• alarm-morning

    16 signs you’re definitely not a morning person.

        There is one definitive way to determine whether or not you are a morning person. Look at this picture:     If you a) completely understand the need for 5 alarms and b) felt a chill down your spine when you saw 5 alarms before 7am Then you are not a morning person. And [read more]

  • Prince George birthday

    “Why pictures of Prince George walking, ruined my entire weekend.”

        Brace yourself, mothers. Not only does this child rock a baby blue knit and overalls - he’s up. Yes, the heir to the British throne has become one of ‘those’ kids. Prince George is walking. And he’s not even one yet. He’s walking on his delicious, chubby, itty bitty feet. By himself. I’m going to say it like it is [read more]

  • A memorial to the victims at the crash site

    All today’s developments on flight MH17.

    1. The Prime Minister demands “justice” as Julie Bishop arrives in Washington.     “We owe it to the dead, all the dead, we owe it to the families, all the families to do everything in our power to respect the bodies, to find the truth and to ensure justice is done,” Tony Abbott told [read more]

  • Vision has showed the black box being recoverd

    Monday’s news in less time than it takes to drink your coffee.

    1. MH17 developments The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has demanded “justice” for the 37 dead Australians lost when flight MH17 was downed on Friday. His words come as world leaders say they are just days away from imposing sanctions against Russia. In other news the black box has been recovered overnight. For more on these overnight [read more]

  • You know you're a parent when

    14 things you never thought you’d say until you became a mum.

              Before I became a mother I, like most people before they were parents, had a bunch of ideas and ideals that I was adamant I was going to stick to. For instance, before I had a baby, I was unwavering in my belief that a baby shouldn’t become dependent on [read more]

  • Toni McHugh

    9 harrowing confessions from the 60 Minutes interview with Gerard Baden-Clay’s mistress Toni McHugh.

            It’s the murder trial that has dominated headlines for the past month – and this week, Gerard Baden-Clay was found guilty of murdering his wife Allison. Tonight, 60 Minutes aired an exclusive interview with Gerard Baden-Clay’s mistress, Toni McHugh. Ms McHugh began an affair with Baden-Clay in 2008 – and it continued, [read more]

  • pregnant woman chemical ban

    If you’ve never been pregnant, this video will freak you out. If you have been pregnant, you’ll watch it with a big smile.

      If you have had children, this video will make you smile. And if you’ve never been pregnant, it might make you freak out a little bit. Ryan and Debi Cragun decided to try and capture those beautiful moments that remind a parent that their baby is doing fine, wriggling away inside of them. They [read more]

  • She cave

    This wardrobe is what happiness looks like.

        I want you to close your eyes and go to your “happy place“. Where are you? What does it look like? Open your eyes (assuming you can read my instructions with your eyes closed). I am about to astonish you. I know what your happy place looks like. It could only ever look like this: Photo [read more]

  • selfie-dress-2

    Woman steals dress. Posts selfies wearing dress. Gets arrested, obviously.

          A woman in the US has been arrested after she stole a dress and posted pictures of herself wearing it on Facebook. Clearly a genius:       images via   The store owners noticed the dress missing after the woman had left the premises, and they immediately published a status on [read more]

  • Adam Levine married

    The pop star and the lingerie model: MARRIED.

          Extremely attractive people engage in lifelong commitment to monogamy! Model and pop star get married! Ooph. That’s all the excitement we could muster… to tell you that Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine just got married to Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo. The famous couple got married in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico [read more]

  • Dear body: don't expect me to put down the chocolate cake alltogether.

    Cake in a Can is a glorious thing that now exists.

            Two Harvard University students have put their expensive, exclusive education to the best possible use for humanity, and invented CAKE IN A CAN.   Cake. In. A. Can. It’s basically cake batter in a can that works like whipped cream. But here’s the thing – the batter is microwavable, so if [read more]

  • David Campbell twins

    Morning TV host is having twins. TWINS.

        Mornings host David Campbell just announced that he and his wife, Lisa, are expecting twins. Because he’s hilarious, David used the classic Arnie Schwarzenegger/ Danny Devito movie poster to do it. That little guy to the right is David and Lisa’s four-year-old son, Leo. David broke the news live on air with his co-host [read more]

  • Cameron Diaz interview with Kyle and Jackie O

    Cameron Diaz hung up on Kyle Sandilands this morning. Jackie O is not pleased.

            If you’ve ever wondered how to piss Cameron Diaz off, just ask Kyle Sandilands. This morning, Cameron D hung up on Kyle when he made some awkward comments about Cameron’s best friend, Drew Barrymore, and her boyfriend, Benji Madden. For reasons we may never truly understand, Kyle decided it was a great idea [read more]

  • Sarah Jessica Parker shoe tour

    Important announcement from Sarah Jessica Parker.

          We interrupt your day with this important announcement from Sarah Jessica Parker.  SJP‘s going on a shoe tour. And isn’t this exactly how Carrie Bradshaw would want such a thing to be announced?   Sarah Jessica Parker — the uncontested queen of the strappy heel — will be hitting cities around America with [read more]

  • "It was wrong from the beginning. We knew it. Can’t ignore it any longer. It isn’t love."

    Husband writes down all the excuses his wife uses to get out of sex. Epic.

      Hands up if you’ve ever used ‘I have to be up early’ as an excuse to not have sex? What about ‘I’m too tired’?  Come one… be honest. We’ve all been there. But has your partner ever made a note of all those excuses and then passively aggressively sent it to you via email? Probably not… Welcome [read more]

  • koriciza kids

    In this small African country, kids would never leave weet-bix in their bowl.

          By SARAH MEGGINSON As with most families, breakfast time is chaotic in our household. It takes at least an hour to get the kids dressed, fed and presentable, and washing the remnants of soggy weetbix and mashed banana down the drain is a common casualty of a busy morning. But recently, this [read more]

  • stay at home mum

    25 ways you know you’re a stay at home mum.

        1. Your kids ask where you are going when you put on jeans. 2. At least half of your meals consist of your child’s leftovers. 3. When your husband asks, “what did you do today?” you can’t muster up a single thing to report, despite feeling like you’ve been put through the spin [read more]

  • parenting in the 70s

    Anxiety and depression rates in teenagers are rising. Could this be the reason why?

          A few months ago, I was driving home from work when I saw a man doubling his school-age son on a pushbike, at dusk, with no headlights and no helmets.  The boy was perched up front, legs swung over the handlebars. I arrived home and told my husband about the “f***ing idiot dad” I’d [read more]

  • Prince George play group

    A new photo of Prince George has been released.

    An official photo of Prince George’s cheeks Prince George has been released by his proud parents in honour of the young Prince’s 1st birthday next week. And it proves what we knew already – Prince George can rock a pair of overalls like nobody’s business. George’s parents Kate and Wills – you may have heard of them; future [read more]

  • FYA is the only national independent non-profit organisation dedicated to all young people in Australia.

    How do you get kids contributing to their beyond-the-screen community?

              By JAN OWEN, AM In a world where children and teenagers are bombarded with thousands of stories and images every day – 621 million YouTube clips (and counting!), TV, gaming (on average 10,000 hours by age 21), and 24/7 communication via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more – it’s often overwhelming [read more]

  • never go to bed angry 2

    The relationship advice you can officially stop following.

      “Never go to bed angry.” It’s the relationship advice cliche you’ve no doubt heard a hundred times from your grandma, your aunt, and your girlfriends. Or, at the very least, from glossy women’s magazines who, since well before sealed sections even existed, have insisted that resolving arguments before bedtime is the ‘apple a day’ needed to keep break-ups away. [read more]

  • reactions to mh17

    Today’s MH17 news in less than five minutes.

    List of Australians on board flight MH17 is released. The names of the 36 Australian citizens and residents, who were among the total of 298 passengers and crew on board flight MH17, have now been released. Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said, “we bleed for them, we grieve for them and we will do everything [read more]

  • Our new muscles with a head. Apparently he's called Blake.

    7 reasons we cannot WAIT for The Bachelor Australia 2014. Because Bachelor.

            The countdown has begun. Season 2 of The Bachelor Australia kicks off in 11 days, you guys. ELEVEN DAYS. And you know what that means… I can now crawl out of the foetal position I’ve been in for the last 12 months and once again resume my glorious reason for being: [read more]

  • bathrooms unhygenic 2

    All bathrooms are unhygienic. Here’s 3 ways to fix that.

        Modern Western bathrooms are a nightmare. They’re arranged not for ease of use and optimal hygiene, but for convenience of plumbing. That’s the argument Lloyd Alter has made in a fascinating piece for The Guardian, which you should read here. Although our current bathroom setups may be more ‘historical accident’ than ‘well oiled machine’, [read more]

  • federal_liberal_team_0

    Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the week.

    Welcome to Mamamia Rogue’s Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the Week. Here’s how it works: Each week, we pick the biggest Shocker, Hero and Whinger from the last seven days. Shocker is whatever moment or person left our jaws on the floor. Hero is whoever won the week by being flat out amazing.  And whinger? Well, that’s [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video BREAKING: Malaysia Airlines plane shot down over Ukraine. All 295 on board confirmed dead.

    (The rest of) Sunday’s news in under 2 minutes.

    Details about flight MH17 continue to emerge. For the latest updates and details on flight MH17 please click here.  Al Gore criticises Australia’s decision to repeal the Carbon tax. Former US Vice President and environmental activist Al Gore has called the repeal of the Carbon Tax by Australia a “disappointing step”. He added this was particularly [read more]

  • indigenous art

    The Voulez-Vous Project: Celebrating artists, designers, illustrators and creators.

      Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) The aim: to make the internet a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here.  This week the Voulez-Vous project is featuring [read more]



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