Don’t let the headline fool you. We didn’t break into the houses of pregnant women and take photos of them asleep in the their beds. No. We didn’t. We wouldn’t do that.

But after you see this absolutely breathtaking series of pictures – you’ll be glad that someone did.

By Jana Romanova

You can check out the rest of these amazing images on Jana’s website (click on ‘Waiting’ to see the whole series.)

Jana Romanova is the woman who took the photos. She’s a Russian photographer and she took 40 photos of her friends, relatives and strangers and their partners as they slept in the morning – to correlate with the 40 weeks of pregnancy.

This is an interview she did with Vice magazine about the how she got those incredible shots.

You were about 25 when you began working on this project—that’s kinda young to be thinking about babies, no? Was your clock ticking already?

No, it was the exact opposite. It was around then that I started noticing a lot of my friends getting pregnant, and suddenly everything changed. All the fun and the drinking and the hitchhiking stopped and, for me, it was a really difficult moment because I felt like I was alone.

Did you try to find women who were at different stages of pregnancy to photograph, too?

I did, but it was very difficult. In Russia, there’s this superstition where a lot people won’t share the news that they’re pregnant until the third month for fear of losing the baby.


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