• Shakira pregnant again

    Pregnant pop star alert. Groovy baby incoming.

            Whenever, wherever, they’ll always be together. Her hips don’t lie, Spanish lyrics, etc. SHAKIRA IS PREGNANT. The 37-year-old Colombian singer has just confirmed that yes, she’s pregnant with her second child. She and her boyfriend Gerard Pique became parents for the first time 19 months ago, with this little munchkin: Here [read more]

  • ELLENshower

    Ellen DeGeneres confronts a celebrity in the shower.

        Ellen DeGeneres is physically incapable of being un-funny. The comedian just showed up on the last episode of Chelsea Handler‘s talk show…. While Chelsea was inexplicably naked in a fake shower. She’s there to confront Chelsea about never having been invited on her show. She’s wearing a shower cap. Look, it’s just not worth explaining [read more]

  • Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt at the 2014 BAFTAs.Facundo Arrizabalaga:AAP Click to enlarge

    NEWS: Brad and Angelina’s big announcement.

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have announced they were married in France at the weekend. They have always said that they’d get married when gay marriage becomes legal in all US states, but it seems Brangelina weren’t able to hold out.  Jolie, 39, and Pitt, 50, have been together since 2005 and got engaged in [read more]

  • Actress Jennifer Aniston poses in the press room at the 81st Aca

    Jennifer Aniston says what every woman without children is BUSTING to tell us.

          By MIA FREEDMAN “If one more person tells me it’s not too late to have a baby and I could always use donor eggs, I will rip out my empty uterus and beat them to death with it,” my friend complained to me this morning via text. She is 45 and unmarried [read more]

  • swearring-girl-feature

    Swearing toddler apologises for her F-Bomb.

        Is there anything funnier than an adorable 2-year-old girl screaming an unexpected profanity? No. This kid’s parents nominated her for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and while she appears a willing participant, it’s painfully obvious when she drops an epic F-Bomb that she didn’t quite understand what ‘ice bucket challenge’ actually meant:     [read more]

  • Sen. Waters at a protest.

    We need to say once and for all: homophobia and sexism are not the Australian way.

        By SENATOR LARISSA WATERS One of the best things about being a politician is being able to throw your support behind worthy causes. It really disappoints me that some politicians would abuse that privilege to support harmful, prejudiced ideas instead. It’s unacceptable for the Abbott government’s Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews to be [read more]

  • hello-kitty

    IMPORTANT BREAKING NEWS: It has been confirmed that Hello Kitty is NOT A CAT.

        BREAKING NEWS. It has been revealed today that popular Japanese cartoon character ‘Hello Kitty’ is not, in fact, a cat. Drop everything and keep reading RIGHT NOW. If there’s one news story you need to be across this week, it’s this one. This is Hello Kitty: As you can see, Hello Kitty has [read more]

  • lara bingle instagram august

    My secret shame: loving Lara Bingle.

        By ALISSA WARREN Every piece of media commentary and societal peer pressure tells me that as an adult heterosexual woman, I should not be among Lara Bingle’s fan base. There are many reasons for this, most notably that I don’t want to have sex with her but also that she doesn’t really…..stand for anything. [read more]

  • selfiepicture

    She cannot ask for her life back, but she can ask for our attention.

        Three years ago, Barbie Ritzco had a double mastectomy. The US breast cancer survivor was left with heavy scarring, as well as radiation-damaged skin that would not withstand a breast reconstruction. But instead of hiding her scars away, Barbie did something quite marvellous: she designed a stunning, heart-shaped tattoo that spanned her entire chest. Then, she [read more]

  • carrie-bickmore-the-project-wearing-contemporary-jewellery-22.02.12

    Carrie Bickmore needs your help.

              Brave Carrie Bickmore. Last night the gorgeous host of Channel Ten’s The Project spoke sincerely about raising awareness for brain cancer. It’s a cause close to her heart, Bickmore lost her husband, Greg Lange to the disease almost four years ago. It was a moving and important segment that we [read more]

  • facebook down

    “I’ve been Facebook free for 2 years. And I’ve never been happier.”

          By LUCY KIPPIST I’ve almost clocked two years without Facebook. Yep, two years without even a single status post, photograph or even a sneaky look-in.  I can’t get into my account anymore. I’ve been locked out. I am officially a person without Facebook. Imagine how many babies have been born, weddings attended, [read more]

  • zara tshirt

    Dear Fashion Industry, are you on crack?

      It’s official, the fashion industry has completely lost touch. Fashion giant Zara has been forced to pull a children’s t-shirt that bares uncanny similarities to a concentration camp uniform. Yes, you read that correctly. Zara argues that the t-shirt for children up to a size 3 “was inspired by the sheriff’s stars from the [read more]

  • pubic hair

    FINALLY: Scientists have given us an answer on whether or not we should shave our pubes.

                By ROSIE WATERLAND Legitimate science people have revealed legitimate science information about pube shaving, and it has blown the whole god damn system WIDE OPEN. The general consensus has always been that if you ever make the mistake of shaving your special area, the pubes will take on a life of their [read more]

  • mia freedman

    MIA: When is it okay to just let your child quit?

          By MIA FREEDMAN Angst #1: I don’t want to teach my kids to be quitters. Angst #2: I don’t want to be a tiger mum who forces my kids to do stuff they hate. There are so many moments in parenting like this. Rock and a hard place. Confusion. Paralysis. And I’m [read more]

  • maryprofileshot

    Mary Brandon told a man to stop grabbing her arse. Here’s what he did next.

    Trigger warning: This post contains a graphic image and may be distressing for some readers.   This is what Mary Brandon looked like prior to attending a famous festival on London on Monday:   And this distressing picture shows the British woman’s bloodied and swollen face afterwards: The image is going viral, after the Leeds student took to Facebook to [read more]

  • the-bachelor-2014

    Bachelor kisses a girl in front of all the others. Because DRAMA.

        By ROSIE WATERLAND Okay. Woah. Woah. Not only do we open on Bachie today, but we open on Bachie READING THE NEWSPAPER. As in, the one with words. AND, he has a shirt on! WHAT IS THIS? Is this to remind us that he’s a business man who does business things? Must be. And [read more]

  • Nat travel

    You don’t need to change your life to get healthy. Just start with these 4 simple things.

            By NAT HAWK It’s the same story we’ve heard a million times before. Woman goes on holiday. Woman eats everything in sight. Woman gets home and realises that she doesn’t fit into her jeans anymore. For the last three weeks, that woman has been me. I have been eating my way [read more]

  • Diary of the Dying mamamia

    This could be a game-changer for cancer patients.

      Diary of the Dying By ANA FERGUSON   “I’m sorry, it’s cancer. We can’t do anything.” Those words change you. Your life as you know is gone, over, kaput. If you’ve ever heard those words roll off a doctor’s tongue, you know exactly what it feels like in the core of your being. You know [read more]

  • Charlize Theron turning 40

    Charlize Theron says some really good things about turning 40.

            Charlize Theron has done some thinking. The offensively beautiful actress is 39 right now, which means she’ll be 40 at her next birthday. This normal passage of time has forced Theron to think about what it means to be alive and what it means to be beautiful. To start with, she is [read more]

  • Ai Hin.

    Genius panda has been faking a pregnancy to get more food.

        BY LARRISSA HUGGARD This is Ai Hin:   She is a Giant Panda. And, depending on which way you look at it, she’s either a lying, dream-killing, trust-destroying panda, or a crazy-smart, GENIUS panda. Ai Hin has been faking a pregnancy to get special treatment. Ai Hin gave the zookeepers of  Chengdu Research [read more]

  • Emma Stone new hair

    Emma Stone has drastic new hair on her excellent head.

    Emma Stone has hair. She is also famous. Therefore, when she dares to change her famous hair, we are all entitled to a deeply personal, visceral reaction. Here is Emma Stone, pre-haircut. Here is Emma Stone, post-haircut. These are our feelings and observations on the matter: 1. She has less hair than she did before. [read more]

  • Justin Bieber comments about Princess Diana

    Justin Bieber compares himself to Princess Diana.

              Justin Bieber has a complicated relationship with automobiles. When he drag-races a canary yellow Lambourghini through neighbourhood streets drunk and high on his mother’s pain medication, that’s absolutely fine. Illegal and dangerous, etc etc, but fine by Justin’s personal code of ethics. But. When a paparazzo makes a gentle ding in his red Ferrari? That [read more]

  • stepehn

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Mother of journalist pleads with ISIS The mother of US journalist Steven Sotloff, who has been held captive by ISIS for over a year, has made a plea for her son’s release. Steven Sotloff appeared last week in an ISIS video showing the decapitation of American journalist James Foley. It was threatened that he would be [read more]

  • Utah mum

    What would drive a mother to do this?

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON   Warning: This post deals with distressing issues surrounding alleged maternal filicide and may be upsetting for some readers. The sound coming from the garbage bin was cat-like. Like a kitten meowing for its mother. When concerned neighbours went to retrieve what they assumed as a kitten they were stunned to find a [read more]

  • 9 year old shooting

    This 9 y/o just killed someone. And she’ll live with that fact for the rest of her life.

            UPDATE: 30/08 The family of the shooting instructor shot by a nine-year-old at an Arizona ranch have said that their prayers are with the little girl and her family. Speaking on the Today show, instructor Charles Vacca’s 19-year-old daughter Ashley said her father’s death was something they were “all going to have [read more]

  • judge mary

    Judge: “Rape conviction statistics will not improve until women stop getting so drunk.”

        A female judge says women have to stop ‘getting so drunk’ in order for the rape conviction rate to improve. In an interview with the Oxford Mail newspaper, Judge Mary Mowat, 66, said: “I’m probably going to be pilloried for saying so but the rape conviction statistics will not improve until women stop [read more]

  • Alissa Warren.

    “I was antibiotics shamed.”

            By ALISSA WARREN I’m a victim of the latest shame campaign. Med-shaming. And I’m a glad recipient of the title. For one week, the five people that make up my family have been taking antibiotics. All of us. Me, my husband and our three kids. But that confession has been met [read more]

  • Taylor Swift Shake it Off

    The last pop star you ever thought would be called racist.

      By MYLES RUSSELL COOK In the same week American rapper Nicki Minaj released Anaconda, a music video dedicated to celebrating “the butt”, US singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released a video, Shake It Off, accidentally dedicated to highlighting white privilege. The public shaming of Swift for perpetuating racial stereotypes and accusations of cultural appropriation started to [read more]

  • mamamia open post

    Open Post: Tell us how your week’s been.

          Hi friends! Welcome to Open Post. If you’re new here, this is the place where we come together and talk about our weeks – the good, the bad, the ugly. I’m Caitlin and I’m particularly excited to be hosting Open Post this week because it’s my first week working for Mamamia! It’s been [read more]

  • Six companies in the world have achieved gender equality in senior management. SIX.

    Every company in the world should be achieving this. Only 60 are.

                Do you need a really, really, really good reason to buy a new lipstick? Here’s one! L’Oreal America has just become the first company in the United States to earn an EDGE. That’s a fancy acronym for Economic Dividends for Gender Equality. And yes, it’s a good thing. A very, very [read more]