• Another example of journalism on page 3.

    Would you like some nipples with your news?

    By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT Would you like some nipples with your news? It’s a question that for more than 40 years, English newspaper readers have answered with a cheery, “yes, please!” I grew up in a world where it was totally normal for a story about, let’s say, murder, or rape, to sit snugly alongside a [read more]


    Is it ever OK to actually say you want to have a girl?

            By ANONYMOUS Prince Charles knows exactly what he wants when it comes to his new grandchild. After using the very royal word, ‘splendid’ to greet the news of the Duchess of  Cambridge’s pregnancy, he didn’t hold back on his hopes for the gender. “I really hope it’s a girl,” he told [read more]

  • Ana

    “When I sit in that chemo chair, all my bravery just goes.”

              By ANA FERGUSON Most days, I get up and face my demons head on. I wake up damn well determined to MAKE MYSELF be positive, warm and fuzzy. I bounce out of bed and I try to be bouncy all day long (I should make Tigger from Winnie The Poo [read more]

  • Julia Gillard at the launch of former cabinet minister, Greg Combet's book today. (Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty)

    Yet again, Julia Gillard handles herself with the utmost poise, grace and dignity.

            BY ALYS GAGNON If I have, at any point in my life, even just a quarter of the grace under fire Julia Gillard has displayed again and again and again, I will be a very happy woman. Yesterday, Julia Gillard spent the better part of a day under oath at a [read more]

  • photoshopped holiday

    The woman who tricked her entire family into thinking she was on the other side of the world.

            Meet Zilla Van Den Born. She’s the Dutch student who just faked a five-week overseas holiday to Southeast Asia. And the reason she did it? Is amazing. Van Den Born, a graphic designer from Amsterdam, used her excellent Photoshop skills to lie to her friends and family about being overseas. She got [read more]

  • Zoe Foster life after baby

    Zoe Foster Blake couldn’t walk for most of her pregnancy.

          Zoe Foster Blake’s pregnancy was somewhat of a nightmare. The 33-year-old fashion/beauty blogger has spoken about the painful (but joyous) time of pregnancy and post-baby life with parenting blog The Grace Tales. First the health issues. Zoe experienced extreme morning sickness, but she’s also experienced gestational diabetes and a conditional called, ‘Ostetis Pubis’ – [read more]

  • Ebola.

    Breaking: Fears Ebola has reached Australia.

        Update: Gold Coast Health’s head of infectious diseases John Gerrard said it was “exceedingly unlikely” the 27-year-old had the virus after assessing him this morning. “He’s been assessed in the emergency department and we now believe the chance he has Ebola Virus Disease is extremely small, however we are managing him in accordance with [read more]

  • camilla freeman topper birth

    Australian fashion designer gives birth to “the most perfect angel”.

    Camilla Freeman Topper, one half of Australia’s much loved fashion label Camilla and Marc, has given birth to her third child. The Aussie fashion designer gave birth yesterday. She took to Instagram this evening to announce the news, ‘The most perfect angel arrived yesterday’: This is the first son for Freeman Topper and her husband Dave, [read more]

  • Parties like this might now attract a fee.

    Hosting a kids party in the park is about to get REALLY expensive.

      BY BERN MORLEY     The best things in life are free right? Well, no. Especially if one local council in Brisbane gets their way. The simple act of throwing a party in your local park, is about to get a whole lot more complicated. And expensive. Under a controversial move, Brisbane City Council are suggesting the simple act [read more]

  • Joan Rivers doctor selfie

    Disturbing new facts emerge about Joan Rivers’ death.

        Some disturbing new facts about Joan Rivers’ death have emerged, that appear to suggest her death could have been avoided. Hollywood comedian and legend Rivers, 81, passed away last Thursday in Mount Sinai Hospital, New York. She had been transferred to the hospital from Yorkville Endoscopy, a clinic in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, [read more]

  • the-bachelor-2014

    Rosie Reviews: The Bachelor (quite possibly) poisoned one of his ten girlfriends.

                  By ROSIE WATERLAND Sigh. Same old. We open on the girls hanging out in Ridge Forrester’s house just causally hanging out being casual as bloody usu – HOLD UP. Hold. Up. Why is there a date card just randomly sitting on a chair? Where the hell is Osher [read more]

  • the pill

    Male birth control is almost here. But it involves a very big needle.

                    The Holy Grail of birth control is almost upon us, you guys… The male contraceptive has arrived. It’s called Vasalgel. And it’s a massive needle that goes right into the peen. So you can definitley rely on dudes to take it then. Here’s the rundown: Vasalgel is [read more]

  • cutting back kids screen time

    Screen time that is actually healthy for your kids.

    By JO ABI It wasn’t long ago that kids used to entertain themselves by going outside and, you know, running around. Then technology happened, and these days kids are more likely to spend their time staring blankly at a screen than they are kicking a ball at the park. This video is brought to you by [read more]

  • nicole fam feat

    Three days. Three kids. And a holiday that actually went to plan.

          By NICOLE MADIGAN Put your hand up if you promised yourself you’d never rely on technology to entertain the kids. You’d never allow your children to play with an iPhone when out for dinner, and there’s no way your kids would waste quality time playing on electronic devices during family holidays. Yours [read more]


    When you find out how this robber was caught, you’ll almost feel for the guy.

            Ever just been so tired that you literally can’t go another second without closing your eyes? You feel your eyelids getting unbearably heavy, and you promise yourself that “it’ll just be for a minute…” It’s never just for a minute. This guy found that out the hard way. He was a robbing a [read more]

  • Channing Tatum ellen video

    What made Channing Tatum look this terrified on Ellen?

      Hollywood actor Channing Tatum is a pretty tough guy. This is him looking tough in a movie. This is him looking tough near some stairs. This is him looking tough with his armpits. You get the picture. The star of various movies and lots of fantasies is really tough. One time, he even cut off [read more]

  • breasts

    100 women showed a photographer their breasts. Here’s the result.

    You’ve seen thousands of images of women’s breasts before — but none quite like these. Photographer Laura Dodsworth asked 100 women, ranging from ages 19 to 101, to bare their breasts as part of  her project “Bare Reality” — the result is a series of strikingly beautiful images of real, untouched breasts in all different shapes [read more]

  • The homestead where the deaths took place.

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. “Little hearts breaking there all over the place.”       Police will analyse a one-line suicide note found in the car of Geoff Hunt to determine if he wrote it, and why the devastating alleged murder/suicides of him and his family took place. The body of a man, believed to be Geoff Hunt, was [read more]

  • Sonia

    Big Brother housemates reveals how much they get paid (Hint: Not a lot…)

        Frankly, no amount of money would be enough to convince most Australians to go and live in the Channel Nine Big Brother house. Over-confident 20-somethings fighting over breakfast cereal may occasionally make for okay light entertainment, but living in the house would be another story. However for those who do compete, it’s a [read more]

  • hudson and teddy

    Unbelievable. Why did Facebook deem this photo “offensive”?

      By SHAUNA ANDERSON     Take a moment and look at this photo. What do you see? The downy hair of a tiny baby. The soft creamy skin of a newborn. His long lashes. His perfect nose. Do you have that primal urge to reach for his tiny hand and feel his determined grip [read more]

  • Magda doing the 'look how much I've lost' pose.

    Dear Magda….GOOD ON YOU.

          By ANONYMOUS Dear Magda, Hallelujah and it’s about time! Reading that you have parted ways with Jenny Craig has made my day. Because now you may have a genuine chance at losing the weight that is jeopardising your health. And we, your fans, can once again remember you for what you’re good [read more]

  • sara ziff skinny models

    The modelling agency withheld her pay… until she lost inches off her already-tiny waist.

              By CAITLIN STOWER There are plenty of young women who dream of becoming models. The stuff of those dreams probably includes strolling a runway for big name designers, appearing in campaigns wearing dresses of the value of a small house and gracing the cover of Anna Wintour’s Vogue (although maybe not actually meeting [read more]

  • best love note ever

    The award for rudest love letter ever goes to…

    This husband and wife are winning at marriage. Below are two of the coolest love notes you will ever see. Both of them contain the word ‘motherf*cking’. One of them calls the other ‘Sugar Tits’. And it is the best thing we’ve read today. Wife made husband some Rice Krispie treats (think Rice Bubbles + [read more]

  • laurina-info-5

    The Bachelor’s Laurina once made this infomercial. And it’s glorious.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND GUYS. Laurina from The Bachelor – aka Audrey Day-Knight, aka #DirtyStreetPie – made an informercial. A glorious, informative and sexy informercial, that has totally convinced me I need to buy an indoor clothesline. Immediately. Well, a ‘designer.line‘ to be exact, which is apparently the “new Australian icon to rival the [read more]

  • anglican church sexual abuse

    Behold. God has just erected an incredible sign in this conservative, anti-gay town.

      By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST There’s a town in the US state of Kansas called Topeka that’s home to some of the most vicious homophobes in the world. It’s where the Westboro Baptist Church, a hate group notorious for picketing funerals with its “God hates fags” signs, is based. So one guy had a brilliant idea: he set up a [read more]

  • #whyIstayed

    Thousands of abused women answer the question, “Why don’t you just leave?”

              Why don’t you just leave? It’s the one question every domestic abuse victim is haunted by. From the outside, it seems simple: If your partner is beating you, controlling you, or hurting you, just leave. Just. Leave. Just walk out the door, just go. But it’s never that simple. It’s never that [read more]

  • toilet-relationship

    What’s the most disgusting thing you’d be willing to do in front of your partner?

                  Is there anything that you consider too gross to do in front of your partner? A fart? Leg shaving? Tampon insertion? This stuff is awkward to talk about, but your relationship will never work out unless you’re on the same page when it comes to your no-go zones.   [read more]

  • George Clooney getting married

    George Clooney owes Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfieffer $140,000.

            George Clooney is about to lose a couple of big, fat bets. By our calculations, the minute George says “I do” to marrying Amal Alamuddin (in a few weeks, in Italy), he owes Nicole Kidman $40,000 and Michelle Pfieffer $100,000. Bear with us. There’s maths involved. But this is good. One [read more]

  • Esther Honig

    This is what happens when a biracial woman is photoshopped in 18 different countries.

              By MEGAN WRIGHT. You might remember the interesting Photoshop experiment posed by journalist Esther Honig earlier this year when she asked people around the world to “perfect” her image. The results were nothing short of fascinating. Urged on by her experience of living in a culture that constantly asks “what [read more]

  • magda

    Magda Szubanski has lost her million dollar contract with Jenny Craig.

    Magda Szubanski has lost her million dollar contract with Jenny Craig. The 53-year-old comedian will no longer be an ambassador for the weight loss company, Christine Sams reports for the Daily Telegraph. A spokeswoman for Jenny Craig confirmed the news in a statement released to Mamamia. “Jenny Craig and Magda Szubanski can confirm that their [read more]