• Tony Abbott.

    Why the Prime Minister’s visit to Arnhem Land is nothing but window dressing.

                By ALYS GAGNON With our Prime Minister spending a week in Arnhem Land right now, one could be forgiven for thinking that here we have a leader truly committed to closing the gap for Indigenous Australians. Before he was elected Prime Minister, Tony Abbott promised to spend one week [read more]

  • These are very painful memories.

    ROSIE: “I need to be able to fart in front of my boyfriend.”

                By ROSIE WATERLAND I need to be able to fart in front of my boyfriends. I just do. In fact, I consider it a sign of true love. If you can find someone who makes you feel comfortable enough to let rip at will, then you, my friend, have [read more]

  • Displaced Iraqis, who have fled the offensive led by the Islamic State (IS) jihadist group, on Saturday at a camp for displaced people (Photo: MOHAMMED SAWAF/AFP/Getty Images)

    Cheat sheet: Did we just go to war?

      By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST You might have heard that Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced Australia will send special forces and combat aircraft to the Middle East to help the fight in Iraq. What you might be wondering, though is what this actually means: Just how big is this conflict? And what’s going to happen next? We spoke [read more]

  • magic-vagina-feature

    NOT SURPRISING: Vaginas have medical healing powers.

          Swing open your legs and start spreading the magic, ladies; it turns out your vagina has actual healing powers. Actual MEDICAL healing powers. Because we are FUCKING GODDESS SUPERHEROES. A recent study published in Cell Journal revealed that scientists have discovered a bunch of complicated and miraculous bacteria inside our lady-gardens, and that bacteria [read more]

  • is quitting sugar dangerous

    Kate: Sleep your way to the top, says Arianna Huffington.

            Arianna Huffington is here. QUICK, everyone look successful. The 64-year-old Greek-born entrepreneur is easily one of the most powerful people on the planet. And she’s here in Australia right now. Huffington is currently President and Editor in Chief of the Huffington Post Media Group — having started The Huffington Post in 2005 and sold [read more]

  • The Queen has spoken

    7 moments Prince Harry was awesome (or kind of offensive).

      Oh, Harry. Our dear Prince Harry (or Prince Henry Albert Charles David of Wales, as he was christened) turns 30 today. Incidentally, he also inherits 10,000,000 British pounds, which is about $18 million Australian dollars. No, today it does not suck to be a royal. Over the years, Harry has cemented his place as the Naughty [read more]

  • Kim Kardashian fan

    Kim Kardashian’s #1 fan completely loses his mind.

      In case you have been living under a rock for the past week: a) Welcome back, how was the rock? b) Kim Kardashian and pop star husband Kanye West are in Australia. Fans have gone mad, people who like these two celebrities are overjoyed, etc etc. But mostly, it’s just this guy. A Melbourne [read more]

  • Tragic news for Ada Nicodemou stillbirth

    Ada Nicodemou has spoken out about the tragic loss of her son.

            Ada Nicodemou has spoken out about losing her second son, Harrison. The Home and Away actress, who is married to Chrys Xipolitas, was believed to have been eight months into her pregnancy with Harrison when he was tragically delivered stillborn. Ada, 37, posted on Instagram to share a tribute to her son, posting a poem entitled “Never” by poet K. Fugleberg. [read more]

  • getyourgamefaceon

    The most powerful, confronting Photoshop campaign we’ve seen.

    Warning: This post contains a graphic image and references to domestic violence and may be distressing for some readers. A confronting image showing a model Photoshopped to bear a painful-looking, swollen black eye has gone viral. The image — accompanied by the slogan “get your game face on! — is going viral on Twitter, accompanied by [read more]

  • Maybe marriage isn't so bad after all?

    Why men really ask women to marry them.

          Only women want to get married. Right? Men just go along with it. Right? Wrong. Thanks to Reddit, we now know why the world’s men feel compelled to get down on one knee. Because someone asked and the world responded, posting a list of reasons why men actually get married. And their answers are all kinds [read more]

  • colombia-feature

    The Colombian Women’s Cycling uniform is bad. So, so bad.

            Colombia. You guys. Seriously. Is this actually the uniform you chose for your national women’s cycling team? Did nobody, at any point along the way, express any reservations about this… choice? Did this really sail through the early design stages and make it all the way to the podium without anybody [read more]

  • claire-danes-october-issue-cover

    Claire Danes on motherhood. Brutal, truthful and painfully honest.

        BY LUCY KIPPIST. I’m midway through telling a friend about this amazing Harper’s Bazaar profile on Claire Danes.  Actually, I’m gushing – swooning even –  profiles NEVER go this way. Not profiles about working mums. It starts off kind of normal. Claire Danes and Ajesh Patalay (the journalist) rendezvous at a swish New York restaurant, but there’s no sophisticated [read more]

  • 964ec6275609e4de5dc6bb93480447cc

    Seven style updates, just in time for spring.

                By NICKY CHAMP I’m getting impatient. It’s not quite cold enough to wear heavy winter clothes, and it’s not quite warm enough to wear dresses and sandals. Although I keep seeing stunning Australian fashion on the David Jones and Myer runways, it has yet to drop into stores. But [read more]

  • Daniele Watts arrested

    Django Unchained actress arrested for kissing her husband in public.

                This story is un. believe. able. Actress Daniele Watts was arrested on a street in LA, after police assumed she was a prostitute. She was fully clothed and kissing her husband, who happens to be caucasian. Django Unchained actress Danielle Watts was detained by the LAPD on September 11th, when a [read more]

  • martha

    Martha Stewart thinks Gwyneth Paltrow should “stick to acting”.

          Martha Stewart is going to have to bake some seriously good apple pies to make up for this one. The lifestyle guru has lashed out at Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow for trying to steal her lifestyling thunder. Gwyneth’s own online lifestyle page, Goop, which advises us ordinary people on everything from bed-making to [read more]

  • long-time-feature

    You need to see the man with the longest tongue in the world.

            Meet Nick Stoeberl. Nick is 24, lives in the USA, and officially has the longest tongue in the world. The Guiness World Records people say so. They even gave him a thingy:     We’d say more but… Who cares, really? Everybody just wants to look at the tongue. All 10.1 epic [read more]

  • "It is a death cult reaching out to countries such as Australia

    Monday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Australian military intervention in Iraq     Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced Australia will send RAAF combat aircraft and army Special Forces advisers to join the fight in Iraq against the Islamic State terrorist group. He told a press conference yesterday that eight Royal Australian Air Force F/A18 Super Hornet or “classic” Hornet [read more]

  • Holly Wainright

    Introducing: Mamamia’s new Editor, Holly Wainwright.

          After almost two years in the job, yesterday was my last as Editor of mamamia.com.au. As of this morning I have officially handed over the reigns of this magnificent beast of a website, to the very able Holly Wainwright. Holly was previously Editor of the Mamamia Network’s parenting website iVillage and before that [read more]

  • marijuana

    The dangerous drug that 60 per cent of parents don’t know about.

                By SHAUNA ANDERSON If you knew there was a drug out there that was 1000 times stronger than marijuana, would you be concerned? That your teenager might find it easy to obtain. That it was marketed as “safe legal high”. But that, in reality, it can cause psychosis, heart [read more]

  • baby with 8 limbs

    The incredible before and after photos of a baby who was born with 8 limbs. 

          By CAITLIN STOWER Paul Mukisa is only four months old, but he’s already got a pretty inspiring tale of survival to tell. The baby boy was born on 27 May in Nabigingo, Uganda, with four arms and four legs — and now, after a lengthy surgery involving multiple surgeons, anasthesia and a blood transfusion, he’s successfully had [read more]

  • How do we teach our kids about fat vs thin?

    “Mum, why are you so fat?”

        By OLIVIA CARTER “Move mum! I cant see the TV … your tummy is in the way.” The anguish in my daughter’s voice was clear – this was not just any TV show I was blocking, it was Peppa Pig! Later that night as I was putting Susie to bed she asked me [read more]

  • 510230-screenshot

    Why the world needs to back off Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”.

          So there’s this song that’s being played much more than it should be on radio stations around the world. It’s called All About That Bass and it’s written by Meghan Trainor, a 20-year-old singer singer/song-writer from the US who has been who has been writing songs since she was 11. You’ve probably [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Two blind sisters see for the first time. - Mamamia

    Amazing. Watch the unbridled joy of two blind sisters seeing for the first time.

      There are videos that make you laugh… There are videos that scare you. And then there is this. A truly amazing story about two blind Indian sisters, Anita, 6, and Sonia, 12, seeing for the first time. Just look: Sonia and Anita were both born blind. Raised in rural India, the only way their parents [read more]

  • Nina Funnell

    The Lockhart murders: The voices that matter most, have been permanently silenced.

              By NINA FUNNELL Over the last 48 hours I have received all sorts of emails in response to a piece I wrote about the murders of Kim Hunt and her three children. I’ve had complete strangers call me to thank me, including one woman who just yesterday was handed the [read more]

  • ZakEbrahim

    He is the son of a terrorist. But he has chosen peace.

    Zak Ebrahim was born in Pennsylvania in the US to a loving mother and father. His father was an Egyptian engineer; his mother was an American teacher. Unfortunately, Zak’s father was also a terrorist. A terrorist who was a member of a Bin Laden organisation, and helped plan the first World Trade Centre bombing in 1993. [read more]

  • The Hunt Family - Greg, Kim,

    Sister-in-law doesn’t ‘blame’ Geoff Hunt for murdering her extended family.

      This post deals with the tragic deaths of a family including children, as well as an apparent suicide, and may be distressing for readers.   UPDATE: Kim Hunt’s sister, Jenny Geppert, has told The Daily Telegraph she does not blame Geoff for murdering his family. “All I feel is sadness and the terrible loss of a most [read more]

  • michaela fox

    “I discovered my friend had died via Google.”

        By MICHAELA FOX When I want to know the answer to something, I turn to Google. Google is knowledge at your fingertips – full of useful and not-so-useful information. Whether it’s research for an article, catching up on current news, or poring over food ideas (read: killing time), I invariably ‘Google’ it. I [read more]

  • Daenerys Targaryen looks like Queen Elsa.

    Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the Week.

      Welcome to Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the Week – the glorious time when we reflect on the best and worst of the Internet. Let’s get started. Hero of the Week goes to… Daenerys Targaryen/Queen Elsa/say wha? Our Hero of the Week is Tumblr user Carrie Marie, who turned up to a cosplay convention dressed [read more]

  • Nat, going for a run.

    7 reasons to give running another try.

      By NATALIA HAWK Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’re in a bit of a rut – feeling a bit frumpy, a bit unhealthy, and you want to get fit for summer – so you decide to start running. You dig out your running shoes, you download a new running playlist and you put [read more]