• infertility

    If you’re Australian and you’re infertile, you’re ‘lucky’.

    by LINDSAY CROSS< My husband and I live in the US and we’ve been trying to get pregnant for over a year.  I have one daughter from a previous relationship, but we decided when we got married that we wanted to try for one more. As the months after our wedding slipped by, I told [read more]

  • Mother and son.

    Listen: an incredibly honest conversation between a mother and son

    Have you ever read a biography or watched a documentary that is so very good, that you feel privileged to have been allowed to experience it? Very, very occasionally a piece of media or text really does change the way you think about the world. It’s a special kind of story telling, usually one that [read more]

  • What's your most embarrassing moment?

    Mortification moments: “The time I peed my pants in public”

    by ROSIE WATERLAND When I was 18, I peed my pants in Coles. Granted, I was a little (very) intoxicated. I hadn’t yet built up the kind of tolerance that comes from the regular consumption of cheap vodka and even cheaper wine. I was at a party within walking distance of my house, and I [read more]

  • "Like" if you respect him.

    “I’m sick of Facebook emotional porn.”

      by RACHEL HAYTER My Facebook newsfeed is littered with images of suffering: a uniformed soldier cradling his child at an airport; a young girl who has lost her hair from cancer treatment; a bloodied newborn with his heart on the outside of his body; a chained dog who has been mutilated by his owners; [read more]

  • lying

    “I have to stop lying so much and trust people.”

              by BRENDAN MACLEAN Boy howdy, doesn’t consciously having your teeth plucked out of your head give you a moment to reflect on things? With a fist half way down my throat and a pipe slurping up the residual blood and drool I was struck by a single thought, a thought [read more]

  • Hayley Byrnes

    ‘Girls’ shouldn’t have an opinion about sport. Sorry, what?

            Yesterday, former Australian Rugby Union player David Campese sent a tweet questioning whether female reporters should be allowed to cover rugby union. The tweet, which read “Why does the smh get a girl to write about rugby. Growden who was a great jornio [sic] and now we have someone who has [read more]

  • British Fashion Awards 2012

    RED CARPET: British Fashion Awards 2012

    by JASMINE GARNSWORTHY What’s a British Fashion Award, you ask? Good question. They’re the awards that celebrate everything that is fashion – from the best designers to the people with the best style (but limited to those with British passports). Stella McCartney and Alexa Chung were among the guests who gathered in London this week [read more]

  • thumbs_baby-feet

    Fluff: Look who’s pregnant for the second time in a year.

    1. She gave birth to a daughter just seven months ago – but this celebrity has already announced her second pregnancy. Us Weekly has confirmed that Jessica Simpson is pregnant. Apparently it “definitely wasn’t planned”, but 32-year-old Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson are both “overjoyed”. After giving birth to her daughter Maxwell in May, [read more]

  • Mum names and shames 12 year old cyber bully

    The surefire way to limit your kids’ screen time.

    by KATE HUNTER Honestly? I don’t know what’s so hard about restricting kids’ internet use. I’m sure it gets tougher in upper grades of high school because kids might have, you know, jobs. But until then, in my opinion, she who holds the purse wields the power. You can jot that down if you like. [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow

    A Mum’s Brownie Point List: 9 reasons to high-five myself.

            by REBECCA SPARROW If there were medals given out for incredibley impressive feats accomplished during motherhood, then I earned one today. Today, I made baby food for my 9 month old son, Fin, from scratch. From. Scratch. You heard it. I peeled and chopped and steamed and pureed and… well that [read more]

  • Fisting Hotel Outdoor Pool

    Sealed Section: The hotel you won’t see on Getaway.

    Beach resorts are so last season. For this year’s summer holiday, consider La Fistinière. If you have kids, you’ll need to leave them at home because sadly, there’s no kids club. In fact, leave the kids very, very, very far away in the safety of their grandparents’ loving arms and tell them that Mummy and [read more]

  • A letter to my dog....

    An open letter to my dog (who I now ignore because I have a baby).

              By NICOLE FABIAN-WEBER Dear Onion, Hey buddy. How you doin’? I like your haircut. I know I used to be against bandanas after a trip to the groomer, but I’ll make an exception this time. One, because it’s cute with the little doggies on it (very meta). And two, because [read more]

  • Cutting: Is it the new eating disorder?

    Cutting: an insight into the new epidemic among girls

      Warning: This post is a very personal experience of cutting and may trigger issues for some readers. In Australia, 200,000 people harm themselves every month. Many of them are teenagers. By ANONYMOUS Every time I come across a story on ‘self-harming’ I am physically sick to my stomach. The mere mention triggers memories of [read more]

  • Lara Bingle and Michael Clarke... in happier days

    Michael Clarke: let’s judge his performance based on who he’s sleeping with.

    by LUCY CHESTERTON Wow. Did you SEE Michael Clarke’s record-breaking batting run on the cricket pitch this week? The fourth double century he scored for 2012, the one that ushered him into the history books? It was a huge feat, something he certainly couldn’t have managed if he was still dating Lara Bingle. Wait, WHAT? [read more]

  • featured image

    2 Kaftans, 4 Summer Holiday Outfits.

      Ever worn one thing that was all-out, apologetically comfortable? These kaftans will tick that box and (trust us) are an unexpected outfit solution for evening. Nervous about wearing a summer staple to the beach AND to a bar? Here are a couple of options:

  • Miranda Kerr

    Fluff: This Miranda Kerr picture is just…..you…can’t even.

    1. Is this a satirical, over-worked  fashion shoot… or is it just Miranda Kerr’s real life captured on Instagram? Just look at this picture of the supermodel reading a book. Seriously, this one is oddly baffling and we’re unnaturally obsessed with it. Or does everyone read like that – artfully posed and surrounded by chandeliers… [read more]

  • Pledge

    Unvaccinated kids up 500%. Will you sign the pledge?

    By MIA FREEDMAN       It’s astonishing – and utterly terrifying – to think we could be seeing a return to outbreaks of incurable diseases such as whooping cough, polio and measles. But with the shocking news this week that the number of parents registering ‘conscientious objection’ and refusing to vaccinate their children has [read more]

  • Monday's Daily Telegraph

    A bemused specator’s guide: The PM. The AWU. And a slush fund.

          By LUCY ORMONDE For weeks – months, years in some cases – the media has been running with the story of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s alleged knowledge of dodgy dealings by employees of the Australian Workers Union in 1993. And for weeks now, you may have been wondering: What the hell is [read more]

  • Two and a half men kid paid hypocrite

    Fluff: Two and a Half Men star says you shoud change the channel.

    1. Two and a Half Men star pleads with viewers not to watch the show. (As if we really needed prompting?) Angus T Jones, who played half-a-man Jake for almost 10 seasons of the show, has had a religious awakening that has since caused him to label the show that brought him fame as ‘filth’. [read more]

  • Gavin

    “The day I came out to my Dad. The ex-priest.”

              by GAVIN FERNANDO Coming out is an emotional ordeal. Coming out to your family is the most nerve-wrecking, unsettling of the lot. Coming out when your father is a Sri Lankan Catholic ex-priest would make a great motion picture. To this day, ‘gay’ is incomprehensible in Sri Lanka. Gay men [read more]

  • Women and men are different? Bollocks.

    Women are hardwired to be conservative with money. Bollocks.

              by KATE HUNTER The theory went like this: Our cave dwelling ancestors were hunter-gatherers. The men went out every few weeks to kill bison and some of them would come back – bison hunting was a dangerous business – the greater the risks , the bigger the bison they’d drag [read more]

  • How much would you pay for a date?

    The ‘dating’ website where men buy women. Practical or prostitution?

    By LUCY ORMONDE When Zara Phillips was in Australia earlier this week, she told journalists the story of how she met her husband. It was 2003 and she was at Sydney’s Manly Wharf Bar with her cousin (Prince Harry, no biggie). Mike Tindall was sitting at the bar and, well,  it “went from there”. It’s [read more]

  • You're invited. Not.

    When every kid is invited to the party except yours. Ooooph.

            By ANONYMOUS The rage I felt was instant. My daughter Emily, 7, had just bowled through the front door, full of the happy exhaustion that a little girl should have after her first grown-up sleepover (read: no sleep, tons of sugar). Dawn, her friend’s mum dropped her off and came in [read more]

  • David Petraus

    Not all men cheat. And these are the reasons why.

    By LUCY ORMONDE Everyone cheats. Someone said this to me a few weeks ago and I have to admit the statement left me feeling  frankly, a little bit sick. At 25, it’s always been my belief that it’s only the jerks who cheat. So have I been wrong this whole time as some people would [read more]

  • Helen Razor.

    We sent Helen Razer to a health retreat…

              By HELEN RAZER There are not many things at which I excel but I’m an absolute boss at despair.  It’s tricky to match my talent for feeling overworked, underappreciated and/or taken-for-granted.  Or, at least, I thought it was until I spent a week in the oddly comforting company of others [read more]

  • Personal comments on school report cards. Discuss.

    Personal comments on school report cards. Discuss.

              By REBECCA SPARROW “Rebecca’s stories are very imaginative and well presented. There is certainly a need to practice the recorder.” That’s a direct quote from my grade five report card. Reading between the lines, I can see that my teacher Mr Wessling was trying to tell me something …  like [read more]

  • World Health Organisation

    “I’m not sick – I’m transsexual.”

    BY MICHELLE DIAMOND I was 8 when I first realised the body I had on the outside didn’t match the person I was on the inside. It’s hard to describe the feeling, and I didn’t understand it. But I knew that it made me sad, and that it wouldn’t go away. My teenage years were [read more]

  • chris brown

    NEWS: Chris Brown sinks (even) lower with vile abuse

    Someone just needs to tell Chris Brown to stop doing things. ALL the things. Because he’s just reached a whole new devastatingly depressing low by abusing a woman on Twitter. The 23-year-old singer – who is, incidentally, still on probation for beating his girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 – abused comedy writer Jenny Johnson after she [read more]

  • custody mother

    60 Minutes: surprises from the Italian-Australian custody parents.

    I sat down to watch last night’s 60 Minutes’ interview with both parents at the centre of the Italian custody battle over their four daughters not knowing who to believe. I came out the other side with two thoughts: 1. What a mess. There are no winners in family court disputes. 2. Tara Brown kicked [read more]

  • Samatha posted the photo on Reddit

    Fluff: The prank photo that’s gone viral.

    1. Young Samantha Busch just wanted to go on a holiday to the Grand Canyon with her boyfriend. But her overprotective mother wouldn’t stop warning her about falling off a cliff or being blown off while hiking. So Samantha decided to send the below photo to her mother… just to freak her out a little [read more]