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    UNCENSORED: Honi Soit Vagina cover image. NSFW.

    by MAMAMIA TEAM This is the uncensored image from Honi Soit the University of Sydney’s student paper. If you’ve come to this page and have no idea why you’re looking at pictures of vaginas, click here to read the full story. At Mamamia absolutely everything is up for discussion: from pop culture to politics, body [read more]

  • Shelley Argent

    ‘I am the mother of one equal and one unequal son’.

              By SHELLEY ARGENT Thirty six years ago, I fell pregnant with a one-in-a-million baby. My husband (proud dad to be) decided to document every step of my pregnancy in photographs. This one is of me at 39 1/2 weeks. We were so excited we even counted the half-weeks. You see, [read more]

  • vietnam 3

    Adventure shouldn’t have to end when you have kids.

          By BERN MORLEY My husband and I were quite adventurous young travellers. Of course back then we had the luxury of planning amazing trips to suit just the two of us and we weren’t particularly worried if our destination sent us off the beaten track. In fact, whether we were crossing decidedly [read more]

  • penis size

    We bring you penises, Goldilocks and science – all packaged up into one post.

    By ROB BROOKS How important is penis size? Authors from the Australian National University, Monash and La Trobe provide the most complete answer yet: the size of a flaccid penis can significantly affect how attractive a man’s body is to women. Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (a journal commonly known [read more]

  • Tiffany and her daughter Ivy

    Mamamia Cares: ‘Sharing the pain with others, means that I can rest for a while.’

        BY TIFFANY TREGENZA On Friday a psychiatrist declared that I was ‘unstable’ enough to be accepted into their services and join my daughter, who has been taking Lovan – a deceptively alternate name for Prozac. It’s taken just under six years for Ivy’s immune deficiency to get the better of us. And by [read more]

  • Crop top

    7 things not to wear to the gym. (Warning: This post is heavy on the sarcasm font.)

          By NATALIA HAWK Let me begin this blog by saying that I give absolutely no shits in regards to what other people wear at the gym. I have never, ever looked at someone at the gym and thought, “Ugh. Bad fashion choice on your behalf.” That’s because I’m not looking at other [read more]

  • 19-year-old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being held in hospital.

    Sunday’s news in under 2 minutes.

            1. The 19-year-old suspected to be behind the Boston bombings, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, is in police custody. Armed guards are protecting the hospital where Tsarnaev is currently being held, in a serious condition. An interrogation team is waiting to question the suspect. 2. An earthquake has hit China’s Sichuan province. At least [read more]

  • Seriously. How awesome is Rebel?

    FLUFF: A 90210 stripper, MTV Music Awards and Justin Beiber gets in trouble.

        1. A star from one of the biggest shows of the 90′s has decided to give stripping a go. But it’s probably the last cast member you would think. Ian Ziering, one of the lead males from the 90′s version of 90210 (yeah – there’s a new version, but the original will always be [read more]

  • The bombing suspect still on the run.

    BREAKING NEWS: Boston bombings suspect in police custody.

            BREAKING: One of the Boston bombing suspects is dead, and his brother is alive in police custody 19-year-old Dzhokar Tsarnaev was surrounded by police while hiding in a boat in a backyard in Watertown, Boston. Police used a robot to probe the scene, and thermal imaging to determine that the suspect was alive. [read more]

  • Phoodie's Chocolate Lasagne

    BLOG: Yes, this is actually a recipe for chocolate lasagne.

            By PHOODIE I love chocolate. Everyone loves Chocolate. Okay, not EVERYONE, in fact my BFF, Jacquelin, hates the stuff. I remember once when we were in high school we went to get ice cream and upon entering the store, Jacquelin’s face started to look a little funny. All of a sudden [read more]

  • keep-calm-and-man-up-68

    The best possible response to being told to ‘man up’.

              By LISA HICKEY The cut looked like a shark bite. I hadn’t seen it in full until the doctor unwrapped it. I was queasy as I watched, but not too queasy to snap a photo with my iPhone. The doctor laughed. “That’s going on Facebook, I bet.” The cut looked [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2013-04-19 at 1.33.56 PM

    Introducing Fundawear. It’s like underwear, but fun.

              Technology has done wonders for long distance relationships. With sexting and Skype, it’s hard to imagine how two lovers ever managed to make it work before the Internet. But, you see, that’s sort of the problem. It doesn’t work. Because while you can spend hours upon hours chatting to your [read more]

  • Real men don't rape.

    Multiculturalism is not an excuse for rape.

              By MELISSA WELLHAM Online commentators and conservative bloggers are calling this a case of political correctness gone mad; of multiculturalism being used to justify rape. In 2009, Afghan refugee Esmatullah Sharifi was jailed by the Australian courts for raping a 25-year-old woman on Christmas Eve the year before. In March [read more]

  • Sophie? If only.

    It is with great regret that we bring your 2013′s most popular baby names so far.

      “We both want to have babies while it’s still cool. I already have all the names picked out. If it’s a girl, Bookcase… or Sandstorm… or maybe Hat, but that’s more of a boy’s name.” – Cerie, 30 Rock Ah yes, the old baby name conversation. Are they getting too ridiculous? Will it scar [read more]

  • Julie meeting mums and bubs

    What do you think when you hear the words ‘sponsor child’? We bet it isn’t this.

            By ALEX BRUCE-SMITH What comes to mind when you hear (or read) the words ‘sponsor a child’? Is it sad music? A shot of wide eyed children staring meekly at you through your television screen? Are you flooded with guilt that UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING, THESE KIDS WILL STARVE? Yeah, me [read more]

  • Catherine Deveny

    Seriously good news for women everywhere.

          By CATHERINE DEVENY Awesome news for feminism, childcare workers, kids, parents and single older homeless women sleeping in cars. After a passionate and determined United Voice campaign Big Steps, Australia’s childcare professionals have received a substantial raise. *sound effect of the whole nation exhaling as they say ‘about bloody time!’* To be [read more]

  • stella young

    Tea with Mamamia: We talk to Stella Young

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Welcome to our final episode in the Tea with Mamamia series, where our editor Jamila Rizvi has a cup (or four) of Dilmah tea while getting to know some of Australia’s best and brightest celebrities. Today Jamila sits down with Stella Young. Stella is a comedian, disability advocate and Editor of ABC’s Ramp Up website, [read more]

  • mia-freedman2

    MIA: A huge online storm broke out after we published this interview.

      By MIA FREEDMAN I first noticed it after Jill Meagher died. In the days that followed her tragic murder, everyone was united in shock and then sorrow. But there was something else there too; the chilling sense that ‘there for the grace of God go I’. Because almost every one of us could have [read more]

  • Rosie Waterland

    ROSIE: This little trick will change your online world for the better.

        By ROSIE WATERLAND We all have them: Facebook ‘friends’ that annoy the crap out of us, but who – because of some bizarre sense of online etiquette – we can’t bring ourselves to ‘unfriend’. (And since when did ‘unfriend’ become part of everyday vernacular anyway? Exhausting.) You know the ones I mean. Over-sharers. [read more]

  • Sarah

    “This is why I run.”

     By SARAH KRASNOSTEIN Last Monday, I put my tired feet up and watched the 117th Boston Marathon until the wee hours. It had been in my diary for weeks, in case I forgot and made other plans for 2am on that Monday morning. I had my Boston Marathon app with bios of the elite participants. [read more]

  • First comes love. Then comes the incest-checking app.

    It’s called ‘Sifjaspellsspillir’. And if you have a big family, you might just need it in your life.

            By NATALIA HAWK You know what sucks? When you go to work, or university, or a bar, and you meet someone amazing with great hair and a fantastic smile. You talk to this amazing person and you really get along. You think maybe… the two of you could get it on [read more]

  • Dead soldier

    Why do we care more about a life lost in Boston than a life lost in Iraq?

            This post was first published on The Drum and has been republished with full permission. By JONATHAN GREEN It was a bad day for the violent, senseless killing of innocent people. In Boston, as you will have seen, three people died after a pair of bombs exploded near the finish line [read more]

  • Mamamia

    Best and worst: How’s your week been?

    By FREYA KING Welcome to this week’s Best and Worst. It’s your chance to reflect and share what’s going on in your world; the things that made you happy and the things that made you accidentally lose all faith in humanity (I am looking at you, ‘triple-shot-soy-3/4-piccolo-with-honey-and-can-i-please-have-that-right-now-even-though-I-am-at-the-end-of-this-very-long-line-I-am-very-busy-and-important’ lady.) I’ll go first to show you all [read more]

  • Rolf Harris

    Friday’s news in only two minutes.

        1. Rolf Harris has been arrested in the UK over sex abuse claims. Harris has not been charged, and has denied the allegations. The Sun named Harris in an exclusive report, although police have yet to confirm that the entertainer is a suspect in an ongoing investigation. The 83-year-old Australian entertainer, musician, composer and television [read more]

  • 90210

    Fluff: This former 90210 star has become a stripper.

            1. A star from one of the biggest shows of the 90′s has decided to give stripping a go. But it’s probably the last cast member you would think. Ian Ziering, one of the lead males from the 90′s version of 90210 (yeah – there’s a new version, but the original [read more]

  • kate

    ‘Everything I know about being a parent I learned from a small fish.’

    By KATE HUNTER Once the ante-natal classes are done and the fancy schmancy pram has been ordered, I believe all first-time parents should be sat down – forcibly if necessary – and made to watch ‘Finding Nemo’. Not just because it’s a great movie, and not because it’s important to watch kids’ movies before your [read more]

  • Ajay Rochester

    Why do we care what Ajay Rochester eats?

      Listening to the tone of Ajay Rochester’s voice as she speaks to radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, you’d assume she was gushing about the latest episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians. But she’s not. What the former Biggest Loser host is actually talking about is her “disgusting” body and unhealthy lifestyle. The [read more]

  • dove 2

    WATCH: The new Dove ad that will make you think.

    Imagine if you were asked to explain your own beauty to someone. Would you struggle? Yeah. You and the other 3.5 billion women on the planet. The reality is that most of us can’t see our own beauty like the people around us can. We’re constantly underestimating ourselves. In fact, only 4% of women around [read more]

  • 'The people who make these signs don't speak for me' writes Bec Sparrow

    Australia: ‘One of the most comfortably racist places I’ve ever been’.

          By ROSIE WATERLAND “Australia turned out to be a sensational place. Albeit, one of the most comfortably racist I’ve ever been in.” That was what British comedian and and news correspondent John Oliver had to say about Australia after a recent visit here. Oliver has been a regular on US nightly news [read more]