• 179016584

    This is what happens when you accidentally invite strangers to your wedding, and they SHOW UP.

          If you accidentally got a wedding invitation from someone you’ve never met, would you a) return it b) ignore it c) turn up to the wedding, because damn it, you were invited? Some guys in England decided to make it answer C. Kirsten accidentally sent a wedding reminder text to the wrong [read more]

  • #stopsensoringmothers

    The beautiful motherhood photos that were banned from social media.

          Ashlee Wells Jackson and Laura Weetzie Wilson have photographed 450 women and their children for a project celebrating post pregnancy bodies. The Fourth Trimester Project already the subject for a documentary and a book deal has caught the attention of many women around the world for their real and beautiful depictions of what happens [read more]

  • jews and arabs refuse to be enemies

    Not all Israelis and Palestinians hate each other. These pictures are proof.

      The conflict in Gaza is so often simplified into one of Team A vs Team B. An ancient conflict with no resolution between two groups who hate each other, and will never be able to co-exist. However, as is the case in any warzone, the reality of life for the people of Israel and [read more]

  • Child-drawing-2

    Children on Christmas Island are wetting the bed and “crying all the time”.

      The 174 child asylum seekers on Christmas Island are depressed, developmentally delayed and distressed, a visit from the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has revealed. Speaking on AM, AHRC President Gillian Triggs said that conditions had worsened since she last visited the facility four months ago. “Almost all of them, including the adults, were coughing, [read more]

  • Ruby Rose short film

    Why are 29 million people talking about Ruby Rose right now?

          Ruby Rose made a striking short film, in which she completely transforms. It’s utterly captivating. And it’s not just us that think so – the 28-year-old model, DJ, actress shared the film on her Facebook page and it’s been viewed by more than 29 million people. We’re not going to reveal any [read more]

  • LB-MAIN_2916586a

    Would you like a pair of dismembered legs with your new shoes?

      By NICKY CHAMP I don’t know about you, but whenever I buy new shoes I always think, ‘Gee, it’d be good if there was a pair of amputated legs in the box.’ Am I right? Christian Louboutin, the shoe designer responsible for the ubiquitous red-soled heels, has released a calendar for his AW ‘14 [read more]

  • losing virginity 25 years

    “You lost your virginity better than I did. I guarantee it.”

          It’s been 25 years since I lost my virginity and I have some good news for myself. Apparently, it’s not my fault that it was a pretty crap experience. Nor was it the fault of my hapless but well-meaning partner. The reason that losing my virginity was so… unsatisfying… is because it [read more]

  • Offspring Season 5 episode 11

    Offspring: Did you see THAT coming?

        SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT! If you’ve not yet watched tonight’s episode of Offspring, please please click away now. Because… Because… WOAH. How about that episode?? So many things!!! We just have two questions to ask. 1. Was the Thomas thing surprising to you? 2. Team Lawrence or Team Mick?

  • James Barrowman Commonwealth Games

    One Scottish guy in a purple tartan suit may have just changed the world.

      Something special just happened in Glasgow. Reeeaal special. And it doesn’t require you to care about sports concerts. The host of the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, John Barrowman, kissed a guy. He kissed a guy, took his hand, and ran through a crowd of people dressed in denim, tartan, and bridal veils as confetti rained [read more]

  • Australian commonwealth games uniform

    Tasmania is sad about the Commonwealth Games uniform. Here’s why.

    Since the Australian Commonwealth Games uniform was unveiled, it has attracted a significant amount of controversy. Here is a picture of (very lovely-looking) Kotuku Ngawati wearing it: Yeah, look. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing body covering. But today, criticism of the uniform reached beyond its objective hideousness. Let’s take a closer look: Yes, that is a [read more]

  • rosie waterland and em rusciano

    For Em Rusciano it’s her dad. For Rosie Waterland, it’s her sister.

      Most of us don’t really appreciate our families until we are older. Many of us drift away from the intimacy of our immediate family during our teens and early twenties, not in a bad way, just in a ‘finding yourself’ way. But they’re still there for us when we’re ready to drift back. And [read more]

  • blakelivelypreserve

    Blake Lively has launched a very fancy and confusing new website that we don’t understand.

      Okay you guys, Blake Lively (one-time Gossip Girl person, one of the official sisters of the Travelling Pants, daily toucher of Ryan Reynolds‘ special place) has launched a… a… website? How can you not be sure it’s a website? Well, it’s definitely a website, we’re just not sure which kind. We think it may [read more]

  • Nicole Kidman Keith Urban pray for peace

    Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman just shared the sweetest family video.

        Well this is beyond delightful. You’ll probably have to watch it several times. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman posted this video of their little family praying for peace. It’s a response to country singer Reba’s song, #PrayForPeace. So, as you might imagine, it features them… praying for peace. Follow Mamamia Fluff on Facebook [read more]

  • Jackie O IVF

    “You’re about to become the bitch from hell,” says Jackie O about IVF.

            Jackie O has given a talkback caller some rather lovely advice on how to survive the hormonal turmoil of getting IVF. The 39-year-old radio host had IVF in order to get pregnant with her beloved daughter Kitty, who is now 3 years old. This morning on Kiis FM, Jackie spoke candidly to a woman who called [read more]

  • john travolta affair with pilot

    Potentially awkward news for John Travolta.

          John Travolta has found himself in a highly publicised face off (one that does NOT involve awesome technologically-advanced face transplant surgery) with his former pilot who has famously claimed the pair were involved in a gay love affair during the 1980s. This week an American court determined that Douglas Gotterba, a Californian [read more]

  • karlie-kloss

    Random woman started posing for the paparazzi. Didn’t realise a supermodel was behind her.

          This woman came out of a building and encountered a massive scrum of paparazzi. So, she did what any self-respecting person with a slightly inflated ego would do: She threw caution to the wind and started posing. And posing. And posing. It took her a minute to realise that the paps were [read more]

  • Fifi Box disabled parking story

    Fifi Box told a story she thought was funny. It was not.

            Seinfeld immortalised the perilous consequences to befall those who illicitly park in disabled car spaces in a hilarious episode from the show’s fourth season. This week, however, Fifi Box has learned that, in real life, tales about parking in a disabled spot do not go down well. She told a story on [read more]

  • justin-belly

    The question that got this 4-year-old boy kicked out of a doughnut shop.

          A 4-year-old boy and his mother have been banned from a doughnut shop in the US after the boy asked another customer if she was pregnant. (Cue every parent’s heart stopping.) Rebecca Denham told local news that she was in the store with her son Justin, when he approached a female customer [read more]

  • Erin McNaught pregnant

    Former Miss Universe Australia is pregnant.

          Former Miss Universe Australia, Erin McNaught, announced her pregnancy the only way professionally beautiful people know how: By Instagram. Here she is:   Here she is, with her husband, DJ Example. Happy baby-making time, you guys. Follow Mamamia Fluff on Facebook Mamamia Fluff brings you the most awesome celebrity news and gossip [read more]

  • peanut-butter-tim-tams

    DROP EVERYTHING: Peanut Butter Tim Tams have been invented.

        If your eyes are connected to your brain, you’ll need to sit down for a moment: PEANUT BUTTER TIM TAMS HAVE BEEN RELEASED. The glorious, official word just came through from heaven Tim Tam headquarters, Arnott’s:   Seriously – why are you even still reading this? This is the only time we will [read more]

  • Hearses await the coffins to be unloaded from the plane

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Bring them Home     A trumpeter has played The Last Post as the bodies of victims from the downed Malaysia Airlines flight landed in Holland. The Dutch King and Queen as well as more than 1000 family members, the Australian Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop were at Eindhoven airfield [read more]

  • Man arrested after spiking drink with ritalin

    He spiked her drink with ritalin to get her to have sex with him. She was his wife.

      BY SHAUNA ANDERSON A drink spiked to procure sex. There is no getting around the fact that this is illegal. No matter how you frame it -a simple prank? An innocent idea gone AWOL. A drunken spur of the moment action. It is drink spiking and it is against the law. A Sydney man [read more]

  • ednos

    “What is the matter with Mary Jane?”

        WARNING: This post may be triggering for some people. Eating Disorders don’t take all the good stuff from your life immediately but, left untreated they will take it all eventually, and thoroughly. At the moment over one million Australians suffer from Eating Disorders, some of them as young as eight. It’s completely tragic [read more]

  • MH17 Maslin

    The parents of three children lost in the MH17 disaster release a statement.

    The Maslin family, whose three children were lost in the MH17 disaster, spoken out about their tragedy Anthony Maslin and Marite Norris lost their children Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8, when they travelled on MH17 with the grandfather, Nick Norris. The family also released a more recent photograph: In addition to a statement, [read more]

  • prince george first birthday

    MIA: Congratulations Kate. You survived the toughest year of your life.

        By MIA FREEDMAN Dear Kate, Congratulations. You made it. Your firstborn child has turned one and you have survived the most challenging year of his life. And your own. A child’s first birthday is much more of a milestone for the mum than the baby. Especially when it’s your first baby. As far as [read more]

  • BeyJay2

    Get out, Beyonce. Go.

            By KATE LEAVER If you believe their fans, Beyonce and Jay Z are about to kill real love. Rumour has it that Beyonce and Jay Z will get divorced when they finish their Mr and Mrs Carter world tour. They’re travelling with relationship counsellors, and they’ve both been seen without rings. [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow

    BEC: “Today I got on the scales. Things didn’t go well…”

          BY REBECCA SPARROW. Take a seat. I’m about to tell you how much I weigh. But I’ll get to that in a sec. Here’s where I’m at. I haven’t exercised in two years. And I haven’t exercised consistently in five. Once upon a time I went to the gym and had a [read more]

  • sex-on-beach

    NSFW: Couple filmed having sex on the beach in the middle of the day, like it’s no big deal.

        This is a post that is, ah, Not Safe For Work.  This couple were caught – on camera – having sex on the beach. In the middle of the day. Surrounded by families. Not even under a towel. Just all… out there. Because shame is officially dead.  Image via Fox News Elissa Alvarez [read more]

  • jacqui lambie q and a

    Jacqui Lambie, the only d**k anyone’s talking about today, is you.

        By ALISSA WARREN Did you shrug yesterday when you heard the news that Jacqui Lambie had said on radio she’s looking for a rich guy with a big dick? Be honest. Tell me. When you read that a female politician had gone on breakfast radio and talked about wanting a ‘well hung’ man, [read more]

  • cheating

    She found out her boyfriend of 4 years was actually married with kids.

          There was one morning radio segment that had everyone in the Mamamia office talking this morning. It was the story of a woman whose partner of four years had suddenly vanished without a trace, and it came via Chrissie and Jane’s Private Investigator on Mix 101.1. For those of you who haven’t heard of Chrissie [read more]