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    “Oh Beyonce, I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed.”

    By JAMILA RIZVI Oh Beyonce, I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed. Overnight, singer/dancer/mother/goddess/queen Beyonce, posted this photo on her Instagram account.  Beyonce. Look at the stairs in between her legs. See how the line isn’t quite straight? Drag your eyes away from the babein’ shiny fake tattoos Beyonce is wearing and focus on the stairs [read more]

  • the-bachelor-2014

    Rosie Reviews: Oh my. Some Bachelor special places just touched in the hot tub.

                  By ROSIE WATERLAND Do I even have to say it? We obviously open on the ladies casually hanging out at Ridge Forrester’s house just being casual. They’re talking about what the house feels like without Laurina and all I want is for her to walk through the door [read more]

  • disney 1

    DILFs. Just like MILFs. But with dads.

    By AVI VINCE What’s the deal with the ovary-pinging hotness of men holding babies? I don’t know whether it is the cute baby making the guy holding them even hotter. Or whether it is that pesky biological clock poking me. So when I stumbled across, what the user describes as, “Welcome to the happiest place on Instagram!”, [read more]

  • condoms

    Australian condom use is declining. And it’s ruining our junk.

              People. Please. Just put a fucking condom on. An annual study of our dirty-as behaviour has just been released by UNSW’s Kirby Institute for Infection and Immunity in Society. We did not do well in this study, you guys. We did not do well at ALL. The rate of STIs in [read more]

  • airline passenger shaming

    Why are we always our worst selves on a plane?

        Humans. They can be totally revolting on the ground and in their own homes, sure. But put them in a confined space with lots of other humans, several thousand feet in the air? They become vile, unstoppable monsters with no regard for basic hygiene, body odour, or accurate aim with regards to the toilet bowl. [read more]

  • Burberry Prorsum: Arrivals - London Fashion Week SS15

    Frockwatch: Welcome to the new “commando”.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Somehow it has become totally acceptable to go commando… under blazers. It sits somewhere between corporate and street style, in that it’s become okay you to just wear a blazer with no top, and possibly no bra, depending on how perky you’re feeling. It all started a few months ago when [read more]

  • vashi conveyor belt

    Tragic: She put her down for just a minute.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON       In a moment their lives were changed inexplicably. A five-month old baby placed down for a minute her mother rushed after a busy flight, perhaps flustered the way we get when dealing with two children on your own. A heartbreaking, devastating minute.   And in that minute five-month old [read more]

  • Mel B interview

    Mel B still blames Ginger Spice.

              Scary Spice just won’t let go. Mel B (or Melanie Brown, if you want to be formal), of leopard-print-platform-shoe Spice Girls fame, has spoken out about the band’s 1998 demise. And she’s blamed it all on Ginger (Geri Halliwell, 42). Before you say “I ALREADY KNEW THAT” (which is fair, because [read more]

  • why it is important to vaccinate your child

    HOLLY: “I didn’t feel like a mother. I felt like a fraud.”

                By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT An experience I will never, ever forget. I was a new mum. My baby was five weeks old. I looked like a mother, wandering around with birds-nest hair and a 1000-yard stare, holding an infant. But I didn’t feel like a mother. I felt like a [read more]

  • Missy performing at Falls Music Festival in 2011 in Lorne, Australia. (Photo: Getty)

    Missy Higgins on pregnancy, depression and her “other” new baby.

          Missy Higgins has a lot going on right now. The ARIA award-winning Scar singer, 31, got engaged in December to her Broome playwright partner Dan Lee. Last month, she announced she’s expecting the couple’s first child in January. And today, she’s welcomed two other glorious creations: an eclectic album of Australian song covers and an accompanying book of quirky essays, [read more]

  • Curtis Stone second baby

    Which Australian celebrity’s wife just had a baby?

      HINT: He’s dreamy. HINT: He’s steamy (especially when cooking). HINT: He’s Curtis Stone.     Aussie celebrity chef Curtis Stone, 38, and wife Lindsay Price, of Lipstick Jungle and Beverly Hills 90210 fame, have welcomed their second child into the world. The LA-based couple had a little son on Tuesday morning, and called him Emerson Spencer (CUTE). [read more]

  • Dax Shephard tattoo

    The only celebrity-couple tattoo we’ve ever liked.

    You’re not going to believe this. A celebrity has got a non-shit love tattoo. Well, we think so anyway. Actor Dax Shephard is sporting a little bit of ink to show his love for his wife, the wonderful Kristen Bell. And it is adorable. At the recent premiere of his new film This Is Where I [read more]

  • subtle-dildo-wally-feature

    It’s ‘Where’s Wally?’ for grown-ups. Can you spot them all?

          Alright. There’s not really a delicate way to put this so let’s just get right to it. Some guys have created a Tumblr called ‘Subtle Dildo‘, and that Tumblr is just filled with photos that have hidden dildos in them. It’s like the grown-up, NSFW version of ‘Where’s Wally?’ And it’s kind [read more]

  • invisible-girlfriend-feature

    ‘Invisible Girlfriend’ is a disturbing yet genius new thing that exists.

            There is a new company called Invisible Girlfriend, and its sole purpose is to help men convince the nosey people in their lives that they have a special lady-love.     Invisible Girlfriend describes it like this:   Ever been trapped and forced to tell a lie, then another, until even you don’t [read more]

  • Yesterday's terror raids. (Photo: NSW Police)

    Terrifying new details of the Sydney beheading plot have emerged.

            Police say the raids in Sydney yesterday morning foiled a horrifying plot to behead a random member of the Australian public in Sydney’s Martin Place, drape them in an Islamic State flag and behead them on camera. This morning, terrifying new details have emerged about the plot, with Prime Minister Tony Abbott revealing [read more]

  • Oh hi, I didn't see you there.

    Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

            By LOUISE AYLING Happy Friday, faithful Mamamia readers! Yes, you read correctly, it’s Friday. You’ve made it. It’s that time of the week where we can all sit back, relax and unwind. This is Mamamia’s Best and Worst so feel free to have a bit of a vent or a whine, [read more]

  • Yesterday's terror raids. (Photo: NSW Police)

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Terror Raids       Yesterday’s raids – the biggest anti-terrorism operation in Australia’s history saw 15 people detained, two charged and nine released after a plot was uncovered to “shock, horrify, and terrify” the community. Omarjan Azari, 22 was charged yesterday with preparation/planning for terrorist attack. Police allege he had a plan to [read more]

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    “Because yesterday I felt safe. And today, I don’t.”

          BY JAMILA RIZVI Scared is the wrong word. I don’t feel scared, more like anxious. It’s that sensation of having eaten a chip and not quite having chewed enough, so it’s grated my throat on the way down. I go about my day. I forget that uncomfortable feeling for a few minutes or [read more]

  • targetuse

    Huge corporation does something beautiful. APPLAUSE.

      This shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is. Actually, it’s a HUGE deal. Target just did something truly significant (and we’ve got to say, beautiful) in their latest ad. Watch it, and see if you can spot the moment they kind-of make TV history. Did you see this happy little kid? With her dad? [read more]

  • evansplussizeclothing

    Not a size zero woman? You HAVE to see these clothes.

                By NICKY CHAMP We’re not sure why it’s taken THIS long, but for the first time ever, plus-size (yeah, we hate that term too) clothing has been shown at London Fashion Week. And there wasn’t an unflattering crazily-printed sack to be seen. The most exciting thing about this catwalk [read more]

  • Bec

    Bec: “I want to learn to knit. Yes, knit.”

      By REBECCA SPARROW It’s fair to say that over the past four years I haven’t at any point attempted to hide my lameness.  Nay, I have revelled in how uncool I am and have never shied away from outing myself as something of a loser. There was the time I admitted to singing “Like a [read more]

  • victoryatsea

    This is not a “victory”. This is a national shame.

      “VICTORY AT SEA”, the headline on the front page of The Daily Telegraph reads today. It’s accompanied by a full-colour image of a victorious captain, digitally-altered to feature Immigration Minister Scott Morrison‘s face. He’s perched atop a cliff while overcrowded boats languish on the endless seas behind him, and the headline next to him boasts: “Exclusive: How [read more]

  • Beyonce photoshop

    Beyoncé has Photoshopped her thighs again.

                Beyoncé is in big trouble. The superstar is being criticised by fans around the globe for YET ANOTHER Photoshopped photo on her Instagram account. DAMN IT, WOMAN. STOP THE MADNESS. Beyoncé, 33, put up photos of her and husband Jay-Z on a delightful rich-person yacht cruise to celebrate her [read more]

  • Alanis Morissette haircut

    Alanis Morissette has NEW HAIR.

      Alanis Morissette has cut her hair. FACT. Alanis Morrisette recently had long hair. FOR EVER.   Alanis Morissette now has shorter hair. And it’s blonder in parts, too. She says on her Instagram acoount that “blondes are, in fact, treated differently.” So whether she is calling this a haircut or a social experiment, we [read more]

  • Joshua Taylor. (Photo: Change.org petition)

    This little boy was “bullied to death”. Now his mother wants to see some change.

        Trigger warning: this post deals with issues of suicide and bullying, and may be triggering for some readers. Joshua Taylor used to be the type of kid to jump out of bed at first light. At 14, the active, mischievous boy was straddling that unique gap between childhood and adulthood: already capable of welding, [read more]

  • things that annoy parents

    Every parent’s sh*t list. Perhaps you’re already on it?

      By BERN MORLEY There have been many times during the past 15 years of parenthood when I’ve been annoyed by people for what they have or haven’t done. But it’s always been an internal and mental list, left trapped inside my frustrated mind. Until now. I think it’s time to introduce the Parent’s ‘Sh*t List’. [read more]

  • Lara Bingle pregnant rumours

    So… is Lara Bingle pregnant?

            No really though, is she? Everyone’s saying Lara is with child. Is she with child? Because that child would be very beautiful and very lucky… An “insider” and “close source” has “revealed” that Lara, 27, and her roguishly handsome actor boyfriend Sam Worthington have told their families about the impending infant. The couple have [read more]

  • Ariana Grande diva

    Apparently, Ariana Grande wants her fans to “f*cking die”.

                Ariana Grande. At first, we thought she was a coffee. (Grande… get it?) Then, we found out she was a small and talented American popstar. And now, we know she is a serious diva. The latest is that she want her fans to “f*cking die”. No, really. She said [read more]

  • bridget-feature

    Older than 22? Men no longer find you attractive. ‘Data’ says so.

              According to some very legitimate sciencey-science data, woman are officially over-the-hill at 22. DUNZO. Fin. All over red rover. Pack it up and CLOSE YOUR LEGS. Etc etc etc. Well, maybe. The legitimate sciency-science data comes from a new book called Dataclysm, written by the president and co-founder of dating site [read more]

  • the-bachelor-2014

    Rosie Reviews: The Bachelor insults a girl, in a way no girl has ever been insulted before.

                          By ROSIE WATERLAND And the Channel Ten editors have officially given up as we, once again, open on the girls casually hanging out in Ridge Forrester’s house just being casual (BINGO!). There are six girls left, and it’s clearly very important that we know [read more]

Tourism Fiji Popup Rosie Reviews: The Bachelor insults a girl, in a way no girl has ever been insulted before.

rosie reviews box Rosie Reviews: The Bachelor insults a girl, in a way no girl has ever been insulted before.