• JK Rowling regrets

    Gwyneth Paltrow is dating again. And he’s from Glee.

              The good word is that Gwyneth Paltrow is back in the dating game. And the lucky guy is … American Horror Story producer, Brad Falchuk.  Gwyneth and Brad sitting in the tree, G-L-E-E-I-N-G   The two met on the set of Glee, which Falchuk also produces and Gwyneth has guest starred in. A [read more]

  • beach

    “I’m sorry, sister, but your wedding was just cruel.”

            By SANDRA MILSON My sister got married last week. She wore a soft, chiffon, empire-line gown, and her husband-to-be had an actual tear in his eye as she sashayed down some sandy steps to swap handwritten vows on a secluded beach. Afterwards, a waiter in a linen suit served cocktails on a balcony before the [read more]

  • jennifer lawrence nude photos

    Check out what Jennifer Lawrence just bought for a cool $7m.

          The Hunger Games this isn’t. It’s lovely and charming and HUGE and idyllic and and dainty and soft and pink and elegant and has fairy lights. Ok, Jennifer Lawrence just bought a new house, and it looks something that you would find in a fairytale, rather than in District 12. If only we had [read more]

  • 2dayfmpromo

    Which breakfast radio star just announced they’re quitting?

            It must be that time of year again… After just one year in radio, co-host/singer/model/actor Sophie Monk has quit the struggling 2dayFM breakfast show. Perhaps 2dayFM was ‘poison’ to her career? (If you don’t get the Bardot reference you didn’t watch enough reality television in 1999 and we are sad for you. [read more]

  • honey boo boo family

    UPDATE: Honey Boo Boo’s sister says she was abused by her mother’s “boyfriend”.

              Warning: This article could be triggering to anyone who has been the victim of sexual assault. UPDATE: Since Mamamia published this post on October 24, more details on the story have come to light. Including: Mama June’s elder daughter Anna Cardwell – also known as Chickadee – has told Radar Online that her [read more]

  • ebola-6 facebool

    8 reasons why we need to send Australians to help stop Ebola.

        By AMY STOCKWELL Over the past week a political debate has broken out about whether Australia is doing its fair share to prevent the spread of the deadly Ebola virus. Ebola has now infected 9000 people and  killed more than 4500 people, mostly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. The United States Centres for Disease [read more]

  • nat imbruglia thumb

    Here’s all the best snaps from the ELLE Australia Style Awards last night.

              By LAUREN WILLIAMSON. There were man-skirts, mermaid pant-suits and barrel-loads of champagne at the first ever ELLE Australia Style awards, last night. The celebration of local and international fashion was chock full of international celebrity appearances including Rachel Zoe, iconic designer Jean Paul Gaultier and Zoe Kravitz, who performed with her band [read more]

  • Jordan Rice QLD floods

    This hero’s family has been devastated all over again. Can you help?

            By MEGAN WRIGHT. It’s been almost four years since John Tyson lost his partner Donna and eldest son, Jordan Rice, in the 2011 Queensland floods. The father of two describes Jordan as a courageous boy who “will always be a hero to me, and one of the bravest people I know [read more]

  • Mamamia Out Loud podcast

    Egg freezing and the return of Monica Lewinsky. Podcast episode 3 is live.

              By KATE LEAVER Would you let your boss pay you to freeze your eggs? Do you feel sorry for Monica Lewinsky, after all these years? Have you ever left a party without saying goodbye? There are no wrong answers here. We discuss all of it on this week’s episode of the Mamamia OutLoud [read more]

  • questions about vegetarianism 1

    These are the questions I want answered when I die.

        Guys. I’ve worked out what Heaven is. Well… my own non-religious-but-still-hedging-my-bets version, anyway. Everyone has a theory about Heaven. Fluffy white clouds, lots of soft floaty things and flowers (unless you have hay fever, in which case Hell), etc. I always picture this scene in the awful Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky that shows [read more]

  • obama hug copy

    Saturday’s news in less than five minutes.

    1. Two killed and four injured as 15-year-old student opens fire in Washington school. A teacher has heroically prevented a massacre from occurring at Marysville-Pilchuck High School in Washington. First-year social studies teacher, Megan Silberberger, reportedly walked up to the armed student, 15-year-old Jaylen Fryberg, and grabbed his arm as he reloaded his gun after [read more]

  • roksana_360

    What if your teenage daughter plotted to kill you?

              By JOANNA ROBIN. It’s every parent’s worst nightmare, but a Michigan couple are standing by their adopted daughter even though she was planning to kill them. Roksana Sikorski, 15, stabbed her brother in the neck and revealed to police that she and her 23-year-old boyfriend had been plotting to kill her mum [read more]

  • C-Lindop

    Sport on Saturdays: This is what it’s like to be a female jockey right now.

              In the last two weeks, we’ve seen three separate tragedies at our Australian racecourses. And all three have involved female jockeys. The first was Carly-Mae Pye, a 26-year-old jockey who died during a training race at Callaghan Park in Rockhampton, Queensland. The horse Pye was riding broke both his front [read more]

  • selling-sports-clothes-mamamia-290x360

    This ad is every bit as painful as running without a bra.

          By SAM SQUIERS Oh. So, Lonsdale’s doing lingerie now? That’s what I first thought when they announced their new campaign on instagram recently. There was Annette Melton (stunning model and new Lonsdale ambassador), rolling around seductively on a bed in her underwear. Surely they couldn’t be trying to sell sports clothes? I [read more]

  • elsa-t-shirt-thumb-jpg

    This T-shirt isn’t the problem. You’re the problem.

    By MAGGIE HAMILTON Silly parents, I’m looking at you. Over-reactive, over-protective parents who are expending precious energy stressing about things that really don’t matter, I’m pointing an un-manicured finger in your direction. How do you know if I am, indeed, calling you foolish? Here’s the test: Are you offended by this T-shirt?:   The one on the left [read more]

  • bigamistpic

    She saw a lavish wedding on Facebook. Then she realised her husband was the groom.

      Yvonne Gibney and her husband Maurice Gibney had been married for 17 years. So when the 55-year-old mother-of-two logged onto Facebook and saw photos of a lavish wedding ceremony on an overseas beach, the last person she expected to see suited up as a groom was her husband. But that’s exactly what she found: photos [read more]

  • introverts

    Half the people in your life will identify with this post. The other half can learn something from it.

    By ROMY DALY Everybody knows one. Maybe you are one. And if you are, maybe you’re sick of being told that you don’t like ‘people’. Yes, you scream (inwardly) I like ‘people’. I just find them f-ing exhausting. If you don’t or can’t relate to introverts, or are sick of the noisy extroverts thinking you [read more]

  • sleepingatdesk-crop2-jpg

    Finally. A reason for Generation Y to feel smug about their work ethic.

        For years, employers have been ragging on Generation Y for their supposedly lousy work ethic. But it seems Gen Y are finally off the hook, because a new study suggests Generation Z — those born in the 1990s and now entering the workforce for the very first time — are absolute shockers when [read more]

  • ReneeCrop1

    The one thing everyone missed in THAT Renee Zellweger photo.

      We need to talk about that Renee Zellweger photo. And not in the way you might think. Here is the photo of Renee that everyone has been talking about:   But let’s take a second to zoom out on that image. Here’s the full image:     HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that the world [read more]

  • sexy-hw-feature

    This is what happens when men try on women’s ‘sexy’ halloween costumes.

          Halloween is almost upon us, which obviously means that we’re abut to see 458 different versions of the ‘sexy insert-thing-here’ costume. You know the ones; they just involve lingerie and some kind of mildly descriptive prop. ‘Sexy Cat’ = Lingerie with ears. ‘Sexy Doctor’ = Lingerie with stethoscope. ‘Sexy Grape’ = Lingerie with [read more]

  • brad-pitt-new-orleans

    Zach Galifianakis mentions the TV show Friends. And Brad Pitt’s reaction is perfect.

      Awkwardness is FUNNY. Just ask Zach Galifianakis. The Hangover actor (and established comedian) has a parody interview ‘show’ called Between Two Ferns for the comedy website Funny Or Die.  In a nutshell, he sits between two ferns, and awkwardly interviews celebrities. It is brilliant. Everyone from Bruce Willis to Barack Obama has sat down and been at the mercy [read more]

  • texting after marriage

    The way texting changes after you say “I do”.

        By ALEXIS CAREY Remember when you first started dating that special someone and everything was sunshine, rainbows and endless love heart emojis? Then, the years pass by. You get married. And all of a sudden, all those “I love yous” and “sweet dreams” and other lovey-dovey texts are replaced by “oks” and “what’s for dinners”. For their [read more]

  • storage hacks feat

    Storage porn for the Type A’s of the world.

                By HELEN VNUK My house was pretty much under control before I had kids. I had plenty of things, but I knew where to find them. I had cans of food neatly lined up in my pantry. I had books grouped by subject on the shelves. I had CDs [read more]

  • How to prepare for the spring races

    The perfect formula for looking your best at the spring races.

          By JOSEFA PETE The lawns are manicured, the roses are pruned and the horses are lined up in preparation for the race that stops the nation. Spring racing is in the air. Racegoers are opening their closets, dusting off their hats and starting to feel the buzz of excitement. While spring racing [read more]

  • best and worst

    Mamamia’s Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

        By CLAUDIA WOOD Exhale! It’s finally Friday and while I can’t say I’m exactly looking forward to the weekend, which includes going to work for some poor souls, I’m definitely on the highway to the good life that is not university. It’s also that time of the week to relive our highs and [read more]

  • Zelda Williams and her dad Robin.

    Zelda Williams has a new tattoo in honour of her late father Robin.

        Zelda Williams has a beautiful new tattoo for her late father, comic genius Robin Williams.   25-year-old Zelda released a picture on Instagram yesterday, showing a new tattoo of a hummingbird on her right hand. Robin’s birth date, the 21st of July 1951, is written below in numbers as 7 – 21 – 51. [read more]

  • colin-feature

    See the exact moment this kid realised it – he was stuck.

            This is Colin Lambert:       Colin is 18 months old, and he looks a little troubled because he’s got himself into a bit of a pickle. Let’s zoom out, shall we:   Little Colin, explorer-extraordinaire, saw some toys and decided he wanted to be with those toys. So he [read more]

  • anna and tim

    Frockwatch: Are ‘spullet’ dresses a Thing now?

    By MAMAMIA STYLE It was the week that Blake Lively and Kate Middleton set some new, impossibly-high standards for maternity wear. And it was the week when the world went crazy over Renee Zellweger’s face. But for our money, the most interesting red-carpet moment of the week didn’t happen over in London or LA. It happened in Sydney at Who Magazine’s Sexiest [read more]

  • nathancirilllo

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Canada shooting       Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said his country will “never be intimidated” after a soldier and a gunman were shot dead in Ottawa. Yesterday a masked gunman killed a soldier at Canada’s war memorial and stormed parliament before being shot dead by the ceremonial sergeant-at-arms. Prime Minister Harper [read more]

  • She's got one hell of a mouth.

    Video of racist tour guide on a drunken tirade goes viral.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON     Maybe she had had a bad day. A bad year? Or maybe she is just xenophobic.  This tour guide in San Francisco has let out all of her (nasty) views in a drunken racist rant on an open-air bus. The woman was captured on video by a German tourist as [read more]