• Lucy with her son Harry

    The dumbest idea in The Childcare Reform suggestions.

        By LUCY KIPPIST What a shame the much anticipated Productivity Commission draft report into childcare launched today didn’t consult with any ACTUAL parents. Well, if they did it’s hard to imagine who they asked – why would anyone want to send the grandparents to TAFE so they can look after the kids? Yes [read more]

  • Gender Equality.

    The clinic where Australian couples are secretly going for gender selection.

              Most people undergoing IVF would be happy to have a baby of either gender. But some couples are undergoing IVF not because they’ve had trouble conceiving – it’s because they desperately want a baby boy or a little girl. An IVF clinic in the United States has revealed that one [read more]

  • Tracy Connelly.

    She was a sex worker and she was murdered. One thing doesn’t make the other any less tragic.

        By WENDY SQUIRES Last night, around 200 people gathered in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda to mark the one-year anniversary of Tracy Connelly’s death. Tracy Connelly, 40, was found murdered in the back of her van on July 21 last year – but her killer still has not been found.  This is speech Mamamia contributor Wendy Squires gave [read more]

  • facebook logo 2

    It’s not often that Facebook changes something that actually makes us celebrate.

      It’s not often that Facebook changes something that actually makes us celebrate. But that’s what we’re doing after this new addition was added to News Feeds everywhere. In a move that brings the website ever closer to burgeoning social platform Reddit, Facebook has created a ‘save’ button that allows users to save content directly to [read more]

  • Kylie Minogue on The Voice

    The Voice went for way too long last night. There, we said it.

            By DIMITY KIRKWOOD I’m about to reveal the most unbelievable thing…. after the break. Stay with me. You cannot afford to miss it. You do not want to miss this. Are you ready? The big reveal is coming. Here’s the big reveal. REALITY TV SHOWS GO ON FOR TOO LONG AND I’VE HAD [read more]

  • HIV condom

    News: One of the greatest inventions of all time just got even better.

      The condom is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Think about it. It helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, and protects against the spread of sexually transmitted viruses. And now, one of the greatest inventions of all time has just got better. An Australian company has developed a revolutionary new condom that reportedly stop HIV [read more]

  • how to fix dull skin

    5 things you can do to help dull skin.

      By NICKY CHAMP If you’re like Alexa Chung when it comes to taking off your makeup at night: naughty, then you’re inviting dull skin to have a party on your face. If you are religious about taking off your makeup and still experiencing dull skin, then you need to try these five tips. 1. [read more]

  • There are a whole lot of stereotypes floating around out there about being in your 20's and there are often not a lot of truths to them.

    Three big misconceptions about being in your 20s.

        My 23-year-old girlfriend got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes last week and it threw me for six. Why? Because if you had to ask me which one of my friends would have been the least likely to be diagnosed with any kind of illness, it would have been her. She exercises daily, never [read more]

  • beautyhacks

    Six skin myths that everyone believes. (But really shouldn’t).

        We can all get stuck in a skincare rut, where we rely on the same old beliefs about skin and the same old products without really trying to discover what actually works. I’ve been using the same moisturiser for years without much thought. I’m experimental when it comes to cosmetics but not when [read more]

  • blakelivelypreserve

    5 things we learned from Blake Lively’s new website.

            This post was first published on The Glow and has been republished with full permission.  In this week’s particularly gruesome and irrevocably sad news cycle, Blake Lively has thrown us some gold. Some trippy, hippy gold in the form of her new lifestyle blog, Preserve. Clicking around Preserve.us is like falling into [read more]

  • Snow plow, baby.

    ‘It’s bloody expensive’ + 5 other reasons this writer won’t be mixing the snow and little kids this ski season.

            Holidays aren’t really holidays when you have little kids. If you have them, you know it. It doesn’t matter where you go, a young family going on holiday is pretty much defined as: packing up all your stuff and dumping it somewhere else. Nappies, sterliser, formula, pureed food, penne pasta for your five-year-old [read more]

  • sylvia jeffreys today show

    Watch this morning TV host go from Ugg boots to on air – all before 6am.

            The mere thought of having to arrive at work, fully functioning, at 3.47am is enough to make even the perkiest morning person shudder. And yet that’s just how Sylvia Jeffreys rolls. Every day. As co-host on the Today show, Sylvia is up and at it many hours before the rest of us [read more]

  • Prince George birthday

    New photos of Prince George and those cheeks on his birthday.

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROYAL MUNCHKIN. Prince George and his famous cheeks just turned 1 year old. To celebrate, the palace has released these lovely family photos. Here he is, reaching for his future / flower. Whaaaat a cutie. Happy birthday, Prince Cute.

  • justin theroux jennifer aniston

    What it’s like to date Jennifer Aniston – from someone who’d actually know.

        We hear so much about what Jennifer Aniston is like – but never from the man who’s actually dating her. UNTIL NOW. Bam-bam-bam. Justin Theroux has just spoken candidly about what it’s like to be Jennifer Aniston’s love. Theroux, 42, started dating Aniston in 2012 and says it’s been a steep learning curve [read more]

  • Significant developments overnight. The train that hold the bodies will begin its journey away from the crash site,

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. MH 17 developments overnight   BREAKING NEWS: Separatists have now handed over the black box to the Malaysian delegation. This morning at 5am the UN security council voted in favour of Australia’s resolution demanding full and unfettered access for investigators at the Malaysia Airlines jet crash site in eastern Ukraine. The Australian-sponsored resolution, which [read more]

  • Robyn Lawley bikinis

    We need more bikini campaigns like Robyn Lawley’s.

          Before a bikini photo shoot, most models need a team make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers… and a heavy round of post-production Photoshop magic. Robyn Lawley is not most models. This is how the 25-year-old beauty has modelled her own bikini designs: No make-up. Natural hair swept back into a pony. Smartphone camera. It doesn’t [read more]

  • means testing of a single childcare rebate would still see eligible families receiving a minimum of 30% of their reasonable childcare fees reimbursed by taxpayers.

    News: The draft recommendations of the productivity child care report are out….

    After a long wait and an endless amount of media speculation, the Productivity Commission has released its draft inquiry report on Childcare and Early Childhood Learning. One of the key features of the proposals is what many were counting on – the ability to claim back the costs of nannies. The average out-of-pocket cost of [read more]

  • voice finalists 2014

    And the winner of The Voice is…

          THE WINNER OF THE VOICE 2014 HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. Everyone, stay calm.  This is not a drill. Did you watch it? If not, and you’re deeply invested in this show, please turn back now. Seriously, go away. (Until you’ve caught up that is, in which case please come straight back). We’re about [read more]

  • victims of mh17

    They were people on that plane. Not just numbers or nationalities. And these are their stories.

              They were people. Not just numbers, not just nationalities. They were people on that plane. And knowing some of their personal stories – who they were and who they left behind –  is a vital step towards bringing them home. Because it’s much harder to care about numbers than it is [read more]

  • St George scrap metal ad

    Stop discriminating against beautiful blonde women! says this billboard.

      This is a story about a scrap metal yard, a hot girl in a bikini and the fight over the right to marry those two things together. Stay with us. It’s good. St George Scrap Metal Yard: Protecting blonde women’s right to be beautiful since 2014. Earlier this year, a group of noble men [read more]

  • mia freedman

    MIA: “Refusing pain medication for yourself or your kids does not earn you smug points.”

            I love drugs. I really do. Always have. Not the illegal kind so much. I was never very good at those and haven’t gone there for many years. I’m an over-the-counter girl. With the odd antibiotic prescription. I don’t go anywhere these days without a little emergency pack of useful drugs [read more]

  • IVF single women

    Bulk-billing IVF is happening. This is why it’s such a big deal.

              This is huge news for families. IVF treatment is about to get affordable. Primary Health Care’s first bulk-billed IVF service in Australia opens today in Sydney. If other clinics are rolled out across Australia, this is the start of something big. There are tens of thousands of women in Australia undergoing [read more]

  • men replacing women in ads 3

    Men replacing women in ads is hilarious and disturbing.

      What if fashion ads objectified men the same scary way they do women? What if they made men look cheekily at the camera while posing with their legs open or “sexily” drop their pants and wink at the camera? It’s the question posed in an essay on sexism for social activism and news website, Take Part. Writers Holly [read more]

  • alarm-morning

    16 signs you’re definitely not a morning person.

        There is one definitive way to determine whether or not you are a morning person. Look at this picture:     If you a) completely understand the need for 5 alarms and b) felt a chill down your spine when you saw 5 alarms before 7am Then you are not a morning person. And [read more]

  • Prince George birthday

    “Why pictures of Prince George walking, ruined my entire weekend.”

        Brace yourself, mothers. Not only does this child rock a baby blue knit and overalls - he’s up. Yes, the heir to the British throne has become one of ‘those’ kids. Prince George is walking. And he’s not even one yet. He’s walking on his delicious, chubby, itty bitty feet. By himself. I’m going to say it like it is [read more]

  • A memorial to the victims at the crash site

    All today’s developments on flight MH17.

    1. The Prime Minister demands “justice” as Julie Bishop arrives in Washington.     “We owe it to the dead, all the dead, we owe it to the families, all the families to do everything in our power to respect the bodies, to find the truth and to ensure justice is done,” Tony Abbott told [read more]

  • Vision has showed the black box being recoverd

    Monday’s news in less time than it takes to drink your coffee.

    1. MH17 developments The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has demanded “justice” for the 37 dead Australians lost when flight MH17 was downed on Friday. His words come as world leaders say they are just days away from imposing sanctions against Russia. In other news the black box has been recovered overnight. For more on these overnight [read more]

  • You know you're a parent when

    14 things you never thought you’d say until you became a mum.

              Before I became a mother I, like most people before they were parents, had a bunch of ideas and ideals that I was adamant I was going to stick to. For instance, before I had a baby, I was unwavering in my belief that a baby shouldn’t become dependent on [read more]