• teenagers on phone

    The app that makes it impossible for kids to ignore their parents’ phone calls.

        Remember when you could count on the fact that anyone over a certain age couldn’t understand technology enough to worry about an unreturned text or phone call. Yeah, well those days are gone. We’ve entered a new dawn. A place in the technology spectrum where once naive parents are fighting back. Sharon Standifird [read more]

  • nose-kid-feature

    Little boy freaks out when dad “steals” his nose.

      Kids can be pretty daft in the most hilarious way sometimes. Take this kid for example. It all started when his dad removed his child’s ear WITH HIS OWN BARE HANDS, before swiftly performing a miracle and re-attaching it. Then, this hilarious cruel father did the unthinkable: he took his child’s nose. If you watch this, [read more]

  • Mara Wilson Robin Williams tribute

    Mrs Doubtfire actress pays tribute to Robin Williams perfectly.

              Mara Wilson might be the only former child star to grow up, turn her back on Hollywood, and spend her time writing beautiful observations about the world. Because she graciously reverted to a certain level of anonymity, you might not know who Mara Wilson is. She played Matilda in the movie Matilda [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch this family try to fit a couch into a hatchback. - Mamamia

    Watch this family try to fit a couch into a hatchback.

      NOPE. Just nope.        

  • Twins Thailand

    NEWS: Hundreds of Australian families may now not be able to bring their babies home.

        Update: The Australian Osborne family, who are stuck in Thailand and unable to bring their twin girls home, require a costly court order to make it home. News.com.au reports the order will likely take three to six months to obtain and cost them $20,000 –$50,000 — but Adam Osborne says he’s reached his credit [read more]

  • Open Post Help me find my bike

    Open Post: Someone stole my bike.

            By DIMITY KIRKWOOD Welcome to our weekly Open Post, the place where we come to talk about how our week’s going so far, or to rally everyone together to help me find my bike. Please. You see my bike, affectionately named Red Rocket because of its red sheen and ability to [read more]

  • Jo and kids

    15 things every mother needs to get through the first two years.

            By JO ABI Everyone tells you how quickly that first year with your baby goes, but it’s not until you watch your little one pulling themselves up into standing position on your coffee table that it really hits you. Soon they’re running around and you’re running around after them, getting everything [read more]

  • offspring tv show

    The 8 stages of losing your favourite TV show.

          By LUCY ORMONDE Hold me. My favourite TV show just finished (possibly for good) and there’s now an Offspring-shaped hole in my Wednesday nights. I know this feeling too well. It’s the same one I felt when Friends finished, when Will and Grace took their kids to college, when Pacey married Joey, [read more]

  • fall in love with a reader

    When in doubt, read.

          By KATE LEAVER Want to be better person? Read more. Get some words into you. Grab a blanket, banish your smartphone from the room, and slip into the life of someone other than yourself. Consume thousands of words with your eyes and your heart. And write this down somewhere: When in doubt, read. If I had a [read more]

  • jodhi meares drinking

    NEWS: Jodhi Meares has pleaded guilty to drink driving.

    Jodhi Meares has had her licence suspended for 12 months and been fined $1,100 for drink driving. The former model and Sydney fashion designer, 43, pleaded guilty to high-range drink driving in Waverley Local Court this afternoon. Her two charges of driving on a suspended licence were withdrawn. Meares arrived to court two hours late this morning, wearing a [read more]

  • Alannah Hill

    Don’t freak out, but Alannah Hill has started a new label.

              Melbourne designer Alannah Hill – she of the giant bows, vintage-look sequins and girly lace – has announced she’s starting a new label. Hill, who was ousted from her eponymous label in August last year, announced on Facebook the new label will be called Louise Love. Thanking her friends for [read more]

  • Erin Molan Kyle and Jackie O

    This is why women don’t want to cover sport.

            Kyle and Jackie O know controversy. Scandal is their MO. So, that’s probably why they asked a 26-year-old journalist how many cricketers she’d slept with and called her family a bunch of coke-heads. They must have known it was inappropriate. RIGHT? Channel Nine presenter Erin Molan (who presents on The Footy Show) [read more]

  • jaineedial

    The story of a man who proposed to his girlfriend and then tragically fell to his death.

      When Brad Parker’s girlfriend accepted his marriage proposal at the top of a picturesque mountain on Saturday, he thought it was ‘the happiest day of his life’. But the day turned to tragedy when Mr Parker, a 36-year-old fitness fanatic, set out on a celebratory climb without his fiancee that same evening. The yoga instructor and [read more]

  • Paper's decided to publish pictures of James Foley just minutes before his death.

    Breaking: US journalist reportedly beheaded by ISIS militants.

                In breaking news this morning, a US photojournalist has reportedly been beheaded by ISIS militants. Unconfirmed footage and photos of the moment James Wright Foley was killed has been uploaded to Twitter in what is reportedly a message to US president Barack Obama to stop intervening in Iraq. In the video, [read more]

  • mall-ad-feature

    Ad goes viral for being the worst ever made. (Literally – the worst.)

          There are actually no words to describe what you about to see. It’s a commercial for a local mall in the US. Some people are calling it the worst commercial of all time. Those people would be correct:                 Like Mamamia Rogue on Facebook Rogue [read more]

  • The man is before the West Australian Supreme Court

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Arrests over murder of Reza Barati Six months after violent clashes on Manus Island’s immigration detention centre, Papua New Guinea police have announced they are charging two Papua New Guinean nationals for the murder of Iranian asylum-seeker Reza Barati. Fairfax Media report the men were Joshua Kaluvia, who worked with the Salvation Army, and [read more]

  • The man rescued the 3 y/o girl first

    Mother has “psychological episode” and jumps in river with three-year old daughter.

        By SHAUNA ANDERSON     Somewhere in Melbourne is hero – a man whose image is being broadcast from TV screens and is on the pages of the newspaper. The man who saved a mother and daughter – just three-years old from drowning yesterday afternoon after a mother tragically jumped into the Yarra [read more]

  • Tara Moss no make up

    Tara Moss without make-up: Just as beautiful as Tara Moss with make-up.

          Tara Moss has a brilliant mind, we know that. She’s a prolific author and a strident feminist. And that’s wonderful. But let’s get superficial for just a minute here, without undermining any of that. She’s also a stone cold fox with a retro wardrobe to die for and a magical way with [read more]

  • Image via Parents on Phones Tumblr.

    An open letter to mums who like to check Facebook while their kids play in the park.

          By JENNIFER HICKS Dear Mum on the iPhone, I see you at the park with your kids, phone in hand. Your cherubs are running around playing and calling out “Mummy, watch me!” They go down the slide squealing in delight, yelling “Mummy, watch this!” As they climb the ladder to go again, they [read more]


    Clive Palmer said something so racist even Pauline Hanson had a problem with it.

          Clive Palmer said a stupid thing on television last night. Wait, not stupid. Racist. Clive Palmer said an unforgivably racist thing on television last night. So unacceptable, that even Pauline Hanson had a problem with it. Palmer, who is the leader of The Palmer United Party and is also worth a casual $1.22 billion, [read more]

  • katemiddleton

    Kate Middleton is reportedly pregnant with her 15th child.

          By NICKY CHAMP If you were to believe everything you read about Kate Middleton’s life in tabloid magazines you think that she: was barren, has seven babies not including the three times she was pregnant with twins, gave birth to a baby girl, has a father-in-law who wants to strip away her [read more]

  • bernwithherkids

    10 rules for coming to my house for playdates.

        By BERN MORLEY “Playdates” are quite the common occurrence when you become a parent. If you’re not familiar with what exactly a ‘playdate ‘ is, basically a scheduled appointment for children to get together and play. I know what you’re thinking… Since when did kids have to “schedule” an appointment to play? That [read more]

  • runawaygroom

    The groom-to-be who faked his own death to avoid marriage.

              Alex Lanchester was all set to marry the love of her life last Friday. The 23-year-old British woman had bought a dress off Ebay, booked a photographer and chosen the bridesmaids’ dresses. So when the phone rang a week before the wedding, she was startled to hear it was her American [read more]

  • planesss

    The part of the plane passengers never ever see.

      Have you ever thought about where the crew go to sleep on long haul flights? Well, prepare to be jealous. Basically, every aircraft that’s flying long haul is fitted with some kind of ‘crew rest area’. The section is usually above the passenger area and can sleep up to five crew members at a time. Depending [read more]

  • what to eat during pregnancy

    News: You can do something during pregnancy to stop your kids having allergies.

          We all know that what women eat and drink in pregnancy can have a significant effect on the baby developing inside of them. For the most part, these guidelines have been limited to what NOT to eat and drink. Raw fish. Blue cheeses (oh, cruel world). Wine (it just gets crueller). But [read more]

  • what is the ice bucket challenge

    There’s a reason celebrities keep pouring buckets of ice over their heads.

      By THE GLOW TEAM There’s an ice habit sweeping Hollywood – and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with recreational drug use. Over the past week, social media has been flooded with videos of celebrities like Oprah, Taylor Swift, Girls’ Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke, Justins (Timberlake and Bieber), Jimmy Fallon and even tech kings Mark Zuckerberg and Bill [read more]

  • She's endangered.

    The female libido fairy. Rare. Endangered. Fragile.

        By MIA FREEDMAN “Every time a man lies in bed pretending not to hear a crying child, a female libido fairy dies.” This nugget of wisdom was coined by a guy called Jack Ellis, father-of-two in his entry for a competition to find Australia’s Mentally Sexiest Dad. “And you can’t bring her back [read more]

  • Alissa Warren

    10 brutal but beautiful truths about turning 30.

          By ALISSA WARREN I love birthdays. I celebrate them with child-like enthusiasm. So when my thirtieth birthday crept up, I thought I’d be just as buzzy because I didn’t think turning 30 would be a big deal. WRONG. Every few years there’s an age that gives us a little slap. 28? 32? [read more]

  • Sheila Von Weise-Mack with her daughter Heather Mack

    A woman’s body found in a suitcase. Her 19-year-old daughter has been arrested.

            Warning: This post deals with graphic violence and an allegation of a sexual assault and may be distressing for some readers. Update: Heather Mack, the teenager accused of murdering her mother in Bali and storing the woman’s head in a suitcase, had reportedly been abusing her mother for years. Police reports [read more]

  • Would later start times work better for your kids?

    The Australian schools changing their start time so kids can sleep in.

          Teenagers need at least nine hours’ sleep every night, and regularly not getting enough sleep can affect their performance at school. Which is why some Australian high schools are considering allowing their students a sleep in — by contemplating the introduction of later start times. Starting next year, Melbourne’s Templestowe College will give its students the option of [read more]