• Photograph by Andrew Maccoll

    Dear Offspring, it’s time to call it a day.

        I’m just going to spit it out:  I want Offspring to finish.  I want this season – season five – to be the last one. In three weeks time, I want to be sitting on my couch, in my pjs watching a spectacular series finale. Not season finale. SERIES finale. I want to be laughing and crying [read more]

  • carbon tax repealled

    RIP Carbon Tax.

          by PAUL TWOMEY The Carbon Pricing Mechanism, known to its friends as the carbon price and its critics as the carbon tax, passed away today in Canberra, aged two, after a long battle with slogans. While it won praise from most academic and business economists at home and abroad, it will perhaps be best remembered for [read more]

  • Sarah Harris wedding

    If you were Sarah Harris, would you be upset right now?

              Sarah Harris is getting married to her extremely delightful, red-haired prince on Saturday. He wasn’t supposed to see Sarah in her wedding dress until she walked down the aisle… But then yesterday, Sarah was photographed by paparazzi at her last-minute dress fitting in Sydney. In the dress. Looking spectacular. She [read more]

  • friend cant get pregnant

    WARNING: What Queensland Health just did will break your brain.

      There’s a reason we go to real doctors and not Doctor Google. It’s because we trust that they’re going to be accurate; that they’re going to keep us safe, and that whatever information they give us is going to be supported by the latest scientific research. At least that’s what we’d like to believe. Pregnant mother-of-one Lucy Fisher [read more]

  • child throwing a tantrum

    Advice needed: “My life is getting hijacked by photos of my friend’s baby.”

              Welcome to ‘Dear Rosie’, the space on Mamamia where you can contact me with your etiquette/relationship/general life problems (including but not limited to eyebrow crabs) and ask me, in my infinite wisdom, how I would handle them. Consider it my selfless Oprah-esque gift to all of humanity. Cliche cliche etc [read more]

  • banned from Instagram

    The typical bathroom selfie that got a 19-year-old banned from Instagram.

      This is the smiley and radiant image that got 19-year-old Samm Newman banned from Instagram. The image didn’t get Newman banned because it was hateful. Or violent. Not because it was pornographic, or contained nudity, or was graphic in nature. This selfie was banned because Miss Newman happens to be, *gasp*, overweight. As an [read more]

  • Asylum seekers held in Malaysia.

    Lawyers say 153 asylum seekers are being kept in rooms without windows, and denied legal help.

     UPDATE: 153 asylum seekers held on customs vessel, in rooms without windows. Fairfax has reported that approximately 153 asylum seekers – the Sri Lankan Tamils whose boat was intercepted by Australian authorities near Christmas Island two weeks ago – are being held on an Australian customs ship. The rooms the asylum seekers are being held [read more]

  • Vagina kayak

    NSFW: A woman has been arrested for building a kayak modelled on her vagina.

        A Japanese woman known as the ‘Vagina Artist’ has been arrested for building a kayak modelled on her, well, vagina. Megumi Igarashi, who goes by the psuedonym Rokudenashiko, is famous for her efforts to break down Japanese taboos around female genitalia through her art. “When I pronounce the word ‘vagina’ especially men get very [read more]

  • parents on phones

    In defence of parents on phones.

    I don’t need to tell you that parenting is a busy and challenging job. If anyone needs a smart phone to get through the day, it’s a parent who’s juggling 25 different things at once. Enter this delightful Tumblr, Parents on Phones. It’s been designed with one purpose in mind – shaming parents who are [read more]

  • monica gabor

    Socialite adopts orphan. Returns him after one night.

            A woman who appears to be the Romanian equivalent to Paris Hilton has adopted a child, only to return him the next day when she discovered that he cries a lot. When 26-year-old Monica Gabor (formerly Columbeanu) visited the Jiu Placement Centre for Orphans in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, she was particularly taken with a [read more]

  • Alana Goldsmith inquest

    What really killed Alana Goldsmith never appeared on her death certificate.

            Warning: This article deals with issues surrounding eating disorders and suicide and could be triggering from some readers.  Alana Goldsmith was intelligent, beautiful, and kind, with a family who adored her and a future worth sticking around to see. When she was nearly 24, she took her own life. Anorexia killed Alana Goldsmith, [read more]

  • 2014-3

    Look closely. This ad isn’t like other fashion ads.

            Well played Nordstorm, well played. The American fashion retailer is doing its part to represent body diversity in a sea of size zeros. The company, who has been using models with disabilities since 1991, has featured a woman in a wheelchair modelling boots, and a man with a prosthetic leg modelling [read more]

  • Gerard and Allison Baden-Clay

    “I was nearly Allison Baden-Clay.”

              This week we all learned the truth about Allison Baden-Clay. She was intelligent – fluent in several languages.  An accomplished  career woman.  A devoted mother. And for years – according to her friends – she was the victim of ongoing emotional abuse in her relationship with her husband Gerard. A relationship that [read more]

  • Em vid feat

    ‘Sleep until 11am’ and 17 other things you can’t do now that you’re a mum.

      We all get the same amount of hours in the day and we streeeetch them as far as they will go. But no matter how organised we are, how much we plan, how many ‘To Do’ lists we make or how many obnoxious reminders we set on our smart phones, there’s lots of things [read more]

  • boy in oven

    How to stop your child burning themselves in the kitchen.

            My mother warned me that parenting just gets harder as children become older. “Enjoy them while they’re little,” she said after I’d suffered through another sleepless night of baby feeding and soothing. “Soon they’ll be getting into everything. At least now if you put them somewhere, they stay there.” Gosh I hate [read more]

  • toddler

    The telltale signs that you’re living with a toddler.

      You’ll identify. In fact, anyone who has ever met a toddler will. Because, let’s face it, there is no way of knowing that the exquisite newborn you have produced will one day turn into a tiny terrorist that will, in the end, have his or her way with you. And don’t worry, it takes [read more]

  • gerard baden clay appeal

    Gerard Baden-Clay appeals his murder conviction.

          Gerard Baden-Clay has appealed his murder conviction. The appeal comes two days after the 43-year-old was found guilty of killing his wife Allison, and sentenced to life imprisonment with a 15 year non-parole period. The father-of-three’s legal team lodged an appeal with the Queensland Court of Appeal on Thursday afternoon, after being [read more]

  • carbon dioxide

    And, with that, Australia doesn’t have a Carbon Tax.

      Finding it a little nippy outside today? Don’t even worry about it, you guys, because Tony Abbott’s just stepped in to make sure the planet’ll keep getting warmer. In a move welcomed by polar bear-haters, Gina Rinehart and rich industrial plants everywhere, Tones has scrapped the Carbon Tax. The bill passed with 39 ayes to 32 noes. There was initial uncertainty about [read more]

  • wisdom

    “I just wanna have sex with Ryan Gosling. PLEASE!” Girl high on painkillers says what we’re all feeling.

          This woman was forced to take a very traumatising look into her daughter’s psyche after she had her wisdom teeth removed. Groggy from the painkillers, wisdom teeth daughter started saying some very revealing stuff. Stuff about what she would like to do to Ryan Gosling if given the chance. Stuff about her hot [read more]

  • ricky martin the voice australia

    Ricky Martin talks crying children on The Voice Kids.

            Can we all just talk about how gorgeous Ricky Martin is for a second? Just a second. Not only is he nice to look at, but he’s a single dad to two beautiful boys, 5-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo, and he runs his own charity which works closely with UNICEF. And [read more]

  • gabi grecko

    Gabi Grecko does morning TV in a slave collar. Because image control.

        Gabi Grecko and Geoffrey Edelsten have appeared on Studio 10 this morning to talk about their upcoming wedding, the rumours that Edelsten was cheating on Grecko, and the possibility of a three-state solution in Iraq. (That last one was a joke. No Middle Eastern politics was nutted out this day.) 25-year-old Grecko wore a [read more]

  • jess hart

    Australian model just got engaged in a truly lovely way.

        Genetically blessed model Ashley Hart, sister of Victoria’s Secret model Jessica, is set to marry her boyfriend of 4-years, Buck Palmer. The 25-year-old Aussie model announced her engagement via her Instagram account last night, with a caption that simply said ‘Don’t know a better way to say this. ENGAGED’: Ash, who is a known [read more]

  • Screenshot 2014-07-17 15.20.15

    Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner crashed a little boy’s birthday party.

              Batman just crashed a Superman party. And by Batman, we mean Ben Affleck. And by Ben Affleck, we mean Ben and his wife, Jennifer Garner. The extremely famous couple were scouting venues for their 2-year-old son Samuel’s party… When they discovered a little boy’s birthday party already underway. Because Ben & Jen [read more]

  • Casey Veal and Zayden Veal

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Harley Hicks appeals sentence     Harley Hicks – who was jailed after beating 10-month old Zayden Veal-Whitting to death in his cot – has lodged an appeal against his life sentence. In sentencing Hicks last month, Victorian Supreme Court Justice Stephen Kaye described the killing as a “totally and utterly evil crime”. The Bendigo [read more]

  • Wippa's wife pregnant

    Australian radio host announces he’s going to be a dad. Cries on air.

            Well, this is kind-of beautiful. Two grown men, great buddies, crying together when they find out one of them is going to be a dad. Michael “Wippa” Wiplfli announced that his wife, Lisa, is pregnant — live on the Fitzy & Wippa Show on Nova. He cried. Fitzy cried. Everyone cried. [read more]

  • Matthew Burdette  committed suicide after a video went viral

    Tragic: This 14-year old was bullied to death over an embarrassing video.

      Warning this post deals with issues of suicide and cyber bullying and may be distressing for some readers.         Matthew Burdette was a boy scout, a member of the school wrestling team and on the water polo squad. He had a loving family and an adored big sister, Masha. A 14-year [read more]

  • Paula Orbea's petition has nearly 20 000 signatures

    How an 11-year-old girl called out sexism – and won

      UPDATE: Senate passes motion condemning Wicked Campers’ slogans The Senate has passed a motion condemning Wicked Campers’ promotion of sexual violence against women through offensive slogans on their hire vans. The motion was introduced by the Greens on Wednesday following an online petition attracting more than 120,000 signatures. “The Senate is sending a strong [read more]

  • baby pre nup

    Well, this is one way to make sure dad is doing chores around the home.

              Here’s what I did this morning; Make breakfasts, put on load of washing, puree pumpkin for baby’s lunch, empty bins, make beds, wipe kitchen benches, check milk, pick toys up off the floor, dress baby, write list for my sister who is a babysitting, get dressed, pack bag, get on [read more]

  • .

    This post is for every person who has cancelled plans with friends, because they would rather read a book.

        1. You can never read just a few pages. 2. When you finish a book that has CHANGED YOUR LIFE, you are still somehow expected to go into work the next day, cook dinner and interact with other human beings. 3. You haven’t eaten or visited the bathroom in about nine hours, and [read more]