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    They’ve won seven consecutive world cup events. But we bet you’ve never heard of them…

              Of all the sports I (attempt to) play, touch football is the only one I do on a weekly basis. It’s high-intensity, so it’s an incredibly good workout. It’s competitive without being completely over-the-top. And there’s often a sausage sizzle held at someone’s house after the game… sausage sizzles are [read more]

  • Engagement ring

    “My big, fat, fake engagement ring”.

    My fiancé proposed with a cubic zirconia or as some people might say, ‘a fake diamond’.  I said yes and let him slide the $500, 2.5 carat extravaganza on my hand. It was a balmy summer evening and the sky was washed in pink as the sun set over the coast. We nestled up on the beach, [read more]

  • child sex abuse story

    What can I do to help my son?

        by ELLY VARRENTI I am on a boat, my grandmother is at the wheel and my mother is vomiting over the side. She can’t swim, and I know we are going to capsize, so I will have to keep her afloat. Where is my son? My nephew? Oh, they are on a raft. [read more]

  • plank 1

    Easy tips to exercise safely: When you don’t do it right, you’re going to hurt yourself.

    by NATALIA HAWK Let’s have a bit of fun on a Sunday afternoon… and talk about technique. I know. Zzzzz. Just the word takes me back to boring swimming classes as a kid, when we had to stop diving through hoops into the water (best game ever) and start talking about the exact angle our [read more]

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    The 3 good things I got from post-natal depression.

        by KATE TORENBECK Best things from Post Natal Depression? Is she mad? I know it seems ludicrous to think there are positives from battling severe depression and anxiety, but bear with me on this. I am the proud mum of three daughters and, like all parents, I’m pretty sure mine are the best [read more]

  • scales

    “This is why I’ll never step on the scales again”.

        By SUSAN HAYDEN So finally, at the age of 42, after being a slave to my scale for as long as I can remember, I have stopped weighing myself. It’s been about six months since last I voluntarily made myself feel crap first thing in the morning, post-wee, pre-coffee. It’s not because at [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 2.23.32 PM

    Creative parenting at its best: We take our hats off to Bat Dad.

    by MAMAMIA TEAM Introducing (nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana-nana) Batdad! He’s our new parenting superhero. And he does awesome things like this:   If you’re the sort of inquisitive type who likes a bit of backstory to their viral video, here it is. Batdad is actually a guy by the name of Blake Wilson. He’s a father of four [read more]

  • Clive Palmer.

    Sunday’s News in 2 minutes

              1. Billionaire and recently appointed MP Clive Palmer has announced that he plans to launch a Senate Recount in Western Australia. Palmer, the current member for Fairfax, has said that he will take the matter to the High Court if necessary. The news comes after the Australian Electoral Commission declared [read more]

  • Kyle and Jackie O

    Bumper Fluff: The most popular pair in breakfast radio call it quits.

      1. The King and Queen of Breakfast Radio call it quits.  UPDATED: After announcing that they are leaving 2Day FM, reports have emerged this morning that the Kyle and Jackie O will not disappear off the airwaves entirely. News Ltd papers are reporting that the pair are currently in the final stages of contract [read more]

  • ,,

    Dear women: Never, EVER try this as a way to lose weight.

          It’s 3pm and the craving hits. You haven’t eaten in at least 1.5 hours and your brain is screaming for a sugar hit. Before long, your stomach joins in, because it is silly and it has forgotten that you are not even hungry. You pop on down to the convenience store. You [read more]

  • Italian

    Need food to go with your glass of wine tonight? We’ve got you sorted.

     By JO ABI A good roast can make the dullest day special. Add Italian flavours to this dish and you’ll be in heaven. I’ve been lucky enough to be feasting on Italian roasts my whole life thanks to my mum’s exceptional cooking skills. Like all good Italian children I have eaten roasted rabbit, roasted quails [read more]

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    News: One dead in LAX shooting.

            1. A gunman has opened fire in Los Angeles International Airport, leaving eight bystanders injured – one of whom has now been confirmed dead. It is currently believed that one of the injured is an airport police officer, while an additional four or five are uniformed workers for Transport Security Administration, [read more]

  • Anne and Bernadette

    The global campaign giving hope to meningococcal survivors.

    Meningococcal Australia, together with celebrated photographer and global advocate for children, Anne Geddes, have unveiled the first set of images to launch the global ‘Protecting Our Tomorrows: Portraits of Meningococcal Disease’ campaign in Australia. Images of three inspirational Australian survivors who were struck down with the devastating disease were captured in Sydney last month during [read more]

  • Hamish with Zoe

    Zoe Foster-Blake and Hamish Blake expecting a baby.

            Congratulations to beauty guru Zoe Foster-Blake and radio funny man Hamish Blake! The couple are officially expecting a baby. Hamish announced the news via his radio show this afternoon, saying: “As of this week, Zo and I can confirm that we are expecting.” Zoe is 12 weeks pregnant so far. Hamish [read more]

  • homemade sex toys

    Em Rusciano: “Ladies, your vagina is not magical. Let me explain…”

            Hold onto your ovaries, ladies – this one is an absolute corker. The Guttmacher Institute has conducted a study around unintended pregnancies that lead to termination in the US. The results have just come to light and they were so STAGGERING that even the boffins were confounded enough to headline the [read more]

  • reasons to live at home

    Is this what it takes to be considered a good parent now?

        By LUCY ORMONDE A few weeks ago, in inner city Sydney, a 23-year-old woman bought her first home in a quiet street of Surry Hills. University of Sydney student Claudia Crause reportedly secured the two-bedroom terrace for the price of $1,094,000, which is – I’m not going to lie – a shiteload more money [read more]

  • Kyle and Jackie O

    Breakfast radio chaos. Everybody quits.

            Sydney breakfast radio duo, Kyle and Jackie O, have announced that they are leaving 2Day FM. After more than a decade on air together as Australia’s most popular radio duo, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O will not return to the airwaves together as the Kyle and Jackie O Show in 2014. [read more]

  • Carbon tax

    It’s on: Is this really the end of the carbon tax?

                ALP leader Bill Shorten has announced the party’s climate change policy. The party will support Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s plan to scrap the Carbon Tax. However, the party’s support is conditional on PM Abbott agreeing to introduce an emissions trading scheme. If you’re a little bit confused as to [read more]

  • DOUTZEN KROES at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

    This model feels really guilty about making ‘certain girls insecure’.

        Victoria’s Secret catwalk model, Doutzen Kroes has admitted the retouching that goes on in magazines and advertising can have an adverse affect on women’s body image and self-esteem. “Sometimes it makes me feel guilty now that I am in this profession that makes certain girls insecure,” the Victoria’s Secret model told Page Six [read more]

  • instagram

    Massive #Instagram fail.

            Trigger warning: the following content may be sensitive for those with an eating disorder. Back in August, Instagram took the – highly commendable – step of banning certain hashtags on their app. The hashtags they chose to ban included searchable terms like #thinspo and #thinspiration, which are used to promote almost-unattainable [read more]

  • MH370

    It’s okay to think about yourself after pregnancy (and not just the baby).

            By CHELSEA THOMAS I like to have my cake and eat it too. I then like to have another slice. I was doing the cake thing at a birthday party alongside a number of new and second-time mums when the ever-popular subject of losing baby weight cropped up. “Boobs, bum and [read more]

  • IKEA or Death Metal Band?

    It’s time to play: IKEA or death.

    I’m sure we can all admit to frothing at the mouth over a weekend IKEA trip (which let’s face it, after a few hours often feels more like a 6 month backpacking holiday in Northern Europe than a shopping experience)…but how well do you really know your IKEA furniture? Sure you study the catalogues and [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 11.47.38 AM

    FLUFF: All the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

    1. All the best celebrity Halloween costumes.  If there’s one thing better than sitting in your pyjamas at 11pm eating the bowl of lollies that you bought for trick or treaters (who later turned out to be non-existent), it’s waking up the next morning to see what crazy things the stars of Hollywood were wearing [read more]

  • Model with brown balayage bob

    “This is the picture I gave to my hairdresser. And then…”

    This article is for sympathy. It’s for healing. It’s for support. Because, friends… I had the most awful experience going to a hairdresser. If I was to use one word? Traumatic. One emotion? Defeated. Some of you will know of that which I speak. Please see below:   I know, I know. There are people [read more]

  • best-worst

    Best and Worst: The Spooky Edition.

    By ROSIE WATERLAND. It’s time for Best and Worst you guys, and those of you who are familiar will know what that means… IT’S FRIDAY! For those not in the know: Best and Worst is where the MM community comes together to talk about whatever they fancy. Tell us the best bit of your week, [read more]

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    Five reasons I’m happy to be staying in on a Friday night.

          By BERN MORLEY There was a time in my life when the entire week revolved around my Friday night. The rest of the week was merely an obstacle I had to continuously hurdle to make it through to that magic 5pm siren. Having said that, in hindsight, my Friday nights were always [read more]

  • Cinderonce

    Cinderonce: The most perfect mash-up ever.

    Ever wanted a Disney fairytale to be scored only by Beyonce? Yeah no, we didn’t either. Enter this video by Queen B fan Todrick Hall, which is aptly titled Cinderonce.

  • technology life easy

    7 things that if invented would certainly make life easier.

            By KAHLA PRESTON Life in 2013 is really quite excellent. Over the past few centuries, humans have managed to provide solutions to most of the inconveniences of life. We have text messages that self-destruct, hair straighteners that turn themselves off, and even seedless watermelon. Just as an FYI, you should know that [read more]

  • Hundreds of women in Kenya have protested the rape punishment

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Balcony fall death It’s a chilling note, left in a pocket, warning of being watched. Nine words scribbled on black paper were removed from the front pocket of Lisa Harnum as police tried to work out how her body came to land at the bottom of the Sydney CBD apartment building in July 2011. [read more]