• xfactor

    And the winner of X Factor is…

    The voters have spoken. And after a big night of endless performances, we have our X factor winner for 2014. And it’s… Marlisa Punzalan! Looking back at the final three, it was a close call between the contestants. The 15-year-old Filipino contestant, Marlisa Punzalan was with mentor Ronan Keating; she originally auditioned with the Beatles [read more]

  • bored family

    “Babies have made my friends boring.”

              By FRANCES FARADAY OMG you had a baby! That’s pretty sweet. You actually grew a human and pushed it out and now it’s a thing. Awesome job, well done you. The thing is, I know it’s a big job. I know it’s life changing. I know you’re tired from being [read more]

  • Chris

    The creators of The Block just got caught telling lies. Big lies.

      No one likes to be caught faking it, but The Block has just been sprung. For the sake of television, they FAKED a visit from the Environmental Protection Authority. Naughty, naughty Channel Nine. During the most recent season, drama hit the renovated roof when a 12,000 litre tank of fuel was discovered beneath the Block site when [read more]

  • bachelor blake louise

    Read the actual love letter that Blake sent to Louise (while possibly still with Sam).

        Quick, everyone pretend to look shocked. After weeks of speculation and tidbits of breaking news… after much talk about strippers, the Bachelorette and weird text messages… Blake Garvey and his third favourite girlfriend, Louise Pillidge have given an exclusive interview to Woman’s Day magazine, which was published today. Because love isn’t love until [read more]

  • Hamish Blake wingwoman

    Hamish and Andy finally respond to those breakfast radio rumours.

          There’s a juicy Hamish and Andy rumour swirling around in radio-land. Apparently, the comedy duo have been asked to leave their current slot on 2Day Fm, which is 3-4pm on weekdays. Their management at Southern Cross Austereo want them to move to the breakfast slot, and replace Sophie Monk, Merrick Watts and [read more]

  • spider-feature-birdeater

    This giant puppy-sized spider will haunt your dreams.

            “South American Goliath Birdeater.” That is the name of the world’s largest spider species (and the creature that will no doubt eventually kill us all). It’s the size of a small puppy, has massive fangs and a photographer in the Guyana rainforest actually got close enough to capture it on film. [read more]

  • Bec Judd no make up

    Bec Judd: ‘I’ve been really thin my entire life’.

      We imagine being naturally skinny and growing up with the surname ‘Twigley’ inspired some pretty harsh playground smack-talk. And Bec Judd (nee Twigley) has heard it all. ‘I’ve been really thin my entire life,’ Bec told The Daily Mail, in response to some of the awful Twitter comments she receives about her body. Bec in one of [read more]

  • one-minute-horror-feature

    This one-minute horror film will actually FREAK YOU OUT.

          Tuck Me In may only last a minute, but it is actually scarier that most of the slasher porn horror movies being released every two seconds today. Winner of this year’s International Filminute Award, it will possibly make you scared to go bed alone tonight…       Check how that compares to [read more]

  • what happens if you don't vaccinate your child

    So you never forget another vaccination appointment. EVER.

              By JO ABI We’ve all heard the arguments against childhood vaccinations (and politely or not-so-politely ignored them) but did you know that one of the reasons many parents don’t vaccinate their children is because they forget? It’s easy to forget when you have so many other things on your mind. [read more]

  • travelling alone tips

    Travelling solo: Why everyone should try it at least once.

              By NAT HAWK Like pretty much everyone else in the world, I really love to travel. I love visiting beautiful, exotic beaches and sampling the local delicacies. I love learning tidbits of new languages and meeting new people. There’s only one problem. I really don’t like new places and I [read more]

  • The inquest into the death of Luke Batty will begin today

    Monday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Luke Batty coronial inquest         The Victorian Coroners Court inquest into the death of 11-year old Luke Batty will begin today. Luke was killed by his father in February at a cricket oval in the Victorian town of Tyabb.  Nine News reports that State Coroner Judge Ian Gray will focus on [read more]

  • Hana we wish you all the very best.

    Hope for the little girl who cannot stop eating.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON   She’s the little girl who can’t control her hunger. A delightful vibrant six-year old who weighs a devastating 43 kilograms. Hana Taraff has put on 23kg since Christmas after lifesaving brain surgery resulted in a side effect meaning the little girl is constantly hungry. Hana had a brain tumor removed but [read more]

  • fight for ryder

    Fight for Ryder, the 3-year old with four months to live.

              By ISABELLE MCKENZIE Ryder was having nose bleeds for a year and a half before we went to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. Every doctor turned us away saying that he must have been picking nose! I knew it couldn’t be that straight forward — his nose had been [read more]

  • Mo, Evie and Otis died on MH17.

    The parents of the three children killed in MH17 have released a statement.

              The bodies of the three Maslin children, who died when flight MH17 was shot down in July, arrived back on Australian soil this week. Mo, 12, Evie, 10, and Otis, 8, perished on Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 with their grandfather, Nick Norris, when the passenger plane was shot down over Ukraine on 17 July 2014. The Perth [read more]

  • divorce letter

    “The letter to my ex-wife on the day of our divorce.”

              By MICHAEL CHESHIRE An open letter, to my ex-wife on the first day as your ex. Well, today our 20 year marriage ended in courtroom 2-D. To be honest, it was surreal. When we came to this decision months ago, I felt like the world had ended. In truth, I [read more]

  • childabuse

    Just months before she died, 17 year old Abbey wrote this poem for her father.

          Trigger warning: This post contains graphic details of child sex abuse and suicide, and may be triggering for some readers. By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST “I was only a girl hiding under my sheets,” 17-year-old Abbey wrote in a poem addressed to her father. “I’m broken now, torn and ripped in pieces… I fight to repaid the [read more]

  • Sam interview The Project

    ‘Winning’ Bachelorette Sam responds to the news that Blake and Louise are ‘official’

              Last week, ‘winning’ Bachelorette Sam sent messages asking Bachie Blake (her former fiance) and finalist Louise (her friend) to share their side of the growing rumours that they were together. And she got…*crickets*… Now Sam has her answer. And she got it via her Twitter feed on Friday when Woman’s [read more]

  • Lisa Wilkinson cowboy boots

    5 times Lisa Wilkinson has rocked the style classics this month.

    Last week, Virginia Trioli shared a letter that she had received from a fan, pointing out that she was “in need of a makeover”. What Virginia’s pen pal failed to appreciate was that morning breakfast presenters are style icons in this country. When they wear something on the tv, these hosts tend to cause a designer stampede. [read more]

  • em rusciano 3

    Em Rusciano: “I hate play dates. Tell me I’m not the only one”.

          By EM RUSCIANO. I have a confession to make, yes another one. I am not a fan of “play dates” after school. Aside from that, I am even less of a fan of the term “play date” because it gives me the heebie geebies. Like it is some kind of weird pretend [read more]

  • how to help someone who gambles

    Meet the 120 friends you probably don’t need in your life anymore.

            By BERN MORLEY. What would you do if Facebook disappeared tomorrow? Would it shatter your world or like me, would it almost come as a welcome relief? Because lately, I’ve been starting to see it as less of a friendly online community and more of, well, a troublemaker. There are so [read more]

  • lice-video

    This case of lice is so extreme, it will make your flesh creep.

      By THE GLOW A shocking video has emerged of  a mother combing hundreds of lice out of her daughter’s infested hair. The girl appears to be around 7 years old.  Warning: this video is graphic and unpleasant Experts have said that this is an extreme case of head lice, and it would have taken months of [read more]

  • 1becc6d06644f78b_Facebook.xxxlarge

    Bachelor and ‘confirmed’ new love are ON THE RUN.

            Bachie Blake and his (almost confirmed) new girlfriend, Louise Pillidge, have had to flee a tropical island. Well…kind of. The pair were today escorted by police as they made their escape through Thailand airport to an unknown location (thought to be another Thai island). Because newfound fame. (And also because, DRAMA). No, they’re not auditioning for [read more]

  • bm-feature

    “Congratulations, you’re skinny enough to fit in the clothes! Join the club.”

      Brandy Melville is having a moment in the United States. Brandy Melville is an Italian brand that set up stateside five years ago. It makes cheap, on-trend clothes for teen girls. Kind of like a Supre or a Cotton On here in Australia. But Brandy Melville has a very disturbing strategy that makes them [read more]

  • mouse-coffee-feature

    Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the week.

      Welcome to Mamamia Rogue’s Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the Week. You guys know the deal, but if not here’s a bit of a refresher: Each week, we pick the biggest Shocker, Hero and Whinger from the last seven days. Shocker is whatever moment or person left our jaws on the floor. Hero is [read more]

  • IMG_3412

    4 and a half of the best things to do in Christchurch.

        By DIMITY KIRKWOOD Whenever I pictured New Zealand, 100 sheep flashed before my eyes. Obviously this automatically made me ready for a nap and the thought of travelling to the actual country left my mind immediately. So for the one moment when I forced myself to ignore the sheep and really consider going there, I [read more]

  • 10609520_10152679485109612_8810186643577044434_n

    Voulez Vous: ‘My work is so melancholy – people are surprised when they see me smiling’

        By ELISSA RATLIFF “I paint, I draw, I write, and I photograph the world around me. I am inspired by the beautiful, the ugly, the evanescent. I am forever striving to emulate the wonder and fragility which the subject emits. Exploring the intangible and indescribable, to try and pin down the mystery of [read more]

  • JUlie Bishop

    Sunday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    Australia will not send ground troops to fight the Islamic State. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has announced Australia is working to provide assistance in the fight against the Islamic State, but not yet planning on sending Australian troops to fight in Iraq. In a news conference with Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibraham al- Jaafari, Bishop said: “We’ve not [read more]

  • buffy

    One of our favourite Buffy stars just got arrested (and married)

                A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan favourite has been arrested today, spending several hours in jail after being charged with damaging property and resisting arrest. E News! reports Nicholas Brendon, who played Xander- one of Buffy’s best pals on the cult tv show – was detained in Boise, Idaho on Friday night after police [read more]

  • Mamamia Out Loud podcast

    The second episode of the Mamamia podcast is here.

              If you listened to the podcast last week, thank you so much. In just 5 days, we cracked the Top 20 podcasts in Australia, and we are so thrilled. If you missed the debut episode of the Mamamia Out Loud podcast, we’ll chuck in a download link below so you [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Big Brother eviction of Gemma was pointless and cruel

    A couple had sex in the Big Brother house. Or so we’ve been told.

            If the rumours are to be believed, two Big Brother contestants have finally bumped bits. A special source has coyly told The Daily Mail today that muscle-bound intruder Leo and bubbly blonde Skye have “gone all the way” in the Australian Big Brother house. If Big Brother’s answer to Barbie and [read more]