• Who's to blame - authorities or the mother?

    Someone left a parking fine in his ambulance. So he paid it for them.

            There’s been a lot of bad news of late, and this beautiful little story restored our faith in humanity. Following his random act of kindness, National Patient Transport  Services officer Marc Primrose is being called Australia’s kindest man.  The Whittlesea Leader reports Marc Primrose found a parking ticket in the ambulance he [read more]

  • Anthea Mari. (Photo: Facebook)

    “A man who hits a woman is not a man,” she wrote on Facebook. Days later, she was dead.

            Trigger warning: This post deals with violence against women and may be distressing for some readers. By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST In March 2010, mother of four Anthea Mari posted to Facebook: “Yaaay, got a job got life and got my beautiful girls, life doesn’t get much better than this!” After 15 years of couch [read more]

  • teenage daughter is pregnant

    They spread hate everywhere they go. And their next destination is here.

          Pregnant women in Texas are dying. They are dying at quadruple the rate that they were fifteen years ago. They are dying at the same rate as women in Somalia. They are dying because a US-based coalition called the World Congress of ‘Families’ (WCF) successfully campaigned, along with far right-wing politicians, for [read more]

  • Lincoln Lewis After Earth

    The Australian actor who just got edited out of his movie.

      Well this is awkward. Former Home and Away actor Lincoln Lewis was cast in the blockbuster Will Smith science-fiction movie After Earth. He was thrilled because, you know, Hollywood called, Will Smith is Will Smith, it could have been his big break, etc etc acting things. So, Lincoln did all his actor things, and [read more]

  • Emmys 2

    12 most memorable fashion moments from the Emmys red carpet.

      They came, they posed, they sat in a room for a while, and they left. It feels like just this morning that the Emmys were on in Hollywood. Because it was. Here are the 12 most memorable fashion moments from the Emmys 2014 red carpet.   1. Julia Roberts and her ‘LOL can’t believe I’m even here’ dress: [read more]

  • selfie-girl

    Sneaky dad secretly films daughter taking hundreds of photos of herself.

        Is there anyone currently more concerned about the future of the human race than the parents of Millenials? This father, filled with dread at the thought of his daughter one day possibly being in charge of something, decided to do something about it. When he noticed her in the midst of an epic selfie photoshoot [read more]

  • Kate Ritchie baby bump

    Kate Ritchie reveals the name of her baby daughter.

    Former Home and Away star Kate Ritchie, 36, gave birth to a baby girl on the 17th of August. And the new mum has now finally revealed her name. “WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEEK it has been with our daughter, Mae. Thank you to everyone who has wish the three(!) of us well” Kate wrote on [read more]

  • Lisa Wilkinson flashback photo

    Lisa Wilkinson’s flashback photo made us really happy.

      Like all great women, Lisa Wilkinson was once a teenager. The Today Show host has shared photographic evidence of this time in her life, and look, it’s a little bit heaven. Here’s Lisa at age 16, ready for her second date with her first ever boyfriend. But wait until you see the dress she [read more]

  • Anthea Mari has written about being subjected to domestic violence.

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Brisbane mother murdered         Police in Brisbane have released an image of a person of interest in connection with the murder of mother-of-three Anthea Mari in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Detectives are hoping to speak to Jacob Michael Smith, who is from the Gold Coast. Smith was described as [read more]

  • Alec Baldwin catching a ball

    Watch Alec Baldwin catch a tennis ball on the fly.

      Alec Baldwin? More like Alec BALLwin. OK great, now that’s out of the way, let’s get to this simple moment of absolute perfection. We present, Alec Baldwin catching a tennis ball. Anyone who loves the show 30 Rock will know this is peak Jack Donaghy. In fact, here’s Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy reacting [read more]

  • melbourne girl egypt

    An Australian mother and her 5 y/o daughter are trapped in Egypt.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON         Five-year old Zareen should have started school in Melbourne this year. She should be making new friends and playing tip. She should be watching Frozen in her Melbourne home and pestering her older siblings to play with her. But she’s not. Because five-year-old Zareen has been trapped in [read more]

  • serial cheater 3

    What makes someone cheat repeatedly on their partner? This woman explains.

          By LEA CLARK This post originally appeared on Role/Reboot, and is republished here with full permission.  I am a serial cheater. I know many people would look at me and feel disgust or sadness if they knew my secrets, and perhaps they should. I feel these things toward myself often. My marriage [read more]

  • 85451795

    A message to all my younger friends who want to have children.

              On ya, Sonia. I just finished reading the wonderful news about Sonia Kruger’s pregnancy. Even though I don’t know Sonia personally, I am truly thrilled for her and am so proud of her for being honest about the reality of her conception. I too conceived my daughter through a long [read more]

  • lara bingle g string

    This photo of Lara Bingle made us feel weird.

        Lara Bingle is in a tropical location somewhere (is she ever anywhere else?) Her brother just arrived. Which she announced with the words: “My brother is here!” She’s wearing a g string. We don’t all have brothers. Is this how people hang out with their brothers? Maybe if you look like Lara Bingle, you’d [read more]

  • netball

    11 reasons why netball changes your life and makes you a better human.

          By ALISSA WARREN Netball is the sport of queens. Not princesses. A netballer has seen enough wins to give her grunt, she’s seen enough losses to make her humble and enough injuries to make her gentle. It doesn’t matter how many games she’s played, all of those things can happen in one [read more]

  • BryanJulia

    The Emmys moments everyone is talking about.

      The Emmys happened. Famous television people were there and also, inexplicably, so was Julia Roberts. They wore dresses. They said things. They won things. They kissed each other. The whole thing went for hours, though. So we’ve handpicked the only moments that truly mattered. Starting with the best / most ridiculous. 1. When Bryan Cranston [read more]

  • elephants 1

    Is your overseas holiday contributing to animal cruelty?

              If you knew that your holiday was contributing to animal cruelty, would you still choose to do the same activities? The woman featured in this photo is Lek Chailert, the founder of the Save the Elephants foundation and the Elephant Nature Park. The elephants photographed with her are Jokia and [read more]

  • second child 2

    “An apology letter to my second child.”

          By JENIFER DeMATTIA My Dearest Second Child, As your arrival into this world got closer, I began making my rounds. I got together with aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and anyone else I could think of to reminisce about all the fun times. I had convinced myself that once you came, being the [read more]

  • Flu shot

    Is it too late to get the flu vaccine?

          By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST If it feels like everyone in your family or office has been struck down by the flu recently, there’s good reason. Australians have been hit by more than 20,900 cases of influenza nationally this year — double the amount of cases than at the same time last year. And mothers are at the [read more]

  • 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - Arrivals

    EMMYS RED CARPET 2014: See all the frocks here.

    Lights, camera, action. And fashion. Today is the 2014 Prime Time Emmy Awards, which means just one thing – red carpet frocks. We’ll be updating the gallery as the red carpet pictures come in so keep checking back for all the hits and misses:    While you’re here, why don’t you take a look through some of the [read more]

  • miley cyrus my friends place 2

    Everyone is talking about Miley Cyrus. For a very different reason this time.

      By MELISSA WELLHAM Last night everyone was talking about Miley Cyrus at the VMAs – which might feel a little bit like déjà vu, because that’s exactly what happened last year. Except last year, everyone was talking about this moment: And this year, they were talking about this moment: After winning the award for [read more]

  • reddit photoshops baby wombat

    If there was ever a perfect use for photoshop, this is it.

              Leah the baby wombat was rescued from the side of the road after her mother was killed by a car in a country Victoria. She weighed in at 300 grams, required bottle feeding every three hours, and has now fully recovered. Excited by her success, her carers posted a photo of [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow.

    “I would rather eat a box of hair than be able to do this during a flight.”

          By REBECCA SPARROW I’m getting nervous. This morning it was announced that both Virgin and Qantas will now allow passengers to keep their mobile phones switched ON (but in flight mode) for the entire length of a flight. From take off to landing. Here’s how it was reported on ABC News: “Qantas [read more]

  • What would you do if your child's school sent this article home in a newsletter?

    The Melbourne school newsletter that has left a school community HORRIFIED.

            By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Rachel* is the mother of two daughters at a co-ed primary school in bayside Melbourne. Her daughters thought little of their friendships with boys in their class, or the boys they played tennis with every week. But this month, the older of Rachel’s girls came home clutching her school newsletter, pointing to a full-page [read more]

  • ice-feature

    How one 30-second video made this girl a viral sensation.

            Everyone is officially sick of Ice Bucket Challenge videos. We get that. Obviously, when someone has ice water poured over their head, they’re going to scream or squeal or jump and down etc etc etc. Seen one, seen ‘em all. But this one is actually worth the minute it takes out [read more]

  • dv1953023

    7 secrets nobody at Mothers Group confesses to.

          By LISA MITCHELL Mother’s group really is a lifesaver during those first few years of parenting uncertainty. I managed to keep the same mother’s group for both of my children and we soon became experts at ‘parking’ our prams at our favourite cafe. It was like a clever jigsaw puzzle. And we’d [read more]

  • taking kids out in public

    Twenty four hours with no kids, no husband and a king-size hotel bed.

              By BERN MORLEY As parents, it’s often easy to forget that we had a whole other life before our children arrived on the scene. A life that included sleep-ins, “me time” and self-indulgence. Because back then, let’s face it, the only people we had to worry about, were ourselves. There’s [read more]

  • court and jules

    30 Nights Of Nookie.

          By COURTNEY BECK Do you remember the first time you made love to your partner? If you were drunk, do you remember the 5th time? The first time you were completely sober, and it was electric. Can you remember the parts of their body that you loved? The nook you wanted to [read more]

  • jayneashley

    Just when this family thought they were through the worst, tragedy struck again.

            This story is miraculous and heart breaking in equal measure. Port Macquarie woman Jayne Wren gave birth to her baby prematurely in Fiji on 31 May, then lost her husband just days after arriving back in Australia. And now, she’s opened up about the ordeal in a heartbreaking interview on the Today show, telling [read more]

  • Sam Armytage dating

    Sam Armytage says some true things about dating.

              Sam Armytage would rather be at home with a good book than on a terrible date with a dickhead. YEAH GIRL. PREACH, ETC. The sensible TV presenter says that she’s ready to meet someone special, but she doesn’t really know where or when or how. And to be honest? She’s [read more]