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    Sunrise girls go make-up free in an Aussie TV first.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr have gone make-up free in the last hour of Sunrise in an Australian breakfast show first. After the 8am news bulletin Kochie crossed live to Armytage and Barr having their make-up removed. “One of the most common questions I get asked is  what do the girls look [read more]

  • offspring2

    Offspring: Q&A with the writer of the final episode

        By MIA FREEDMAN Debra Oswald is the creator and head writer for Offspring. Throughout her career she’s also worked on shows like The Secret Life of Us, Police Rescue, Bananas in Pyjamas and Wildside. And she’s also written plays for teenagers and children’s books. This week, I talked to her about the show, [read more]

  • tara-reid

    Tara Reid went on Google and totally learned some stuff.

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE     We present this without comment. What do you think of Tara Reid’s new discovery of Google? Like Mamamia Rogue on Facebook for all the fun things.

  • katemoss

    That body positive message you’re hoping to spread? You’re doing it wrong.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM “Women are their own worst critics.” It’s a phrase often heard and unfortunately in this case of despicable body-shaming by one female writer, it’s completely true. In a Mail Online piece entitled, “Portrait of a slightly saggy supermodel” Liz Jones has deconstructed a paparazzi-style shot of 39-year-old model Kate Moss spreading a body [read more]

  • Abbott, Tony

    Not everyone is ready to condemn Tony Abbott for his sex appeal comment…

    By MIA FREEDMAN Would you be offended if someone described you as having sex appeal? That’s what everyone seems to be talking about today. I knew something was up yesterday arvo when my phone started ringing with a bunch of numbers I didn’t recognise. Media. All of them requesting comment on Tony Abbott’s latest ‘gaffe’. [read more]

  • Beth

    How to talk to somebody who suffers from anxiety.

          By BETH ANDERSON It’s Friday, mid-morning, and for the first time this week I can almost breathe. For the first time since my feet hit the floor on Monday morning, the finish line is in sight and that thought alone is sustaining my weary body and foggy head through the day. My [read more]

  • male-sex-toys

    Hand grenades, egg cartons and male masturbation toys.

    In case you hadn’t guessed from the headline. This post is not safe for work. By MAMAMIA ROGUE There’s not really any way to put this delicately, so… Here we go: This is a post about male sex toys. Male masturbation aids and supplementary devices to be exact. Last week the Mamamia office got to [read more]

  • Thank you post it

    Open post: Who (or what) do you owe thank you notes to?

    By MAMAMIA TEAM So every so often at Mamamia, we run a thank you post. We base it on a site called Thx Thx Thx, which is a website that was started by a US woman named Leah Dieterich. The website isn’t really running anymore but the premise is still awesome – it’s all about [read more]

  • And then the police arrived.

    Wednesday’s news is under 2 minutes.

    1. The NSW policeman who was accused of secretly filming women while they were having sex with him was yesterday convicted of the crime. According to reports, some of 42-year-old Marc Osborn’s victims applauded in court after the verdict was handed down. Osborn reportedly filmed the women (who he met online) using a hidden camera [read more]

  • katyperry

    Did Katy Perry really rip off this song? Listen and decide.

    Well this is awkward, Katy Perry’s new song Roar sounds an awful lot like 33-year-old American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles’ Brave. Brave was release three months ago and to make it even more awkward Perry tweeted about how much she loved Bareilles at the time of the release. I heart you @Sarabareilles : http://t.co/6BGGzoAibn — Katy [read more]

  • the daily show

    Australian politicians? The Americans think they’re a bit of a joke.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM The Daily Show in America, hosted by Jon Stewart, is known for wielding its biting satire against incompetent US politicians and the illogical arguments that sometimes seem to dominate their political discourse. And us Aussies are just as fond of the show as its native audience. Remember when the gun control segment [read more]

  • Patrick Is Dead

    Going viral: Hitler reacts to Patrick’s death on Offspring

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE Watch Offspring? You need to watch this video. Don’t watch Offspring? Yeah –  you still need to watch this video. It will be the funniest thing you watch today (and for those of you gearing up for the funeral tonight – this will help with all the feelings): Will you be tuning [read more]

  • Bec with Fin

    BEC: This is a love letter (and it’s not for my husband).

          By REBECCA SPARROW If I did a stocktake of the posts I’ve written for Mamamia over the past three years, I suspect there would be a dominant theme to them:  outrage. I’m good at being outraged. At being pissed off.  At putting pen to paper (or chewed fingernail to filthy keyboard) when [read more]

  • Alex Corbett

    Mamamia Cares: Women’s problems, hey?

            By ALEX CORBETT Women’s problems hey… Periods, cramps, pain, tampons – all that jazz. It’s not comfortable to even think about. And it’s definitely not something that we look forward to. I was 12 when my periods began, and I was in immense pain from the get-go, and was missing school [read more]

  • Who is the hottest of them all?

    Tony Abbott wants you to vote for this lady. Cos’ she’s a babe.

            Tony Abbott was campaigning in the marginal seat of Lindsay today; a seat which is currently held by Labor’s David Bradbury. But Tony Abbott doesn’t think you should vote for Mr Bradbury. Oh no he doesn’t. He wants you to vote for the Liberal Party candidate Fiona Scott. Why? Because Fiona’s [read more]

  • Anyone else having one of those weeks?

    Warning: Parents, please do not try this at home.

          By BERN MORLEY We women are quite wonderful really. We have the ability to maintain our rage and hide it away for just the right amount of time so it can be released with maximum effect at precisely the right time. This, my friends, is truly a gift. I don’t find I [read more]

  • George Saunders

    This has been his life’s greatest regret. Don’t let it be yours.

              By GEORGE SAUNDERS This is a speech that author George Saunders delivered at Syracuse University to mark the graduation of the class of 2013. And it’s beautiful. Have a read of the full speech and then share with everyone you know. Down through the ages, a traditional form has evolved [read more]

  • Jamila Rizvi

    JAM: One of these women is too fat. The other is too skinny.

    By JAMILA RIZVI Jennifer Hawkins is too skinny. Jessica Gomes is too fat. So what type of female body is just right? This one:     Oh and by the way, just a minor detail: this type of female body doesn’t exist in real life. It was created with Photoshop. Because no ACTUAL human female [read more]

  • antm

    Australia’s Next Top Model goes Lord of the Flies. Oh my.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM The current season of Australia’s Next Top Model has been rocked by a violent scandal, after a playful paint fight escalated into Lord of the Flies territory very quickly. In an art project gone very, very wrong, Taylah Roberts, 18, physically attacked fellow contestant Ashley Pogmore, also 18, after she got paint [read more]

  • Tinderland is dangerous people.

    Will this app revolutionise sex and dating for straight people?

    By LUCY ORMONDE “Tinder said we’d make beautiful kids, so let’s go for drinks before we make Australia’s Next Top Model.” That’s the message a girlfriend of mine received from a prospective date when she recently signed up for the dating app everyone’s talking about. And no, I’m not lying. Welcome to the world of [read more]

  • joffrey-puppy

    13 photos of celebrities as you have never seen them before.

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE The thing about celebrities, is that you feel like you know them. Their behaviours and appearances are familiar and predictable. You can recount details of their personal lives with your friends like you would any other acquaintance. And it’s sort of hard to conceive that they even existed before their lives were [read more]

  • penny wong marriage equality

    “I’m not an issue, I’m a human being.”

            By MAMAMIA TEAM Now here’s a debate we can get excited about. On SBS ONE this evening at 8.30pm, Senator Penny Wong, Finance Minister, lesbian and all around awesome lady, will taker on religious leaders about marriage equality. Awesome. Penny Wong is a Labor senator, and strong advocate for marriage equality. [read more]


    Introducing Australia’s Most Clickable Woman.

    BY MAMAMIA TEAM Every day at Mamamia we celebrate the writing and achievements of women online.  We trawl the interwebs to bring you the best of what everyone’s talking about. We make you laugh, we make you cry, we make you think, we make you feel and today – we’re going to make you cheer. [read more]

  • Body Image Survey

    National Body Image Survey – Mamamia.

    Thanks for taking part in our National Body Image survey. It’s super quick, just scroll within the post to complete. If you are using a mobile device you may prefer to use this link here. While you’re here, we’d love it so much if you could LIKE and ask your friends to be part of the [read more]

  • celeb

    Jennifer Lawrence (your imaginary BFF) opens up about anxiety and her ‘unhappy’ childhood.

            1. Jennifer Lawrence (your imaginary BFF) opens up about anxiety and her ‘unhappy’ childhood. “I was a weirdo,” Jennifer Lawrence reveals in an interview for US Vogue. “I wasn’t picked on or anything. And I wasn’t smarter than the other kids; that’s not why I didn’t fit in. I’ve always just [read more]

  • Sarah Cafferkey

    Tuesday’s news in less than two minutes.

      1. The Victorian Supreme Court has heard grim details of the life and crimes of the man who murdered 22-year-old Melbourne woman, Sarah Cafferkey. 47-year-old Steven James Hunter pleaded guilty to killing Ms Cafferkey in November of 2012. During yesterday’s plea hearing, the court heard Mr Hunter had spent 13 years in prison for [read more]

  • Mia.

    If you’re going to write about abortion, then you have to reveal this.

            By MIA FREEDMAN When you write an opinion piece for a website or a newspaper, declaration is everything. If you have an established history or professional connection with your subject or well-known bias, it must be declared – either by you or by whomever is publishing the piece. When Mark Latham [read more]