• reactions to mh17

    When I woke up this morning, the world felt broken.

          When I woke up this morning, the world felt broken. A plane carrying 298 people had been shot out of the sky, children lay dead on a beach in Gaza, and an Australian suicide bomber had taken lives. It felt like the morning of 9/11: significant and heavy, like we should remember where we were [read more]

  • 3.-Nudity-in-general.

    The most popular baby names for 2014 so far are…

    The mid-year tally of the most popular baby names of 2014 is in, with Imogen and Asher — two names that barely registered a generation ago — claiming the top spots in this poll, according to the baby-naming website Nameberry.com. Silas, Jasper, and Milo have all risen into the Top 10 for boys, while the sedate Claire is [read more]

  • Malaysia airline MH17

    Why was Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 flying over Ukraine?

      By GEOFFREY DELL As investigations continue into who brought down the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 with 298 people on board – including at least 28 Australians – questions must be asked as to why the plane was flying over the troubled Ukraine region in the first place. Malaysia Airlines has confirmed the Boeing 777-200 [read more]

  • raising boys 1

    The 7 things only the mothers of boys will understand.

    I am not sure there is much in the world that beats watching the fierce love of brothers. That lump-in-your-throat feeling you get from watching them interact. Best friends one moment. Mortal enemies the next. As a mum it’s a physically overwhelming, all encompassing love and one that you hope with all your heart will see them through their lives. [read more]

  • mh17 shot down

    “What if the cure for HIV was on that flight?”

            Today Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 was shot out of the sky. All 298 people on board, passengers and crew alike, were killed. As reports began to circulate about the people on board – their nationalities, and the occasional name – it was also revealed that up to one hundred of those [read more]

  • nicolapeltz

    Frockwatch: Is this the most stylish woman on the planet?

      It takes either a wardrobe malfunction or a seriously breathtaking outfit to outdo A-List celebrities on the red carpet, but Nicola Peltz is doing exactly that – the latter that is. The 19-year-old actress is dominating every single red carpet event she attends.  This mastery kicked off on a press junket for her movie [read more]

  • flower-girl

    The little girl who was so desperate to be a flower girl, she took matters into her own hands.

          All Annabelle wanted was to be a flower girl, so she got herself a pretty dress, some gloves and made a sign. Then she made her way to city hall with her mum and waited patiently for one of the 20,000 couples who get married at the Manhattan Clerk’s office to take [read more]

  • mh17 crash site 1

    NEWS: Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in Ukraine. All 298 on board confirmed dead.

           What we know so far about MH17 – Authorities say that 27 Australians were on board – The plane was carrying 298 passengers and crew – The plane came down in Ukrainian airspace, reportedly after being hit with a surface to air missile – Ukraine’s president has labelled it a “terrorist attack”  [read more]


    Here we go again: Israel and Hamas resume their war.

    by ANTHONY BILLINGSLEY The prospect of another Israeli-Gazan conflict is upon us with the beginning of Israeli ground operations in Gaza. There have been suggestions that the Israeli action will be limited to the destruction of alleged Hamas tunnels into Israel, although it is unclear why such a goal would require ground forces in Gaza. As is [read more]

  • Cor Pan's Facebook post

    The FB status shared by a MH17 passenger minutes before the plane took off.

               UPDATE: Passenger who posted Facebook photo not on flight MH17. Although Mr Cor Pan did indeed post the following photo to Facebook, he was not on board the flight MH17. Some people who viewed the photo realised that beneath the planes front wheel, the letters “RC” are visible. MH17′s registration number [read more]

  • boy at school reading

    SHARE: What all teachers should be telling kids when they get their NAPLAN results.

            A teacher in the UK has become the educator of everybody’s dreams after a letter she sent home to each of her students went viral for being a tear-inducing masterpiece. Rachel Tomlinson is the head teacher at Barrowford Primary, and some of her students recently had to take their ‘Key Stage 2′ tests (basically [read more]

  • passport

    UPDATED: 33 Australians lost on Flight MH17.

          There are believed to have been at least 33 Australians on board Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The Australian victims are believed to include nine Victorians, nine from QLD, one from NSW, seven from WA and one from the ACT. The number was previously reported as 27, and then 28. It is unclear [read more]

  • Josefa Pete

    “What started as an online game with friends, quickly turned into something else…”

      I don’t do mornings. I walk around the house hugging my coffee in a dazed slumber. Once I have had my quiet time on Facebook, checked my email and the coffee has kicked in, then I can do mornings. I have friends who not only do mornings, there are Instagram uploads of their morning [read more]

  • electrolux ergorapido

    You ain’t seen a vacuum cleaner like this before…

          For the first time in my life I have finally found a vacuum cleaner that can handle my home and the messes in it. It’s been a life-long search and the Electrolux Ergorapido can not only handle anything my family throws at it, it’s also stylish and it’s an upright so my [read more]

  • selfie-taoster

    Welcome to peak narcissism. This is the selfie toaster.

          Get ready to have a breakfast-induced existential crisis; the Selfie Toaster has arrived. The bad news: There was no room for it on the planet without getting rid of something, so humans chose to give up their sense of shame. The good news news: Now we can put our own faces on [read more]

  • mh17 shot down

    Incredible picture showing airlines who are getting out of the Ukrainian airspace.

      The airspace over Ukraine is usually filled with planes, as flights headed for major airports in Europe and Asia fly overhead. This is what it looks like today, according to an image sent in a tweet by Newsweek. The map above shows Ukrainian airspace after Malaysia Airlines lost contact with MH17. When Malaysia Airlines [read more]

  • Jason Biggs Malaysian airlines tweet

    Jason Biggs tweets insensitive joke just hours after flight MH17 shot down.

     UPDATED Jason Biggs has apoligised for his insensitive ‘jokes’ towards the MH17 tragedy earlier today. According to his Twitter account the former American Pie star didn’t mean to ‘offend’ followers. Here’s what he had to say: 1). Hey all- ok, so- I am deleting my previous tweets. People were offended, and that was not my intent. Sorry [read more]

  • Nicole Richie tattoo

    This celebrity has major tattoo regret and we do not blame her.

          Nicole Richie is suffering from severe tattoo regret, a full 16 years after she got it. The pocket-sized reality TV star / fashion maven was 16 when she decided to get the word ‘virgin’ inked on the inside part of her wrist. And now, that she’s a ridiculously fashionable celebrity mama? Well [read more]

  • Olivia Wilde baby photos

    Beautiful baby photos from a celebrity who never shares them. YES.

              Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis like to keep their son’s cuteness all to themselves. Selfish, beautiful celebrities. Being all protective and sensible and private. But today Olivia posted this teeny-tiny glimpse at the small human she made, and it’s really rather lovely: Yeah, so that’s little Otis. Otis Alexander Sudeikis, [read more]

  • Jillian Michaels quits Biggest Loser

    Biggest Loser trainer quits the show, citing “creative differences”.

          Jillian “Tough Love, Tough Abs” Michaels has quit the American version of The Biggest Loser. Again. By our count, this is the third time Michaels has quit the show – citing “creative differences” with the show’s producers. This time, she’s complained about the way she’s edited to appear mean. “Millions of people [read more]

  • 295 people were on board Mh17

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Passenger jet “shot down”: 295 dead     A Malaysia Airlines plane with 295 people on board has crashed in Ukraine, near Russia, with claims it was shot down. Flight MH17 was travelling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. Aviation experts say it was a deliberate act. CNN have reported that the US have confirmed [read more]

  • roxy and pixie

    Roxy Jacenko just bought her husband a major second anniversary gift.

      And here we were thinking second anniversary gifts were supposed to be cotton…. Judging by the sparky Range Rover Roxy Jacenko just gave her husband Oliver Curtis for their second anniversary, it seems Jacenko isn’t one for traditions.     Because #anniversary. The 33-year-old Sweaty Betty PR owner/author/mum-of-2 share the above picture with her 21,000 [read more]

  • So, how's your week been?

    Mamamia’s Best and Worst: Come and tell us about your week.

          Hello there! You’ve reached a safe place on the internet (a rarity to be sure). Right here you can open up completely and tell us exactly what is going on in your world — good and bad. No need to wash your hair or paint your nails; heck, no need to even [read more]

  • Does this campervan promote rape culture?

    “Sometimes I feel like I’m a human shield, standing in front of my daughter.”

                My 8 yo daughter is old enough to read the slogans on the Wicked Camper vans we see around Byron Bay when we go there on holidays. We’re there a couple of times a year and I’ve seen dozens of these repugnant things being driven by budget travellers and [read more]

  • milkybar penis

    Look at this Milkybar and tell us: do you see a penis or a horse?

      A London man has expressed his disgust after unwrapping a Milky Bar while watching the World Cup final, only to find that it depicted an image of a penis. But, did it? Here’s the confectionary design in question: Milkybar. First thought: Wow are they allowed that? Second thought: Oh it’s a horse pic.twitter.com/TmlQM47fIX — [read more]

  • Photograph by Andrew Maccoll

    Dear Offspring, it’s time to call it a day.

        I’m just going to spit it out:  I want Offspring to finish.  I want this season – season five – to be the last one. In three weeks time, I want to be sitting on my couch, in my pjs watching a spectacular series finale. Not season finale. SERIES finale. I want to be laughing and crying [read more]

  • carbon tax repealled

    RIP Carbon Tax.

          by PAUL TWOMEY The Carbon Pricing Mechanism, known to its friends as the carbon price and its critics as the carbon tax, passed away today in Canberra, aged two, after a long battle with slogans. While it won praise from most academic and business economists at home and abroad, it will perhaps be best remembered for [read more]

  • Sarah Harris wedding

    If you were Sarah Harris, would you be upset right now?

              Sarah Harris is getting married to her extremely delightful, red-haired prince on Saturday. He wasn’t supposed to see Sarah in her wedding dress until she walked down the aisle… But then yesterday, Sarah was photographed by paparazzi at her last-minute dress fitting in Sydney. In the dress. Looking spectacular. She [read more]

  • friend cant get pregnant

    WARNING: What Queensland Health just did will break your brain.

      There’s a reason we go to real doctors and not Doctor Google. It’s because we trust that they’re going to be accurate; that they’re going to keep us safe, and that whatever information they give us is going to be supported by the latest scientific research. At least that’s what we’d like to believe. Pregnant mother-of-one Lucy Fisher [read more]



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