• ebola-craft-feature

    ‘Ebola Craft’ on Etsy is the reason why we can’t have nice things.

      Etsy is the homemade arts and crafts mecca that has the power to make even the most disciplined of us procrastinate for hours. You can get your face put on a pillow! Someone can make a terrarium with a little you inside! There are inspirational quotes in frames! FRAMES! And now, because clearly in [read more]

  • Premiere Of The Weinstein Company's "August: Osage County" - Red Carpet

    Sad news in the case of missing “August: Osage County” actress.

                A body, discovered on Thursday by a family-led search party near Seattle, has been confirmed as the 32-year-old “August: Osage County” actress Misty Upham. Tracy Rector, a spokesperson for Misty’s family, says that the cause of death has yet to be revealed. A statement from the Auburn Police Department says, “there [read more]

  • child abuse nanny cam

    Caught on camera: a nanny’s chilling attack on twins

      Warning: This post contains details of child abuse and the content and video may be distressing for some readers. A US nanny caught on camera allegedly abusing one-year-old twins under her care has been arrested after the sickening footage went viral. Dana Cash, 34, was hired by a family from Fontana, California to look [read more]

  • blake garvey

    It’s official: Blake chose the wrong girl.

      The news we’ve been suspecting for weeks has finally been confirmed. Bachie Blake Garvey and ousted bachelorette Louise Pillidge are officially an item. This is not a drill, people. Repeat: This is not a drill. Woman’s Day has got an interview with the pair, and have posted a 15-second teaser video to their website. And what [read more]

  • michelle obama bring back our girls

    Saturday’s news in less than two minutes.

        1. WHO admits Ebola outbreak should have been handled better and models “self-quarantine” after flight to Dallas. The World Health Organization has acknowledged that it should have handled the initial Ebola outbreak in West Africa better. A draft document obtained by The Associated Press showed  that the WHO blames factors such as incompetent [read more]

  • Vonita-Taylor-290x385

    “Around 1 in 20 adults have ADHD and I’m one of them.”

            By VONITA TAYLOR Around one in 20 adults have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and I am one of them. I was diagnosed with ADHD six years ago following the birth of my son. Before my diagnosis, I was told I had post-natal depression. For one whole year I was prescribed [read more]

  • cute hacks

    4 life changing Mummy Hacks for busy women.

              By JO ABI The kitchen has always been my favourite room in our home because it’s the room in which I spend the most time. My husband offered to set up a work desk for me in the study but I declined. My office is the dining table in the [read more]

  • ellia green rugby try

    Sport on Sat: The best moment in sport this year didn’t make it into the newspapers.

          There were two minutes left to go on the clock. The score was 15 – 12. Canada – the world’s third best rugby team – was in the lead. And it looked like they were going to win the three-game rugby sevens tournament against our Australian girls. The Aussie girls had lost [read more]

  • woman tired

    We need to calm the hell down about controlled crying.

              By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT On the hour. every hour. Imagine being woken up every night, at hourly intervals, by the call of the person you love the most in the world. It sounds like a great privilege. And it is. Comforting your baby when they’ve woken in fear, or hunger, or pain, is a parent’s [read more]

  • reese witherspoon facebook

    If Reese Witherspoon wore this to the races this year, she’d be told to go home.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Crop tops. They’re the fashion trend that refuses to die, despite some stiff opposition. In the against corner we have Racing Victoria, who released a statement saying they will enforce the no crop tops dress code in the member’s areas at Flemington this year. But in the ‘For’ corner, we have [read more]

  • bec with FIn

    BEC: Everything you’ve been told about c-sections is probably WRONG.

      By REBECCA SPARROW It was a headline too good to ignore. A lure, I couldn’t go past. “The major caesarean problem nobody talks about!’ whispered the article on my Facebook feed. What? What problem? There’s a major problem nobody talks about? I had to click. I had to click which is err, RIDICULOUS. I [read more]

  • project unbreakable

    The reason these women are showing you these words is incredible.

    By ALEXIS CAREY Warning: This article could be triggering to anyone who has been the victim of sexual assault or abuse or domestic violence. In 2011, US teen Grace Brown began taking powerful photographs of sexual assault survivors holding chilling quotes from their attackers. Brown, then a 19-year-old student, created the Project Unbreakable campaign after [read more]

  • benevolent society

    This is the CEO’s career advice that every woman should ignore.

      By AMY STOCKWELL. Feeling poorly-paid and under-appreciated in your workplace? Don’t worry, this CEO has got some sure-fire advice for you. Last week, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told a conference of women in technology about the best way to get a pay rise. Nadella said, “It’s not really about asking for a raise, but knowing and [read more]

  • Jude1

    Jude Law is having his fifth baby with his ex-girlfriend.

      ♫ Heeeey, Jude. Don’t make it bad. Take a sad song, and make it better. And remember… TO USE CONTRACEPTION IF YOU DON’T WANT TO KEEP GETTING EX-GIRLFRIENDS PREGNANT Then you can sta-art, to make it better. ♫ Jude Law is set to become a Dad for the fifth time, to his ex-girlfriend Catherine Harding. “I [read more]

  • 2014-10-17_11-05-26

    Millions of reasons why you SHOULD wee in the shower.

      By THE GLOW TEAM. It rarely comes up, but when it does it’s the ultimate conversation killer. The people who pee in the shower assume everyone wees in the shower. Then the people who don’t get disgusted. Awkward silence ensues. But now, a group of students from the University of East Anglia in the UK [read more]

  • Mo, Evie and Otis died on MH17.

    MH17 victims Mo, Evie and Otis are finally coming home.

      The three Maslin children, who died when flight MH17 was shot down in July, have finally arrived back on Australian soil. Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8, perished on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 with the grandfather, Nick Norris, when the passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine on 17 July 2014. The Herald Sun reports the [read more]

  • bellabox review

    “I’m calling it. We have to start putting ourselves first.”

            By LISA ALMOND Sometimes us ladies are guilty of not putting ourselves first. Like when we happily buy our partner a $300 watch for his birthday but can’t bring ourselves to buy the $50 top we love. Or when we splurge on our kids and buy them designer brands but won’t [read more]

  • Kate Ellis

    Congratulations Kate Ellis.

            Kate Ellis is expecting her first child. The Adelaide MP and her radio-host and columnist husband David Penberthy, are due to have a baby in April. Kate, 37, said that she hasn’t wanted to make a public fuss about her pregnancy, but it was bound to be revealed eventually. “It was going [read more]

  • browsing internet computer

    “The night Facebook suggested I ‘might know’ my rapist.”

                  By SARAH MARCUS Warning: this post deals with issues of sexual assault and may be triggering for some readers.  I clicked on his picture, and of course it was him. The same eyes. Same goatee. He is in a relationship. He has two children. At first, I got [read more]

  • BATG1

    The Beauty And The Geek kiss that caused a love triangle.

      SPOILER ALERT: We will discuss what happened on last night’s Beauty And The Geek. Graphically. YESSSSSSS. The Geeks scored some tongue action on Beauty And The Geek. And one of them even created a love triangle for himself. So damn cute. #BATG pic.twitter.com/440Ak9HTo3 — Beauty And The Geek (@BATGAust) October 16, 2014 Beauty And [read more]

  • moving-couch-feature

    This is officially the best way to move a couch down a flight of stairs.

          So you need to move a couch from the third floor of your building, and you want to avoid a Ross Gellar PIVOT situation:       How the hell do you get that thing to the ground floor? Well obviously, you just get yourself two pieces of wire and cross your fingers [read more]

  • Nothing this cool. Just some random guy.

    How did this woman receive a text from her dead grandmother?

                    A woman in the UK was terrified last week when she received a text from her dead grandmother. According to The Shields Gazette, Sheri Emerson buried her grandmother Lesly with her mobile phone, as it was one of her ‘favourite things’. Sheri would text the phone occasionally [read more]

  • blake garvey

    Meet the woman Bachelor Blake was dating before he had 30 simultaneous girlfriends.

      We are just as surprised as you that there is STILL Bachie news to report. But once again… there’s more. This time it’s news of Blake’s ex-girlfriend, Hope. 31-year-old Blake and 22-year-old Hope dated for two months last year. You know, back in the days when Blake was just a regular ol’ bachelor and [read more]

  • The apartment block where the girl fell.

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Miracle survival     A four-year old girl has miraculously survived a 30m fall from the eighth floor of an apartment complex on the Gold Coast. The girl fell onto trees below the unit at Broadbeach after playing hide and seek with her babysitter. A witness told Nine News that the little girl crawled [read more]

  • Bambi TIFF_G5A2279

    “I decided I wasn’t going to find love sitting on the couch, watching Home & Away in my pjs.”

    If you’re waiting around at a party to instantly connect with someone and watch sparks fly, you need to read this.

  • What IS that thing?

    He had a spider burrowing itself in his chest. So. freaking. scary.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON           Just the thought of spiders makes me hunch over a little and my eyes dart around checking there isn’t anything black hairy and wiggly in the nearby vicinity. That’s why this isn’t just scary it’s FREAKING TERRIYING. This guy went on what was meant to be the [read more]

  • IMG_0010 - Version 2

    Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

          By ROMY DALY It’s finally reached the end of a long week and I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready for a nice long sleep in tomorrow. I know I am. As many Mamamia readers know, the arrival of Friday brings with it our weekly Best and Worst post. Friday also [read more]

  • sainsburys kiss in protest

    This woman was told to stop kissing her girlfriend in public. The community responded in a phenomenal way.

      By ALEXIS CAREY Earlier this week, Sussex University student Annabelle Paige, 22, was told by a guard at a UK store to stop kissing her partner or leave the store after a shopper made a complaint about the “disgusting” show of affection. The incident occurred at a store called Sainsbury’s in Brighton, which is [read more]

  • 464388719

    The latest baby name trend? Give your child a name that belongs in a retirement home.

        By ALISSA WARREN Esmerelda. Rose. Vida. Olive. Everly. Scarlett. This isn’t the admissions list for a nursing home. This is a list of the latest celebrity offspring.  Yes, these are the names of children who have just been born. Eva Mendes, 40, and Ryan Gosling, 33, are the latest celebrity couple to name their [read more]