• wedding car

    Celeb News: Look who got married on the weekend….

    Share      It’s her third trip down the aisle. She was previously married to bar owner Jeremy Thomas for two months in 1994, followed by comedian Tom Green from 2001 to 2002. But on Saturday Drew Barrymore married her art dealer fiancé, Will Kopelman, on Saturday in a Jewish ceremony at their estate in [read more]

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    ‘The most difficult purchase I have ever made.’

          by REBECCA WYATT My mum has been there for a lot of firsts in my life – first day of school, losing my first tooth, first bra, first pimple, first job – and at twenty-nine, I was hoping the next first I would share with her would be buying my first house, [read more]

  • Great Wall of Vagina

    The Great Wall of Vagina (NSFW)

    The long-awaited gallery premiere of The Great Wall Of Vagina has finally happened. We know you’ve been waiting a long time for this. Haven’t you? OK, us neither. Still, it’s pretty interesting. The Great Wall Of Vagina is a creation made by UK sculptor Jamie McCartney and first began as a more modest project called [read more]

  • Working mother

    ‘I wanted more than motherhood and a boring job’.

          by EMMA GREY Catapulting out of uni, when my brain stopped spinning from readings and essays and tutes, it came to rest not on the career I’d prepped for, but on marriage and babies. My parents had me late-ish, and I wanted my kids to know them. Motherhood – warts and all [read more]

  • Premmie

    Amazing Gracee, the million-dollar baby

              Little Gracee, also known as the “million-dollar baby” is home. Gracee hit the news when her mother gave birth to her at twenty-four and a half weeks gestation (about five and half months) in the US. The travel insurance company,  refused to pay the medical bills, because the policy, “would not [read more]

  • Exactitudes

    Prepare to be stunned by these images

    These images are called Exactitudes and they’re fascinating. They’re the work of Dutch photographer Ari Versluis and profiler Ellie Uyttenbroek, who got together in 1994 and started taking photos of every social group they could think of. In the last two decades, they’ve photographed everyone from stay-at-home-dads to fur-loving Italian women. (See more of these [read more]

  • Jinxed traveller

    The worst travel story you’ve ever read.

            by LAURA BRODNIK I am a jinxed traveller. For whatever reason the Bad Travel Fairy (as my friends and I have come to call her) waved her wand over me at birth and sentenced me to a life of ridiculous travel drama, destined to go down in folklore. Not quite the [read more]

  • Caassandra Bankson

    The make-up video that’s notched up 7 million hits.

    Before 19-year-old Cassandra Bankson filmed this video, she cried. And after she filmed it, she waited four months before she posted it on on YouTube and another five months before she read any comments. That’s how terrified she was of showing the world her face – and her acne. But she shouldn’t have been so [read more]

  • Body Positive women

    Body positive challenge – we need your help

    Are you sick of seeing women who look nothing like you in magazines and on shopping websites? Us too. So let’s put our bodies where our mouths are (or something) and change this shit up. As part of our Body Positive push on Mamamia, we’re looking for real life women (as opposed to the computer [read more]

  • Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg

    Daily Buzz: Women, don’t be afraid to cry at work. It’ll help.

    Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg FACEBOOK COO SAYS WOMEN SHOULDN’T ACT LIKE MEN TO COMPETE Sheryl Sandberg is the 42-year-old Chief Operating Officer at Facebook, the highest ranked woman in the company, and she says women should embrace their femininity in the workplace. “I’ve cried at work. I’ve told people I’ve cried at work,’ she  said. ‘I [read more]

  • kelly-osbourne-grammy-awards-20121

    Kelly Osbourne. How did she become a style icon?

    Kelly Osbourne. When we first met her back in 2002, she was 17, fresh out of high school and spent her days being followed around by the TV crew filming the everyday life of the world’s most famous celebrity family – pre Kardashians. At the time, she was known as a “a wickedly funny, brutally [read more]

  • Jess Rudd, husband Albert Tse and daughter Josephine

    Look who had a baby…

    It’s a girl! Mamamia favourite and author Jessica Rudd gave birth yesterday to a beautiful daughter, Josephine Thérèse Tse. Jess said she arrived on her due date – “clever girl” – while dad, MP Kevin Rudd tweeted: “Well folks I’m totally stoked. Jess has given birth to a beautiful baby girl. Josephine Therese. 6.3 lbs. [read more]

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    Punching above your dating weight.

            by ELLY KLEIN Girl walks into a bar and sees drop-dead gorgeous boy who looks about 10 years younger than her. Girl immediately assumes he is ‘out of her league’, but she can’t help trying her luck anyway, despite the odds. After a brief interaction, girl goes into the bathroom and [read more]

  • Rose Russo

    ‘I wanted to try sex with a man. So I hired one.’

            by ROSE RUSSO Five years ago I was struggling with my sexuality. I was yet to have sex with a man. I’d come close a whole bunch of times, but never really had the guts to follow through. I’ve identified as bisexual since I was sixteen and although I was attracted [read more]

  • Zoe at the ARIAs

    The 6 steps to pulling off a goth lip

            by ZOE FOSTER Film noir lips, goth lips, flapper lips, raisin lips, ‘90s lips – I do nay care what you choose to label the dark wine-brown-plum shades smeared all over the lips of the beautiful and famous right now, but I DO care how you create this look at home, [read more]

  • Domestic violence

    So why didn’t you just LEAVE him?

    by DEB KANDELAARS When I was 17, I met a much older man in a disco and fell head over heels for his charms, his age, and what I thought was his sophistication and maturity. Before long, I found myself in a grim domestic situation where I lived with violence, verbal abuse and disrespect. I [read more]

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    Best and worst of the week.

            Happy Friday and welcome to one of the most popular posts of the week. It’s time to reflect on what’s happened during your week – the good, the bad and the in-between. Sharing is caring and for several years now, Mamamia readers have been gathering here on a Friday and over [read more]

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    The week in pics + the week in frocks.

    What a week! Fleeing politicians, weddings, babies and weird panda constumes. We’ve got it all. There’s Delta Goodrem‘s Vogue cover and the first pic of Jessica Simpson’s baby girl. If music’s your thing, check out the pics of Beyonce’s “comeback” concert (and who was in the audience), if politics gets you talking there’s the image [read more]

  • Heather with her daughters Leta and Marlo

    3 years old.

    by MIA FREEDMAN I’m going to be honest here. I’m struggling with age three. I know you’re meant to struggle with age two but with my youngest, we roller skated blissfully through that. A doddle. But three? Definitely more challenging. My little man seems to have more testosterone charging through his little body than he [read more]

  • Meryl Streep

    The Devil Wears Prada is getting a sequel

    Miranda Priestly is coming back. Ten years after The Devil Wears Prada was released, it’s been revealed that the book’s author Lauren Weisberger is working the sequel, which will be called Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns.   The Devil Wears Prada – a book based on Weisberger’s experience as second assistant to Vogue editor-in-chief [read more]

  • Alanis Morissette and her baby

    Alanis Morisette: ‘This is how long I’ll breastfeed my son for’

    Alanis Morisette says she’ll breastfeed her son Ever until he wants to stop. The Ironic singer appeared on Good Morning America and when she was asked whether she would still breastfeed her 17-month-old son when five or six years old, she said: “I’ll stop whenever he wants”. Check out the video: video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo [read more]

  • Paula Joye

    Denim jackets and style staples you should never ditch.

            To the denim jacket I bought circa 1999, Where are you? I’ve been searching high and low over the past few weeks and I just can’t find you. I’ve been right through my wardrobe, I’ve pulled apart Mum’s. You’re nowhere to be found. The truth is, I think I gave you [read more]

  • Learner

    Confession: the simple thing you just CAN’T do

    by RICK MORTON I have a nemesis. An enemy par excellence. They are ruthless, they are dominating. They are chopsticks. It all started in a Teppanyaki restaurant when I was trying to catch a flying prawn like Mister Miyagi would a fly, except I looked more like a poor rip-off of Harry Potter in a [read more]

  • Noah

    ‘I’m a stark naked man. Deal with it.’ (NSFW)

            by NOAH BRAND Warning: Some of the below images are NSFW (not safe for work) My body is a testament to high testosterone. I have a body type one sees a lot: male pattern baldness, plenty of body hair, builds both muscle and fat very easily. You see guys like me [read more]

  • Jamila

    Mamamia appoints new Managing Editor

    There was movement at the station for the word has passed around: MAMAMIA HAS A NEW MANAGING EDITOR   MEDIA ALERT Mamamia is pleased to announce that Jamila Rizvi has been appointed Managing Editor of Australia’s leading independent women’s website, Mamamia.com.au. Jamila comes to Mamamia from the office of Federal Minister Kate Ellis, where she [read more]

  • Rape Wife

    Can a husband rape his wife?

    Absolutely. It’s possible. Sex without consent is rape according to the law. But it wasn’t always so clear. Let’s have a look at the case of ‘Mr P’, as he’s referred to in the courts. He allegedly raped his wife in 1963. He said it was commonly accepted that wives were required to have sex [read more]

  • get out of debt

    ‘I don’t know how to tell you this…’

            Well, that’s it – I’ve decided it’s time to come out. Not to everyone, not yet, but to Mum at least. I just can’t hide such an integral part of who I am anymore. After all, I know it’s not my fault that I was born this way. It’s not a [read more]

  • Women sing about turning 30

    Hilarious: the difference between 29 and 31 (video).

    The world can look like a very different place if you’re a single girl depending which side of 30 you’re on. This video is funneeeee. We must warn you there is a little bit of language at the end of the video (and it’s loud in parts) so don’t watch this at work unless you [read more]

  • Tony Abbott making a run for it

    Daily Buzz: Look what happened in parliament yesterday…

    TONY ABBOTT RUNS AWAY Tony Abbott runs away … from Craig Thomson. The Opposition leader long said he’d never accept newly independent Craig Thomson’s vote, which explains why he sprinted for the door today when Thomson crossed over to his side of the parliament to vote on a gag debate. Abbott wanted to leave to [read more]

  • William

    Prince William and Prince Harry. The must-see interviews.

    It’s Prince William and Prince Harry like you’ve never seen them before. Each spoke candidly with American reporter Katie Couric in celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Katie caught up with Prince William at Buckingham palace and Prince Harry in South America and spoke to the Princes about the royal wedding, their relationships with their [read more]