• kid on swing

    Every parent does this. But your kids wish you wouldn’t.

      In my struggle to write and share, I’ve noticed that I have created the nasty habit of becoming glued to my phone; checking my emails, replying to questions, and sending updates has started to dominate that small voice sounding ever more irritated in the background—my daughter. “Daddy, play with me!” Here we were at [read more]

  • candy candy candy

    The magazine cover that really ought to break the internet.

    American magazine Candy describes itself as “the first transversal style magazine” and their latest cover is fantastically, amazingly awesome. The mag brought together 14 transgender women in an attempt to make history. “It’s the first time such a large number of trans women have been featured on the cover of a magazine,” said founder Luis Venega. “Is it [read more]

  • tampon ad 4

    What if tampon ads were made by clueless men? Oh, wait.

      A comedy sketch group from New York have done a funny and created a fake ad for tampons. The hook? What if tampon ads were scripted by a group of clueless men. The misconceptions about “that time of the month” flow thick and fast, because men. AMIRITE?! The punch line of this parody is [read more]

  • spoil christmas feat

    Our totally non-cheesy, very helpful last-minute Christmas gift guide.

        I don’t know if you know this, but there are only six sleeps ‘til Christmas. SIX SLEEPS. Now is not the time for attempting to print out 100-page photo books for the relatives. Now is the time for last-minute gifts that don’t look like you bought them at the last minute. Here’s how you can [read more]

  • famous women insecurities

    3 ways to curl your hair without a hair curler.

    Here’s a crazy thought – what if you could create the curls you’re after with tools you already happen to have at your disposal? Well, you can. Here are 3 ways to curl your hair without a hair curler – and trust us when we tell you that you don’t need to be a hair stylist to [read more]

  • outdoor dinner party friends

    The 6 personality types you’ll find at every dinner party.

                The location changes and so does the food, but there’s one thing that stays the same at any dinner party: the people. These are the six personality types you’ll find at every dinner party, and how each of them gets the conversation flowing. Or not.   1. The one-upper. [read more]

  • madge fb

    Shut it, Madonna. This is NOT rape. This is NOT terrorism.

    Madonna has everyone talking again, but the chatter ain’t great. The 56-year-old singer took to social media this week to blast the hackers who leaked unreleased tracks from her upcoming album. Because that’s the worst thing that can ever happen to an ar-ti-ste, apparently. Madge’s fans are, understandably, less than impressed. Via Instagram. Madge took to [read more]

  • ritaora

    Frockwatch: Rita Ora wore a red carpet on the red carpet.

        Rita Ora just wore a red carpet on the red carpet, thus proving herself to be a fashion genius. Her bright red snuggie-towel hybrid is not a fashion misstep, but actually the perfect festive outfit to wear during winter in the Northern hemisphere.   Make your own judgements, but I think it’s clever. [read more]

  • cutebaby

    Life is about to change forever for these beautiful babies.

            These are the innocent faces of Australia’s strict offshore asylum seeker policy — who, after starting life with uncertain futures, now have a shot at a normal life in Australia. The photos, revealed by Fairfax Media today, follow yesterday’s announcement that 31 babies born to asylum seeker parents will be allowed to [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Santa's lap or flu shot? That is the question. - Mamamia

    Kids like Santa as much as they like going to the doctor. Here’s proof.

      Santa photos always bring out the worst in people. And by people, we mean children. Whether it’s a pushy parents or the screaming kids – it’s likely that someone will go home in tears. In fact, Santa photos are very much like a trip to the doctor. Perhaps that’s why Jimmy Kimmel invented the genius game [read more]

  • babay

    Yes, babies crying on planes are annoying. But what these women did about it was way, way worse.

        We get it – long flights can feel like torture, especially when the trip is disrupted by screaming babies. But Air China passengers took their in-flight frustrations to the next level this week by starting a brawl with the mother of a crying baby. Young mother Chan Juan Sung, 27, was flying from [read more]

  • dan wyllie married

    Wedding bells for Australian actor Dan Wyllie.

    It’s been a big year for Australian actor Dan Wyllie. First, he starred in Russell Crowe’s new film The Water Diviner, and now he’s just shared some incredibly exciting news… Wyllie, known for films like Muriel’s Wedding, Animal Kingdom and Burning Man, pulled off a secret wedding – marrying his partner of six years, director Shannon Murphy. Dan Wyllie [read more]

  • Tori Johnson funeral to be held today.

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Tori Johnson’s partner         The partner of  Tori Johnson, Thomas Zinn, has spoken to TODAY’s Lisa Wilkinson just days after the tragic death of 34-year Tori in the Lindt Café siege. He told TODAY that Tori was “a humble and very generous person.” Tori Johnson was one of 17 people taken hostage by [read more]

  • hipster heart

    We’ve never needed some holiday cheer more than we do right now.

    Even before Monday, were you constantly hearing these words? “We’re just trying to get to the end of the year… We’re crawling to the holidays.” And then. Monday. December 14, the day when the whole nation was flung into a shock of panic, fear and grief, the day that will forever be the Day of the Sydney Siege. And then. [read more]

  • Breastfeeding cuts cancer risk

    “9 reasons my child is not ‘too old’ to breastfeed.”

    It’s a real tragedy that women in many societies are completely removed from one of the most natural, ancient and normal ways of mothering our growing children. I posted this picture of myself breastfeeding my two year old. As my followers on Facebook and blog are people (mostly women) who support breastfeeding to natural term, [read more]

  • Gun control FB resize

    To the people who say Australia needs to relax its gun laws….

      Australian Senator, David Leyonhjelm, says he knows how to stop horrific events like the murder of hostages at Martin Place. He says Australians just need to carry more guns so we can properly defend ourselves. Without them, he says, Australia is a “nation of victims”. “What happened in that cafe would have been most unlikely to [read more]

  • Jo Abi beautiful

    Learning to drive properly was mortifying. But it probably saved my life.

                Learning to drive isn’t just about practicalities and mechanics. It’s not just a bid for freedom by teens and by their parents, who are sick of driving them around to hundreds of activities each and every year. It’s also a status symbol, as in, “Hey, look at me! I’m [read more]

  • Writing a prescription or medical examination notes

    The best doctor’s certificate you’ll ever read.

            Employees everywhere take note: If you have a boss who forces you to get a doctor’s certificate every time you take a day off for a cold, then you need to find yourself a doctor like this. This Canadian doctor, furious with people crowding his office when all they need is [read more]

  • Beyoncé shows off her > $500 <$2000 engagement glove.

    17 reasons being single is awesome (besides having a Beyonce song dedicated to you).

    Every relationship status comes with pros and cons, and being single is no different. Certainly, flying solo has some downsides – especially at this time of year when your coupled-up mates are busy planning romantic beach holidays for two and having automatic plus ones for Christmas parties. Then again, being a ‘lone wolf’ is also [read more]

  • Mamamia best and worst

    Best and Worst: How was your week?

    Hi, Mamamia readers. As the weekend heads our way so does another instalment of Mamamia’s Best and Worst. For those who are new here, you are in luck as this is my first time, too. I’m Taylor, and I’m an intern at Mamamia. These were my best and worst bits of the week. What were yours? BEST: With [read more]

  • stressed mum

    9 dumb things people say when you tell them you don’t want kids.

    Some of us choose not to have children—and for good reason. It’s been about 10 years since anyone asked me, “Why don’t you have kids?” “Just lucky, I guess,” was my response then (it was a kid who asked me), and my friends and colleagues just know it’s a non-issue, like you wouldn’t ask Woody Allen [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Another awkward TV interview for Tony Abbott on Sunrise

    Naughty PM was a little bit hungover during his latest Sunrise interview.

    Remember a few weeks ago when the PM gave an interview on Sunrise and called host, David Koch, by the wrong name (“Chris”), not once but twice? It turns out that Tony Abbott made the mistake because he had a bad case of the wine flu. This morning, Kochie told Sunrise viewers that he ran into the [read more]

  • bride-horse-feature

    Watch this bride get thrown from a horse during her ridiculous photo shoot. (You know you want to.)

          Whatever the bride wants, THE BRIDE BLOODY WELL GETS. That was the attitude photographer Jarrett Hucks went into this wedding shoot with, when the bride informed him that she would like to be photographed sitting gloriously atop a majestic horse. In her wedding dress. On the beach. The horse, who obviously decided [read more]

  • sydney siege hostages

    He watched the Sydney siege unfold, not knowing his mother and sister were inside.

    Robert Honan was watching the Sydney siege play out on his TV on Monday, concerned and horrified at the situation but not realising just how close he was to the drama. The father from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast was wondering why he couldn’t reach his mother and sister,who he usually speaks to at least three times [read more]

  • selfie-3-feature

    Watch this 3-year-old take 677 selfies in a minute.

          This kid’s selfie game is ON POINT. Identified only as ‘G’, this little girl was playing with her mum’s phone for five minutes – and pretty much just spent the whole time hardcore loving on the sight of her own face. It was only later when she checked her phone, that G’s [read more]

  • victorian abortion laws

    Jailed for 40 years… because she had a miscarriage.

    Here’s something we know about abortion but that we sometimes struggle to articulate. Making access to abortion safe and legal, actually makes it less common. That is because it is in countries where abortion is outlawed – and contraception is hard to come by – that the abortion rates are highest. It is also in [read more]

  • nazeem hussain and waleed aly

    An Australian newspaper can’t tell the difference between two different famous men.

    Well, this is a little bit awkward. Today, The Age published a piece about 36-year-old TV and radio presenter Waleed Aly being named the new co-host of The Project, but apparently they’ve forgotten what he actually looks like. They illustrated the piece with a photo of Australian comedian Nazeem Hussain, 27. Whoops. Nazeem on the left. [read more]

  • Charles Mihayo faces court 1

    Thursday afternoon’s news in under 5 minutes.

          1. Charles Mihayo gets life in prison Trigger Warning: This post deals with issues of domestic violence and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. By ABC NEWS A Melbourne man who murdered his two young daughters by smothering them with a pillow has been sentenced to life in jail. Charles Mihayo, 36, [read more]

  • sweater2

    These cringe-worthy, sexist Christmas sweaters are just terrible.

    So you know what doesn’t fill me with Christmas spirit and festive cheer? These stupid, intentionally sexist novelty sweaters. This is not a festive prank. A UK retailer has actually been manufacturing these sweaters in the lead up to Christmas, and not surprisingly, they have caused a stir around the world. Now, I’m assuming they [read more]