• Pauline Hanson

    ‘I would give my grandchildren a smack,’ says the always-rational Pauline Hanson

            Look, it’s not like Pauline Hanson to shy away from the controversial comment. So perhaps it’s no surprise that her most recent remarks — this time about punishing children — have already ruffled feathers. The anti-immigration politician remarked  on Channel Seven show Sunrise  this morning that she disciplined her children with a “slap on the hand or smack on the backside”, provoking [read more]

  • carly

    “The kids at school told me I’d never have sex, never mind get married.”

          By CARLY FINDLAY So I read an article on Mamamia titled “I don’t care about your wedding”. The writer just didn’t want to know about her bride friends’ flower arrangements or makeup plans. I am not a bridezilla, but I don’t care who knows how excited I am to get married. As soon as my partner popped [read more]

  • cutecouple

    Her boyfriend “blurted out he’d been born a girl called Ciara.” What happened next was beautiful.

              Their relationship had been going so well. Except for one little thing — a month into their relationship, Kieran, 23, told his new girlfriend he’d been born a girl. “Kieran sat me down and said he had something to tell me. He blurted out he’d been born a girl called [read more]

  • bikini in your forties

    OPINION: Is 46 too old to be seen wearing a bikini in public?

      By JULIE CROSS I thought long and hard about sharing that post on social media. I mean, I’m 46 and wearing a bikini for goodness sake! But then it hit me. I remembered who I am and what I stand for and I realised that I simply had to press ‘post’. “Well if it [read more]

  • hair mistakes to avoid

    5 things you’re doing wrong when looking after your hair.

                By NICKY CHAMP We’re all guilty of not washing our hair enough, overdoing it with the hair dye and leaving it way too long between salon appointments, but there are a few more bad habits you might have unintentionally picked up that are also damaging your hair. If your [read more]

  • good excuses for staying home

    The 9 best excuses to stay at home with wine and friends.

              By HELEN VNUK Fancy a night out with friends? How about a night in? The idea of going out always sounds great in theory, but the reality can be VERY different. You can end up footsore and hungry, with your ears ringing from music you hate – and not to [read more]

  • ten-largest-corporations

    9 places that you couldn’t shop at online. Until now.

            By JACQUI PORTER If you’re like me and enjoy the bliss of shopping in your pajamas, you’re about to get a whole lot more excited about life. Because the online shopping choices of us Aussie girls are about to get much better and laptops everywhere are about to get a solid [read more]

  • kirsty royce top

    For seven years this couple tried to have a baby. She found out she was pregnant the eve of his funeral.

      By SHAUNA ANDERSON For seven years Kristy Kirchner and her husband Royce have been trying to conceive a baby. Their struggle with IVF has been filmed, documented and followed on their YouTube Channel. For three years the QLD couple saved to be able to afford the expense of IVF. And throughout it all Kristy [read more]

  • amandanews

    News: Radio host Amanda Keller is in hospital.

      Radio and television presenter Amanda Keller was reportedly taken to hospital after suffering cardiac problems from the movie premiere of Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken last night. “We’re at the movie Unbroken last night, enjoying the movie, and Amanda says to me ‘I’m not feeling well’,” Amanda’s co-host Jonesy said on the pair’s WSFM radio show this morning. [read more]

  • girlandmum

    The woman who Photoshopped herself into all her mum’s memories.

    Danielle Delph is a photographer and visual artist based in the United States. Her ‘If I had known my mother back then’ series, and a portfolio of her other work, can be found on her website: danielledelph.com

  • ellen and portia cover

    Ellen and Portia’s nude Christmas card is perfection.

          Ellen. Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen Ellen (it’s really fun to say fast, and also we love her). Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia de Rossi have released their 2014 Christmas card mock-ups. They never disappoint us. After the huge (NPI) reaction to Kim Kardashian’s naked magazine cover photos, Ellen and Portia [read more]

  • Skyecover

    Did sex happen in the Big Brother house? This guy knows the answer.

          It’s icky but intriguing. Let’s do this quickly. Skye and Leo were a couple on Big Brother. This is Skye and Leo. Skye is 20 and from the Gold Coast. Leo is 30 and from Canada. Love happened. Well… the kind of love that forms when you’re shoved together with no better [read more]

  • BandAid

    Bob Geldof’s ‘Band-Aid’ is back and singing for Ebola. But where is Adele?

        One Direction. Chris Martin. Bono. Ed Sheeran. Ellie Goulding. What do these musicians have in common? They are all a part of Band-Aid 30, the reincarnation of the charity pop song from 30 years ago. The musicians of Band-Aid 30, including One Direction (front left), Chris Martin (fifth from left, back), Bono (squatting in [read more]

  • news overlay 11

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Free trade agreement signed China and Australia have signed a historic free trade agreement 10 years in the making. The deal, signed yesterday, will cut tariffs across agricultural and processed food exports, open up opportunities for law firms, banking, insurance companies and funds managers in the Chinese market and is predicted to give beef [read more]

  • Isabelle, riding her bike.

    Isabelle is 11. She’s an Australian girl born in a boy’s body, and she’s telling her story.

      By APARNA BALAKUMAR. Isabelle is 11. She is an Australian schoolgirl who was born a boy, and her story is the starting point for a startling documentary about transgender children that screens on the ABC tonight. “If you don’t be yourself,” Isabelle says, “then you’re going to be miserable for your whole life.” And she’s more [read more]

  • bikini waitressing

    $6000 a day? No wonder this work is addictive.

                By GEMMA ASKHAM “Old guys, young guys and creepy guys are all going to be looking at your bits. If you don’t mind that, then I guess it’s OK.” We’re not describing the pap test from hell. This is one woman’s job description of what it’s like to be [read more]

  • fluffange

    Angelina Jolie cried at an Australian movie premiere last night.

          Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in Australia right now — and last night, they made an appearance at Sydney’s State Theatre for the world premiere of Unbroken,  produced and directed by Jolie and largely filmed in New South Wales. While Angelina, 39, looked stunning in a strapless Gucci dress and a [read more]

  • newsdoll

    The police officer told the child sex offender: “Do it with someone your own age next time.”

            Trigger warning: This post deals with child sexual assault and may be triggering for some readers. Three years ago, every parent’s fear became reality for one family — and they’re still waiting for justice to be served. In August 2011, a five-year-old girl was beckoned into a bedroom by the 12-year-old son [read more]

  • Tony Abbott at g20

    The 6 most awkward moments of the G20. Koalas not included.

              Any time you get a big group of people together, awkwardness is inevitable. When those people are the most powerful in the world, and Tony Abbott is their host, we’re talking next level awkwardness. Even the LA Times have dissed us, calling us the ‘pimply youth’ of the world stage. Unfair? [read more]

  • serialloho

    The most popular show in the world right now isn’t on TV.

          By KATE LEAVER You may have heard a perfectly rational friend or acquaintance say something like this recently: “I’m so obsessed with Serial, I can’t even talk right now.” Or maybe: “Get back to me when you’ve listened to all 8 episodes of Serial, and you’ve decided whether Adnan did it or not.” [read more]

  • chocolate

    Don’t panic but… The world is actually running out of chocolate.

          By ROSIE WATERLAND   Nobody panic but… ACTUALLY EVERYBODY PANIC. The world is running out of chocolate. REPEAT: The world is actually, seriously, running out of freaking chocolate.     Bloomberg are reporting what major chocolate manufacturers have known for a while: that we are all massive chocolate pigs and the demand for [read more]

  • newsrebekah

    Rebekah Marine has one arm. And she’s a gorgeous, successful model.

                Rebekah Marine is a gorgeous, 27-year-0ld woman who works as a model. Nothing unusual about that, you might think — except the New Jersey woman was born without a forearm, and was bullied so relentlessly throughout high school that she withdrew from sports and social activities, the New York Post reports. After [read more]

  • reddit gets drawn birthday

    He didn’t know what to get his wife for her birthday. So he asked the Internet. The response is beautiful.

      A man has just taken out the title of World’s Best Husband/Father after he commissioned 23 people on the internet to give his wife, Agnes, an amazing birthday present. Ernst Berlin just wanted to do something special for his wife’s birthday, since it was her first with their brand-new baby. So he decided to [read more]

  • Ben cover

    We’re sending Ben from Big Brother a lot of love and support today.

        Trigger Warning: This post deals with depression and drug use. A former Big Brother housemate has survived a drug overdose. Ben Zabel, who was on the show in 2013, had to be treated by Brisbane paramedics on Saturday evening when they were called to his house after he took too many prescription drugs. [read more]

  • chemo freatured

    An 11 y/o is dying of cancer, but a court has ruled she does not have to have chemotherapy.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON         There is no doubt that the mother loves her daughter. There is no doubt that all she wants is her dying 11-year old to survive, to overcome the sickness and suffering of the past year. What has been in dispute has never been this mother’s love, but instead [read more]

  • MadonnaOrphanage

    OPINION: “You can’t change poverty one adoption at a time.”

              Last week, Mamamia ran an interview with Deborra Lee-Furness, who has just been announced NSW Australian of the Year for her work to change Australia’s rules regarding inter-country adoption. Our Weekend Editor, Amy Stockwell, who has worked in the development sector and has a Masters in International Law, has a different take on the [read more]

  • Chrissie Swan

    OPINION: “Screw ‘em, Chrissie Swan. We’re with you all the way” – Bec.

              By REBECCA SPARROW Dumped. There’s no other word for it. At 9 o’clock this morning I read online that Chrissie Swan has been ‘let go’ – or, you know, DUMPED – from her popular breakfast radio gig on MIX 101.1FM in Melbourne. Chrissie is being replaced by Matt Tilley. Matt [read more]

  • The Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company dropped its Halal certification due to pressure on social media. (Facebook)

    Have you heard those ‘Halal food funds terrorism’ stories? Yes? Read this.

            Claims money spent on fees to become Halal-certified go towards funding terrorism are “absolutely wrong”, a business who provides the certification has said. Fazal Muhammed from the Queensland Halal Certification Service was the one to provide Fleurieu Milk and Yoghurt Company with its Halal label. The company faced an attack from [read more]

  • time thief

    6 tricks to teaching your kid to tell the time.

            By BERN MORLEY Learning how to tell the time when you’re a kid can be a little daunting. But the process doesn’t have to be a difficult one. There are so many fun and ingenious ways to help making learning to tell the time both fun and exciting. I’ve recently been [read more]

  • chrissy canapes

    Christmas Day canapés that look gourmet, but only take 10 minutes.

            By JO ABI I could live on canapés. To me, they are the perfect food – small, flavoursome and never boring. Instead of feeling stuffed after eating them, you feel incredibly satisfied because you’ve eaten so many different foods in perfectly small, pretty little parcels and you still have plenty of [read more]