• hollywood sign

    3 celebs hospitalised in 24h. What’s going on, Hollywood?

        1. Three celebrities have been rushed to hospital in the space of 24 hours. Kim Kardashian started the trend with a miscarriage scare. Kim, 32, became ill on a flight between Paris and LA and was hospitalised shortly after landing at LAX. Kim has reportedly been exercising too much and has been ordered [read more]

  • mia white and pink

    MIA: ‘My kids can call me mummy. Anyone else who uses it is being a dick’

     By MIA FREEDMAN There are three people in the world who are allowed to call me “Mummy”. They are my children. Anyone else using it to describe me is deliberately being a dick. Using the term “mummy” as a patronising prefix to describe the things women read, write or say is becoming increasingly common. Mummy [read more]

  • Girl wearing camo fashion

    Would you wear this trend?

      Just when you think it’s not possible for a trend to ever be resurrected again, the fashion industry go ahead and bring it back. And even worse is you consider wearing it again and curse yourself for ever ridding your wardrobe of the trend. Case in point: camouflage. If like me, you were a [read more]

  • Hunter, Kate

    KATE: ‘Looking good at 16 is piss easy. At 45, however…’

            By KATE HUNTER Over the past few weeks, I’ve been running some writing workshops with the Year 12s at my old school. It’s been great fun, going back nearly 30 years later, seeing how things have changed, shocking the girls with stories about how the nuns used to hit us (only [read more]

  • cosmetic-tourism

    ‘I went to Thailand and all I got was a mojito and this lousy boob job.’

              By LUCY ORMONDE Twelve thousand dollars. That’s about how much it would cost me to get a boob job in Australia. Or at least, that’s how much I was quoted after a quick Google search for “breast implant surgery Melbourne”.* That price includes an initial consultation, the surgery itself, an [read more]

  • reborn doll

    Look closer. These babies are not what you think.

              There are some women who have always wanted to be mothers. But what happens when this isn’t possible? What if, for whatever reason – whether through a tragic death or miscarriage, being unable to conceive or simply never finding a partner to have a child with – a woman isn’t [read more]

  • screenshot of end7 video

    The video that shocked some of Hollywood’s most famous actors.

    Actors make a living from being able to interpret characters and convey different emotions – but there’s nothing fake about these reactions. A handful of celebrities including Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada), Tom Felton (Harry Potter series) and Eddie Redmayne (Les Miserables) were asked to watch this End7 video that contains important but graphic [read more]

  • jack scoble

    5 y/o boy sends message of support to 7 y/o waiting for organ transplant. And breaks the Internet with his cuteness.

    Two years ago, Gold Coast boy Jack Scoble was rushed to hospital, suffering from unexplained heart and kidney failure. He was in an induced coma for several weeks, and then endured 13 hours of dialysis every day for a year until he received a kidney donation. Earlier this week, Jack Scoble, now 5, and his [read more]

  • Ted Bailieu

    Thursday’s news in 2 minutes.

          1. Victorians have woken up today to the news that they have a new Premier. Ted Baillieu has resigned from the Premiership following a meeting of the Liberal Party yesterday evening. He has been replaced by Racing Minister and former failed leader of the Victorian Liberal Party Denis Napthine. 2. Fourteen Cronulla [read more]

  • Rihanna's behind

    Fluff: Some people send thank you cards, Rihanna does this

    1.Some people send a thank you note. Not so much Rihanna. So, Rihanna posted this photo of herself in a white g-string to thank Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada for the custom made thigh-high leather boots gifted to her. Because arse cheeks say it so much better than flowers, don’t you think? Captioning the picture, [read more]

  • international women's day

    International Women’s Day: Help end violence against women

    By JULIE MCKAY I am not sure that gender equality has ever been more widely debated in the mainstream media as it has been in the last 12 months.   Mainstream media is paying attention to women’s issues, and women’s media outlets are finally getting the attention and credit they deserve.  Among this increased attention are [read more]

  • Mardi Gras video screenshot

    The new Mardi Gras video everyone’s talking about.

    Earlier this week, a video of police slamming an 18-year-old man to the ground during the Sydney Mardi Gras went viral. The video showed the young man, Jamie Jackson, crying as a police officer handcuffed him, threw him on the ground and placed his foot on Jackson’s back. Throughout the arrest, Jackson is yelling “but [read more]

  • Bieber Victoria's Secret parade in 2012

    ‘Victoria’s Secret is a rite of passage for my 9yo daughter’

            Would you buy your nine-year-old daughter’s knickers from Victoria’s Secret? Jenny Erikson would. She’s a mother and blogger who has made headlines after writing an article for a parenting website, saying she was fine with her daughter Hannah buying underwear from Victoria’s Secret as she enters her tween years. And as [read more]

  • Angry woman and adult daughter

    What would you sue your parents for?

            By NATALIA HAWK In our latest favourite “only-in-America” story, a homeless man from New York is suing his parents for – wait for it – not loving him enough. That’s right. 32-year-old Bernard Anderson Bay reckons that he never got enough affection or support from his parents, Vickie and Bernard Manley. [read more]

  • tent pillow fight

    Group Therapy: ‘Should I let my daughter have a sleepover?’

            By JAMES WILKINSON I had a conversation with a colleague recently about our daughters when the topic of sleepovers came up. While this is still a little way off for me (she is only three) it caused me to wonder what I will do when the time comes. “I never let [read more]

  • refused-cpr-by-nurse

    This video will make the hairs on your arms stand up.

            An 87-year-old woman in the United States has died after the staff at the retirement village she lived in refused to preform CPR, when she suffered a heart attack. When Lorraine Bayless collapsed on the floor of Glenwood Gardens retirement home in Bakersfield, staff did the right thing – they picked [read more]

  • Mardi Gras video screenshot

    The shocking Mardi Gras video everyone’s talking about.

    1. A four minute video showing police arresting a man and throwing him on the ground  at the Sydney Mardi Gras is going viral. In the video, a police officer is seen to throw the handcuffed man to the ground. The 18-year-old man is shouting “I did nothing wrong”. The man has seen been charged [read more]

  • Grave with flowers

    They were digging up female corpses. To sell as ‘brides’.

            By MELISSA WELLHAM Four people in China have been jailed, for digging up female corpses to sell as brides. Yes. You read that right. And this isn’t some bizarre piece of vampire fiction. This shit be real.. Background: Single men in China are concerned about entering the afterlife without a wife. [read more]

  • phoodie with wine glass

    Open post of the week: What’s happening in your world?

            By PHOODIE Welcome to this week’s Open Post. The regulars will know what’s going on here, but if you’re new – fear not. Come in, sit down, relax and grab a cuppa. Open Post is one of my favourite things about Mamamia. It’s where everyone gathers around to have a chat about [read more]

  • kate middleton sidewalk

    Fluff: Did Kate Middleton accidentally reveal the sex of her unborn child?

    1.Did Kate Middleton accidentally reveal the sex of her unborn child? Is it a girl for William and Kate?! Kate Middleton MAY have let slip the sex of the royal baby when she attended a function in Grimsby, England. According to the Telegraph, a fan handed her a teddy bear and the duchess reportedly replied [read more]

  • doodled box

    MIA BLOG: Living in a box

    I was dropping my son at preschool this morning and one of his friends arrived dragging this giant cardboard box behind him: Yesterday, he’d made the “bed” at kindy in the craft corner and had been so taken with it he’d insisted on taking it home and sleeping in it. With a pillow and blanket. [read more]

  • child makeup

    Help: My daughter is seven. And I found this in her room.

    By AMY CHENEY I found this today in my daughter’s room. My daughter is seven. It was innocently sitting on the floor amongst the Polly Pockets, friendship bracelets and a variety of other crap seven-year-olds love to hoard. Diyet. Jesus. Where did she learn the word diet? How does she even know what a freaking [read more]

  • jamila2

    JAMILA: Why the world thinks these women are cold and selfish.

            By JAMILA RIZVI The idea of having a baby downright terrifies me. Biology tells me that this is my time for breeding. Television and advertising tells me that a white dress and a bundle of joy are all that is standing between me and perfect contentment. And society tells me that [read more]

  • llamas

    We can’t decide if this video is hilarious or terrifying…

          By NATALIA HAWK I have a theory that all the animals in the world secretly had a meeting and agreed to directly target me. I don’t know what it is that makes everything from cockatiels to alpacas dislike me – but I’ve been attacked far too many times for me to think [read more]

  • Australian Olympians

    Should high-earning athletes pay HECS?

          The behaviour and performance of our elite athletes over the past 12 months has caused many to question the Government’s financial investment in sport. Most recently, multi-award winning artist Ben Quilty has sparked debate on the topic, suggesting that professional athletes should be obliged to pay back the cost of their training. [read more]

  • Jimmy Hale Gay Mormon

    Gay Mormon comes out to his community. And records their reactions.

    When this Mormon man decided to come out to his family and friends, he did the obvious thing: recorded their reactions, and turned it into a YouTube video…. As you do. But their reactions were not what you would expect. Watch the clip below. The man behind the video, Jimmy Hale, says that people have [read more]

  • Indian child stolen for adoption.

    What would you do if this happened to your family?

            By MELISSA WELLHAM Imagine this: you are one-half of a long-term couple and you and your partner make the decision to start a family. After much deliberation and for whatever reason, you decide to adopt from overseas. You know that there are children in the world who are looking for a [read more]

  • wood tv show in norway

    The Daily Fluff: the most bizarre (and popular) TV show ever.

    Norwegians really love their wood It’s not gay marriage, it’s not religion: it’s firewood that really divides people in Norway. Nearly a million people – or 20 percent of the Norwegian population – tuned in to watch a 12-hour long program about firewood. The show’s called National Firewood Night, and it mostly featured people talking [read more]

  • Nachman and Raizy Glauber

    Tuesday’s news in 2 minutes.

          1. The baby of the US couple who were killed in a car accident on their way to the delivery room has also died in hospital. Nachman and Raizy Glauber, who were both 21, died when the car they were travelling in was hit by a BMW. Police are still searching for [read more]