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    Monday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    Update: Court papers show that the 30-year-old mother of baby found in a western Sydney drain admitted to police that she dumped her newborn baby boy down the drain knowing it would kill him. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that the 30-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was refused bail at Blacktown Local Court this morning. Police [read more]

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    “I call him the monster. Why? Because that’s what he is.”

              Trigger warning: This article deals with abuse and may be triggering for some readers.  Victoria’s Government and Opposition have both pledged to hold an inquiry into the state’s disability sector, amid allegations one of Australia’s biggest disability providers failed to act on warnings about carers who went on to sexually [read more]

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    Not for kids: Former Hi-5 star strips down to lingerie for men’s magazine.

      1, 2, 3, 4… Hi-5! Lauren in Hi-5.   That’s the Lauren Brant we remember. But now, men’s magazine Maxim is giving us a whole new side of her. A lot of sides, actually. Lauren on the cover of Maxim magazine this month.   25-year-old Lauren, who joined Hi-5 at the ripe old age [read more]

  • "I can feel you in there."

    “I’m 33 and childless: what should I do?”

        By SHELLEY CLARK I recently read a piece written for New York Magazine regarding famous women who have not had children and had been quoted as to their thoughts on childlessness. This article was meant to be empowering, especially to the women of the world who have not had children either by choice [read more]

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    Katy Perry roars at Australian press: “You should be ashamed”.

            Katy Perry is currently in Sydney for her Prismatic World Tour, but she might not be back any time soon if her recent tweets are anything to go by. In a series of tweets to her 60 million followers, the 30-year-old pop star detailed her “disgusting” encounter with Australian paparazzi, which was anything but a [read more]

  • monthofmadness

    “One day I woke up and I had lost my mind”

        Imagine losing your mind and not knowing if you were going to get it back. That’s what happened to New York journalist Susannah Cahalan five years ago. Initially diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it took a renowned medical sleuth to discover the bizarre truth about her condition. In 2009, Susannah Cahalan was a healthy [read more]

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    Schoolies is off to a violent start.

          The first night of Gold Coast schoolies celebrations has been marred by violence with 19 arrests and the brutal assault of a teenage girl in the early hours of Sunday morning. Yahoo7 News footage shows the young girl being repeatedly punched in the face before having her head slammed against a steel fence by a [read more]

  • gwyneth paltrow celebrities read mean tweets

    Celebrities read the meanest tweets the internet can throw at them.

            It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And no, we’re not talking about Christmas. It’s the time of year when the internet is united in the joy of watching celebrities poking fun at internet trolls. It’s time for Jimmy Kimmel’s Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets: Version 8. The premise is simple but brilliant: Get [read more]

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    Which former Block contestants are set to return in 2015?

      Channel 9’s The Block will be back in 2015 in an iteration called “The Block – Triple Treat” (which sounds like an ice-cream). The show is bringing back some former stars – but the choice of these contestants has left some loyal fans a little miffed. First up, Dee and Daz from The Block: Glasshouse 2014 [read more]

  • jamie france

    Before and after: beauty queen to drug addict.

      Jamie France, now 23, is a former teen beauty pageant winner. She won Miss Teen Oregon in 2009. When we think about beauty pageant winners, we think glowing skin. We think large bright eyes and shimmery, bouncing hair. These young women may be flawless in appearance, but few real lives ever are. After her pageant win, Jamie [read more]

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    Join the Walk Against Family Violence.

          It is time to stand up, get moving and make your lunch breaks count.  This Tuesday 25 November at 1pm at Federation Square in Melbourne, we are encouraging people to join in the Walk Against Family Violence (WAFV) to show that violence against women and children in our state is not acceptable. Last year [read more]

  • texting

    His best friend told him he was gay. The response was perfect.

            By MATILDA RUDD Twitter user @paleveil posted an amazing conversation her 13-year-old brother had with his best friend to Twitter. She wrote, “this convo between my brother and his best friend just warms my heart so much. And they’re only 13.” You see, @paleveil’s brother is gay. He hasn’t admitted it to [read more]

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    MM baby news: One of our own is pregnant!

          Up the duff. In the family way. Harbouring a fugitive. Expecting. Bun in the oven. On stork watch. Our Editor-in-Chief, Jamila Rizvi, is all of these things. Jam and her partner Jeremy are getting married next month, and it turns out that there will be an extra guest at the Bridal Table. [read more]


    Tracey Spicer’s armpit hair might start a revolution.

            This week on the Mamamia OutLoud podcast… Topic #1: Tracey Spicer’s armpit hair Newsreader Tracey Spicer talks about why she decided to take her make-up and clothes off in front of 1 million people on the internet (check out her amazing Ted Talk) and how the world treats her now she [read more]

  • lyme disease australia

    Authorities say Lyme disease doesn’t exist. This woman knows it does.

        Tonight’s episode of Sunday Night discussed the experience of Australian suffers of Lyme disease – a disease that Australian governments, both State and Federal, say does not exist in this country (The NSW Government Lyme disease factsheet can be found here.) In April this year, Amara Campbell wrote a about her experience with Lyme disease and her [read more]

  • school chaplains

    Why is this happening in public schools in 2014?

          By KATHERINE MAY. As a parent you want to protect your child, wrap them up and keep them safe, shelter them from the storms that lie ahead. I have a four year old and at the moment I am lucky enough that he talks to me about his problems, his fears and [read more]

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    Australians are consuming between 2.5 and 3 million of these each day.

              By LISA MITCHELL                                     Who isn’t addicted to coffee pods these days? Those little devices are everywhere, and it’s not hard to figure out why – we’re leading incredibly busy lives, and while [read more]

  • voulez-vous

    The Voulez-Vous Project: “I am greedy for colour”.

    Welcome to Mamamia’s art endeavour, the Voulez-Vous Project. Every week we celebrate emerging artists, designers, illustrators, creators and women who knit using their vaginas. (Kidding. Maybe.) Our aim: to help the internet become a slightly more beautiful, captivating, or thought-provoking place by making art accessible. To find out more about the Voulez-Vous project, click here. Click [read more]

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    Sunday’s news in under 5 minutes.

            Jacqui Lambie confirms split with the Palmer United Party. In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie has confirmed she is leaving the Palmer United Party to sit on the cross-benches as an independent. Senator Lambie says she has been overwhelmed by the support of the Tasmanian [read more]

  • miniskirt protest kenya

    She was publicly stripped and beaten for wearing a mini-skirt.

    Grainy videos of two attacks in Mombasa and Nairobi, taken on mobile phones and circulated widely via Twitter and other social media, show mobs of men surrounding the women, wresting off their clothes and appearing to kick them in their genital area. One of the march’s organisers said she was aware of 10 separate attacks [read more]

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    Hero, Shocker and Whinger of the week.

      Welcome to Mamamia Rogue’s Shocker, Hero and Whinger of the Week. You guys know the deal, but if not here’s a bit of a refresher: Each week, we pick the biggest Shocker, Hero and Whinger from the last seven days. Shocker is whatever moment or person left our jaws on the floor. Hero is [read more]

  • katefluff

    Is this Kate Middleton’s best maternity look yet?

        By NICKY CHAMP We’re calling it. This is Kate Middleton‘s best maternity look yet. The Duchess of Cambridge is back in the spotlight after a (no doubt) hideous bout of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and it’s her appearance at the Place2be Wellbeing in Schools Awards at Kensington Palace that we’re loving. Wearing a midnight blue [read more]

  • perfect family

    “I’m proud to say I’m the perfect mother and I have the perfect family.”

              So many of us strive for perfection. I believe for many of us, it’s an innate desire within us, whether we’d like to admit to it or not. I am proud to say that I am the perfect mother. I have a perfect husband who is likewise, a perfect father. [read more]

  • Ladies jeans

    “My bum is not the problem. These jeans are just a bad shape.”

              By ANNA JAMES I really wish my girlfriends would stop telling me that I’m fat. I don’t know about these jeans.  I grumbled to a girlfriend over the weekend, examining my rear in a garishly lit store changeroom.  Apparently my predicament could be solved by a diet based on a [read more]

  • international adoption positives

    OPINION: Children in orphanages need overseas adoption.

          By SARAH SALMON As an adoptive mother, I would like to respond to Amy Stockwell’s November 17 article, “You can’t change poverty one adoption at a time”, in order to portray another side of the story, to highlight the constructive things adoptive parents are doing for their children, so as not to [read more]

  • Deanna Blegg U Armour

    This woman with HIV is one tough mudder.

                By SARAH NORTON Deanna Blegg beat hundreds of men for the chance to compete in one of the toughest physical challenges on earth – but the athlete says it was nothing compared to her long battle with AIDS. On November 15 this year, Deanna represented Australia in the World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) – [read more]

  • chrissieswan

    Chrissie Swan speaks about shock radio axing.

              Radio host and media personality Chrissie Swan, 41, has spoken out about being let go from her Mix FM breakfast show, which she has hosted with Jane Hall for the past three years. Chrissie has confirmed that it was not her choice to leave the show: “It’s very rare to leave [read more]

  • nightiw

    How to wear your pyjamas in public… and get away with it.

    By CHERRY BEALE. Two weeks ago, I started wearing nighties in public, and I haven’t looked back since. Yep, that’s right – call it what you will: nightie, nightgown, nightshirt, pyjamas – I’m wearing it in public, and I’m loving it. You see, I’ve had a fashion epiphany of late. There’s nothing like gaining 25 [read more]

  • sad student

    What you need to know about THAT kid in your child’s class.

              By AMY MURRAY. Dear Parent: I know. You’re worried. Every day, your child comes home with a story about THAT kid. The one who is always hitting shoving pinching scratching maybe even biting other children. The one who always has to hold my hand in the hallway. The one who has [read more]

  • .

    10 reasons why I won’t give my child alcohol for Schoolies.

          By KARRYN WHEELANS I am just about to send my fourth daughter in five years to Schoolies and while I have arranged a pack filled with sunscreen, shampoo, cereal and hand sanitizer, I will NOT be supplying her with alcohol. Every year a different set of friends, who have kids about to head [read more]