• carrie announce

    How Carrie Bickmore’s Project co-host discovered she was pregnant before everyone else.

      Peter Helliar has revealed that he knew about co-host Carrie Bickmore’s pregnancy BEFORE she announced it live on The Project last week. The psychic comedian told Chrissie and Jane on Mix101.1 Breakfast that he had “a little, a tiny inkling” before the show. What was the give away? “The meeting before…she was rubbing her tummy.” Carrie [read more]

  • Grant-Denyer-Insider-900x50

    Dear Family Feud. The 1950s called, they want their survey back.

      By NINA FUNNELL Ah Family Feud. Exposing the inherent sexism in Australian attitudes since, like, forever. And this week, social media let fly after an episode aired, focusing on the question, ‘name a woman’s job’, with predictably sexist responses offered as the ‘correct’ answers. Yes, this happened.  It’s moments like these, that I seriously [read more]

  • Madeleine McCann

    Finally, some promising news in the case of missing Madeleine McCann.

              A British paedophile who once lived in Australia has been arrested over a child sex crime – and is expected to be questioned over the abduction of Madeline McCann. Roderick McDonald, 76, will be extradited from Malta to Britain for the rape of a separate child under 13, and will also [read more]

  • Mr Big calls Carrie a whore

    Chris Noth AKA Mr Big calls Carrie Bradshaw a “whore”.

                That’s your WIFE you’re talking about, Chris Noth. Well, sort of. In an interview with news.com.au, Chris Noth, the actor who plays Mr Big from Sex And The City, called the character he played opposite for seven season and two movies, Carrie Bradshaw, “such a whore”. His tone was joking [read more]

  • what to expect at the spring races

    The classy girl’s guide to spring racing.

              By LISA ALMOND There is only one day of the year when the rest of Australia wishes they were Victorians. Because, honestly, every other day Victoria isn’t even on the radar. It’s so close to Tasmania it’s almost forgotten. But there is a day when we wish we were all [read more]

  • cover

    Welcome to the sex ed class that teaches boys ‘No means yes.’

    By SARAH NORTON How would you feel if your child’s school was teaching them that when a girl says ‘no’ she actually means ‘yes’? Or when a girl asks, “Do you love me?” she actually means, “I feel insecure and I need to know that you value me”? Or that guys only go after the ‘hot’ girls? Because [read more]

  • first world problems.

    This frustratingly bad customer service call will make your blood boil.

          “Hi this is the department that isn’t going to be able to help you. How can I help you?” “Hi. I bought a product from you guys, and it’s broken, but it’s still under warranty.” “Okay I’m going to put you on hold for a moment, and hope you hang up, because [read more]

  • feud6-fb

    Oh dear. Family Feud is in trouble over this “misogynistic” question.

          Popular game show Family Feud is under fire after asking a question that’s been branded as “misogynistic” on social media. During last night’s Channel Ten show, host Grant Denyer asked contestants to name jobs people think are “a woman’s job”. Correct answers included — wait for it — cooking, doing the dishes, washing clothes, [read more]

  • ff-peen

    The other Family Feud controversy everyone’s talking about today.

              “HIS PENIS!” That’s the answer a very honest wife yelled out when asked this question on Family Feud: “If you could change one thing about your husband’s body, what would it be?” She blurts it out without even thinking, and the look on her husband’s face is… Well it’s brutal.     [read more]

  • Amber Jay Vinson has been diagnosed with Ebola.

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Second Texas Ebola diagnosis     A second Texas health care worker from the hospital that treated Liberian Thomas Duncan has tested positive to Ebola. The young nurse has been identified as Amber Jay Vinson a 29-year old from Ohio. Concerns are mounting in the US after reports that she flew on a commercial [read more]

  • becj3

    Bec Judd shows off her cute Juddy family. So Judd.

                  Oh my Judd. This is pretty cute. Rebecca Judd (who we know from such classics as “All Those Pretty Brownlow Dresses” and “I’m A Postcards Host And Successful Businesswoman With A Hot AFL Husband”) has just posted a candid picture of her family on Instagram. There’s Chris Judd, looking [read more]

  • ask-rosie-feature

    ASK ROSIE: All your relationship questions answered.

            Welcome to ‘Ask Rosie’, the space on Mamamia where you can contact me with all of your love and relationship dilemmas (including but not limited to eyebrow crabs). I’m 28 whole years of age, so I’m fairly certain I know everything and will be able to give you ridiculously useful advice. [read more]

  • Buy eggs for IVF.

    If your boss would pay to freeze your eggs, would you do it?

                Today, everyone’s talking about egg-freezing. Because apparently, it’s the silver-bullet for women who want a big career in the glimmering, money-encrusted compounds of Silicon Valley. Breaking new ground in the employee-perks department, Facebook and more recently, Apple, are offering to fund retrieving and freezing a woman’s eggs as part of [read more]

  • 2014-10-02-10354158_940650779284798_2953093046441631476_n

    People are upset about this breastfeeding photo for all the wrong reasons

      By ALISSA WARREN Alas, this picture will just about do me: I’m calling it. This photo is bullshit. This breastfeeding picture has created controversy around the world after it ignited the “when is a child too old to be breastfed?” debate. Let me begin by saying, FORGET IT. I don’t give a baby’s-merconium-smelling-fart about how [read more]

  • Asylum seekers sign

    Our Government’s latest advertising campaign will leave your jaw dragging along the floor.

        Is the Government trolling us? Because surely that could be the only explanation for this ‘Operation Sovereign Borders’ poster that’s just been shared via the Australian Government’s Customs and Border Protection Site:   But no. No, it’s not. This is official Australian Government advertising, aimed at vulnerable asylum seekers who are desperately searching [read more]

  • mia 5

    Beyonce, don’t bother taking your kids to historical monuments.

    By MIA FREEDMAN You’re Beyonce and when you visit Paris, you can book a private tour of the Louvre so you can walk around in peace. You are happy about this because it means you and your husband Jay-Z can take your 2-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy, to see some of the most famous paintings in the [read more]

  • afghanhirl

    We need to stop this 10-year-old girl from being killed by her family.

        By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Brishna is only 10 years old and she’s survived a brutal rape. Now, she must live in fear of death too, because her relatives reportedly want to dump her little body in a river for bringing “shame” upon the family. Amnesty International reports a local mullah has been charged for the rape, while [read more]

  • Book-with-No-Pictures-thumb-jpg

    This is the book you wish your teacher had read to you at school.

            Do you read to your kids every night? Chances are, if you do, your kids love books with more pictures than words. Little kids love picture books. But this book. This book changes all that. This children’s book is just words. Just words. Boring ol’ words. So the reaction you’d expect to get [read more]

  • thermomix 2

    It’s okay. A peace agreement could be imminent in the Thermomix War.

              It’s the kitchen-sink drama that just won’t end. Mamamia has previously reported on the “Thermomix War” that yes, is still raging in the suburbs of Australia. It started when thousands of people drank the kool aid shelled out $2000 for the very fabulous, can-do-everything, chopper-slicer-mixer-cooker Thermomix… without being told a newer, swankier model was just [read more]

  • bodypaint3

    Women’s magazine ruins their own excellent awards night with naked models.

            The night was about celebrating talented, strong, ambitious women. Women who are too often sexualised. Women who have worked bloody hard to succeed in a male-dominated industry. Women whose sponsorship deals and media coverage often pale in comparison to that of their penis-possessing counterparts. Yep, Women’s Health’s “I Support Women in Sport” awards on Monday night [read more]

  • Celebrities Attend AAMI Victoria Derby Day

    If you just bought one of these to wear to the races, we hope you kept the receipt.

              By NICKY CHAMP I hope you haven’t already bought your race day outfit this year, because the racing authorities have spoken, and they do not want to see your stomach at Flemington this year. The Victoria Racing Club has banned crop tops from the Members’ sections of the racetrack. So [read more]

  • It was

    “The lie I tell each time someone asks: How many children do you have?”

          Six babies are delivered stillborn every day in Australia. And the loss of every single one of those precious children is keenly felt by their mothers, fathers and family. Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day, and in honour of all the families who have ever experienced the devastation of a stillbirth, [read more]

  • brother-dating-feature

    Meet the guy who advertised his single sister on Gumtree.

        Adam Clark decided that his sister Natalie needed a boyfriend, so he did what any caring brother would do – he advertised her on Gumtree and Facebook. He advertised her. But the advertising thing isn’t the most shocking part. The most shocking part is that it worked. Wales Online reports that Adam, 26, made [read more]

  • olivia newton john

    Olivia Newton-John adopts a rescued moon bear.

      She had been declawed and her canine teeth had all been cut back to gum level leaving them badly infected and smelling horribly. The infection was so pronounced that it had spread to the surrounding bone. Her head was covered in wounds from where she has repetitively banged it against the bars of the cage. [read more]

  • Couple

    When you accidentally meet the love of your life. And everything changes.

            By JACQUI PORTER I’ll be honest with you, I always hoped that somewhere in my future I’d find someone to share my life with. I’d always hoped that I would have children. But for the most part, I just didn’t think it was on the cards for me. I guess I [read more]

  • BachFB

    Sam asked Bachelor Blake and Louise if they were an item and they said…

      DOUBLE NEGATIVE WARNING: We can’t not update you on this. We heard last week that Bachie Blake and his third favourite Bachelor girlfriend Louise have actually become an item. New Idea ‘confirmed’ it. In his evasive, politician-esque way, Blake didn’t deny it, but didn’t not deny it (DOUBLE NEGATIVE TWO).   Last week Lisa was pregnant [read more]

  • dirty dancing

    Nobody puts Charlie in a corner. Nobody.

    There are kids who dance, and then there is Charlie. This little dude has moves that would rival Michael Jackson’s best. And man, can he do a good Patrick Swayze: It’s official. Nobody is putting little Charlie in a corner. Especially when he’s dancing like this. Seriously. This kid has got the moves.  

  • Kesha

    Kesha is suing her producer for sexual and physical assault.

        Popstar Kesha has filed a disturbing lawsuit against her music producer. The Tik Tok popstar is claiming that her producer Lukasz Gottwald (or ‘Dr. Luke’) has sexually, phsyically and verbally abused her over the decade that they have worked together. The lawsuit alleges that 27-year-old Kesha was even abused “to the point where [she] nearly lost her life”. Kesha’s [read more]

  • Iggy Azalea Snoop Digg fight

    Snoop Dogg is picking on Iggy Azalea.

        Snoop Dogg is being a Snoop DICK. The American rap artist is picking on our Aussie rap girl Iggy Azalea. Snoop Dogg (or Snoop Doggy Dog, or Snoop Lion, or whatever the Snoop he is called these days) posted a few pictures to his Instagram account, making fun of Iggy’s appearance. It started [read more]

  • Qantas at DFW

    Open Post: A trip on the world’s longest flight.

          Hello friends, welcome to another week of Open Post. If you’re new here, this is a weekly tradition on Mamamia where you can tell us what’s happening in your world. Spill about the good and the bad, and you can ask advice about anything, because we love helping out. I’ll kick things off. [read more]