• Lehmo with fiance

    Comedian Lehmo’s romantic proposal: “What are you DOING?”

          By LEHMO When proposing to my girlfriend, Kelly over the Christmas/New Year break I expected the Hollywood movie scene bit: she would gasp, she would cry, then smile then say ‘yes’. Yeah… Turns out I should have had a plan B ready to roll. I wanted to nail the proposal because I’ve [read more]

  • kate2

    KATE: Fathers with crying babies! Who you gonna call?

    BY KATE HUNTER A father in Germany was caring for his 5 month old twins and a toddler. The kids were crying and dad was at a loss as to what to do. So he called the police. As you do… RT.com reported: The 31-year-old father from Weiden became overwhelmed when the tearful tykes let [read more]

  • ellen

    Fluff: Hugh Jackman receives a nod.

    Ellen Degeneres is coming to Australia for the first time. The talk show host, who is married to Australian actress Portia de Rossi, made the announcement during filming of The Ellen Degeneres Show in LA this afternoon. “So, I am actually for the first time in my life going to Australia. I’m going in March and [read more]

  • Jamila's a feminist. Why aren't you?

    JAMILA: Are we overusing our sexism outrage?

    By JAMILA RIZVI I’m rather good at being outraged. Okay – enough with the false modesty – I’m exceptionally good at being outraged. Outrage is my default position. Outrage may not be my ACTUAL middle name but it’s certainly one of my nicknames. I enjoy writing about, talking about, heck, I occasionally indulge in a [read more]

  • Coca Cola Carton (1)

    News: The Coke video everyone is talking about

      A new ad from Coca-Cola has drawn criticism from consumer advocates and obesity experts even though it encourages people to fight obesity together. Critics have said that the company is just doing damage control and trying to pretend they are part of the solution rather than the problem. Coca-Cola’s Stuart Kronauge has said “Obesity [read more]

  • What was your best and worst of the week?

    Best and worst. How was your week?

            by REBECCA SPARROW “Rebecca!” called out a voice from somewhere behind me. My insides crumpled. Had I left my ATM card at the cash register?  Had I dropped my driver’s licence and not noticed? You see I was in the supermarket carpark of  a small South Australian town. The type of [read more]

  • Jennifer Aniston

    Red Carpet Watch: 2013 People’s Choice Awards.

    By JASMINE GARNSWORTHY The People’s Choice Awards in L.A today attracted Hollywood’s usual list of red carpet regulars, with Naomi Watts, Taylor Swift, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Aniston and Ellen DeGeneres in attendance. Kaley Cuoco from “The Big Bang Theory” returned to host for the second year in a row. (FYI: Kaley is nominated for Favourite [read more]

  • Crouched Woman Depressed

    Help us give this Mamamia reader hope….

    *Trigger warning: This post may raise issues for readers who have experience with depression or suicide. By ANONYMOUS Sometimes life gives us hard times. A car accident, the loss of a parent, the loss of a job, the wrong tile for the new house, a lost document we forgot to save after hours of work, [read more]

  • NB: This is not Aiden.

    When a boy with autism came to stay.

    By KATE HUNTER. I admit I was apprehensive. Jim’s mate Shaun was coming to stay with us at the beach, and he was bringing his kids, Ella and Aidan. Ella is nearly nine and as delightful as only a nearly-nine-year-old girl can be. Aidan is eleven and a half, and he’s profoundly, heartbreakingly autistic. He’s [read more]

  • "Please don't open this."

    Would you travel with your vibrator?

            It is the holiday season. Holidays are fun. And so are vibrators. They go together like sunscreen and Frosty Fruit icy poles (by the by, have you tried the new lemon, lime and bitters flavour? YUM). So would you pack your vibrator into your suitcase, fitting it snugly next to your [read more]

  • Dad and Owen.

    5 things I’d forgotten about having a newborn

      by JOHN KINNEAR Coming home from the hospital wasn’t nearly as scary this time. This wasn’t my first rodeo. This was my second time around. Newborns aren’t scary. Compared to a two-year-old, a newborn is just a cute paperweight with adorable tiny poops and a tendency to fart and smile at the same time. If I can handle carrying a [read more]

  • Rihanna and Chris Brown

    Boycott Chris Brown’s music? What about Rihanna’s?

      by VERONICA SULLIVAN I boycotted Chris Brown a long time ago. It was an easy option, really – I dislike his music, and I don’t often listen to the radio. So the only effect this has in practice is that if I’m out and on the dance floor, and one of his songs begins to [read more]

  • Lily Allen

    Fluff: Congratulations, Lily Allen

            Lily Allen has given birth to a baby girl. The 27-year-old singer and her husband, Sam Cooper, welcomed Marnie Rose Cooper into the world on Tuesday night. Lily and Sam are also parents to a 14-month-old girl named Ethel. The Sun newspaper reported the following from a source close to the [read more]

  • Women did not have to resort to taking off their clothes in order to gain media respect and public attention? Please.

    Good news about the Lingerie Football League.

            by NATALIA HAWK The Lingerie Football League is losing the lingerie. That’s right – the sport made famous by its inclusion of garters, frilly undies and bras on the footy field is re-branding. The female players have to play NAKED now. Nah, we’re just messing with you. The players are actually [read more]

  • featured image

    Best of the interwebs: 7 outfits for under $50 each.

    by JASMINE GARNSWORTHY I can appreciate beautiful and quality clothing made from luxurious fabric as much as the next credit-card-max-er but buying investment (read: boring) pieces has never been something I’ve taken to. Finding a bargain though? Well, that’s my specialty. Walk me through Westfield at sales time and I’m like a sniffer dog at [read more]

  • Courtesy of @nampix via Instagram

    A message to those whose homes have been destroyed – from someone who has been there

    By KARINA ROBERTS The television was on in the background yesterday and I wasn’t really listening, until I heard a couple of phrases: “Breaking news” and “rolling coverage of this unfolding disaster” floated into my consciousness. It made my heart sink. Almost two years ago, I was evacuated from my home in Brisbane’s West, taking [read more]

  • Toddler With Dog

    Best friends: A kid, a dog and a puddle.

    Just a kid, a dog and a puddle. If this isn’t true love, then we don’t know what is. The dog is Watson and the toddler is Arthur. Arthur carefully puts the leash down to inspect a nearby puddle (as you do when you’re two) while Watson waits patiently, standing guard over his little friend [read more]

  • When you realise that your child is afraid of you...

    The moment you realise your own child is afraid of you.

          by JAMES WILKINSON Do you yell at your kids? Not just when they are in danger (I think that might be quite a normal reaction) but every time that they annoy you or disobey you? From what I can see a lot of people use verbal aggression as a parenting technique. I [read more]

  • .

    Group Therapy: ‘How do I end my obsession with getting married?

            by ANONYMOUS Dear God, It’s happening. I am nearly 28, and not married. No, I am not a single, independent, childless woman. I am in a relationship with a man I love immensely, who doesn’t want to marry me. We have all the characteristics of a family enjoying married life. We [read more]

  • .

    If cricket is a family game, what’s with all the gambling ads?

    By JULIE BARNES My 8-year-old son is obsessed with all things cricket. He always has been. We were at the first day of the Sydney test this year because he won a cricket competition. He was one of the Milo kids standing in front of the Australian team for the Anthem Ceremony. We had the [read more]

  • Taylor

    Fluff: Taylor Swift & Harry Styles call it quits.

    1. Girl-next-door pop star Taylor Swift and One Direction’s Harry Styles have ended their brief romance, leaving us wondering if the entire thing was a a publicity stunt. Latest reports are that 22-year-old Swift has broken the heart of 18-year-old Harry Styles. Swift was spotted leaving their tropical holiday in the British Virgin Islands two [read more]

  • Mia Freedman

    MIA: Why the “Mamamia crowd” are suspicious of Abbott.

          By MIA FREEDMAN The day Tony Abbott was elected leader of the opposition, I was quite irate. Seared in my mind was his interference in the issue of the introduction of abortion drug RU486 into Australia when he was health minister. Back then, women from all sides of politics – including the [read more]

  • the better marriage blanket

    Hey married people! This one’s for you. Apparently.

    Forget paper. Forget silver. Cancel the down payment on those two carat diamond studs. This anniversary get your partner something you’ll both benefit from. And no, we’re not talking about a romantic holiday to the Bahamas. We’re talking about this: The Better Marriage Blanket. The world has seen a lot of great (read: bizarre) infomercials [read more]

  • dealing with shocking news

    KATE: Has advertising moved on from the 1950s pin up?

    The times they are a changin’ but not if you work in advertising. Kate Hunter asks why does advertising fail women?

  • jenny macklin

    Dear Minister Macklin. This is what it’s like to live on $35 a day.

    Amanda Lennestål writes an open letter to the Hon Jenny Macklin MP and asks, “Could you live on $35 a day?”

  • .

    ‘We met online to have a baby.’

            Dawn Pieke ended a long term relationship at age 40 when her boyfriend cheated on her. Her baby dream seemed to be dissolving as she didn’t like the idea of an anonymous sperm donor (she wanted  dad in her baby’s life); and time was running out. Then Dawn discovered a Facebook [read more]

  • aparna 2

    Read this. You will not believe it was written by a 16 y/old.

      by APARNA BALAKUMAR In the wake of the recent gang rape involving a woman and her partner on a bus in New Delhi, India, we are all once again faced with the very real and very startling revelation of gender inequality still existing throughout the world. With the news of this young woman’s death, [read more]

  • Saudi bride

    News: 15-year-old Saudi Bride escapes 90-year-old husband.

    The case of a 15-year-old girl who was sold to a 90-year-old man in Saudi Arabia has sparked outraged on social media. Activists have labelled it child trafficking and prostitution and called for the legal marriage age to be a minimum of 18-years. (Continue clicking through the gallery for more news stories).

  • The Lohan family in happier times

    Fluff: Abuse allegations may explain Lindsay Lohan’s troubled life.

    1. Lindsay Lohan’s mother, Dina Lohan, has made some serious abuse allegations during in an interview with NY Daily News. Dina, a 50-year-old former dancer, was armed with police and medical reports to back up her claims that she was abused by her ex-husband of 22 years, Michael Lohan. Dina said: “Lindsay saw her dad [read more]