• Haemophilia Awareness Week

    Take a walk for Haemophilia Awareness Week

                  BY LYN WONG A mother never loses sight of her loving purpose: to walk beside her child through life’s difficult journey, every step of the way. In 2003, my beautiful son Jayden was born and my whole life changed right before my eyes. Now as we near the [read more]

  • "I can feel you in there."

    A woman explains to her unborn child why she’s terminating her pregnancy.

              Two days ago, a woman who has decided to have an abortion wrote an open letter to her unborn child on the website Reddit. The woman, who writes under the screen name ‘Scaredthrowingaway’, says that although she would love to be a mother, she wants the best thing for her child in the [read more]

  • Police are appealing for witnesses.

    BREAKING: police lay charges over vile racist attack in Brisbane

              UPDATE: Two men, aged 17 and 18, have been charged by Queensland Police over a racist attack on a Brisbane train. The 17-year-old has been charged with two counts each of assault occasioning bodily harm and creating a nuisance on a railway and one count each of threatening violence, common [read more]

  • block glass house

    The Block finale = DISASTER.

    Warning: This post contains spoilers. If you’re in anywhere but NSW, Victoria or Tassie – click away from this post. If you’re in NSW, Victoria or Tassie, but you’re saving your viewing of the Block finale for later – click away from this post. Because it contains SPOILERS. Big, fat spoilers about the winner of [read more]

  • Daniel Brady who goes by the name Omra Ki. (Photo: Facebook)

    This notorious father has just given an interview. And it’s weird.

              Last month, Jayden and Joseph Brady, aged 11 and 14, disappeared from their foster homes in Tweed Heads. The story was followed with great concern across the country. The boys were finally found over a week later in the bush with their father, Daniel Brady, who also goes by the name Omra [read more]

  • Nicole Kidman Before I Go To Sleep

    Nicole Kidman speaks to Mamamia about losing her dad, loving her girls, and surviving.

          By KATE LEAVER By far the loveliest moment of my chat with Nicole Kidman, was when I asked about her girls, Sunday (6) and Faith (3). A warmth and pride crept into her voice immediately, like it does for any mother besotted with her family. Of course, Nicole, 47, is one of the [read more]

  • miley cyrus melbourne

    Dear parents who stormed out of the Miley Cyrus concert in Melbourne…

          By EM RUSCIANO. Hey parents who stormed out of Friday night’s Miley Cyrus concert in Melbourne! NOPE. Sorry, check your outrage at the door. I am outraged by your stupid outrage. Taking your child to a Miley Cyrus concert and being offended by her on stage antics is akin to turning up to [read more]

  • richkids of tehran

    This controversial Instagram account was deleted. Here’s why.

      It’s the truth universally acknowledged that kids who start social media accounts to showcase their wealth probably have more money than sense. First came the Rich Kids of Instagram: a narcassitic account which showcased some of America’s most privileged. Loading Best of RKOI: Wind swept on the tarmac by jaxlag #rkoi View on Instagram Ah, [read more]

  • Mamamia Out Loud podcast

    Exciting news: Mamamia just launched a podcast.

              By KATE LEAVER It’s here! The very first episode of our shiny new podcast, Mamamia Out Loud. We kick off today with The Bachelor Aftermath Episode — and yes, it’s where Rosie finally lets fly all her opinions on The Bach Blake Garvey. But that’s not all. We talk about whether sexting [read more]

  • poverty

    Sunday’s news in under 5 minutes.

      Number 1 destination for Australian paedophiles revealed. Indonesia has now become the most popular destination for Australian child sex tourists. A new report accessed by The Sydney Morning Herald shows that 25 Australian paedophiles per month travel to Indonesia for sex tourism, exploiting children in the region for their own desires. This figure is just under 20 [read more]

  • Virginia

    Virginia Trioli needs a makeover (or so she’s been told)

              ABC News presenter Virginia Trioli has been given some unsolicited feedback on her sartorial choices by a fan whose hand-written critique is nothing short of extraordinary. Delighted to have such a knowledgeable stylist on retainer (…cough…) Trioli shared the A4 letter on Twitter. The note starts off friendly enough with, [read more]

  • work life balance

    I struggle with motherhood every single day.

              By GINGER GORMAN I am a radio producer and presenter. I am a cook and textiles lover. I’m a talker, a reader and a writer. I am also a wife and a mother of two small children. And the truth is, I struggle with mothering every single day. In this [read more]

  • bionic hand

    Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the Week.

      Welcome to Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the week. This is the place where we come together each week to reflect on someone who amazed us, someone who shocked us and someone who had a bit of a tanty. Let’s get the ball rolling. Whinger of the Week goes to…   Who could it [read more]

  • Dove Pure Care Dry Oil

    Some lucky Mamamia readers have been trialing Dove Pure Care Dry Oil.   A little about the product … For thousands of years, women have been fascinated and delighted by the power of natural oils as a beauty ingredient. When it comes to hair, oils hold the power to transform your locks and nourish every strand. [read more]

  • the block 2014

    Who will win The Block tonight? (spoiler: it’s Love. Love will be the winner.)

            The Block: Glasshouse auction airs on Channel Nine tonight, when the five teams will battle it out for the best apartment. But will it be Max and Karstan, Dee and Darren, Chris and Jenna, Shannon and Simon, or Michael and Carlene, who impress bidders the most? And, more importantly, could tonight’s auction echo the [read more]

  • amanda brooks artisr

    Voulez Vous: It makes you feel ‘happy, energised and hopeful’ – and it’s made with a paintbrush.

      By ELISSA RATLIFF It’s rare for local artists to have such a strong presence on social media. But that’s not the case with Noosa-based artist Amanda Brooks. For months I have seen her bright contemporary work in my newsfeed. People share her work. She has a 6500 strong social media following. And after looking at a selection of [read more]

  • Bachelor Blake interview

    The Bachelor denies. But is it just more lies? #dirtystreetpies

                Yesterday, New Idea confirmed that Bachie Blake and runner-up Louise were a couple. They didn’t hedge their bets, either. They used the c-word: CONFIRMED.   But now, the Bach has hit back, turning to Twitter for just the second time since the show ended. Bachie says: NO CONFIRM!   [read more]

  • 3762433842_ba382f6bd3_b

    Stop everything. It’s International Babywearing Week.

              It takes about six months of parenthood to master the art of doing pretty-much anything one-handed. Cooking dinner, changing beds, expressing milk, updating Facebook statuses… all easily done with a child under your other arm once you know what you’re doing. But sometimes, to get things done, you just need to Put. [read more]

  • Lena Dunham DGA Awards

    Lena Dunham got $3.7m to write her memoir. There’s just one important part of her life she left out.

      By MIA FREEDMAN A few chapters into reading Lena Dunham‘s hugely hyped book, Not That Kind Of Girl during my recent holidays, I breathlessly texted the Mamamia team:   A debate quickly escalated via text and even though nobody else had read the book – just an excerpt – opinion was already divided. This [read more]

  • blind_dates-620x412

    Lessons from a blind date expert (including what to pack in your handbag)

      By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Bambi Smyth wanted to get back on the dating scene after her divorce. But instead of hitting the local pub, Melbourne-based author Bambi, 55, embarked on a grand tour of the world and arranged an impressive string of blind dates with 75 different men. Now, she’s documented her ambitious tour of countries, men and food [read more]

  • Bayer caves on Endometriosis treatment

    These two just took on a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical company…and won.

            Sylvia Freedman is 23 years old and she has endometriosis. Sylvia’s endo is at stage 4 – the most severe – and her symptoms are so debilitating, it has effected every aspect of her life. You can read her story on Mamamia here. One in 10 women in Australia has this [read more]

  • beetlejuice full winona

    ‘I’m a 40-year-old mum and I still love all of my tattoos’

      By RACHAEL KOENIG From the outside, I may not look like someone who’d be littered with permanent skulls and bats under her conventional exterior. But my body art is an expression of who I once was and who I still am. Once upon a time, as I found myself maneuvering through an especially thorny patch of [read more]

  • Andrea as a Moulin Rouge dancer

    Sport on Saturdays: A dancer tells us what the Moulin Rouge is really like.

              Andrea Robertson was obsessed with ballet before she could even pronounce the word “ballet”. At the age of two, she constantly talked about “belly” – much to the confusion of her parents, especially because no one in her family had ever done any dancing. Finally, when Andrea was three, the [read more]

  • malala cropped

    Saturday’s news in less than two minutes.

              1. Malala Yousafzai and Kailash Satyarthi win Nobel Peace Prize. Pakastani teenager Malala Yousafzai and Indian children’s rights activist Kailash Satyarthi were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for their advocacy of children’s education rights. Ms Yousafzai, who at 17 years of age is the youngest ever recipient [read more]

  • Easy and tasty picnic recipes

    FOOD BLOGGER #12: Picnic Ideas.

              By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS Editor’s note: Is it 12 weeks already? ​A few months ago, we set upon finding the best food blogger in all of the lands as part of Mamamia’s Food Blogger Idol competition (which you can read more about here). Elly Jean-Louis whisked her way to the top, [read more]

  • Toddler formula a waste of money

    “When your 3 month old baby is crying and vomiting, you panic.”

                By RACHEL MEIZEN My daughter was three-months-old when I agreed to do a day of work at a local festival. She was my third child and I wasn’t so paranoid about her care. I happily left her with my mum on occasion and she agreed to look after her [read more]

  • Woman working at her desk

    5 awkward stress-related work moments we can ALL relate to.

              By ZOE LAWRENCE   You are going about your work day as per usual when out of the blue, it happens. One minute, your day is running like clockwork and the next, something happens to send you into total panic mode. Maybe it’s a deadline so tight it’s almost impossible. [read more]

  • Nicky-and-Amelia

    5 reasons your kids should spend more time with a babysitter.

              By NICKY CHAMP There is nothing like parenting to transform you into a super-efficient person. Suddenly, you have no time to yourself and you’ll wonder what on earth you used to do with all your free time. Which was nothing – you wasted it drinking and sleeping in. By 8am [read more]

  • raceday-thumb-jpg

    Will this photo stop you from going to the races this weekend?

        To your group of friends, Spring Racing Carnival might mean copious amounts of champagne and the annual dusting-off of those ridiculous fascinators. But for the sleek, intelligent creatures at the centre of the event, racing is a dangerous and often painful life path that, all too often, ends in premature death. That’s the message behind a controversial 22-metre high billboard, [read more]

  • why women wear burqa

    “This is my mother; a person with extraordinary intelligence, and a wonderful heart.”

      Editor’s note: This week, Mamamia received an email from a young woman named Zahra. Zahra wrote to tell us about the beautiful Facebook status her brother had recently written about his mother. Zahra wrote: “I cried when I read it because he expresses what so many within the Muslim community would feel.” This is [read more]