• Phoodie

    BLOG: Soup is not a meal. Discuss.

            By PHOODIE A bowl of soup can never be a ‘proper meal’ as far as I am concerned. Okay, give me a moment to clarify. Obviously I mean that in a completely ‘first world’ kind of way, so let’s push the “some people would be grateful for the offcuts of your [read more]

  • Substantia Jones

    The site that encourages people to take photos of fat shamers and post them online.

    Substantia Jones is a photographer. And a brilliant one, at that. She’s the brains behind The Adipositivity Project, a photography project that aims to promote size acceptance by photographing women of all sizes… without their clothes on. She calls it a “visual display of fat physicality” – the kind that you never really see in [read more]

  • judge garry neilson

    Howard Sattler’s comments are the reason we need to tackle homophobia.

                By SIMON COPLAND Howard Sattler’s interview with the Prime Minister last night has highlighted the role and negative impact sexist and homophobic stereotypes still play in our society today. A lot of the reaction of the interview has been to once again point out the extreme disrespect with which [read more]

  • Nina holding baby Zoe for the first time.

    “My baby was here and she was loved and I will not hide her away.”

              By NINA YOUNG I walk into my local shop and I cringe. The woman behind the counter smiles at me and I know what’s coming; she hasn’t seen me since before I gave birth. She asks me excitedly: “How is the baby?” I look down because I don’t want to [read more]

  • pap smear

    Saturday’s news in under 2 minutes.

            1. A do-it-yourself test for cervical cancer has been developed, which would allow women to carry out the test at home. News Ltd report that researchers from the University of London think the test could be more effective than pap smears. The test is not yet available to the public. 2. According to News [read more]

  • Mariam

    Everybody deserves to have a better life.

    By MARIAM MAZ HAKIM Over 40 million people around the world today are refugees. Refugee week is a celebration of the resilience, strength and courage that refugees face every single day of their lives. Most of them are so far away from civilisation, that they don’t even realise that there is a week specially dedicated [read more]

  • Liz and her bubba.

    ‘How do I tell my daughters they’ll never have the same opportunities as their brother?’

        By LIZ LOPA There are many things I can’t be. Many things I can’t do. And many things I will never see. But none of this is because I am a woman. I will never be a brain surgeon. My brain is not equipped. I will never climb Mt Everest. My body is [read more]

  • Howard Sattler and the Prime Minister.

    Bottom of the barrel? You’re looking at him.

              Remember that day when a radio announcer asked John Howard if Janette was a lesbian? And that day a journalist asked Kevin Rudd about his sex life with Therese? No? Oh, that’s right. You don’t remember those days because they never happened. Nor would they have in a million years. [read more]

  • Amelia

    She can’t take criticism. At all. How do you overcome that?

          By AMELIA OBERHARDT I’ve never been much good at taking criticism and when criticised I am incredibly defensive. My face flushes, I get hot and sticky and 80 per cent of the time I break out in some strange red, blotchy rash; attractive I know. Even a friendly email from my amazingly [read more]

  • 200405397-001

    How to teach your child to budget money? Ask them this one thing.

          By KATE HUNTER. You know that fun conversation you have when there’s a big lotto draw? ‘Wow – what would I buy if I won ten million dollars?’ Would I pay off family and friends’ mortgages? Give a chunk to charity? Buy property? A swish car? Live in New York for a [read more]

  • Michele Koebke's 40cm Waist

    This woman has worn a corset all day, every day for the past 3 years.

          By SYLVIA FREEDMAN Michèle Köbke believes that having her waist sinched within an inch of its life (literally) makes her more beautiful, graceful and womanly. Despite the fact that her waist is now smaller than a two-year-old’s, (do two-year-old’s even have waists?) and she’s seriously compromising her health, Michèle says she will not [read more]

  • condoms

    Imagine needing to take birth control in secret, because your husband pricks your condoms…

        By MAMAMIA TEAM We all know the (awful) stereotype. Woman wants a man. Man doesn’t want to be tied down. Crazed woman is desperate to for him to commit. Gets pregnant. Traps him. Or how about this one: Husband and wife find their marriage on the rocks. Wife feels husband pulling away. She’s [read more]

  • Funny baby in pram

    BLOG: Would you like to buy a fancy pram or a small inner city apartment?

        By BERN MORLEY Wandering around a department store over the weekend I came across the baby section. Ever nostalgic for all things baby, I walked over to a pram and caressed it (an observer might even say that this looked a little creepy). That’s when I flipped the price tag over and audibly [read more]

  • bec

    BLOG: I’m fed up with Australian politics, and here’s why.

          By REBECCA SPARROW Yesterday a menu made my head explode. For those who missed it because you were perhaps LIVING YOUR LIFE, a photo of a menu taken from a Liberal party fundraiser in March was leaked to the media. The issue? On the menu Prime Minister Gillard’s body was likened to [read more]

  • bec

    BLOG: I’m fed up with Australian politics, and here’s why.

          By REBECCA SPARROW Yesterday a menu made my head explode. For those who missed it because you were perhaps LIVING YOUR LIFE, a photo of a menu taken from a Liberal party fundraiser in March was leaked to the media. The issue? On the menu Prime Minister Gillard’s body was likened to [read more]

  • Army Chief

    NEWS: Army Chief gives the speech of 2013

    1. Following the latest ADF scandal, which has seen three personnel suspended, five people still under investigation and 90 more under suspicion, Chief of Army Lieutenant General David Morrison, AO, has delivered a strong message to Australians soldiers. “Evidence collected to date has identified a group of men within our ranks who have allegedly produced [read more]

  • photohawaii

    Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

              By NICKY CHAMP Aloha! No, I don’t think I am in Hawaii – although I kinda wish I still was BUT more on that later. As you already may be fully aware ‘Best and Worst’ is our weekly exhale post, a nice little cosy spot where we can talk about [read more]

  • melissa-mccarthy

    Melissa McCarthy slams critic who called her ‘tractor-sized’.

          1. Melissa McCarthy: ALL CLASS. In case you missed it, a critic douche-canoe who reviewed McCarthy’s recent film Identity Thief for The New York Observer caused an uproar when he called the fabulous actress ‘a hippo’ and ‘tractor-sized’. He also went on to say that she’s “devoted her short career to being obese [read more]

  • "Medical practice should change when new evidence comes to light."

    This form of permanent contraception is more common than you think

            New effective contraception for men will be available soon! So says this New York Times article from 30 years ago. Every six months or so, we hear a new report about the imminent release of a male contraceptive pill (like this one from last week). And yet, year after year, the [read more]

  • Kayla Ramsay

    She had been through so much. And he’d gone through it all with her. But it still wasn’t enough.

              By KAYLA RAMSAY The following is an excerpt from Warrior Princess, a memoir outlining the effect of childhood trauma on present-day experiences. In this extract, our writer discovers that the success of her marriage has little to do with her husband, and everything to do with how she perceives him. [read more]

  • Trevor

    He sends her a naked picture. So she forwards it to his mum.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM. A 20-year-old woman – let’s call her Sally – joins a US dating site called Let’s Date. She meets a man name Trevor. Trevor and Sally begin to text each other. They get to know each other. Exchange pleasantries, becoming friendly, even a little bit…. cautiously flirty. One day, they’re talking about [read more]

  • illegal downloads in Australia

    Game of Thrones: the cheat-sheet.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND AND JAMILA RIZVI Game of Thrones. GAME. OF. THRONES. You either watch every episode and love it, or you’ve never seen it before. There is no in between. Here at the Mamamia office, we’re split. Jamila, Melissa and Rosie LOOOVE Game of Thrones. Everyone else wonders what the [read more]

  • mia-freedman2

    MIA: This one is going to be a doozy of a conversation at our place.

        By MIA FREEDMAN There are so many things I love about watching The Voice with my kids. I love that it’s a TV show that’s based on what you can do not how you look (LIFE LESSON: TICK). I love that everyone keeps their clothes on (TICK). I love that the backstories of [read more]

  • slavery

    Serious face: How many slaves do you own?

        By NATALIA HAWK How many slaves work for you? How many slaves produce your coffee? How many slaves helped to create the smartphone you use every day? How many slaves made the t-shirt you’re wearing right now? Slavery Footprint can tell you. It’s a website that was started by Justin Dillon, a musician [read more]

  • Army

    NEWS: ADF personnel suspended over emails that denigrate women.

      1. Three Australian Defence Force personnel have been suspended following a series of emails that are offensive about women. Another five personnel and public servants are also being investigated; with more than 90 people linked to the trail of emails in some way. The Chief of Army, David Morrisson told a press conference in [read more]

  • rainbeau

    Would you RSVP yes to a wedding if you were asked to do this pre-wedding task?

              BY NICKY CHAMP By now we’re all well versed in outlandish Brideszilla behaviour and bizarre requests from brides with an overinflated sense of importance about their big day… But have you ever heard of asking guests to do a pre-wedding vegan ‘cleanse’? I’m going to take a wild stab in [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 4.58.19 PM

    FLUFF: Beyonce proves to be too bootylicious for Cavalli.

     1. Beyonce proves to be too bootylicious for Cavalli. First Melissa McCarthy, now Beyonce. Will everyone just stop messing with female celebrities bodies/heads/faces?   The photo above (left) was sent out in a press release by the Roberto Cavalli fashion house featuring Beyonce in an incredible multi-coloured cut-out silk gown designed exclusively for the Mrs. Carter [read more]

  • Bern

    Who do you call when it all falls apart?

          By BERN MORLEY. I remember the very first time my daughter had gotten sick. We were driving somewhere non-descript at the time and she would have been no more than 12 months old. In hindsight, she had nothing more than a virus but at the time, as she started to projectile vomit [read more]

  • Nat with her mum. Matching from an early age.

    The age at which you officially turn into your mother.

            By NATALIA HAWK Hey you. You there. Are you in your late 20s or early 30s? More specifically, are you about to hit the grand age of 31? If so – BRACE YOURSELF. Because you’re about to turn into Godzilla your mother. That’s right. It’s long been a theory/cliche that as [read more]

  • This is the Prime Minister I voted for, says Jamila.

    Sorry Julia. But women aren’t buying the gender wars.

    By CHRISTINE JACKMAN What does it feel like to have your voice “banished from the core of our nation’s political life”? Prime Minister Julia Gillard yesterday warned that this is the grim outlook for Australian women if there is a change of government in September, so it’s worth thinking about. “Banished” suggests we will be [read more]