• Moccona with a hint of chocolate, Opinionators

        Some Mamamia readers have been trialling the NEW Moccona Chocolate Flavour Infused Coffee.   A little about the product … Imagine the Moccona coffee you know and love, infused with a delicious hint of chocolate… Introducing new Moccona Chocolate Flavour Infused Coffee, for a more indulgent coffee moment! Infused with subtle, velvety hints of [read more]

  • k-rudd-asylum-seeker

    Rudd: No refugee who arrives by boat to be resettled in Australia.

            By MAMAMIA NEWS Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced crucial and significant changes to Australia’s border protection policy. Under new rules, any person arriving in Australia by boat and seeking asylum will immediately be sent to Papua New Guinea for processing and resettlement. This means that even if an asylum seeker [read more]

  • Mia

    Mockumentary: Behind the scenes of the Mamamia office.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM. People often ask us what it’s like to work at Mamamia office. In response, we tend to use words like busy, hectic, fast, colourful and well, we could be here all night… Adequately describing the feeling of coming into work every day and never knowing what the internet, the 24-hour news cycle [read more]

  • White Ribbon Australia’s night in to get the word out

        White Ribbon Australia has launched a new and exciting annual event to help raise funds and awareness to end men’s violence against women – White Ribbon Night. On 26 July, all Australians are asked to have a night in to get the word out about the seriousness of the issue of violence against [read more]

  • girl-power

    This confused Stepford wife wants YOU to have more sex. For feminism.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND A ‘Christian Lifestyle Blogger’ in the US has decided to define what ‘Female Empowerment’ means in a cheeky way, by writing an ironic list that describes examples that are the complete opposite of female empowerment. JOKE! I wish. The list is serious. She just has the concept of [read more]

  • thumb

    Forget eyeshadow, try doing THIS.

    By NICKY CHAMP You may have noticed that coloured eyeshadow is going through a revival right now; blues, pinks, oranges, olive greens, reds – if worn in a modern way (and in the right shade for your skin tone) you can pretty much pull off any colour. As trends do have a that pesky habit [read more]

  • kate

    “36 things I won’t do when I have my next baby… And a few I will.”

              Having a newborn in your house is difficult.  No doubt about it.  The sleep deprivation and the sore boobs are not even the half of it.  Having a newborn in your house with other young children can be nothing short of traumatic. However as I move closer to the end of my [read more]

  • Jay-Leno-Jane-Lynch

    Glee star talks about Cory Monteith on Jay Leno.

    Jane Lynch held back tears last night as she spoke to Jay Leno about Cory Monteith. Appearing on Leno for a pre-planned visit to promote her latest project, Jane Lynch graciously answered questions about her co-star’s death. “He was a bright light in our family,” she said. When Leno asked how she would like people [read more]

  • Best and Worst

    Mamamia ‘Best and Worst’ (and ALL the sugar).

            By NICKY CHAMP Welcome to a Mamamia tradition, Best and Worst, where we all sit around the virtual dinner table and debrief about the week that was. I’ll be your host today so sit yourselves down, grab a cuppa and a scotch finger bickie/ handful of lollies/ activated almonds/kale chips (does [read more]

  • Princess Kate and Prince William

    Friday’s news in under 2 minutes.

            1. Journalists in the UK who are waiting for the birth of the royal baby are starting to believe they may be camped outside the wrong hospital. The press have reportedly been waiting outside London’s St Mary’s Hospital for more than two weeks, but now there’s a belief that Princess Kate [read more]

  • Political Blogger Idol

    Calling all current affairs, news and political bloggers. We want you.

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Here at Mamamia, we are on a mission to introduce fresh, new voices to Australia’s political landscape. We’re sick of the same tired old reporting out of Canberra; reporting which all too often focuses on political game playing over actual policies. And that assumes way more detailed knowledge of the reader than [read more]

  • Asylum seekers

    What are Australia’s obligations under the UN Refugee Convention?

    By AZADEH DASTYARI Prime minister Kevin Rudd has indicated that he would like to revisit Australia’s obligations under the United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees. We are yet to learn what this may mean, but it is important to clarify some misconceptions about the convention in the lead-up to his announcement. The [read more]

  • Right?

    Latest Parenting Trend: The CTFD Method.

        By DAVID VIENNA I know many people want to stay current with the latest parenting trends — attachment parenting, minimalist parenting, Tiger Mother parenting, et al. Well, I’ve stumbled upon a new technique that will guarantee your child grows up to be an exemplary student and citizen. It’s called CTFD, which stands for [read more]

  • Wendy Squires

    WENDY: This is who I am, deal with it.

                By WENDY SQUIRES Having just spent a wonderful, fun weekend away with dear friends I have a confession to make – I don’t want to see/speak/interact with anyone for at least a week, maybe more. The reason is I’m exhausted. No, not just hung from drinking too much (although I’m [read more]

  • Bern

    BLOG: I knew pretty much nothing when I had my first baby.

        By BERN MORLEY It’s fair to say I knew pretty much nothing when I had my first baby. I knew exactly nought about what to expect as a pregnant person, what it would be like to go through childbirth and at the time, I couldn’t even fathom what it would be like to [read more]

  • Kiesha

    When you do something this heinous, you should forfeit your right to parent. Forever.

      UPDATE: The mother of Kiesha Whippeart has been sentenced to to 22 and a half years – with a non parole period of 16 years – for the murder of her 6-year-old daughter in 2010. In sentencing, Justice Ian Harrison said Kristi Abraham’s offence of murder lay “in the middle of the range”.   [read more]

  • Charlotte-Dawson

    He criticised her on Facebook. And she went straight to his boss.

        By MAMAMIA TEAM Charlotte Dawson is no stranger to controversy on social media. But her experiences with platforms like Twitter, is that of a TV personality; a celebrity with a huge audience. So none of it is relevant to us regular people who just use Facebook to catch up with friends and post [read more]

  • First-world-problems

    Goodbye Meme: the ‘First World Problems Meme’ is officially over.

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE I think we can safely say that the First World Problems meme has officially gone to meme heaven. It kind of died when it became its own first world problem: “Wanna make a first world problem joke but can’t because it’s become too mainstream to make first world problem jokes” became the [read more]

  • ghost-shark-movie

    SHARKNADO is so last week. Enter: Ghost Shark

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE Don’t you just hate it how trends in the B-grade Shark Movie biz move so freaking quickly? Just as you were getting your head around this ‘Sharknado’ situation, another quality piece of sea predator-themed cinema has burst onto the scene. Introducing: GHOST SHARK Enjoy. Did you enjoy Sharknado? Are you excited for [read more]

  • Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 11.31.50 AM

    One of the most frustrating songs of all time has been rewritten.

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE If you were alive in the 90’s, you obviously had the Alanis Morissette album Jagged Little Pill.  You also probably spent a considerable amount of time confused about what the word ‘ironic’ means, since Morissette managed to write an entire song about irony that had no actual examples of irony in it. A [read more]

  • Claire-Danes-Vogue-US

    Fluff: Vogue amputates Claire Danes.

    1. Claire Danes is missing a leg in Vogue. Claire Danes is joined by her Homeland co-star Damian Lewis for an editorial in the latest issue of American Vogue, only problem is she is missing a leg. The 34-year-old’s right shin and foot disappear into a swathe of silk satin in one of the images [read more]

  • rolling stone boston bomber cover

    Thursday’s news in under 2 minutes.

        1. The suspected Boston bomber Jahar Tsarnaev has been featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, in the style of a rock superstar. The magazine includes a feature story about the teenager, covering how he was ‘failed by his family, fell into radical Islam and became a monster’. The cover has drawn criticism, and is [read more]

  • male-libido

    Everything you thought about the male libido is wrong.

        By JENNA PRICE The rampaging male libido is dying, killed by stress and exhaustion. That’s the news from Australian sex therapists, either from their own clinical practice or from research. Which is kind of a relief, isn’t it? Not the stress and exhaustion bit (been there, done that) but the fact that men [read more]

  • Parenting support services also tend to focus on mothers, meaning that fathers either feel unwelcome, or find the service irrelevant.

    “While my little girl was giggling, this little boy was gasping for his last breaths”

          By LUCY GREY On Friday 12th July I was getting ready to go away for the weekend with my family, including our two daughters aged one and two. I was trying to pack the car in the space of a Playschool episode and watching my one- year old crawl enthusiastically from one [read more]

  • simone

    She went from a BMI of 22.5 to 16.5. Because of this.

            By NATALIA HAWK It’s time for a bit of honesty. I weigh 61 kgs. My stomach is not flat. I don’t have a box gap. Bits on my arms jiggle. I have big boobs and an arse to match. There’s cellulite on my thighs. And it’s taken me 22 years to [read more]

  • Mean Gurlz

    Mean Gurlz. You’re welcome.

        By ROGUE TEAM Watch this video and consider your day made. Seriously:   #SPLITSONTREES What did you think of Mean Gurlz?

  • rollingstonebostonbomber

    The latest Rolling Stone cover has pissed a lot of people off.

          By MAMAMIA ROGUE This is the latest cover of US Rolling Stone: That’s Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Yeah. It’s caused a bit of a shitstorm. A lot of stores have refused to sell the issue and many people, particularly in Boston, are voicing major opposition. The main concern being raised is that [read more]

  • Screen shot 2013-07-17 at 2.53.47 PM

    6 ways that NOT having a kid actually makes life harder.

            By Mamamia ROGUE So having a kid is ridiculously rewarding and fills you with a kind of love that you’ve never known and it’s just so awesome and it changes your priorities for the better and blah blah blah love love love. Yes – understood. ALL THE LOVE ETC. What we [read more]

  • Leah with her mum and baby girl

    Dear Mum – there are a few important things I’d like to tell you…

      BY LEAH CARTER Dear Mum, I know it’s been a whole five hours since we last spoke on the phone, but how are you? Learned to use Facebook yet? Decided to put punctuation in your text messages? How many strangers have you shown a picture of my baby to in, say, the last five [read more]

  • third gender

    Meet the world’s third gender.

            By MAMAMIA TEAM This is Leo Tanoi. He was raised as the third gender. Tanoi has played Rugby League from the age of 13, as a way of asserting his identity and in the early 90s, he played in the first grade for the Cronulla Sharks. Today, if you met him, [read more]