• Rebecca Sparrow.

    BEC: I’m moving in with my husband’s family. Ingenious or insanity?

      By REBECCA SPARROW So. I’m about to do something that is either really, really awesome or really, really stupid. I’m about to move in with my sister-in-law. Here, let me give you some thinking music (imagine I’m playing Morning Has Broken on my daughter’s toy xylophone) while you contemplate my plan. Time’s up.  What [read more]

  • Sex offender

    A 13-year-old child sex offender. Still at school with other kids.

            Imagine that you’ve just dropped your kids off at school. You’ve spent the morning rushing to make lunches, badgering the kids into getting dressed and trying to beat peak-hour traffic without actually going over the speed limit or running over any cats. Standing at the school gates you feel a sense [read more]

  • Vacuum Ponytail Screenshot

    7 seconds. That’s all it takes to create the perfect ponytail.

    By MARY WARD Sometimes, something turns up on the Internet that is just so, so, so great, you have no words to describe it. You literally have no words. In my circumstance, this is a shame. Because I am currently trying to create a string of words with which to introduce an Internet gem that [read more]

  • Kurt

    70 million people in the world need a wheelchair. But less than 15% have access to one.

      Multiple Paralympic gold medal winner Kurt Fearnley has given this year’s Australia Day address. He used the speech to demand a huge improvement in living conditions for people with a disability in Australia; you can read the full transcript of the speech below. I’d like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we’re [read more]

  • She's not Hilary Clinton.

    NEWS: Nine stories to talk about today.

              1. Victorian firefighters are bracing for another day of high fire danger. The forecast for most of Victoria is for high winds and temperatures above the 30s. The heat is likely to intensify fires already burning in the state. 2. Hillary Clinton just got more awesome. Video footage has emerged [read more]

  • adele with angelo necklace

    Fluff: Has Adele accidentally revealed her ‘secret’ baby’s name?

    1. Dear Adele, if you want your baby’s name to stay secret, don’t wear a necklace with his name on it. The Skyfall singer, 24, has been determined to keep her first baby’s name under wraps since his birth in October. In recent interviews Adele has referred to her son only as “Little Peanut” and [read more]

  • dick smith

    The Dick Smith ad banned before going to air.

    By KATE HUNTER There’s nothing more popular than a banned ad. Surely that’s why Dick Smith’s gone all rudey-racist in this advertisement for his Aussie made Vegemite equivalent, peanut butter and tomato sauce?   Dick’s an old dog and this isn’t a new trick. As leading media website Mumbrella writes, A tactic adopted in the US [read more]

  • Fairytale?

    You think your problems will be over when you find “The One.” Wrong.

      By JO ABI Yesterday on Mamamia, a post called “This is why you’re not married” went gangbusters as Jamila Rizvi wrote about how many single women aspire to marriage and that’s OK. Of course it is. But there’s something Jamila – and all the other single ladies – need to know. Marriage is hard [read more]

  • Nova Peris, Julia Gillard, Peter Garrett, Maxine McKew.

    Peter Garrett, Maxine McKew now Nova Peris. Do celebs make good politicians?

      So it seems that the next election will most likely see Australia’s first Indigenous woman enter the nation’s parliament. The Prime Minister has announced that former Hockey-Roo, sprinter and Olympic gold medalist, Nova Peris will be the Labor Party’s number one candidate for the Senate in the Northern Territory. The Prime Minister has said [read more]

  • dealing with shocking news

    KATE: The 6 things I hate spending money on. Feel free to add your own.

        By KATE HUNTER It’s hard to decide whether tyres or termite control top my list, but I’m going with tyres as the process of getting them fitted irks almost as much as the expense. At least when the termite man comes I don’t have to sit in a lounge reading the August 2008 [read more]

  • mia

    You’re at a cafe and this happens. What do you do?

            By MIA FREEDMAN Yesterday a blog post called “Two flat whites and a bawling child, please” caused all sorts of a commotion on a news website when a woman wrote about an unfortunate experience she and her partner had in a cafe. It was brunch time on a weekend. The coffee [read more]

  • Beyonce

    NEWS: 9 things you need to know today.

    We’re trying out something new this morning. Below, you’ll find nine bite-size pieces of news that you need to know today. This post will give you something to chat about at the watercooler, or at the supermarket check-out, or really anywhere you need to make small talk. So this is what’s been happening around the [read more]

  • Alexis

    ‘I’m only 26 – but apparently I need to have a baby pronto.’

            By ALEXIS CAREY I visited my GP to pick up a prescription and I left with a lecture on the need to have a baby. Pronto. Like, yesterday. I was a trifle taken aback, to say the least. You see, I’m 26, not 36 or 46. I kept waiting for the [read more]

  • kjnsdg

    FLUFF: Look who’s had a baby

    Shakira has given birth to a baby boy. Baby Milan was born at 9:36pm in Barcelona and is the first child of the 35-year-old Columbian singer and her partner, Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, 25. The couple have been together since 2011, having met on the set of Shakira’s music video ‘Waka Waka’ the previous year. [read more]

  • This is the author, Kate. She lost her cousin.

    He got 11 months in jail and she’s dead.

              By KATE WALTHER I tend to get prickly when people joke about having a few beers then jumping in the car and driving, avoiding main roads on their way home in the hope of averting the RBT units (Random Breath Testing) they know are out there. It really irritates me [read more]

  • Is that because you didn't eat first??

    A new approach to weight loss: “Get in shape or we will shame you”

            By NATALIA HAWK If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the jungle regions of Mexico where there’s no iPhone reception. You see, my worst nightmares have all come together and manifested in the form of a horrible, horrible app. The app is called “Gym Shamer”. Basically, if you took an evil [read more]

  • designer vaginas

    The new plastic surgery procedure women are having on their genitals.

            A ‘Barbie’ is no longer just the name of the beloved childhood doll whose hair you cut and whose bizarre shaped feet you squeezed into painful looking plastic shoes. If only. Now the term ‘Barbie’ is being used to describe a popular – and extreme – variety of labiaplasty. Stop the [read more]

  • Jamila: A proud feminist.

    JAMILA: This is why you’re not married.

          By JAMILA RIZVI Yep, you clicked on that headline. We knew that you would… Because this headline and the controversial article it accompanied (which you can read in full here) was one of last year’s most clicked on articles from US site, The Huffington Post. That’s right, an article, which tells women [read more]

  • obama

    WATCH: Barack Obama’s inspiring 2nd inauguration speech.

    Today, US President Barack Obama has been inaugurated as President for his second term in office. President Obama swore his oath in front of a crowd of hundreds of thousand of people in the National Mall in Washington and delivered a speech that is making headlines all over the world. The inauguration ceremony also saw [read more]

  • Kate

    KATE: ‘I wasn’t a ‘real mum’ until I had 2 kids’

              by KATE HUNTER So, poor TV star Elizabeth Banks has caused a bit of a…. well, a drama, by telling People magazine that you’re not a “real mom” until you have more than one child. The 38 year old actress (she was hilarious in What To Expect When You’re Expecting) [read more]

  • Prince Harry

    The Prince Harry interview everyone’s talking about.

    This is the Prince Harry interview that everyone is talking about today. It’s actually a series of interviews filmed at the Prince’s base camp in Helmand at the end of the 28-year-old’s four-month stint flying Army helicopters in Afghanistan. In them, the Prince admits killing Taliban insurgents. He talks about his distrust of the media. [read more]

  • Mark Salling has been accused of sexual assault.

    CELEB NEWS: Glee star accused of sexual assault.

    1. Glee cast member Mark Salling – who plays bad boy Puck on the show – has been accused of sexual battery and assault, after having unprotected sex with a woman after she asked him to wear a condom. According to E! News, the woman, Roxanne Gorzela, asked Salling, “What are you doing?” when they [read more]

  • Nigella

    Nigella Lawson and the Photoshop WIN that’s making us happy today.

    Check out this poster for Nigella Lawson’s new US show. Now look closer at Nigella’s tummy. See it? Just under that (fabulous) tight red dress? That right there is a female stomach. It goes out a bit. Not in. Just like 98% of women. Did you know she was 53 years old? And the mother [read more]

  • Phoodie

    GROUP THERAPY: “Should I feel this hurt by unsolicited parenting advice?”

        By PHOODIE So today I bring you a post that is completely unrelated to cooking, eating, and enjoying food. Yes, as passionate as I am about those things, I very much have a life outside of them! Being “Mama” to a one and a two year old is what ‘life outside food’ revolves [read more]

  • At what point does a life start?

    Foetal homicide: Can an unborn child be ‘murdered’?

    Last week, a pregnant woman and her unborn baby were killed when their car went off the road and crashed head on, into a tree. The father of the baby and driver of the car, was charged with one count of causing death from dangerous driving. Only one. The unborn child’s death was not counted [read more]

  • love

    Love stories. The post that will make your day instantly better.

    By NATALIA HAWK We think you might need this post today. If you’re finding the return to the working week a little tough, if you’re having a sad or difficult time at the moment – this post is going to make it all better. And even if you’re not struggling, even if you think you’re [read more]

  • Lena in a skit for the 2012 Emmy Awards.

    She doesn’t look like 99% of Hollywood actresses. But she’s not fat.

      By ROSIE WATERLAND Apparently Lena Dunham is fat. Lena Dunham, the lead actress in hit US TV series Girls, seems to have become some sort of poster-girl for fatties because of her shocking decision to be on television and not look like a model at the same time. She has a normal body (as [read more]

  • MIA

    MIA: ‘Women should be classy about breastfeeding in public.’ Sorry… what?

    BY MIA FREEDMAN Oh Kochie. Kochie, Kochie, Kochie. Thank you, I guess. It’s never a bad thing to remind people of the olden days, when men were men and women were……mostly invisible. When the only depiction of breasts that was acceptable was the sexy kind. When the idea of a woman using her bosom to [read more]

  • Sex-Worker3

    News: Welfare changes forcing single mothers into prostitution

    There have been reports over the weekend that single mothers whose welfare payments have been cut this month are turning to prostitution and stripping in order to make up the shortfall. News Limited reported that brothels and strip clubs around Australia have reported a sudden rise in the number of single mums looking for work. [read more]

  • jennifer lawrence photoshop

    FLUFF: The most famous new fringe ever, and Jennifer Lawrence disses her Oscar rivals.

    1. Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term as president today but it was his wife’s fringe that everyone’s talking about. Michelle Obama – or ‘FLOTUS’ (the First Lady of the United States), as some people affectionately call her – revealed a new hairstyle yesterday at the Kids’ Inaugural Concert. The concert was [read more]