• emma sulkowicz columbia university

    This woman is the brave face of a revolution 1 in 5 of us need.

              By KATE LEAVER There’s a revolution happening on college campuses around the world. President Obama has joined — and if we care about the future of young women at all, we must join too. This revolution started somewhat unconventionally: With one 21-year-old girl and her navy blue single mattress. Emma [read more]

  • emma watson un speech

    “Please don’t say Emma Watson’s speech was earth-shattering.”

          By ZARA McDONALD I remember quite clearly the day my boyfriend told me Emma Watson was his ideal woman. We were in the car, I was driving and before I had the opportunity to take my hands off the wheel and pinch him hard – I realised that a huge part of me [read more]

  • smartarse-baby-mistakes-jpg

    7 rookie parenting mistakes all new mothers make.

      By MELISSA HUGZILLA If I have learnt anything during my time as a parent, it’s that children have a way of confounding our expectations, and that I have no idea what I am doing most of the time. I am the first to admit that I made lots of rookie mistakes when I had [read more]

  • notinmyname

    If your social media feed is full of hate and fear this week, you need this campaign.

            Images of the terror, rage and fear whipped up by the Islamic State have dominated social media feeds all week. It feels like the world needs some good news — which is why we’re so pleased the hashtag #notinmyname is going viral. The campaign involves young, peace-loving Muslims around the world taking a stand [read more]

  • sarah murdoch

    These are “the most powerful women in the country”. Do you agree?

          By LARRISSA HUGGARD The most powerful woman in Australia isn’t Julia Gillard. She isn’t Gina Rinehart, she isn’t Megan Gale and she isn’t Gail Kelly. Nope: according to a new list of Australia’s most powerful women, Minister for Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop is the most powerful woman in Australia. In second place is Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s chief of [read more]

  • kate-and-steve-4-married-crop-jpg

    What a married woman with Down syndrome wants you to know.

          By KAT ABIANAC It’s too all easy to have fears for your child’s future when you’re a parent. But what do those fears become, when one of your children has a disability? My toddler son Parker has Down syndrome. I found out at birth. I try not to be scared for the [read more]

  • (Photo: Facebook)

    The woman who says she had surgery to add a third breast.

              Update: A Florida woman’s claim to have had a third breast surgically added has been exposed as an elaborate scam. Rumours the story was a hoax began circulating yesterday, including on website Snopes, but Florida’s 10 News conclusively outed 21-year-old Jasmine Tridevil (real name Alisha Hessler) after obtaining a luggage theft report filed at an [read more]

  • Miss Universe Australia national costume

    So these are the finalists for our national costume…

    Australia’s national costume. “We have a national costume?”, you ask. Sort of. It’s not like Lederhosen are to Germany. It’s not like those furry hats are to Russia. It’s not thongs, stubbies, Bintang singlets, or anything else you see on Australia Day. It’s the costume representing Australia in the Miss Universe pageant. Sunrise has run a competition.The Miss [read more]

  • IS militants

    Islamic State issue direct threat to Australia.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON         The call is direct and specific. “Do not ask for anyone’s advice and do not seek anyone’s verdict. Kill the disbeliever, whether he is civilian or military, for they have the same ruling.” The threat mentions Australia three separate times. “If you can kill an American or European [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow

    BEC: Somebody knows where this little boy is.

              By REBECCA SPARROW. Somebody knows. Today, somebody is keeping a secret. They got up this morning. Had breakfast. Realised they need to pick up some more milk. Wasted time on Facebook.  Made some calls. All the while maintaining a poker face. All the while pretending not to know. But somebody knows what [read more]

  • mother dying dance wedding

    This mother and son dance almost didn’t happen.

        There was only one thing Mary Ann Manning wanted to do before she died. And that was to dance with her son Ryan at his wedding. Last week the 61-year-old breast cancer sufferer achieved that dream when she stood up from her wheelchair and swayed with her son to the tune of ‘Somewhere [read more]

  • Glinda work b

    Rosie Reviews: (and/or ruins) one of your favourite childhood movies.

                          By ROSIE WATERLAND The Wizard of Oz is one of those classic movies that kids and adults can enjoy. And by that, I mean it’s like one of those cartoons that kids love without realising there’s a whole bunch of dirty jokes that the [read more]

  • i love being a mum

    How your wish-list changes after becoming a mum.

              By BERN MORLEY It’s a universally acknowledged truth that your life changes when you have a child. In both the big and small ways, your priorities change and a lot of the things that were once important to you, simply no longer are. Your wants and your needs — or [read more]

  • rosie car

    Get to know Rosie Waterland. In a car.

          ROSIE WATERLAND. IN A CAR. TELLING STORIES. What could possibly go wrong? Some of the best conversations we’ve ever had, happened when we’ve got a friend or family member captive in a car. So Mamamia’s Kate Leaver invited some inspiring young women to jump in her car for a tiny road trip. This video is [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 4.52.45 pm

    Is this trend really EVER going to take off? Please say no.

      By NICKY CHAMP Do you ever get the impression that fashion designers are just toying with us? That by trying to design the next big thing they’re actually spamming us? And behind their black-clad facades they’re chuckling away that us plebs have bought into their silly trends? Because how else do you explain THIS [read more]

  • human-flesh-feature

    FYI: You can now buy a burger that ‘tastes like human flesh’.

          Don’t you just hate how society frowns upon cannibalism? Isn’t it just so unfair that most of us will never get to taste the exotic culinary delight that is human flesh? If you answered yes to the above questions (and who wouldn’t?!?), boy, have we got good news for you. Two chefs [read more]

  • Rebecca Judd Brownlow

    That Brownlow dress that Rebecca Judd ALMOST wore.

    As usual, Rebecca Judd looked stunning at the Brownlow Medals last night. She wore a fancy, spiral-y white dress with pretty bodice bits. They may or may not be the technical fashion terms. But today she has revealed on her website RebeccaJuddLoves ‘the dress that almost was’. This is what she DID wear:     And [read more]

  • newsreader-quits-feature

    “F##K it. I quit.” News reporter quits live on air. Co-anchor freaks out.

          Now THIS is how you go out in a blaze of glory. Charlo Green, a news reporter in Alaska, just quit her job on live television so she could focus her efforts on legalising marijuana. And as a final, literal ‘F-You’ to the man, she ended her broadcast by simply saying: “Fuck [read more]

  • photoshop-lawyer-feature

    See the dodgy photoshop job that got this ‘celebrity’ lawyer suspended.

            A lawyer in California has been suspended for six months, after she was busted photoshopping herself into dozens of pictures with random celebrities. Svitlana Sangary quite clearly knew the power a few good celebrity friends could bring. And while she didn’t actually have any celebrity friends per se, she did have some mad [read more]

  • Tragic sand dune death.

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. School holiday sand dune death     A school holiday tragedy with the death of a 10-year old boy after a sand dune collapsed on top of him at Terrace Beach in Ben Boyd National Park on the NSW South Coast. Fairfax Media reports that the young boy had been digging in the sand [read more]

  • Kris Jenner divorce

    Another divorce for the Kardashian Krew.

        One of the K’s has filed for divorce. It’s not Kim (again). It’s not Kourtney. It’s not Khloe. Kan you Keep up? ‘K, kool. It’s not the other ones that start with K. It’s Kris. Momager (as in, Mom+Manager of the Kardashian Krew) Kris Jenner, 57, has filed for divorce from Olympian husband [read more]

  • stephanie macintosh

    The former Neighbours star who’s seven months pregnant.

    Stephanie McIntosh is having a mini-Mac. And it took everyone a while to notice. The 28-year-old former Neighbours  star (remember Skye Mangel? She even had Neighbours‘ first ever lesbian kiss. Ooooh) shared a photo on her friend’s Instagram announcing her pregnancy earlier this month. She is SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT, but the news is only just hitting the [read more]

  • 455903528

    Brownlow medal RED CARPET 2014.

      EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING. The Brownlows are on tonight. You don’t have to be a football fan. You don’t even have to know what a football is (a ball in the shape of a foot, yeah?). But if you like dresses, if you like shiny things, if you like awkward ‘blue carpet’ [read more]

  • breastmilk-pendant-crop-220914-2

    “Check out the amazing necklace my boobs made today…”

                By AMY STOCKWELL In the first week after the birth of her daughter, my friend and I were sitting on the couch. My mate was breastfeeding and we were watching Law and Order SVU. We had watched a lot of SVU in the lead up to the birth so [read more]

  • UNwomen_EmmaWatson_GoodwillAmbassador_2 jpg

    Warning: This speech will make you fall in love with Emma Watson.

                By MATILDA RUDD Could we love Emma Watson more? It’s unlikely. Because as well as being a witch (yes, really), a great actress and a rare Hollywood role model for how decent human beings conduct themselves, she has now launched the “HeForShe” program alongside the United Nations in a bid to [read more]


    Refresher: What is sharia law?

              When a politician sits down in a TV interview chair to discuss issues of national importance, usually they have had a briefing, or two. Not so for Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie, who thinks sharia law is a Bad Thing, but couldn’t come close to explaining what it is on ABC’s [read more]

  • RIP Jill Meagher

    Tom Meagher’s beautiful tribute to his wife Jill, 2 years after her death.

            On the second anniversary of Jill Meagher’s death, her husband Tom has written a heartfelt tribute to her on his Facebook page. In the post, published early Monday morning, Mr Meagher recalls the couple’s last moments together before Jill stepped out of their home on that fateful day — remembering the [read more]

  • Suede-birkenstocks

    “I was sort of cool. Then I became a mum.”

            By LUCY KIPPIST I’ve become a bit embarrassing. Motherhood has changed my fashion and lifestyle choices. Once upon a time I would discuss fashionable type things. (DISCLAIMER: I am not and have never been a glamorous person. My fashion and beauty aspirations are elementary at best and include being able to apply [read more]

  • rh-768-whitely-20130605101923574800-620x349

    The 9 people you’ll meet at open-house inspections.

              Was Saturday a big day for you? If you’re looking for somewhere to live, we bet it was. Because it’s inspection day. And you have morphed into one of the desperate people who willingly and legally creep through strangers’ homes, peering through their cupboards, looking under their storage units and checking [read more]

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