• should I tell my children the truth about the easter bunny  1

    Group Therapy: When is it time to kill off the Easter Bunny?

    Share          I’m wondering how long I have to keep up this Easter Bunny caper. I know, I know… pretending there is an Easter Bunny is part of the magic of childhood and a good mother would keep it up as long as possible to the point where she works hard to [read more]

  • claire primrose

    The hidden beauty in crumbling walls and plants pushing up through the footpath.

    Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. It’s our corner of the internet where we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit out of their vagina. (Kidding. Maybe.) The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, or captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out a little bit more about the [read more]

  • This.

    This is how men respond when women make sexist remarks.

      If you are a woman, it’s likely you’ve had a “show us yer tits, love” casually yelled at you out of a car window at some point in time. But what would happen if women started yelling at men out of their car windows instead. Leah Green, a video producer from The Guardian, decided [read more]

  • kids react to walkmans

    Watch a bunch of kids try to figure out how to operate a Walkman.

      This is hilarious/horrifying. As part of the Kids React YouTube series, a bunch of youngsters have been given a Walkman to play with. And, it’s needless to say that the kids of Generation iPod struggled a bit. Take a look.   Do you now feel tempted to go give a tape-player to the first kid [read more]

  • long weekend every weekend 3

    The compelling reason why every weekend should be four days long.

          Proponents of shorter work time have received two pieces of good news recently. One is the announcement of a new law in France to prevent employees being required to read work emails out of office hours. The other is the decision in Sweden to experiment with a six-hour work day for some [read more]

  • what kate wore today

    What Kate wore today.

    There’s one question that women around Australia are asking with every day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Royal Tour of Australia. And that’s ‘what was Kate wearing today?’ And today, on their first day in Brisbane, it was this stunning white dress adorned with blue poppies: This Lasa Poppy Print dress that the [read more]

  • baby, babies, feet, babies feet, new mum

    FLUFF: Baby news for one of our favourite Aussie singers.

      One of Australia’s most well known performers, and his wife, have welcomed a baby boy into the world. Proud father Guy Sebastian, his wife Jules, and their son Hudson, 3,  showed off the newest addition to their family by posting a few adorable snaps on Instagram this morning: “We are stoked to welcome little Archer Jones [read more]

  • Kate Middleton New Zealand tour

    This picture of Kate Middleton photobombing a fan is absolute gold.

    We’re calling it. Kate Middleton might have just pulled off the world’s most flawless photo-bomb. The Duchess, while on the royal tour of New Zealand last week, took a minute to create a memory this fan will surely remember forever. Source: Reddit The picture is already going viral, perfectly expressing the excitement fans have felt by [read more]

  • Michaelia Cash feminist

    Saturday’s news in under 5 minutes.

      1. Pleas from a Brisbane father to the Assistant Immigration Minister.  A Brisbane based man, David Nguyen, has expressed concern over his eight-month-old son’s wellbeing, after his Vietnamese ex-partner was denied a partner visa to stay within Australia. Mr Nguyen has pleaded with Assistant Immigration Minister Michaelia Cash to rethink this decision. “I don’t think [read more]

  • easter egg

    5 reasons why you should eat the damn chocolate this Easter.

              Over the long weekend, I plan to eat my way through several Crunchie chocolate bunnies (over 800 calories each), a few of those mini Cadbury easter eggs (about 100 calories each even though they’re only mini) and about half of a Nigella chocolate cake with chocolate ganache topping (probably about [read more]

  • wedding social media concierge

    The craziest wedding trends of 2014 so far.

    It’s not just about turning your phone off. This year’s weddings are all about pink dresses, BYO engagement rings, and well, the very opposite of invitations… Check it out: 1. Brides paying for their own bling. The men of the world are rejoicing this year because somehow they’ve managed to hand over one of their [read more]

  • man

    The 6 types of parents on Facebook. Do you have one of these? ARE you one of these?

        We’re the social media generation and given our obsession, it’s no surprise that our parents have decided to jump on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about. Presenting the typical types of parents/older people you can find on Facebook. Sound like anyone you know? The ones with the caps: SOME PARENTS [read more]

  • ferry sinks south korea

    6 things you need to know about the new NSW Premier.

              Treasurer Mike Baird became the 44th Premier of NSW yesterday afternoon, after he and Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian were elected unopposed to the Liberal Party leadership. Baird replaced former Premier Barry O’Farrell, who resigned this week after giving misleading information to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) about a $3,000 [read more]

  • how to be kind and gentle

    Let’s be gentle with one another. Let’s read each other’s signs.

        Over the Easter and ANZAC break, we’re going to bring you some of our most popular (and our favourite) posts in recent memory. They are stories that made us laugh, made us cry, or made us want to pump our fists in the air. Enjoy.   After a dear friend telling me about [read more]

  • maternity clothes

    How to make your maternity clothes last longer than 9 months.

      Picture this. You’ve booked a sitter and are meeting friends for dinner. Getting out without the children is a highlight so you have spent some time making sure you’re looking good – careful makeup, perfectly styled hair and on-trend ensemble. You’ve even slipped on those killer heels you save for special occasions. Your friends [read more]

  • Best and Worst

    Best and Worst: How was your week?

    Hi Everyone! Welcome to Best and Worst, an opportunity for Mamamia readers to share the best and worst parts of their week. I’ll get the ball rolling: Best: Well, I’ve been doing an intensive internship here at Mamamia for the past two weeks, and I’d be lying if I said that being here hasn’t been [read more]

  • chelsea-clinton-240

    Huge news for the Clinton family.

              Don’t you just love some news about the continuation of a political dynasty in the morning? Chelsea Clinton – 34-year-old daughter of Bill and Hillary – and her husband investment banker Marc Mezvinsky sneakily announced at an event at the Lower Eastside Girls Club today that they were expecting their [read more]

  • A shot the Queen would allow.

    How quickly did Kate Middleton’s tour dress sell out? VERY QUICKLY.

    The Duchess of Cambridge (or, as many still think of her fondly, ‘Kate Middleton’) is a university-educated princess powerhouse, mother to the one of the cutest bubs we’ve ever been obsessed with and also an incredibly stylish lady. No wonder then, that when she wears a dress – the world wants to wear that dress [read more]

  • jews told to register in ukraine

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Jews in east Ukraine city told to ‘register’ with pro-Russian forces. In abhorrent news, Jews living in the east Ukrainian city of Donetsk have reportedly been told to ‘register’ with the pro-Russian forces in the area. People of Jewish faith were apparently told they would need to hand over a list of the property [read more]

  • Britains Got Talent dancing granny

    Can your grandma dance like this?

        Today’s Good News post is brought to you by Vaalia. For the next four weeks we’ll be bringing you a little dose of good news. Sometimes when we turn on the TV, radio or open a newspaper, it feels like everything in the world is just sad and wrong. But there are pockets of delight and happiness, which we’ll [read more]

  • Hunter, Kate

    “Dear children, my car is not a democracy.”

              Dear children, My car is not a democracy. I want you to be safe and comfortable, certainly. But at the end of the day and at the beginning of it and throughout the middle, it’s a dictatorship and I am the dictator. In my car, I make the rules – [read more]

  • holly-wainwright

    The one thing every woman does before you step foot inside her car.

              Have you ever met a woman who hasn’t apologised for the state of her car before you step into it? We definitely haven’t. It’s often said that a woman’s car is just an extension of her handbag. And just like a handbag, you can tell a lot about a person [read more]

  • Leonardo DiCaprio fat

    Can you fat-shame a rich and famous man?

              Leonardo DiCaprio has been frolicking in the surf with his 22-year-old model girlfriend in tropical Bora Bora. He’s carefree. He’s famous. And as you may notice, he’s more rotund than usual. The internet has responded to these topless photos with a series of snarky fat-themed puns. From gossip site TMZ: “Leonardo DiCaprio [read more]

  • Tinder

    12 stupid mistakes people make on Tinder.

            I gotta say it. Tinder is bloody great fun. I can be as judgemental as I want, and no one can judge my judgementalism. And boy, am I judgemental! My trigger finger is faster than a trained secret service killer. My pointer finger swipes left before my brain catches up. It can spot [read more]

  • funny video social media guidelines

    This clever video will make you view the “right to be a bigot” a little differently.

      Under new government guidelines, public servants are banned from criticising the Prime Minister on social media (yep, even anonomously), and are urged to dob in colleagues who do. What’s more, these new Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet guidelines come just weeks after Attorney-General George Brandis defended “the right to be a bigot.” Because FREE [read more]

  • Melbourne woman stabbed

    Another week, another brutal murder we should have prevented.

    Trigger Warning: This post deals with issues of domestic violence and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. Another week, another woman allegedly murdered by a man she loved. Another woman we’ve failed to protect. A 33-year-old woman has reportedly been stabbed to death, by a man who was allegedly her former partner. In broad daylight. [read more]

  • Rebecca1917version

    “My high school predicted I’d end up as road kill.”

        “Roadkill”; “A single mum partying in the city”; “Married to an old man to steal his money”; “A check out chick or a stripper”; “The main attraction at a freak show”; “Married to a FOB”; “the next Osama Bin Laden”; “dole bludger”; “Dead”. These are just a few of the charming predictions made [read more]

  • dealing with shocking news

    Where are all the happy parents? Not on social media, clearly.

          Sometimes I wonder, ‘where are all the happy parents?’ Where are the mothers not worried about strangers criticising their post-baby bodies (or as I like to call them: ‘bodies’)? Where are the parents who happily drop their kids at the skate park with instructions to be home in an hour? Who sometimes [read more]

  • coco-velvett

    Wow: Watch this porn star watch herself in a porno for the first time.

        Sex is often awkward, messy and weird. And for most people, the idea of watching themselves do the deed is their worst nightmare. Think of all the faces involved, the body contortions…. The sounds. Ugh. *Shudder* Embarrassing. Even the people who do it for a living think so. Apparently a lot of them [read more]