• phillip hughes

    Phillip Hughes: Critical after being struck in the head with a cricket ball.

            First class batsman Phillip Hughes remains in a critical condition this morning after being hit in the head by a cricket ball at the Sydney Cricket Ground yesterday. The South Australian batsman was rushed to hospital after he was struck by a Sean Abbott bouncer and collapsed during a Sheffield Shield [read more]

  • rbk-sex-spelled-with-blocks-2-0511-mdn

    Parents, there’s something you need to know about the ‘sex talk’.

              By LISA MITCHELL Parents, there’s something you need to know. Teaching your kids about sex isn’t just about one lone conversation. The ‘sex talk’ – where you explain about the birds and the bees before the age of ten – is just the beginning of a conversation that will continue [read more]

  • Jen overlay

    Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow swearing like sailors. It’s f*&king great.

    Excuse the language but this is but this is f*%king amazing. Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow had a battle of the bad-words in a ‘curse-off’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live. And Holy sh*t, it was bl*^y fun to watch. The Friends stars hurled words at each other, each with a five-second time limit. The first person to run out of [read more]

  • Nat Imbruglia

    Natalie Imbruglia talks about skincare and the perfect Sunday morning.

          By LISA ALMOND When imaging a perfect Sunday morning, there are so many things that come to mind. But for Natalie Imbruglia, the first thing that came to mind was a lovely sleep in. Busy with her new skincare range, Iluka, it’s completely understandable that she takes some time on a Sunday [read more]

  • happy

    “Because as a parent, YOU need to be happy too.”

              When I was growing up, we only had one zoo and it was an African wildlife safari kind of deal. You probably remember this too if you were a child in the 70s or early 80s. They usually involved a day trip that saw you and your siblings sardined into [read more]

  • sinkholeoverlay

    A woman has fallen into a sinkhole in Melbourne while hanging out the washing.

        A 53-year-old woman was hanging out the washing in Melbourne yesterday morning when the ground opened below her. The woman, a cleaner, was helping an elderly woman in her Springvale home when she  fell into the three-metre sinkhole at 11:30am, the Herald Sun reports. The terrified woman was submerged in water in the hole [read more]

  • Brad Ange cover overlay

    Photos: Tabloids say Brad and Ange are splitting up following a huge fight.

      Apparently, Brad and Angelina had a HUGE FIGHT while they were in Sydney. Apparently, it was the FINAL fight. Apparently, Brad has WALKED OUT on their marriage and Angelina has taken up smoking to cope with the stress. How do we know? In Touch magazine has the inside scoop. Apparently. The magazine cover showed [read more]

  • cate blanchett mummy mafia

    Famous actress Cate Blanchett says she’s getting bullied by mums at the school gate.

      Whoever said schoolyard bullying ends when you’re, well, out of the schoolyard, hasn’t met actress Cate Blanchett. Our favourite Aussie export (and unequivocally the world’s most beautiful actress) is having some trouble with what she calls the ‘Mummy Mafia’. You know the ones. The mothers who judge your parenting skills at the pick-up/drop-off zone. [read more]

  • Tony Abbott overlay

    Did Tony Abbott buy Facebook likes? Or is he just really popular in India?

    Tony Abbott is riding a wave of popularity. With 18-34 year olds from New Delhi, that is. Here’s the run-down: Tony Abbott was in a selfie with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his tour to Australia. PM Modi posted the photo on his Facebook and Twitter accounts (he has the social media popularity of a [read more]

  • Phillip Hughes of South Australia after being struck in the head yesterday in Sydney, Australia. (Photo: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

    Refresher: How to respond to a serious head injury if it happens in front of you.

            The nation is collectively holding its breath waiting for news on injured cricketer Phillip Hughes, 25, who is in hospital fighting for his life after being struck in the head by a ball at the Sydney Cricket Ground yesterday. Hughes underwent emergency surgery last night and was placed in an induced [read more]

  • Kate hug overlay

    Duchess Kate in tears after speaking to a mother in mourning.

      The Duchess of Cambridge is a big softie. At a royal engagement for the East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH), four-month-pregnant Princess Kate had an exchange with a woman called Leigh Smith. 33-year-old Leigh had been in touch with the Duchess earlier this year. After losing her 3-month-old baby girl to a heart condition (cardiomyopathy), [read more]

  • A campaign says  "We are better than this."

    For the sake of 766 children we say, “We’re better than this Australia.”

        766 children locked up. Many playing against razor wire. Look around your typical suburban primary school – the equivalent of that many children. The majority locked up for more than six months. 766 children. An appalling statistic. And a new campaign is demanding this unjust treatment stops. For the 766 children locked in [read more]

  • South West Rocks Little Bay

    Open Post: How’s your week going?

            Hi lovely readers! Welcome to the Mamamia Open Post. If you’re new here, this is the place where we all come together and share stories of how our week is going. I’ll get us started by introducing myself – my name is Brydie and I am an intern here at Mamamia. All [read more]

  • tough-kid

    “I’m just going to say it: Santa is creepy.”

        “I’m not sitting on some stranger’s lap,” announced my daughter. She is 5. We were on our way to see Santa at our local shopping centre because I we have a new baby this year and thought it’d be cute to get a Christmas photo of all the kids together. But my daughter just [read more]

  • AP147506

    Meet the bride who made her wedding cake using scraps from the bin.

      I had a wonderful wedding. Almost immediately following I posted the event to social media and well wishes came from friends and family around the world. A haute couture designer posted pictures of us to their social media pages under the heading, “Tara and her groom look so happy in these pictures. Congratulations to a [read more]

  • Glass ceiling women at work

    Got boobs and a job? You deserve better than this.

            It happened on Saturday night. An intelligent friend of mine casually implied that men and women are equal in Australia. That there’s no need for feminism. That as a country, we’re cool with the idea of female leadership. I really wish, in that moment, that I’d had a laminated print-out of current statistics on the [read more]

  • Jennifer Gable-1

    Jennifer lived her whole life as a woman. But she was buried as a man.  

      The death of this 32-year-old woman is a shocking case of just how far the LGBT community sometimes is from acceptance. Even from those closest to them. Jennifer Gable’s story is tragic from the start – her young age, one factor; the fact that her fatal aneurysm came without warning, and while she was [read more]

  • Gelato

    This is what it’s like to be overweight in public.

    In 2010 a photographer named Haley Morris-Cafiero set up a camera to take a self-portrait in Times Square. She isn’t the first person to take a picture of herself in the iconic location nor will she be the last, but something about this picture was different. Haley captured an attitude, written on the face of [read more]

  • crickerter fi

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Phillip Hughes       The nation is collectively holding its breath waiting for news on injured cricketer Phillip Hughes, who is in hospital fighting for his life after being struck in the head by a ball during a Sheffield Shield match at the Sydney Cricket Ground yesterday. 25-year-old Hughes was struck by a [read more]

  • flirtmoji

    PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Sex emoji are finally here.

            Well, it’s about damn time. No longer do we have to use the finger pointing emoji and the a-ok sign emoji when we’re feeling a bit frisky. You know the one we mean… Really gets you in the mood, eh? EH? Finally, someone has had the sense to invent sex-themed emoji, [read more]

  • Sylvia Jeffreys

    Sylvia Jeffreys speaks about the murder of her friend.

      This morning, a very brave Sylvia Jeffreys spoke about the loss of a dear friend who was murdered two years ago as a consequence of a violent relationship. As the 28-year-old Today Show presenter discussed White Ribbon Day, she shared a very personal story about her close relationship to Rachelle Yeo and the issue [read more]

  • babydrainpic

    More bizarre details emerge in the case of the baby found in a drain.

        Update: The mother accused of abandoning her baby son in a Sydney drain was ‘very religious’ and the daughter of a church minister in her home country Samoa According the Daily Mail Australia, relatives of the 30-year-old woman told the Daily Mail that she was the daughter of a Seventh Day Adventist church minister and had [read more]