• Fears of an imminent terror attack.

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. IS Militants plot imminent attack on New York and Paris subways         Iraq’s prime minister has said that Islamic State militants told his intelligence agents of an alleged plot to attack subways in the United States and Paris. Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi made the remarks at a press conference on the [read more]

  • best and worst

    Best, worst and everything else: How’s your week been?

    Oh hey there! Welcome to Mamamia’s Best and Worst of the Week. If you’ve never been here before, where the bloody hell have you been?? Welcome. Best and Worst is our Friday tradition, where we talk about how the week’s been. It’s kind of like catching up for coffee with your best girlfriends. So get [read more]

  • Kim Kardashian attacked

    Kim Kardashian attacked at Paris Fashion Week.

    Kim Kardashian is getting a little too much love. At a Paris Fashion Week event, she was accosted by serial pest Vitalii Sediuk as she, Kanye, and mum Kris Jenner stepped out of their car. Vitalii is some Ukranian dude who was once a journalist and is trying to get fame as a model. How? [read more]

  • Kasey Chambers Bittersweet album

    Kasey Chambers’ new video clip is stunning.

          There is something just so haunting about this new Bittersweet video clip. Two kids, singing in the smooth tones of Kasey Chambers and Bernard Fanning, keep eye contact for a very long time. That’s the first impressive thing. Secondly, people just fade in and out of the background as if by magic. They are [read more]

  • senator buck 2

    Another day, another politician explaining to us how women’s bodies work.

        By AMY STOCKWELL Another day, another politician explaining to us how women’s bodies work. Today, Liberal Senator Chris Back made an extraordinary speech to the Australian Senate in which he suggested: 1. Miscarriages occur because foetuses have the capacity to “understand…that they might not survive in post-foetal life” 2. “The records as kept by [read more]


    126,000 reasons why the Emma Watson hoax isn’t all bad news

          By EVITA MARCH, Federation University Australia In less than a week since actor Emma Watson’s stirring United Nations speech on gender inequality, two big things have happened – but you’ve probably only heard about one of them. The first, which has driven days of global headlines, is that the 24-year-old actor (best [read more]

  • Mutual sex for all.

    This is what it’s like to live a life with no sex.

      As long as I can remember, I’ve never been interested in dating. When I was 14 and my friends started talking about boys, I decided that my own lack of crushes and infatuations meant I was a lesbian. I happily ignored everything to do with romance and relationships and sex. It’s easy to say you [read more]

  • Article Lead - wide6147790710h7n2image.related.articleLeadwide.729x410.10lonn.png1411608621295.jpg-620x349

    Are rape jokes EVER okay? Well, turns out The Simpsons and Family Guy creators think so.

      Are rape jokes ever okay? Turns out The Simpsons and Family Guy creators think so. Fox Network is refusing to comment on a rape joke that is set to appear in the crossover episode of The Simpsons and Family Guy that’s airing this Sunday in the US. It’s supposed to be funny, yet not many people laughing. Take a [read more]

  • Michaela's three kids.

    ‘The one day of parenting I wish I could erase.’

                By MICHAELA FOX Recently a close friend of mine tearfully confessed that she had lost her cool and smacked her child, after being pushed to the brink. She was deeply regretful and I knew she considered the smack a major parenting failure. Her eyes bared her pain, and also [read more]

  • Elissa's Instagram account had this image.

    ‘Shark bite’ activist tells Mamamia: “I’m not a fraud”.

      By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Gold Coast student and environmental activist Elissa Sursara, who says she was bitten by a shark in September last year, has hit back at claims she’s a fraud – telling Mamamia she may have “misspoken” in interviews, but never intentionally bent the truth. The Queensland biology student and climate change activist, 26, told media earlier this year [read more]

  • sexual violence

    Domestic violence orders, AVOs, intervention orders – whatever you call them, here’s how to get one.

          By AMY STOCKWELL This week, we heard the news that Modern Family, Sarah Hyland, had suffered serious violence at the hands of her ex-partner and needed to take out a restraining order against him. Applying for similar orders in Australia can be a confronting process – especially at a time when you [read more]

  • porn 3

    Porn sex vs real sex. Explained with… fruit.

                Porn sex vs normal-people sex. There is a difference between the two. In fact, there are many, MANY differences – all based on the fact that porn sex is set in an alternative universe. A fantasy world where the sex is always amazing, the men are always well-endowed, and [read more]

  • (Facebook: Toni Thornton)

    “A woman’s IQ halves when she falls pregnant”, her boss allegedly said.

            “A woman’s IQ halves when she falls pregnant”. It’s the sort of shocking claim you might expect to hear from an ignorant adolescent — not from an educated director at a prominent stockbroking firm. But that’s exactly what one former JBWere executive director alleges her supervisor said when she told him she [read more]

  • Lara Bingle pregnant

    Lara Bingle deletes all photos of Sam Worthington on Instagram; Sam deletes his entire account.

      Bingle is baffling us. Last night, Lara seemingly deleted all the photos of her and boyfriend Sam Worthington from her Instagram account. BUT WHY? And now, all of a sudden, Sam has deleted his ENTIRE Instagram account. Guys, what is happening? Lara’s 409,000 Instagram followers noticed this morning that all images of her and [read more]

  • Bachelor Blake interview

    Rosie Reviews: The girls that The Bachelor got rid of sure have a LOT to say.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND So we open on the girls just casually hanging out in Ridge Forrester’s house just casually being cas – WAIT. WHAT? No we don’t. We open on the girls plucked, primped and glammed to the extreme because OH MY GLOB TONIGHT IS A TELL-ALL EPSISODE YOU GUYS. And [read more]

  • Kate Ritchie baby photo

    First photo of Kate Ritchie’s baby girl.

    Awwww. Kate Ritchie has shared a picture of her little one-month-old baby, Mae. The former Home and Away star (let’s face it, she pretty much OWNED Summer Bay for 20 years) posed on the cover of Who magazine with former rugby-league player husband Stuart Webb and their brand new baby girl.     Baby Mae was born on [read more]

  • iphone-6-thumb

    The whole world is whinging about the new iPhone. Here’s why.

      Last week, thousands of people flocked to Apple stores to invest in the latest genius item: the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is accompanied by its big sister, the iPhone 6+. Together, they are faster, larger and thinner than previous iPhones, with better cameras, better displays and – the best thing of all – [read more]

  • Wozniacki 4

    The tennis player who left 1.4 million bucks just lying on a court.

    Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Giant trophy and tennis gear? Check. Massive prize cheque? NO CHECK.   Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki accidentally left a $1.4 million cheque off her check list when she left the tennis court after the US Open. Whoops. So this is what happened. Wozniacki came second to Serena Williams at the US [read more]

  • kirsty chambers

    “I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to get away from me”

            By KRISTY CHAMBERS. The American recording artist, Charlene, is arguably most well known for singing ‘I’ve Never Been to Me,’ a poignant ballad that topped the charts for a brief period in 1982. I interpret the song’s lyrics as a cautionary tale of regret from a narrator who was formerly an [read more]

  • Bear Grylls proposal

    The British celebrity who proposed to his girlfriend with his butt cheeks.

        Bear Grylls used his bum to propose to his wife. Ahhh, romance. This story is cl-ASS-y. Should we be surprised, though? This guy drinks his own urine. Wilderness survival dude Bear (whose real name is Edward Michael, but that’s not nearly as grizzly) earns his bucks by teaching us how to stay alive [read more]

  • (Photo: Facebook)

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1.  Abdul Numan Haider shooting     There are reports that the 18-year-old man, Abdul Numan Haider who was shot dead outside a Melbourne Endeavour Hills police station planned to behead officers and post the images online. According to Fairfax Media police believe the young man had intended to follow a statement given on social [read more]

  • Quadriplegic supports spinal cord research

    “After a seven-hour surgery session, I woke up in the intensive care unit and was given a diagnosis of quadriplegia.”

            By JASON ELLERY On 25 April 2011 my life changed forever. Although I didn’t know it at the time, in an instant, the kind of future I imagined myself had been erased. I was 24. It was one of the last days of my snowboarding trip in Alberta, Canada. It all [read more]

  • emma watson un speech

    Emma Watson has the right to speak without being told to die.

              By KATE LEAVER Yesterday, she made an extraordinary speech about feminism at the United Nations. Today, Emma Watson has received vicious threats against her safety, her privacy, and her life. It’s almost as if we asked the universe to neatly demonstrate why Emma Watson’s speech was important. Because the way Watson [read more]

  • gemma-headshot-holding-jpg

    What happened on Big Brother last night was soul-smashingly cruel.

            By AMY STOCKWELL Did you ever get picked last for a team at school? Do you remember standing in front of the class as one-by-one, your peers are chosen to cross over and stand behind the team captains? Were you ever the loser in that high school game of popularity? If you have [read more]

  • Ray Martin with Julia Gillard. (Photo: Channel Nine)

    7 questions Ray Martin asked Julia Gillard, which never would have been put to a man.

      Yesterday evening, a much anticipated interview between Channel 9’s Ray Martin and former Prime Minister Julia Gillard aired. Across the nation people tuned in to see what would be asked of this formidable woman whose time in power was marred by controversy and instability. And what did we get? Well…. Julia Gillard was asked about her [read more]

  • Another example of the #adoption trend.

    The reason teenagers are stealing your kids’ photos and trying to pass them off as their own.

    By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT So here’s something I wasn’t worrying about when I uploaded that really cute picture of my really cute kids on Saturday: Somebody stealing the picture of my child, pretending they were their’s, and using it in a complex role-playing game where they invent what my baby might say or do. Baby Role-Playing is the new thing sent [read more]

  • photoshopart

    “It’s always ‘do more, do more’.” The frightening confessions of a Photoshop retoucher.

      A professional magazine retoucher has opened up about the bizarre requests he receives from editors and creative directors — claiming he sometimes digitally slims models and celebrities down by about 9kg. In an interview with beauty website XO Vain, the retoucher — who chose to remain anonymous — said he has been asked to alter everything from fingernails and waist size, [read more]

  • cuteboy

    Nine-year-old Tyrone might be deported. Because he has autism.

    Townsville mum Maria Cecilia Sevilla knows her son with autism, Tyrone, is a joy rather than a burden. But the Immigration Department seems to disagree: it has reportedly decided to deport the nine-year-old to the Philippines, saying his autism represents a financial burden on taxpayers. His mum Maria, a registered nurse, is pleading with authorities to change their mind — saying Tyrone has [read more]


    Leonardo DiCaprio just said something that made millions of people stand up and cheer.

      There’s been plenty of star power at the United Nations headquarters this week. First with Emma Watson’s speech for gender equality and now Leonardo DiCaprio has stepped up to the plate. In a powerful three-minute speech at the United Nations Climate Change Summit on Tuesday, Leo called for significant international action on climate change. Warning the world’s [read more]

  • Single parent alone

    The one thing you never need to tell a single parent.

          BY MAVIS KING Stop and smell the roses’, it sounds so easy however the fact we have the saying at all, and that it must be recited like a mantra, recalled as a reminder, shows how difficult it is for us to actually do. We’re busy. Our electronic devices, originally time saving, [read more]

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