• Jamila post it

    Behind the screens of the Mamamia office: Brownie-gate.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Most offices have baked good brought in by staff for special occasions. A farewell, a birthday, a Christmas in July party… In the Mamamia office, baked goods are brought in by staff on every occasion – and quite a few non-occasions, too. When our food blogger, Phoodie, visits. When a post about [read more]

  • the-way-way-back-toni-collette

    This is what it’s like to interview an A-Lister.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND Not long ago, Mamamia editor Jamila called me on my day off and asked if I’d be happy to interview Toni Collette about her new film, The Way Way Back. After I stopped screaming and picked up the phone I’d just dropped, I accepted without a second thought, [read more]

  • Plus sized fashion

    The disturbingly unfair retail secret that we didn’t know about until today.

            By Mamamia Team Way to go Best & Less. Way. To. Go. The retail chain have introduced a positive equal pricing policy for plus-size women making the same styles of clothing across all sizes, eight to 26. The new structure is already in place with their latest summer collection, which went [read more]

  • the-sapphires

    They are women. They are indigenous. And they are the stars of this movie.

    By ROSIE WATERLAND Remember that awesome Australian movie The Sapphires? You know the one I mean – about that white dude who has four slightly tanned back-up singers? The standout star was Chris O’Dowd? Some skinny Aussie girls were in it? No? Allow me to refresh your memory: Remember that movie? Yeah – me either. [read more]

  • rappers-and-cereal-overlay

    Rappers and Cereal: best blog ever?

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE Rappers? Check. Cereal? Check. Rappers and cereal? Check check check. This is offically the only way rappers should be photographed from now until forever. Thanks to the total geniuses at rappersandcereal.com. For many, many more pics of rappers and cereal, get over to the blog right now by clicking here

  • Bride

    Why my feminist wedding is going to sh*t all over yours.

            By HELEN MORTON Last weekend I was invited to a friend’s wedding. And by the end of the ceremony my eyes were not so much the size of saucers, as full on all-you-can-eat dinner plates. And my bewildered shock had nothing to do with the copious amount of liquid grapes I’d [read more]

  • 139786707

    The Book Circle: Todd Alexander, Banafsheh Serov and Max Barry.

      This post is sponsored by BIG W. Can you believe Father’s Day is less than a month away? Seriously, where has the year gone?! If you haven’t bought your Dad a gift yet, don’t worry, we haven’t either. BUT the team at The Book Circle has some great recommendations for every Dad out there. [read more]

  • simoncowell

    Simon Cowell expecting baby with his friend’s wife.

      1. Whoa, Simon Cowell is going to be a dad. The X Factor judge, 53, is expecting his first child with New York socialite Lauren Silverman, 36, according to People. The news is hot gossip because Lauren Silverman is married to Cowell’s close friend, real estate mogul Andrew Silverman. Silverman is reportedly 10 weeks [read more]

  • Roger Dene

    Thursday’s news in 2 minutes.

          1. Former nurse Roger Dean has been sentenced to life in prison. Dean is responsible for the deaths of 11 people after he set fire to a nursing home in Quaker’s Hill in 2011. There were reportedly cheers and tears from the public gallery when the judge read out his verdict. 2. [read more]

  • The feeli

    Every year 1 in 5 adults will have a mental health difficulty.

            By JACKIE CROWE Every year, one in five adults, or 3.2 million Australians, will have a mental health difficulty while 45 per cent of the Australian adult population will experience mental illness at some point in their lifetime. In short, mental illness is an issue that touches everyone in some way. [read more]

  • gretel 2

    Why do these people hate women so much?

            By GRETEL KILLEEN Some days you notice lots of three legged dogs, some days you notice lots of men walking babies and some days, at the complete other end of the spectrum, you notice acts of hate and violence. It took a couple of days actually. First I heard of a [read more]

  • 164671201

    It’s the beauty equivalent of the chicken or the egg question.

        By NICKY CHAMP It’s the beauty equivalent of the chicken or the egg question: which comes first the sunscreen or the moisturiser? And where does primer fit in? And what about serum? With all the new beauty products invading our bathroom cabinets it’s no wonder we’re confused about which order to layer our [read more]

  • Vatican Pope

    “I won’t be praising anything the Pope has to say.”

      By SIMON COPLAND When Pope Francis was installed earlier this year many were hoping for a shift in the church’s tone towards homosexuality. It seems like we may have got our wish. In a wide-ranging interview over the weekend, Francis, it was reported, reached out to homosexuals. He said: “If someone is gay and [read more]

  • porn-sex-vs-real-sex

    The difference between porn sex and real sex. (Using vegetables).

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE We’ve all read the porn sex vs real sex argument about a million times by now. Which is great – we should be exploring the gaping divide between awkward reality and shiny, hairless fiction. But no matter how many different ways the debate is framed, sometimes a gal just wants the cold, [read more]

  • Only child.

    This woman doesn’t have an only child – she has one child.

        By RACHAEL BALL There seems to be a lot of hubble and bubble at the moment about the increase in one child families. A lot of it appears to be the many opinions about parents who choose to stop at one. While there are many reasons why a family have one child, there [read more]

  • kim kardashian earrings

    KATE: 12 months is too long to be engaged.

      By KATE HUNTER On Monday night I set the cat amongst the turtle doves with what I thought was a light-hearted status update on Facebook. There had been a story on iVillage that day about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux being reluctant to set a wedding date, a year after their engagement. My opinion [read more]

  • therese-rein-2

    “There’s NOTHING wrong with this picture.”

            By MIA FREEDMAN One of the best things about having Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister again is that we get to reclaim Therese Rein as First Lady. Because she is one excellent lady. Warm, kind, funny, smart and successful. An epic role model in her own right. And easily the most [read more]

  • Chase and Tyler.

    Wednesday’s news in under 2 minutes.

    1. A Victorian landlord has been cleared of the deaths of six-year-old Chase and eight-year-old Tyler Robinson who died in 2010 when a gas heater in their home increased carbon monoxide levels to dangerous highs. The coroner in the case has said that landlords need to be encouraged to have gas heaters serviced regularly – [read more]

  • The book.

    Open post of the week: Come and tell us how your week’s going.

            By LUCY ORMONDE Anyone read Gone Girl? I’m hearing it’s like THE book to read at the moment. I have a copy sitting in a suitcase at the end of my bed (ready for a holiday which seems to be taking all the days and all the nights to arrive) and [read more]

  • 9bd236dca8fd2079b5f73622573f734884361bf2

    Fluff: Jennifer Aniston on Brad Pitt years: ‘I needed therapy.’

            1. Jennifer Aniston: ‘I needed therapy.’ So Jennifer Aniston threw a dinner party at her house and let We’re the Millers co-star Jason Sudeikis, 37, interview her for Glamour magazine and casually mentioned that she should’ve had therapy around the time she was married to Brad Pitt. On the advice she’d [read more]

  • kim kardashian earrings

    KATE: 40 reasons not to feel sorry for kids.

      By KATE HUNTER I think, when we’re talking about today’s children we need to rein in the adjectives. Their achievements are lovely to witness, but are they really ‘awesome’ ? Finishing one’s fruit is admirable, but it hardly inspires awe. ‘Well done,’ should suffice, surely. Similarly, I think our ‘hearts break’ too often for [read more]

  • She has never told anyone.

    This is why a child keeps sexual abuse secret. Please read & share.

            WARNING: The following content includes graphic descriptions of abuse. If this is a trigger subject for you, you may want to sit this one out. By ANONYMOUS I’m sitting in the bath, hunched over with my knees pulled up to my chest. I am gripping them tightly; it feels secure and [read more]

  • clickable women

    Who will be Australia’s Most Clickable Women?

        By MAMAMIA TEAM Here at Mamamia we are passionate about the internet and are constantly impressed by the amazing work that Australian women are doing online. Seriously, take just a few minutes to trawl the interwebs and you will be introduced to some of the most formidable Aussie chicks who are doing all [read more]

  • camp-gyno

    The best ad about tampons ever. Period.

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE “It’s like I’m the Joan and their vag is the arc!” If that line doesn’t convince you that this is the best commercial about periods ever, then nothing will. HelloFlo, a company in the US that delivers sanitary items and lollies discreetly to your door every month, have found THE most awesome [read more]

  • wedding

    “I’m only coming to your wedding for the booze,” said no one ever.

    AMEN to this couple. Amen to them for speaking the unspoken when it comes to wedding invites and RSVPs. And amen to them for letting us all admit that yes, we’re just coming to your wedding for the booze. Good, huh? And just to add to the fact, we’d like to add some of our [read more]

  • New York post cover.

    BLOG: He sends the dirty texts, yet she’s the one we blame.

    By JAMILA RIZVI This is Huma Abedin. At the age of 20 she won a coveted White House internship. She has worked at the highest levels in both the public and private sector. She holds a degree from Washington State University. She was traveling chief of staff to Hillary Clinton during her 2008 campaign for [read more]

  • William McInnes

    Extraordinary: William McInnes speaks about the loss of his wife and son.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM William McInnes was big on our television screens in the 90s, appearing on shows like Blue Heelers, Country Practice and Sea Change. He’s taken a hiatus in the past few years, it seems that he is more interested in spending time with his children, 20-year-old Clem and 15-year-old Stella. The man behind the [read more]

  • 2013-07-29_1515

    The show that’s brought Queenslanders 135 years of magic.

              By KATE HUNTER. iPads. iPods. You Tube. FOXTEL. Laser-Tag. Theme parks. Aquatic centres. IMAX theatres. These days, there’s no shortage of fabulous things to do and places to go. Clever people come up with something new every ten minutes and kids and adults lap them up. Overseas, in the USA [read more]

  • kia rondo smart solutions

    Life Hacks for all your kid related needs.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM To date we have provided you with smart solutions for the kitchen, the bathroom, and for storing the mess in your life. But there is one thing in life that no number of smart solutions will help you control: kids and their mess. But, no matter how predictably unpredictable kids are, we [read more]