at one time or another. Usually these ‘white lies’ were being fed to us for the greater good, to deter us and/or protect us against some kind of resident evil. Like Watermelon seeds or tapeworms. And I’m not talking about the [read more]

  • john kinnear

    “The 9 toddler words I’ll miss the most.”

                Before our kids learn our language, we get to experience the magic of learning theirs. For an amazing, and amazingly short, period of time kids speak a language that only their parents can understand. Have you ever been around a parent and their kid, and the kid looks at [read more]

  • spend more time with your kids

    “Who’s got time for quality time?”

      Be honest. Come Sunday night, we’d all prefer to veg out on the couch with the kids, even if that means sitting through Frozen for the 37th time. This video is brought to you by OMO Ultimate. At the start of the week, this seems like an impossible reality – and most of the time [read more]

  • Em and her daughter Marchella (left) and Odette.

    “When I became a single parent, it felt like I had failed my kids in the worst possible way.”

            By EM RUSCIANO When I became a single parent, at the time it felt like I had failed my children in the worst possible way. Looking back now I can clearly see that it was the making of me as a mother. I am a good mum. I feel rock steady [read more]

  • #stopsensoringmothers

    The beautiful motherhood photos that were banned from social media.

          Ashlee Wells Jackson and Laura Weetzie Wilson have photographed 450 women and their children for a project celebrating post pregnancy bodies. The Fourth Trimester Project already the subject for a documentary and a book deal has caught the attention of many women around the world for their real and beautiful depictions of what happens [read more]

  • having a preemie baby

    The things no one tells you about having a premmie baby.

          By JESSICA BENSTEN I didn’t know how lucky I was to have a normal first pregnancy. When I found out I was pregnant with my second child, I just assumed it would go well. I made sure I ate my fruits and vegetables, eliminated caffeine and took my vitamins. But for some [read more]

  • Motherhood images

    These photos are going viral for a very surprising reason.

      When 83-year-old photographer Ken Heyman received a call about a box of old photographs, he didn’t realise the treasures he was about to uncover. A storage facility where he had kept old prints was closing. He needed to collect the boxes his photographs were kept in straight away. There was one box of photos that stood out [read more]

  • skinny models Sydney Fashion Week

    “The conversation with my kids I did everything to avoid.”

            By MIA FREEDMAN I spent the weekend doing a lot of diving. Diving for the remote control. Diving to turn off the radio. Diving to intercept horrible news from reaching the ears and eyes of my youngest children. And I did it. Despite three days of saturation media coverage, I managed [read more]

  • Gender Equality.

    The clinic where Australian couples are secretly going for gender selection.

              Most people undergoing IVF would be happy to have a baby of either gender. But some couples are undergoing IVF not because they’ve had trouble conceiving – it’s because they desperately want a baby boy or a little girl. An IVF clinic in the United States has revealed that one [read more]

  • Snow plow, baby.

    ‘It’s bloody expensive’ + 5 other reasons this writer won’t be mixing the snow and little kids this ski season.

            Holidays aren’t really holidays when you have little kids. If you have them, you know it. It doesn’t matter where you go, a young family going on holiday is pretty much defined as: packing up all your stuff and dumping it somewhere else. Nappies, sterliser, formula, pureed food, penne pasta for your five-year-old [read more]

  • mia freedman

    MIA: “Refusing pain medication for yourself or your kids does not earn you smug points.”

            I love drugs. I really do. Always have. Not the illegal kind so much. I was never very good at those and haven’t gone there for many years. I’m an over-the-counter girl. With the odd antibiotic prescription. I don’t go anywhere these days without a little emergency pack of useful drugs [read more]

  • IVF single women

    Bulk-billing IVF is happening. This is why it’s such a big deal.

              This is huge news for families. IVF treatment is about to get affordable. Primary Health Care’s first bulk-billed IVF service in Australia opens today in Sydney. If other clinics are rolled out across Australia, this is the start of something big. There are tens of thousands of women in Australia undergoing [read more]

  • Prince George birthday

    “Why pictures of Prince George walking, ruined my entire weekend.”

        Brace yourself, mothers. Not only does this child rock a baby blue knit and overalls - he’s up. Yes, the heir to the British throne has become one of ‘those’ kids. Prince George is walking. And he’s not even one yet. He’s walking on his delicious, chubby, itty bitty feet. By himself. I’m going to say it like it is [read more]

  • You know you're a parent when

    14 things you never thought you’d say until you became a mum.

              Before I became a mother I, like most people before they were parents, had a bunch of ideas and ideals that I was adamant I was going to stick to. For instance, before I had a baby, I was unwavering in my belief that a baby shouldn’t become dependent on [read more]

  • pregnant woman chemical ban

    If you’ve never been pregnant, this video will freak you out. If you have been pregnant, you’ll watch it with a big smile.

      If you have had children, this video will make you smile. And if you’ve never been pregnant, it might make you freak out a little bit. Ryan and Debi Cragun decided to try and capture those beautiful moments that remind a parent that their baby is doing fine, wriggling away inside of them. They [read more]

  • stay at home mum

    25 ways you know you’re a stay at home mum.

        1. Your kids ask where you are going when you put on jeans. 2. At least half of your meals consist of your child’s leftovers. 3. When your husband asks, “what did you do today?” you can’t muster up a single thing to report, despite feeling like you’ve been put through the spin [read more]

  • parenting in the 70s

    Anxiety and depression rates in teenagers are rising. Could this be the reason why?

          A few months ago, I was driving home from work when I saw a man doubling his school-age son on a pushbike, at dusk, with no headlights and no helmets.  The boy was perched up front, legs swung over the handlebars. I arrived home and told my husband about the “f***ing idiot dad” I’d [read more]

  • talking to kids about mh17

    “I want my kids to watch TV coverage of the MH17 crash.”

            When I woke up yesterday, nothing seemed particularly different. I followed my normal routine of hitting the snooze button approximately seven times until I could no longer deny the day. Then, as I do every morning, I rolled over in the dark, grabbed my phone and almost blinded myself by reading [read more]

  • posting pictures of your baby on facebook

    The most honest – and realistic – motherhood selfie we’ve ever seen.

              People often say to me, “Robin, you’ve got three under three, how do you do it? I struggle with just one/two”. I answer them as honestly as I know how: “I do it with a lot of grace, dignity and glamour.” So they ask me: “How, Robin? How can I be [read more]

  • 3.-Nudity-in-general.

    The most popular baby names for 2014 so far are…

    The mid-year tally of the most popular baby names of 2014 is in, with Imogen and Asher — two names that barely registered a generation ago — claiming the top spots in this poll, according to the baby-naming website Nameberry.com. Silas, Jasper, and Milo have all risen into the Top 10 for boys, while the sedate Claire is [read more]

  • raising boys 1

    The 7 things only the mothers of boys will understand.

    I am not sure there is much in the world that beats watching the fierce love of brothers. That lump-in-your-throat feeling you get from watching them interact. Best friends one moment. Mortal enemies the next. As a mum it’s a physically overwhelming, all encompassing love and one that you hope with all your heart will see them through their lives. [read more]

  • flower-girl

    The little girl who was so desperate to be a flower girl, she took matters into her own hands.

          All Annabelle wanted was to be a flower girl, so she got herself a pretty dress, some gloves and made a sign. Then she made her way to city hall with her mum and waited patiently for one of the 20,000 couples who get married at the Manhattan Clerk’s office to take [read more]