• Nicole Kidman

    Why Nicole Kidman’s got it going on.

            Nicole Kidman may just be the ultimate all-rounder. Take a peek at her many lives… The humanitarian. First off, the woman has good deeds covered. She’s a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women, having visited women’s shelters everywhere from Kosovo to Switzerland in this role. She’s also a UNICEF Ambassador for Australia, [read more]

  • ...

    A stern open letter to my own body.

          By JO HARTLEY Dear Body, I am writing to you as I have waited for as long as possible but, now feel, that the time has come for us to have words. I have noticed of late that you are truly starting to show your age. While I am trying my hardest [read more]

  • Colourful condoms

    Bill Gates wants to give you $1 million to design a better condom.

        By MELISSA WELLHAM Condoms haven’t really changed much in the last, oh, forever. Sure, now they come in a variety of flavours, colours and textures (vibrating, anyone?) but the basic principle of rubbery-sperm-stopping-ness remains the same. Condoms are used by millions of people across the world (750 million people, in fact) and it’s [read more]

  • say NO to sleepless nights

    ‘I love my husband, I just can’t share a bed with him.’

          By JENNIFER ADAMS I’m going to lay my cards on the table straight away. My husband and I sleep in separate rooms and have done so since he moved into my house eight years ago. If I was going to describe our ability to share a bed in contemporary parlance, I would [read more]

  • Michelle with her daughter

    ‘The world of Autism is hard. It is lonely. It is scary.’

            By MICHELLE WRIGHT Imagine the heartache a parent goes through when they discover their beloved child will never be the same as all the other children at school. That they will have more difficulties and that they will be judged unfairly and harshly for behaviours out of their control. But above [read more]

  • makeup

    NICKY: The biggest beauty mistake (that we ALL make).

              By NICKY CHAMP You can blame the copious amounts of Easter egg chocolate you’ve consumed in the last 24/48 hours/three years for the pimples and whiteheads breaking out on your face but I’ve got some news for you (don’t panic – it’s good news). They’re more likely to be caused [read more]

  • can women have it all

    The only time it’s ok to ask a woman this question, is if she’s about to get on an x-ray table or a rollercoaster.

          BY YVONNE HUGHES Yesterday the bank manager of my local branch asked me if I was ‘expecting.’ I’m not. Now this is a risky game whichever way you play it. I actually can’t think of any circumstances where it’s okay to ask that, unless you’re about to get on an x-ray table [read more]

  • childcare

    BUSTED: The child care myth making parents feel guilty.

                By ANDREW WHITEHOUSE About two months ago, a very important piece of child development research was published with little fanfare. The research examined whether the amount of time a child spends in child care has an impact on their development. To say that this is a polarising topic is [read more]

  • Kids feeding horse

    “Sure, it was scary but it was also the best thing my family has ever done.”

            By EDWINA FREEME It started with a drinking game. My husband and I would sit with a glass of red in front of Escape to The Country and have a small sip every time anyone asked to be shown period homes and then complained the ceilings were too low and the [read more]

  • Bridget Jones, 18, has died in hospital three days after her brother.

    Sunday’s news in 2 minutes.

          1. Yesterday Mamamia reported that Melbourne teenager Alexander Jones, 19, had died after shielding his sister from a collapsing wall on Swanston Street on Friday. Tragically, his 18-year-old sister Bridget has died in hospital three days later. The parents of the teenagers, Ian and Sue, said that they were “overwhelmed” and issued thanks to [read more]

  • careymulligan

    First look at Chrissie’s baby

      1. Turns out toothless actresses are really funny. Who would’ve thought that photos of celebrities without teeth would be so funny. When this Tumblr went around the Mamamia office you could hear pealing laughter spreading through the halls. Take a look. 2. Jon Hamm wants everyone to stop talking about his Hammaconda because it’s “rude”, [read more]

  • The Chaser Boys, Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen, have challenged each other to obstacle lawn bowls.

    Let’s get men talking about their health.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM It’s a shocking statistic, but scarily compared to women, Australian men are 84 percent more likely to die of cancers that are common to both. That is 6,900 more male deaths in Australia per year. Why is this? We know that lifestyle factors play a huge role in cancer risk. Up to [read more]

  • The perfect pair could make you a lot of cash...

    Hands up whose school careers counsellor suggested foot prostitution as an option?

              By ROSIE WATERLAND Who doesn’t love a good foot massage? Lie back, put your feet up and wait for the masseur to get aroused as they suck on your toes. Bliss. Wait, what? Yeah, not exactly what I had in mind either. But apparently that’s the kind of foot rub [read more]

  • Touch is so important for newborns.

    When you can’t hold your newborn baby. It’s positively heartbreaking.

            By DAWN BARKER There’s no sense of night or day in a neonatal unit.  But on the maternity ward where I sleep, two floors above where my newborn baby lies, it is dark. I have just been woken from an exhausted sleep – not by my baby’s cries, but by the [read more]

  • Jasmine and Aladdin hugging

    “Yes, I have a crush on Aladdin. Please don’t judge me.”

          By KAHLA PRESTON My number one guilty pleasure movie is 27 Dresses. I know, I know – it’s thoroughly predictable and Katherine Heigl isn’t known for taking on challenging roles. But I love it. One of the reasons for this is my embarrassingly large crush on James Marsden’s character, Kevin. He’s just [read more]

  • thongs.

    So that’s where the “real” bodies are.

            By FREYA KING I have something to say to every one of you who is standing in a change room, trying on a bikini in front of those horrible mirrors and harsh fluorescents: buy the goddamn bikini and get to the beach. Stat. The sooner you are out of the change [read more]

  • 119342530

    NICKY: 5 things you need to update your wardrobe this month.

          By NICKY CHAMP I am so bored of all of my clothes. B-O-R-E-D. I like to start off each day by sticking my head in my already heaving wardrobe and bemoan the lack of anything to wear. Much to the amusement of my husband whose clothing section has been reduced down to [read more]

  • "I think maybe the Easter Bunny had few too many beers."

    The tale of the slightly tipsy Easter Bunny.

                By BERN MORLEY Two of my children still believe in Santa, however after what happened last Easter, I’m pretty sure at least one of them is now suss on the Easter Bunny. See we decided, in our wisdom, to go out on Easter Eve. Fact: Dinner + wine + [read more]

  • Tony Abbott with his family.

    Saturday’s news in 2 minutes.

            1. Tony Abbott’s daughters, Bridget and Frances, have spoken to News Limited about why they think their father would make a good Prime Minister. Frances spoke about gay marriage, saying, “I believe it is inevitable, I believe by the time our generation gets into power I hope and pray something is done about [read more]

  • Em Rusciano

    Mamamia has a cup of tea and a chat with Em Rusciano.

            Welcome our latest video series on Mamamia. It’s called Tea with Mamamia and it involves us, a few too many cups of Dilmah tea…and some Aussie celebrities who we were pretty anxious to know more about. Our Editor, Jamila has been having a damn good time of late, getting to hang [read more]

  • Anyone can buy you flowers and chocolate. It doesn't mean they really love you.

    GROUP THERAPY: I’m dating again… after 25 years of marriage.

          BY BERNADETTE MURPHY Some women flirt by sending pictures of themselves in scanty little underthings to the man they’re hoping to attract. Men do this, too—even politicians. “Sexting” is most prevalent though, the media tells us, among teen girls. And that’s exactly what I’m feeling like. Only, instead of texting racy photos [read more]

  • baby essentials

    In 10 years time, women won’t be doing this any more.

            By KELLIE CONNOLLY Dying retail giants – I met your assassin the other day. He was agile, swift, ready to please and motivated to attack your bottom line. I was shocked at his arrival on my door-step. A smiling assassin, dressed in black. I welcomed him in. The slayer was the [read more]

  • This is how I feel about babies

    CONFESSION: “I am terrified of newborn babies.”

            by FAITH SINNOTT So confession…? I am terrified of my friends’ newborn babies. It seems like there was some kind of alert went out to my entire social network on our 36th birthdays announcing – ‘you all must go forth and breed’. I however missed that call. Those who have not [read more]

  • How's your week been?

    Best, worst and everything else. How has your week been?

            By EM RUSCIANO Welcome my darlings to the Best and Worst of The Week Show. I am your host, Em Rusciano. You may remember me as the Diamond Creek Primary School Debating champion of 1989 or perhaps you read my words on this very site and listen to me speak those [read more]

  • Could you take away your daughter's right to have children?

    Could you sterilise your own child?

            Imagine you have a daughter who is severely intellectually disabled. Caring for her takes up all of your strength and your time. And as if you don’t already have enough to deal with, for about five days every month, everything gets worse. She gets her period. She doesn’t understand what is [read more]

  • Annoyed woman looks at the camera

    ‘I know it’s a first world problem – but I still think it’s outrageous and unacceptable.’

          What’s the one thing that really annoys you? When there’s no MS (rather than MISS or MRS) option to tick on the doctor’s surgery form? When you want to buy a ‘family’ ticket at the movies for your partner and child but the family option is only for two adults and two [read more]

  • wedding

    The cheapest wedding ever.

    So you want a cheap wedding but you don’t want to scrimp on the food, flowers or fancy invitations, and you don’t want to buy yourself a 99 cent eBay dress. Well guess what? Now you can have your fancy pants 10-tiered wedding cake and EAT IT TOO. We’d like to introduce you to this [read more]

  • Well. That seems obvious.

    Is this utterly ridiculous or kind of cool?

            By JULIA ALEXANDER I have recently become obsessed with personalised number plates.  Obsessed. In fact it has almost become my new favourite “love to hate” with certain friends receiving constant MMS updates of my latest sightings. It’s hard to know when it started. Was it the run down red Honda on [read more]

  • Child standing on the bed

    The photos that will blow you away.

    Kids always have a lot to say about their toys. More opinions than there are monkeys in the barrel. But what do these toys say about kids? Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti has travelled the world taking pictures of children from many countries and walks of life photographed with their favourite toys. The images show the beautiful [read more]

  • talking to kids about death

    Her husband died 4 weeks ago. On his 44th birthday.

            EDITOR’S NOTE: We received this email from Jacinta last night and were immediately moved by her situation. She has asked for advice, for support and for help, from the Mamamia community. We know the wonderful readers of this site will rise to the occasion and assist by leaving some kind words [read more]