• bec

    BLOG: This ‘confession’ attracted 700 comments.

            By REBECCA SPARROW If you’re in the mood for a debate – get comfy, people.  This mother’s ‘confession’ on a popular US website, ignited a heated debate of its own in Mamamia HQ. In a nutshell, it’s about whether adults respect the personal space of children. Or maybe it’s about how [read more]

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    Minnie and Mickey Mouse were married in real life + 10 other happy facts

    Readers, take caution: the gallery of facts you’re about to view comes with an official Mamamia Health Warning. Possible side-effects include extreme elation, uncontrollable smiling, and a general feeling that all is right in the world. There is no known cure. Doubtful? Try this one on for size: Wayne Allwine, who voiced Mickey Mouse for [read more]

  • Gonski

    It’s time to put your hand up: Our kids deserve the best possible education

              By AMY STOCKWELL Today, in this country, not every child can expect the same standard of education. Students living in disadvantaged areas are up to three years behind kids of the same age who live in wealthy areas. By their third year of school, almost 90 per cent of children [read more]

  • Dementia

    ‘It was a Sunday a couple of months back when my father first forgot my name.’

          By JAMES JEFFREY It was a Sunday a couple of months back when my father first forgot my name. My sister rang to break the news, exhausted but still managing to muster an air of mock celebration. “Congratulations. You’re now ‘the man with two children’.” It had been coming for a while. [read more]

  • Sarah Harris

    A heart-wrenching story, where a 9 y/o girl is just collateral damage.

          By SARAH HARRIS When David* first held his little girl, he wasn’t overcome by paternal love and joy that so many other fathers often describe.  He was 21.  Too young, he says, to become a dad. But more than that, he remembers feeling something was wrong; that the baby in his arms [read more]

  • couple not having sex

    ‘My husband and I only have sex a few times a year. And that’s fine.’

          By MICHELE ZIPP There are some people who want to have sex every single day. And I think many would actually do so if there were more than 24 hours in a day without over eight of them spent working and hopefully at least seven of them sleeping. But some would rather [read more]

  • Stephen Conroy Daily Telegraph

    Wednesday’s news in 2 minutes.

        1. New footage of Jill Meagher’s final moments has been uncovered during the committal hearing for her alleged murderer Adrian Bayley. The footage shows a man sprinting towards Ms Meagher as she walks along a street in Brunswick. Mr Bayley was committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court yesterday after he admitted [read more]

  • Miranda Kerr with Flynn

    Miranda Kerr injured in car accident.

        UPDATE: Australian-born model Miranda Kerr is wearing a neck brace following a car crash in LA. The Nine Network is reporting that Miranda was with her assistant at the time of the accident and her young son Flynn was not in the car.   1. Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘We’re left with that specific hunger’ [read more]

  • MM's Nicky, Rosie and Kahla

    Open Post of the week: What’s going on with you?

            By ROSIE WATERLAND Welcome to this week’s Open Post, a great little corner of Mamamia where we pretty much throw things over to you and let the conversation flow. Em Rusciano’s piece about standing by her daughter as she enters ‘the battlefield that is puberty’ definitely had me in sympathetic stitches [read more]

  • marina with partner across table

    He was the love of her life. And then he shows up at her workplace 35 years later…

    Do you ever get over the love of your life?  Have you ever been confronted out of the blue with an ex? If it’s possible for a 3-minute video to capture the emotion of being reunited with a great love – this video does it. IN SPADES. Trust us and watch it until the 1 [read more]

  • Sopheap cutting firewood

    Imagine walking this far to get water or food every day.

              Have you ever felt like you’ve too much to do and too little time to do it? You know that feeling when you’re standing on a crowded platform waiting for a train to work or uni and you think about how you’d rather be on holiday or having lunch with [read more]

  • Kids on swings at park

    BLOG: The post that made me feel a little bit sick.

    By MIA FREEDMAN It’s a well documented fact that I dislike going to the park. There is a good reason for this: I am an adult. Playgrounds are not designed for adults. If they were, they would be called Westfield. I will do almost anything to avoid going to a park, including buying a trampoline [read more]

  • Amelia Oberhardt

    “I lost my mum to the bottle.”

          By AMELIA OBERHARDT I lost my mum nearly a year ago to the day but in actual fact, I lost her nearly ten years ago to the bottle. She was a ‘social drinker’ for the best part of my childhood. Rarely does a memory occur that doesn’t include her sitting with a [read more]

  • HommeMystere men's lingerie

    Will this actually help to prevent sexual assault against women?

        By MELISSA WELLHAM Sometimes I get scared catching public transport at night. I wish this wasn’t the case. I wish that every time I had to wait at a bus stop or train station after the sun had set, I felt completely at ease. I wish I didn’t have to practice constant vigilance. [read more]

  • mia-freedman2

    MIA: “We’re all watching starving people.”

            By MIA FREEDMAN Now that awards season is over, I’d like to point something out. The world has gone batshit crazy. Hasn’t it? How else can you explain the fact that actresses have been swallowed up by the fashion industry so that they now have to be size 0 and starve [read more]

  • Pope Benedict

    Pope Idol: Your step-by-step guide to understanding the Papal conclave.

            By MARY WARD Tonight, the Papal Conclave will begin in Rome to decide who will become the next Pope. As a Catholic, and a politics major, this is sort of like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. It’s a game I like to call Pope Idol. And if you’re [read more]

  • screen shot from so gay video

    Send this to anyone who says “that’s so gay”.

    By JAMILA RIZVI ‘That’s so gay.’ It’s the catch cry of teenage boys across the English speaking world. When one of them fumbles the footy at training – they’re ‘gay’. When a mate comes to school with a less-than-cool new haircut – it’s ‘gay’. When the teacher assigns extra trigonometry homework – that’s ‘gay’. Catching [read more]

  • bec sparrow

    BEC: The moment I understood ‘the main thing’ …

          By REBECCA SPARROW I remember the exact moment I became a different person. The moment when the old me sort of dissolved. Faded to black. Blew away in the softest of breezes. The moment my protective casing hardened while my heart became more vulnerable, splitting open like an over-ripe summer peach. I [read more]

  • Gillard , Julia

    Tuesday’s news in 2 minutes.

    1. BREAKING: The man accused of killing Jill Meagher – Adrian Bayley, 41 – has been committed to stand trial in the Supreme Court. The Coburg resident admitted to raping and strangling the ABC employee – but pleaded not guilty to one count of murder, and two of the three counts of rape he was being [read more]

  • KimKardashianbloodfacial

    Kim Kardashian’s kar krash facial.

    1. Kim Kardashian gets a blood facial, will do anything for youth/ratings Is there anything off limits for the Kardashian family? No, probably not. Kourtney Kardashian gave birth on their reality show and now Kim has been filmed having a ‘vampire’ blood facial for the latest episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. ‘I love [read more]

  • Jamila Rizvi in yellow

    JAMILA: Canberra: Not as dull as you think. *ducks*

              By JAMILA RIZVI They pleaded with me not to write this post; the whole office did. They threw their hands up in the air (well they didn’t actually, that’s more a cartoon character kind of frustration), claiming nobody would read it, that I couldn’t make it entertaining, that is was [read more]

  • guy with 2 girlfriends

    There’s fidelity. There’s cheating. And then there’s this.

          By AMANDA GOLDBERG A few weeks ago, my husband James* and I were heading home after a friend’s birthday party. I had arrived to the party late, so on the post-party subway ride, James updated me on what happened in my absence. Specifically, he told me about a conversation he’d had with [read more]

  • Em-Rusciano-190

    BLOG: ‘This is why puberty was horrific for me.’

        By EM RUSCIANO As some of you may know, I have a child on the cusp of womanhood. I know! I am as shocked as you are that someone as young looking as me could possibly have a child about to go through puberty. (Come on guys, I need this. Just nod in [read more]

  • rihanna with chris brown

    We couldn’t decide whether to report on this incident or not…

    Brace yourselves. Chris Brown has been filmed wildly ranting about how men should treat “their” women at the Emerson Theatre in Hollywood. The 23-year-old singer grabbed the microphone off the DJ and spoke about how he owns Rihanna’s “pussy”. Yep. It’s every bit as lovely as it sounds. “Every guy in this building has said [read more]

  • Balanced Diet Graph

    9 ways to help your kids eat healthy.

            BY PHOODIE I often find myself deep in phone conversation with a friend, or half an hour into a texting marathon with my sister, talking about ways to improve what I am putting into my body and / or new and exciting ways to get active. I forward emails to friends [read more]

  • "Boats."

    Are you more likely to vote for Tony Abbott because of this interview?

            Tony Abbott has spoken to 60 Minutes about his views on controversial issues including gay marriage and abortion. In his discussion with interviewer Liz Hayes tonight, Abbott explained his now infamous on air confession in 2010 that he was ‘a bit threatened’ by gay people. The Opposition Leader admitted that he [read more]

  • what is love

    WATCH: The love story that inspired last night’s 60Mins story

      If there is one video you watch this weekend, make it this one. Because it will make you feel ALL THE EMOTIONS. In less than four minutes. This is the story of Bill and Glad, who will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this year. It’s the story of how precious unconditional love can be. [read more]

  • The Queen will sign a charter in support of equality.

    Monday’s news in just 2 minutes.

          1. Queen Elizabeth II will today sign a charter in support of gay rights and gender equality. It’s the first timethe Queen has openly expressed her views on gay rights in her 61 years on the throne. The Commonwealth Charter the Queen is signing reads: “We are implacably opposed to all forms [read more]

  • Elle Mcpherson in gold and white

    Does Elle Macpherson have a ring on it?

    1. Elle Macpherson ‘set to marry’ Jeffrey Soffer. Wait? What? Who’s Jeffrey Soffer? Lets break this down: He’s 43 and a hotel heir and billionaire. The pair dated for two years before splitting at the beginning of 2012. Macpherson, 49, and Soffer reportedly rekindled their romance after Soffer was involved in a helicopter accident – [read more]

  • Lena Dunham at the 2012 Emmy Awards

    Introducing the voice of her generation: Lena Dunham

          In the first episode of Girls, Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, an unemployed serial publishing intern, insists as she begs for more money from her parents: “I may be the voice of my generation… or, at least, of a generation.” And that is exactly what Dunham is. Born to artist parents, Lena Dunham [read more]