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    Lara Bingle’s nude photo scandal

    ShareIt’s not quite what you think it is. Model and television personality Lara Bingle is involved in another nude photo brouhaha but it’s not because an ex-fling sent them around. She was papped while inside her own apartment. The naked photos were then bought by her own friend, celebrity paparazzo Darryn Lyons (him of the [read more]

  • chris sebastian

    The Voice. The Battle Rounds. The Analysis

      Straight into it my darlings. Mummy just realised that Eurovision will be on at the same time as The Voice and she doesn’t know how to process that information. I’m going to stop talking n the 3rd person and push on. The judges had yet another costume change for night 2 of the battle [read more]

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    A letter to the daughter I never got to meet

            BY MIA FREEDMAN To my darling girl, Today should have been your 12th birthday. I wonder what we would have been doing today had I ever got to meet you? Probably discussing The Hunger Games at length but who knows? I think that’s one of the toughest parts of losing a [read more]

  • Ovarian cancer ribbon

    Three generations touched by the same disease

            When my beloved aunt Deb was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer almost 4 years ago our family was rocked to its core. Like most people we knew very little about this ‘silent killer’ and refused to believe the bleak statistics that were put before us. With the alternative being a complete meltdown [read more]

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    Are you a shoe or a bag person?

            I don’t like shoes. There, I admitted it. Actually, I have nothing against shoes per se- they excuse me from the tedium of having to get a pedicure more than once a year, and I can’t imagine going to Coles without them (that floor gets so chilly in the dairy aisle!). [read more]

  • Zoe

    Zoe Foster goes makeup-free

    BY ZOE FOSTER In today’s magazine news, they are still made of paper and feature famous and attractive identities on their covers. In more specific magazine news, People mag in the US this week published an issue featuring stars without any makeup on. Not those mean pap shots where they are exiting the gym, but [read more]

  • Meshel can't wait to go back to work.

    A very personal story from Meshel Laurie

    I had such a stressful day yesterday – I was up at 5 to co host The Circle, which was fantastic fun as always.   I know a 5am start seems crazy for a show that starts at 9am, but there’s a lot of hair, make up, meetings, and script writing to be done before Paul [read more]

  • sarah_h

    Do you support a woman’s right to cheer?

          I didn’t know cheerleading existed in Australia.  I mean, I knew it existed – my 12-year-old cousin takes cheerleading classes after school like other girls play soccer or do gymnastics. But what I didn’t know was that it existed on the sidelines of sporting grounds, much like it does in the movies [read more]

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    Daily buzz: 7 things everyone’s talking about

    THE TERM ‘SLUT’ SHOULD NOT MAKE YOU SHAMED Slate blogger argues for the true definition of the word ‘slut’ to be used by women, saying they should not be sidetracked by red herring conservatives focusing the debate on contraception vs promiscuity. “Slut used to be (and in many cases still is) a derogatory term for [read more]

  • Prinnie Stevens

    The Voice. The Battle Rounds. Part one

          There was laughter, tears, killer heels and plenty of leather on last night’s episode of The Voice. I am addicted to this show. FLAT. OUT. Addicted. This post probably won’t make much sense if you didn’t watch it but since EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is watching The Voice we should all get along fine. [read more]

  • Patrick Dempsey

    Celeb news: Patrick Dempsey saves a life.

    It turns out Dr McDreamy doesn’t just save lives on TV. Patrick Dempsey, aka “Dr McDreamy”, has joined the growing list of celebrity superheroes. First it was Prince Harry, then Ryan Gosling. And now Dempsey has increased his swoon status after he pulled a teenage boy to safety from a car wreckage in California. After [read more]

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    Gwyneth Paltrow’s must-see interview.

    Gwyneth Paltrow has spoken candidly about her battle with postnatal depression after the birth of her son Moses in 2006. Appearing on US TV Show The Conversation – which is produced by Demi Moore – 39-year-old Gwyneth said she wanted to talk openly about postnatal depression to help others who were suffering. Gwyneth’s interview starts [read more]

  • Andrej pejic

    Video: Meet Andrej Pejic, the androgynous model.

    It’s not very often you see footage of 20-year-old androgynous model Andrej Pejic talking and not walking. And that’s why we’re were fascinated by this video with NY Mag’s The Cut. This is one of the few video interviews we’ve seen with Australian model, and in it he talks about working at McDonalds, working the [read more]

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    Celeb news: Guess who had a baby?

    Maggie Gyllenhaal and husband Peter Sarsgaard have welcomed their second daughter, Gloria Ray. Her 5 year-old daughter, Ramona, is reportedly happy to take on the role of big sister. Gyllenhaal’s publicist said in an email that Gloria was born on April 19, but no further details were provided. In other baby news, Katherine Heigl adopted [read more]

  • fantasy body

    “My fantasy body would change my life”

          I am going to assume that I was not the only little kid, teenager, or, adult to fantasize about what it would be like to live in a body that wasn’t the one that I was living in. The body that I imagined myself in was effortlessly thin. She was so gorgeous, [read more]

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    Is this the worst act of revenge ever?

              They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Or, in this case, in the dentist’s chair while your ex-boyfriend is under anesthetic and completely unable to object when you pull out all of his teeth. A Polish woman, also a dentist, is facing jail after the man she used [read more]

  • When is it too late to correct someone?

    Pubic hair. Confused? You should be.

    BY MIA FREEDMAN If you’re not confused about pubic hair, you should be. Because it’s anarchy out there. As underpants all over Australia scramble to acclimatise to surprising new working conditions, it’s becoming very difficult to keep track of who’s doing what downstairs. Over my summer holidays this year, I noticed a new phenomenon: groups [read more]

  • alphabet

    UPDATED: Most hated names. Is yours on this list?

          UPDATE: And just when you thought we’d reached a critical mass of ridiculous, Levi Johnston has revealed what he intends to call his unborn daughter. Breeze Beretta Johnston. Breeze is, er, interesting enough but Beretta? That’s a type of gun, for those playing along at home. You might remember Levi from such [read more]

  • hunger games

    The Hunger Games: Rated M for moderate machete use

    Is the ‘there’s too much violence on our screens’ argument passé? Or has it been long enough that we can circle back to it? I only ask because I saw The Hunger Games on the weekend, in which twelve year old children were slaughtered… but that’s okay, because we all know that good will triumph [read more]

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    The A-list party everyone’s talking about.

    If you combined the Emmy Awards, the Grammys, the Oscars and the Kardashians what would you get? A who’s who of the red carpet. From Kate Hudson to Elle MacPherson, Reece Witherspoon and Lindsay Lohan, have a look who was rocking the red carpet at the 2012 annual White House Correpondents’ Dinner: On to other [read more]

  • Julia Gillard

    News: Julia Gillard moves to “lift the dark cloud”

          Craig Thomson’s quit the ALP, and as this Joker flutters to the floor, it’s any wonder Julia’s House of Cards is still standing. For months, Julia Gillard has been telling us: “I have complete confidence in the Member for Dobell. I look forward to him continuing to do that job for a [read more]

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    Live Below the Line

          Did you know that there are 1.4 billion people suffering at the moment? It is easy to dismiss because you don’t know these people personally – they are not your mother, father, brother, sister, best friend, cousin or colleagues. But well, imagine if they were. Their stomachs are growling, they have no [read more]

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    Daily Buzz: IVF tests screen more than ever. But should they?

    THE MOST ACCURATE IVF GENETIC SCREENING YET Scientists in Melbourne have created a Pre-Implanation Genetic (PGS) test that is 99 per cent accurate, picking up the widest array of what they called genetic defects in an Australian first. Embryos can be screened for a range of genetic conditions, including Down Syndrome, Huntington’s disease and spinal [read more]

  • Ellen DeGeneres 50 Shades

    Video: Ellen DeGeneres reads 50 Shades of Grey

    It’s the erotic fiction novel women around the world are discreetly devouring from the comfort of their eBooks and iPads. So what happens when Ellen DeGeneres attempts to record an audio version of raunchy text, 50 Shades of Grey? Things don’t go to plan. This is hilarious. If you’re yet to catch on to the [read more]

  • Naomi and family

    Motor Neurone Disease. How you can help

            Naomi Cocksedge, a firefighter from Windang in NSW was born into a family with a remarkable story. A remarkable story with a devastating twist that would claim the lives of her grandmother, her mother, her sister as well as aunts, uncles and cousins. This is because the majority of Naomi’s family [read more]

  • Kate and Wills.

    Do you celebrate like William and Kate?

    Prince William and Catherine Middleton celebrate their one year wedding anniversary today.  It’s hard for me to believe that it’s been 12 months since I had to navigate the drive from my place to my sister’s house without missing any of the televised ceremony.  I am sure it’s even harder for Catherine to believe that [read more]

  • eyeliner

    “Eyeliner is the only thing in my make-up kit”

        Okay, so maybe I’m an ageing hippy. But walking around a CBD filled with professional women, I want to stop them in their tracks and say, ‘Ladies, you have been conned. Laying stuff on your face with a trowel doesn’t make you look any better.’ It might have something to do with coming [read more]

  • family judge

    It’s not about being the best parent…

            If you’re a parent, you’ll know this already. If you’re not a parent yet, this is useful to heed. There’s truckloads of parenting information out there. Some of it’s useful, and some of it’s not. The problem is deciphering which is which. Particularly when clear, reasonable decision making – something you [read more]

  • Marcella

    Hoping for a miracle

              Marcella Zemanek was married to radio legend, Stan Zemanek for 30 years.  Stan died from brain cancer in 2007. The last words Stan said to me were, “have a good time!” How do I do that? Now nearly five years later I still sometimes struggle with the finality of it. [read more]

  • gk

    Who is your favourite author?

            There is nothing that thrills me more than a perfectly written sentence or paragraph. The kind that just stops you in your tracks. Words that you have to re-read two or three times and savour before you can carry on! I tend to burn through books at breakneck speed so anything [read more]