• Mike volunteering

    ‘Not getting paid – and loving it.’

            by MIKE NICHOLSON If it’s true that the Australian economy has hit the skids and my industry (media) is dying, then why am I championing unpaid work? That’s because I’m talking about giving my time away to volunteer organisations that thrive on unpaid workers for their good causes. This week marks [read more]

  • jamila

    JAM: We sure hope Julia Gillard is reading this one.

            By JAMILA RIZVI Tonight is a big night for Julia Gillard and her Government. It’s tempting to say that this Budget is Labor’s last chance to gain enough goodwill to have any shot of winning the September 14 election. But in all good conscience, I can’t. Despite the dramatic effect that [read more]

  • Bikini body cover photo

    Why don’t more magazines run images like THIS?

    By NICKY CHAMP Okay, I confess I’ve bought countless magazines that promise advice on how to get the perfect ‘beach body,’ – a quest akin to finding the Holy Grail – but this has to be advice I’ve ever seen: How to get a bikini body: Put a bikini on your body. It’s springtime in [read more]

  • What a female fan did to this rapper was sexual assault, right?

              By MELISSA WELLHAM Meet hip hop artist Danny Brown. Originally born Daniel Dewan Sewell, he’s a rapper from Michigan and has been described by MTV as “one of rap’s most unique figures in recent memory.” And recently, when performing on stage in Minneapolis, a female fan pulled down Brown’s pants [read more]

  • photo (10) (800x598)

    ‘The hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve done this year.’

            By JO ABI. I am aching from head to toe. I am aching in places I didn’t know I could ache. But I did it. I ran 8 kilometres in the Mother’s Day Classic at The Domain in Sydney on Sunday and I feel fabulous; fabulous but incredibly sore. Here I [read more]

  • Kate: "When you boil it down, a wedding's a wedding's a wedding."

    ‘You think Wayne Swan’s budget is tough? This is what’s happening at my place.’

              By KATE HUNTER Family, the purpose of this budget, is to maximise the opportunities that flow from the hard work of your father and I. So please, put down that iPod Touch and pay attention or that thing will be auctioned to fund education reforms. This budget is not intended [read more]

  • broken heart

    Reader story: “Today my heart broke just a little bit.”

            By ANONYMOUS Today my heart broke just a little bit – the tiniest little crack that I’d put aside especially for this moment.  It was the day of her first period.  I knew it was coming, the writing was on the wall and maybe I even felt it just a little [read more]

  • Sara Blakely

    Tuesday’s news in just two minutes.

        1. Sara Blakely, the self-made billionaire who founded Spanx, has announced that she’ll donate 50 per cent of her fortune to charity. It’s part of the Bill Gates’ created Giving Pledge, which asks the worlds most wealthy people to donate part of their wealth to philanthropic causes. Forty-two-year-old Blakely own 100 per cent [read more]

  • facebook in real life

    Is this the most frustrating thing on the Internet?

    If you’re frustrated with Zuckerberg and his team playing with the layout of your life – oops, we mean Facebook profile – just think about how much worse it could be if it was your real life getting revamped privacy settings. US sketch comedy group Extremely Decent have created a viral Youtube video depicting exactly what [read more]

  • dove viral video

    ‘Describe your mum,’ he said. This is what happened next.

    We can all see the beauty in the women we love – but sometimes we have difficulty seeing it in ourselves. You may remember a video that went viral just recently, which we bought to you exclusively on Mamamia — Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches. (And if you haven’t seen it yet, what are you waiting [read more]

  • Woman on the toilet

    The one thing no woman wants to do at work.

    By ROSIE WATERLAND The interwebs has churned out at least two stories this week, which offer tips on how to make pooping at work easier. And a further search (don’t ask me what I was originally googling that meant I ended up there) reveals thousands more posts on the subject. Now. I know what most [read more]

  • Rebecca Sparrow

    It’s the only life lesson that really matters. And I’m still struggling with it.

          By BEC SPARROW When you experience an event that brings you to your knees – it’s supposed to irrevocably change the way you live your life. Actually, even if you don’t experience a life-shattering event, just the mere act of getting older is meant to do that. By the time you turn [read more]

  • Australian gender pay gap

    This is an anonymous post. Because it has to be.

          By ANONYMOUS This is an anonymous post. Why? Because I’m a woman working in the media and what I have to say is perfect fodder for an online lashing. But why the cloak and dagger of a no-name post? Well, I have a belief that women in the Australian media landscape have [read more]

  • More women seeking answers after Angelina Jolie spoke of her surgery

    Angelina Jolie reveals she had double mastectomy.

      BREAKING: Angelina Jolie reveals she had a double mastectomy. Angelina Jolie has revealed she had a double masctectomy in a piece titled, My Medical Choice written exclusively for the New York Times. The 37-year-old wrote that she has a “faulty” gene, BRCA1, which increases her risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer which [read more]

  • Chase and Tyler

    “Carbon Monoxide killed my kids.”

          BY VANESSA ROBINSON Three years ago I lived every parent’s nightmare when I lost my two sons to carbon monoxide poisoning. I want to share some information that will hopefully prevent your family from suffering a similar tragedy. My sons Chase and Tyler were aged eight and six years at the time [read more]

  • sexist advertising

    Gender roles in advertising: Flip it and reverse it. Awesome.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM It is a truth universally acknowledged that representations of gender in advertising are completely and utterly ridiculous. Women are highly either sexualised objects used to sell handbags and men’s fragrances (often with super oiled up skin and bodies photoshopped to buggery), OR smiling, Uptown-girl style mums who are just so, so excited to have [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.32.05 AM

    Isla Fisher nearly drowns filming an underwater stunt.

            1.Isla Fisher nearly drowns filming an underwater stunt. Isla Fisher nearly drowned while filming an underwater stunt for her latest movie, Now You See Me. The 37-year-old plays an escapologist and feared for her life while trying to free herself from shackles in a tank of water. The scene required her [read more]

  • The image - from NewsNet5.com

    Monday’s news in under 2 minutes.

    1. An image of the moment Amanda Berry emerged from the house where she’d been held captive for more than 10 years has been released. The image was taken by two women who said they were driving past Ariel Castro’s Seymour Avenue house when they saw a commotion. Jasmine Baldrich and Ashley Colon said they [read more]

  • Kate's son

    This Mother’s Day, let’s recognise ALL mothers…

            By KATE BOCCA “A mother is not defined by how many children you can see, but by the love that she holds in her heart.” – Franchesca Cox This Mother’s Day I will not wake up wondering how long I have to pretend I’m still asleep until someone remembers what day it [read more]

  • Food for thought

    ‘My youngest sister was cutting herself. So I made her run.’

            by MELINDA HIATT I still remember the first time mum told me my youngest sister Courtney was cutting herself.  I was pretty shocked and a little puzzled about why she would be doing such a thing. I am the eldest of three girls and Courtney is 13 years younger than me.  [read more]


    The ‘Mother’ is finally revealed in How I Met Your Mother.

    SPOILER ALERT: If you are a fan of the show and do not want to know who the Mother is DO NOT KEEP READING. Drum roll please… This is your last chance to click away. After eight seasons and 183 episodes of How I Met Your Mother the MOTHER of all secrets has been revealed. [read more]

  • Katy Perry. Officially the most popular person on Twitter.

    SHOP: 13 not awful (or beige) bras for size DD and above.

    By NICKY CHAMP Bra shopping is the worst, am I right? If you’re on the smaller side your size is always snapped up first at sale time and if your cup runneth over, your choices are fairly limited to beige, beige, black, granny, white, beige and more beige. But things are ch-ch-changing, Berlei and Triumph [read more]

  • adoption

    When she was a little girl, people would say she looked like her dad. But that was impossible…

              By CHRISTINE ROGERS When I was a little girl and people would say that I looked like my father, I was filled with an incredible sense of happiness. Alongside this, and just as powerful for me, was the belief that I was actually a princess, and one day my ‘real’ [read more]

  • Silver And White Running Shoes

    This is how I motivate myself to exercise (even though I never really want to).

        By NATALIA HAWK So. About a month ago, you might remember that I signed up for a 9km run. Which was not the wisest of choices, considering that I’m really not a runner. But I embraced this strange decision, and I wrote a blog post that included many a clever tip (she says [read more]

  • google ads

    Google wins Mother’s Day with this video.

      By NICKY CHAMP I am not known for being soft of heart in the Mamamia editorial office, but I have a lump in my throat and strange water tears threatening to spill after watching this video. I guess something happened to me when I became a mother, please don’t tell anyone. Google has launched [read more]

  • "I am not an ungrateful woman, nor am I cruel or loveless, I am just sick."

    From mother to daughter: “I wish I could explain to you why I felt that way.”

            By ANONYMOUS To my darling daughter, As you come of age, on your eighteenth birthday, I can’t help but remember your early months, and how I felt – I feel it is important for you to know this part of your life.  I still don’t fully understand why they were so [read more]

  • Wayne Swan

    Sunday’s news in under 2 minutes.

            1. The Gillard government is likely to cut hundreds of executive jobs in the public sector, to decrease government spending. News Ltd reports that 400 jobs may be cut under Labor, and that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott plans to cut up to 12,000 jobs if he is elected in September. 2. A mother in [read more]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Bumper Fluff: Jackie O interviews Gwyneth Paltrow, the MET, a marriage and a whole lot more.

              From ‘What the hell’ red carpet moments to shock weddings and even more surprising custody battles , it has been a big week in all things celebrity. And when we say big, we mean get two cups of tea / glasses of wine kinda big – because there has been [read more]

  • "The single most effective public health measure for countries after clean water is vaccination."

    Meet the Australian who is helping the world to cure cancer.

            By PROFESSOR IAN FRAZER This week a small organisation in Geneva known as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GAVI), an organisation that funds vaccines in the world’s poorest countries, announced news that will have a massive impact on the health of women. They have secured contracts with vaccine manufacturers [read more]

  • not married.

    The complaint that is sending online wedding forums a little nutty.

              By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST “My man is a wonderful guy but I hate my engagement ring!  It is horrible!!!  Everything I said I didn’t want, he did! I wanted square, he bought round. I wanted antique, he bought me modern! I begged for cheap, he went to Tiffany’s! I HATE TIFFANY’S!” …And [read more]