• Emilie Alice Parker Ana-Marquez-Greene Victoira

    4 arguments against gun control and why they’re bogus.

        By ERIN O’BRIEN. After the mass shooting of children and their teachers in the United States of America a few days ago, some may say it is too soon to make a political point out of a personal tragedy. In reality, it is far, far too late. With the shooting deaths of 15 [read more]

  • Bella with her mum

    There is such a lesson for parents in this letter….

      by BELLA WESTAWAY Dear Mum, Last year was the best year of my life. As you know, it was the year I turned eighteen. The year I fell in love. The year I rebelled. The year I smoked a cigarette and went to a nightclub and slept on the beach (well, umm, you know [read more]

  • President Obama, addresses the nation in a televised address.

    Dear Mr President. Please politicise this tragedy.

            By JAMILA RIZVI Dear President Obama, 27 people are dead. And 20 of them are children. You need to politicise this tragedy please. And you need to politicise it today. When asked about the possibility of gun ownership reform on Friday, your press secretary said: “There is, I am sure, will [read more]

  • The Woman's Day cover.

    Photo: Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster’s wedding photo.

    1. Last Friday, Mamamia’s former Beauty Editor, 32-year-old Zoe Foster and one of Australia’s best loved comedians, 30-year-old Hamish Blake announced on Twitter that they’d run away to have a secret wedding. Cue: Moaning and tears from thousands of disappointed fans of Zoe’s fabulous style. We have some good news. The wedding may have been [read more]

  • Mia Freedman Blue Jacket

    MIA: No, I do not want to join your loyalty program.

      By MIA FREEDMAN No thanks, I do not want to join your loyalty program. No, I’m not a member of your discount club. No, I don’t currently collect points for your frequent buyer scheme. No, I’m not on your VIP list and I don’t want to be alerted when new stock comes in. No, [read more]

  • Boomer

    Please don’t buy pet shop puppies for Christmas.

    A pet shop in Adelaide is refusing to sell puppies this Christmas. The reason? They’re sick of people impulsively buying gifts for their relatives – only to abandon them a few weeks later. The Pet Spot wrote a message on their Facebook page explaining their decision. It’s since received more than 20,000 ‘likes’. Please note [read more]

  • First world anarchy.

    Anarchy – first world style. Meet 4 hilarious rebels…

      In today’s highly regulated, OH&S-obsessed, politically correct, sanitised world, sometimes we all need a bit or rebellion. Welcome to anarchy. First world style. Where the closest thing we’ve got to living on the edge is cutting up onions on a cheese board. You can see the full gallery over at Buzzfeed. Do you have [read more]

  • Somaly_girls (2)

    Sold into sexual slavery at the age of 12.

        by REBECCA BODMAN Somaly Mam was sold into sexual slavery in Cambodia at 12 years old. She escaped her captors and is now fighting for all those left behind, bravely helping the women and children she rescues on their journey to recovery and freedom. This is Somaly’s story: We were all once 12 [read more]

  • pelvic floor

    “My pelvic floor has left the building”

      By JO ABI  I just wet myself. I’ve had a bad cold for the past week and it was during a particularly nasty coughing fit that the aforementioned event occurred. It wasn’t even a dribble. It was a significant gush. What if I hadn’t been home? Does it really have to be this difficult [read more]

  • Five.

    The Fab 5: the coolest stuff we found to buy online this week

    BY NICKY CHAMP There is JUST. SO. MUCH. STUFF. OUT. THERE. TO. BUY. ONLINE. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and need someone to be a personal shopper for you, bringing you only the GOOD stuff, we are raising our hand. Hell, we spend enough time online that it’s only fair to share some of our favourite [read more]

  • Meditation

    Meditation Bootcamp: How to make it through the festive season.

          by KATHY WILSON I witnessed my first seasonal road rage yesterday. 2 cars. Much swearing and many hand gestures. Nothing seemed to be resolved and everyone drove off steaming and unhappy How did I know it was seasonal road rage, not just the garden variety kind? One of the cars (and believe [read more]

  • Kate Morton's 'The Secret Keeper'

    The Book Circle: (newlywed) Zoe Foster, Peter Fitzsimons and Kate Morton.

    So. Summer holidays are almost here you’re going to need something to read while you relax on the beach/by the pool/while you’re sitting around your non-airconditioned home fanning yourself with a tea towel. Or maybe you’re still trying to sort your Christmas shopping and find the perfect present for your sister’s boyfriend’s uncle Joe? Either [read more]

  • Hannah

    ‘My beautiful daughter drowned. And this is the gift I want for her….’

        by KAT PLINT It’s that time of year again, shitty December. I really do loathe December. We used to call it the party month. My beautiful daughter Hannah’s birthday on the tenth, leading into a massive swell of parties for her little friends, and for us, then of course came Christmas. Hannah was [read more]

  • Students are led away from the school  by local police.

    At least 28 dead in primary school shooting in the US.

            Yesterday at 9.30am Newton Police received their first phone call from Sandy Hook Primary School. Within 10 minutes, a gunman had opened the small school in rural Connecticut and began shooting. Believed to have ties to the school, the shooter carried two handguns and wore a bullet proof vest. The ABC [read more]

  • Hamish and Zoe

    Weekend fluff: a surprise wedding, a supermodel pregnancy & testicle ornaments

    Here we go with the best fluff of the week. Enjoy. 1. Admit it. You’ve been waiting for this news. Australia’s favourite comedian Hamish Blake and former Mamamia beauty guru Zoe Foster have finally tied the knot. Zoe tweeted this on Friday morning:   The couple announced their engagement in January when Hamish tweeted: “Highlight [read more]

  • Phil and his two daughters

    Fighting cancer when you have kids.

    Imagine, one minute you’re cradling your special little child in your arms. The next, you’re picking yourself up off the floor as you recover from a seizure. No one should ever have to face the ordeal of telling their little ones that their mummy or daddy has cancer. But that’s the daunting reality that faced [read more]

  • xmas party2

    11 guaranteed Christmas party conversation starters.

    So you’re at the office Christmas party and somehow you’ve ended up talking to Rob from Accounts. *Face palm.* Rob’s a lovely guy but let’s face it – once you’re covered ‘what are your plans for Christmas?’ and ‘I like your tie,’ there’s not a terrible amount left to chat about. It’s awkward. It’s uncomfortable. [read more]

  • Screaming child.

    Diary of a ‘holiday’ – with kids.

    By KATE HUNTER Ralph Lauren has a lot to answer for. Those gorgeous black and white photos taken on windswept beaches; beautiful families all dressed in white; revelling in the simple magic of being together. In my heart, I suppose I always knew those pics were a crock but in those love-struck early days of [read more]

  • stuck at traffic light

    This time of year is a nightmare for introverts…

      By KATE LEAVER I probably set a record last week, for Least Time Spent at a Christmas Party. Have you ever walked into a party, completely on your own? No name or face clues. Just a pretty dress, strappy heels and a hot blush creeping up your neck. Last week, I did it. When [read more]

  • .

    The new dissolvable condom: this is how it works

    In new and exciting science news (!) researchers have had a break through and have invented a dissolvable condom. That’s right. A condom. That dissolves… while it’s inside you. Don’t worry, at first it didn’t sound like a particularly good idea to us either. There are many things that are notably great for their dissolvable [read more]

  • Hamish and Zoe

    Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster married.

    Admit it. You’ve been waiting for this news. Australia’s favourite comedian Hamish Blake and former Mamamia beauty guru Zoe Foster have finally tied the knot. Zoe tweeted this today:   The couple announced their engagement in January when Hamish tweeted: “Highlight of 2011? Proposing to @zotheysay! Couldn’t be happier. She LOVED the rock. And said [read more]

  • Mum and baby.

    The myth of the Dummy Mummy

        by LISA LINTERN I am a mother; therefore I must be dumb. Well, that’s what everyone keeps trying to tell me, right? I got my first hint when I returned to work after becoming a mother. “Don’t call yourself a ‘working mum’. They won’t take you seriously. You have to be professional at [read more]

  • After spending months imaginging who the little jelly bean in my belly would look like more, when he finally arrived I didn't care!

    FLUFF: The nominations for the Golden Globes awards have been released.

    1. Which supermodel is pregnant? Eva Herzigova, one of the original group of powerful “supermodels” in the 1990s, is about four and a half months pregnant with her third child. Here she is on the catwalk just two weeks ago (see below). The 39-year-old and her partner Gregorio Marsiaj already have two sons, George (5) [read more]

  • Best and Worst. What's been happening in your world?

    Best and Worst: What’s happening in your world?

          Welcome to Best and Worst (And everything in between). If you haven’t played before, here’s how to do it. Friday is when we gather together all of our fabulous readers for a chat, armed with cups of tea and biscuits (no, not an Iced Vovo Kevin Rudd. A good biscuit – one [read more]

  • anne hathaway crop

    As Anne Hathaway’s vagina goes viral we ask: do girls not wear undies anymore?

    Anne Hathaway is mortified. This is understandable because images of her vagina are currently going viral after it was photographed at the New York premiere of her new film Les Miserable. And nobody wants a viral vagina. The flashing was inadvertant and came as she got out of the car right before walking the red [read more]

  • Breanna Bond

    This video is unsettling. But we can’t pinpoint exactly why.

    A year ago, nine-year-old Breanna Bond was overweight. Breanna weighed 84 kilograms – which is well over the healthy weight for a child her age – and she’d been relentlessly bullied at school. “Everybody at school would call me names,” the fifth grade American student said in a recent interview. “They would call me fatty, [read more]

  • sunburn

    Sunburn, it’s time to leave the party.

    Summer: it’s the season synonymous with poolside lounging, open-toed shoes and eating icy poles for every meal. Unfortunately, summer is also usually accompanied by its evil sidekick, sunburn. Banana Boat has come out swinging in our skin’s defence with their Clear Spray sunscreen – and some lucky Mamamia readers have roadtested it. According to Banana [read more]

  • drink spike

    Glasses that tell you if there’s date rape drugs in your drink.

              By NATALIA HAWK This is the story of how I once accidentally drugged my best friend. It’s a story that I shouldn’t be telling – because it never should have happened. But it did. Why? Because rape drugs are colourless, odourless, tasteless, and therefore very bloody hard to pick out [read more]

  • You could be just like this couple embracing on a tarmac. Very unsafe, but romantic.

    New dating trend: hooking up in airports

        So you’re stuck at the airport. Your plane has been delayed. Your phone battery is almost dead and power points are scarce. You wouldn’t mind a drink, but you don’t want to sit at the airport bar alone in case people think you are a loser with a drinking problem (no judgement). If [read more]

  • miranda kerr

    Fluff: Victoria’s Secret models struggle to sing, talk & carry things

    1. Victoria’s Secret models have done their own version of the classic Christmas carol “Deck the Halls”. In the video, VS Angels such as Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Erin Heatherington (Leonardo di Caprio’s ex) frolic around a large Christmas tree in fur-trimmed Santa-themed lingerie, while struggling with the words of the popular Xmas carol. [read more]