• Mistreatment and abuse of children

    She was silenced for the first 24 years of her life. But now she is speaking louder than ever.

            By Jenna Rathbone, Bravhearts Inc.  Sickeningly, her father said he was standing up for the rights of children – that children deserved to feel the same sexual satisfaction as adults.  Unbelievably, her mother justified it by saying ‘better your father than some stranger taught this to you’. Such was the heinous [read more]

  • trekking for autism 1

    ‘If only people would look a little closer, they would find a very caring and honest person.’

              By PETER HOSKING My name is Peter Hosking. I am trekking 655 kilometres through the Australian Alps Walking Track this summer to raise awareness about autism. I personally have high functioning autism, and find living every day a struggle to stay positive. Many people do not understand the way I [read more]

  • include a charity

    Helping the good work live on.

                By INCLUDE A CHARITY Ron and Jeanette Schofield of NSW have been supporting children and communities in need for more than 30 years. As coordinators of a World Vision Community Group, they’ve fundraised for emergency appeals, development projects and a fistula hospital in Ethiopia. Since 1995 alone – when [read more]

  • refugee camp in jordan

    These children deserve a safe place they can call home.

    By DR GRAHAM THOM As a father myself, there’s something particularly haunting about seeing kids trying to play in a desert, made up of rocks and dust, devoid of anything you’d relate to a normal childhood. Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan is 12 kilometres away from the border with Syria and a place I recently [read more]

  • taking kids out in public

    The things I miss about my life before kids.

        By BERN MORLEY There’s no shame in admitting that you miss certain parts about your life BC (before children). Just because you have reproduced and now care for another human, this doesn’t mean that you stop being one yourself. I was, by today’s standards, a fairly young mother. Barely past the young adulthood [read more]

  • effects of wearing sunscreen

    This is what happens to your skin when you don’t wear sunscreen.

    By KAHLA PRESTON Unless you’ve been living in parallel universe where ‘Slip Slop Slap’ campaigns don’t exist, you should be aware that prolonged time in the sun isn’t great for your skin. But what you probably don’t realise – unless you have UV vision (in which case: awesome!) – is that sun damage can run much deeper than freckles, burns and [read more]

  • Hannah Trigger

    Sport on Saturdays: A professional snowboarder gives us her best snow tips.

          By NAT HAWK How many bones have you broken? How many concussions have you had? How many ACLs have you blown? And how many surgeries have you had to have? Imagine dealing with nine broken bones, six surgeries, four serious concussions and two blown ACLs. That’s the injury track record of Hannah [read more]

  • gay teacher comes out

    He came out as gay in a whole-school assembly. Four years later, he received this email.

            In 2010, David Weston was a teacher at Watford Grammar School for Boys in Hertfordshire, England. During an assembly that year, Weston stood up in front of all 1200 boys at the school and told them he was a gay man. And, four years later, he received a letter from a former [read more]

  • nina proudman fashion offspring

    The idiot’s guide to Offspring… by someone who has never watched it.

    By MELISSA HUGZILLA It all began with an innocent Facebook post. Well, if I am to be entirely honest, it wasn’t an innocent post. It was in large part designed to convey my jubilation and relief at the series finale of Offspring and in even larger part designed to poke my Offspring-loving friends for a reaction. It started [read more]

  • kitty flanagan

    Confused about whether or not you’re a feminist? Watch this.

      Australian comedian Kitty Flanagan appeared on The Project this week, and said what so many of us wanted to say about Women Against Feminism. (Click here if you need a crash course on the Women Against Feminism movement.) Her basic basic point? If you are a woman against feminism, you are a little confused. [read more]

  • fruit bread

    Mamamia’s food blogger takes on the Toasted Sandwich challenge.

          By ELLY JEAN-LOUIS To me, there is nothing more comforting than a cheese toastie. You need to savour the moment of indulgence when you bite into a crisp buttery parcel filled with pleasingly gooey goodness. I’m sure that most of our parents brought us up on the ‘classic’ toasted cheese and over [read more]

  • gluten free weetbix

    Weetbix changed its recipe, and the week’s other top health and beauty news.

            Ladies and gentlemen, you might want to sit down before you read this: Weet-Bix has changed its recipe in a big way. A biiig way. That doesn’t sound like much, but of all the health and beauty-related stories that came to our attention this week, this one surprised/bemused us the most. [read more]

  • Beyonce

    FLUFF: Did Beyonce Photoshop this Instagram picture?

      Take a look at this picture from Queen Bey’s Instagram account and tell us if you see anything that’s a little off: Nope? Just a picture of an obscenely rich celebrity enjoying a few summer glasses of wine in the sun? Okay, now look again, focusing on Mrs Carter‘s iPhone on the table: Yep. [read more]

  • jennifer lawrence and chris martin dating

    Are Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin dating?

          Stop the presses! Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are dating. Maybe. Kind of. According to E! News, which is one step up from ‘according to TMZ’, no? E! News is reporting that “multiple sources” have confirmed the romance between 24-year-old Lawrence and 37-year-old Martin. Lawrence was also spotted at an after party [read more]

  • Ruby Rose diva magazine

    Ruby Rose and fiancee looking HOT on magazine cover.

        Ruby Rose and her fiancee Phoebe Dahl have appeared on the cover of Diva Magazine, the UK and Europe’s leading lesbian and bisexual magazine. The cover girls appear in two shots, which 28-year-old Rose Instagrammed. The one on the left is for newsstands, while the one on the right will be sent to [read more]

  • Wayne Swan book

    Saturday’s news in less than two minutes.

    Wayne Swan calls Rudd “extremely vindictive and juvenile” in new book Wayne Swan thinks Kevin Rudd has an “unstable personality” and that his treatment of people was “extraordinarily vindictive and juvenile”. In an extract from the former treasurer’s memoir The Good Flight: Six Years, Two Prime Ministers and Staring Down the Great Recession, exclusively published [read more]

  • nat feat book

    9 classic movies every girl needs to see before she turns 13.

        By NATALIA HAWK There are plenty of reasons why I look forward to having kids. One of them being – family movie nights. I can’t wait until the day that I have little ones, and I can start pulling out movies from my childhood to show them. There are so many movies throughout [read more]

  • Lucy Ormonde

    Dear person with a car horn addiction, please stop. You’re ruining my peaceful drive to work.

            By LUCY ORMONDE Growing up, my mum only had one set of rules for whom I could and could not date. And that was this. Any boy who beeped his car horn out the front of the house – rather than take the time to come inside, knock on the front [read more]

  • tony abbott mh17

    Dear Tony Abbott, it’s time to pivot.

              By FIONA SUGDEN The Abbott government has finally reached a fork in the road on their new “signature” paid parental leave scheme. They can either take the super highway of turning a mistake into a win for families by dropping the scheme and redirecting the $5 billion to boost our [read more]

  • india-acid-attack-6v2

    These victims of horrific acid attacks have started modelling – and they’re gorgeous.

      Four years ago, a young Indian girl called Rupa had acid thrown on her face by her stepmother while she was sleeping. Rupa’s face was heavily burnt and scared after the attack, and for years she refused to go outside without a scarf covering her face. But all that changed when 22 year old Rupa, would always [read more]

  • nude housee

    There are 2 types of families in this world: The Nudes and The Never Nudes.

          By EM RUSCIANO Do you let your kids view your junk? Do you get your lady garden out with wild abandon for all the family to see? Have your bapps on display? Do your testicles feel the cool summer breeze as you stroll through the house of a morning waiting for your shirt [read more]

  • taylorswift

    Guess how much Taylor Swift’s matching outfit cost. (Hint: it’s less than you think.)

            By NICKY CHAMP I never thought I’d say this, but well played Taylor Swift, well played. WAIT. Make that well played H&M. The global fashion chain dressed T-Swizzle for the New York press conference for her new movie, The Giver. And it was a cracker. The combined outfit (if you exclude the metallic pink Elie Saab heels) [read more]

  • downton

    Whoops: Can you spot the epic mistake in this Downton Abbey photo?

    UPDATE The cast of Downton Abbey have responded to what has now been called ‘Water-gate’ via Twitter. Posting this hilarious image alongside the caption “The cast of #Downton embraced ‘water bottle-gate’ today:” Well played guys, very well played. Mamamia previously reported: Guys. You had ONE job. Seriously:     This almost seems too good to be [read more]

  • Zelda Williams and her dad Robin.

    “I think the world owes Robin Williams’ daughter an apology.”

        By REBECCA SPARROW I made the mistake of Googling two words last night:  “Zelda Williams”. And I wish I hadn’t. Over dinner a friend had told me that Robin William’s daughter Zelda had written a poignant and touching  message to her father’s fans. I’d been told that she’d said that despite how much she was [read more]

  • the-bachelor-2014

    Where has Osher gone? The Bachelor Recaps – Episode 6.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND For the second night in a row, we open on the girls casually hanging around the house just casually being totally casual. It doesn’t feel right. How are we supposed to know if Bachie is taking this seriously unless we see him contemplating life while playing some kind [read more]

  • flex

    40 years worth of primary school students surprise their favourite teacher on her last day.

                Nancy Flexer has been a first-grade teacher for over 40 years. On her last day, the adorable Kid President helped gather her past students, some she taught as far back as 1973, for a surprise party. In the video, ex-students both young and old share stories of how their first primary school teacher [read more]

  • harrietwranfacebook2

    She’s a socialite and daughter of an Australian political icon. She’s just been charged with murder.

          Harriet Wran was a privately-schooled Sydney socialite, the daughter of a Labor icon and the goddaughter of Kerry Packer. But this week, the nation is watching in horror as the 26-year-old beauty dramatically falls from grace. Ms Wran, the daughter of late NSW premier Neville Wran, told police she was ‘numb on ice’ when she allegedly stabbed [read more]

  • Gable Tostee " You are bound to get

    News: Gable Tostee has been charged with murder.

        Gable Tostee has been arrested and charged with the murder of New Zealand tourist Warriena Wright. Wright, 26, fell to her death last Friday from the balcony of Tostee’s Surfers Paradise apartment after meeting him on dating app Tinder. Tostee, 28, was was being processed at Surfers Paradise police station after his arrest shortly before noon today and was later taken to [read more]

  • cyberbullying girl

    1 in 5 Australian kids have experienced this. And the consequences can be devastating.

          It’s a statistic sure to concern any parent: one in five Australian children aged eight to 15 has experienced cyberbullying. Just as shocking is the fact that three-quarters of all Australian schools reported cyberbullying last year — with an average of  22 complaints every year in a secondary school. That’s the equivalent of an [read more]

  • The Real Newsreaders of Syd

    Natalie Barr, Sandra Sully and Lee Lin Chin are actually starring in ‘The Real Newsreaders of Sydney’.

        There is no introductory copy that could do what you are about to see justice:     Yes, Channel 10′s Sandra Sully, SBS World News’ Lee Lin Chin and Channel 7 Sunrise’s Natalie Barr are The Real Newsreaders of Sydney. Take a look:     “I party hard, but I read the news even [read more]