• drew-w-s-feature

    Waitress lets rip at the man who touched her on the arse. Says everything you wish you could.

            Laura Ramadei is a bartender is New York. Actually, she was a bartender in New York, until she decided she couldn’t put up with customers treating her like shit for one more day. The last straw was a man touching her on the arse and asking if he could ‘take her [read more]

  • search for william tyrell

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Search for missing William     Police have said they are baffled there is no sign of missing three-year-old William Tyrell, with reports that police dogs deployed have not picked up a trace of his scent at all. As the search enters its sixth day, The Australian reports police have launched a “parallel investigation” involving [read more]

  • Lynne Ravenhall and her granddaughter.

    ‘This is our family story about heart disease, and the many different ways we can all be affected.’

            By LYNNE RAVENHALL ‘This is our family story about heart disease, and the many different ways we can all be affected.’ – Lynne Ravenhall Growing up in Melbourne in the 1940’s I was part of a large, loving family. I didn’t realise then just how young a lot of our male relatives [read more]

  • Ryan Gosling baby

    Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have brought a child into the world with their DNA.

    UPDATE: In case you missed the news this morning, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have had a little baby girl. And she is already a star. Someone has created a fake Twitter account for the little lady, who was born to the overly-attractive Hollywood couple on Friday. ‘GoslingsBaby’ has already tweeted about her famous baby [read more]

  • mother-in-law

    Reader confession: “My mother-in-law hates me.”

    By ANONYMOUS I know the tensions between daughter and mother-in-laws are as old as time… but I really felt it would be different for me. With my easy-going, friendly nature and good background, I think I am not a bad prospect. I imagined I would have another supportive motherly elder in my life with long [read more]

  • The Voice and X Factor judges.

    Dicko slams reality TV judges for being “too soft.”

            By EM RUSCIANO I’d like to nominate my own headline for this post if that’s ok with you?! “Bitter ex Idol reject Slams Ian “Dicko” Dickson!” Remember the time when I was on Australian Idol in 2004, I’d just sung my heart out on disco night and some English dude with a nasty-arse [read more]

  • holly-head-shot-jpg

    Open Post: Come meet our new Editor, Holly Wainwright.

                This weeks Open Post is brought to you by Omo Ultimate. It’s been a pretty big week at Mamamia so far. On Monday, our Editor-in-Chief and the former Editor of Mamamia Jamila Rizvi announced that Holly Wainwright would be taking over as Editor of Mamamia. Holly was previously Editor of the Mamamia [read more]

  • liar harrypotter gif

    “Stop lying about your favourite book.”

              By KATE LEAVER The jig is up. We know your favourite book isn’t Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. You possibly don’t even own a copy, and if you do, it’s earmarked at around page 98, where you gave up. At a stretch, you’ve seen Keira Knightly in the film. Same [read more]

  • William was wearing this Spiderman suit.

    The whole country is thinking of this little boy tonight.

            By REBECCA SPARROW A little boy is missing A little boy with a cheeky, mischievous grin and twinkling eyes. A little boy who loves his big sister and Spiderman and playing outside in the sunshine. A little boy who could be my little boy. One minute William Tyrell was playing with [read more]

  • Beautifulpeople.com mentor an ugly person

    Dating site for beautiful people launches “Adopt An Ugly Person” program.

            By KATE LEAVER There’s only one problem with running a dating site exclusively for beautiful people: You’re not making money from the ugly ones. This charming gentleman called Greg Hodge has exactly that problem, with his borderline-psychotic website BeautifulPeople.com. Hodge launched the site so that excessively attractive people can find one [read more]

  • A series of strange phenomena began to plague a young California couple in the months following their move.

    She envied the couple who bought her dream home. What happened next is sickening.

    When Janice Ruhter and her husband Jerald Rice bought their dream home in 2011, they were looking forward to welcoming their second child into the world and settling into a peaceful family routine. But a series of strange phenomena began to plague them in the months following their move to the San Diego house, Maura Dolan reports for The Los [read more]

  • sex

    Government steps in to save husbands from sex-crazed wives. Phew.

    By BERN MORELY Seems as though us pesky women are at again! Apparently, not only are we ALWAYS up for it in the bedroom, we are starting to pressure our blokes to reciprocate. Good news is though gals, the Abbott Government isn’t only encouraging couples to have a healthy sex life, it’s also going to [read more]

  • Cat

    This man transformed his entire house for his cats.

      Greg Krueger is 49, lives in the US and loves cats. LOVES. CATS. So much so, he has spent the last 15 years turning his house into an elaborate maze of passageways, tunnels and hideouts for his four felines to play in. His house is basically a giant cat house:   Krueger has a lot [read more]

  • The lunchbox police are out there. Trust us...

    The attack of the Lunchbox Police.

          By TANYA ASHWORTH On the day that my eldest daughter started school, I sent her off with a lunchbox of freshly prepared, beautifully presented items. Amongst them was a home baked chocolate muffin dusted with icing sugar, which she had helped make the day before. When she came home that evening, the [read more]

  • william-wallace

    The only video you need to watch to understand why everyone’s talking about Scotland.

      In just a few days, the people of Scotland will vote to decide if they would like to become an independent nation; free of the of rule of evil Queen Lizzy and her chubby-cheeked grandspawn. And for anyone who needs a bit more info on what the hell exactly is going down over in [read more]

  • Janine Slack

    The most beautiful reason to trash the dress.

        Janine Slack’s beautiful wedding dress was meant to mark the beginning of her new life. A life shared with her fiance, John. But fifty-two days before their wedding, John died unexpectedly and Janine was left heartbroken. She was also left with the memory of a completely planned wedding that was never going to happen and a custom [read more]

  • goldfish-7

    This couple just paid for their goldfish to undergo major surgery.

            You have never loved a goldfish as much as this Melbourne couple love their goldfish. George, 10, had recently developed a major tumour on his head which, without intervention, would almost certainly mean a trip to toilet heaven. But, determined to keep their beloved George alive, Lyn Orton and Pip Joyce found a [read more]

  • 9 year old shooting

    This 9 y/o just killed someone. And she’ll live with that fact for the rest of her life.

             Update: The children of the shooting instructor killed by a nine-year-old girl have penned an emotional letter to her — and have taken turns reading their pledge of forgiveness on a video. Personal injury lawyer Marc Lamber, who represents the Vacca family, uploaded the video onto his firm’s website, the Daily Mail reports. [read more]

  • at-the-movies-pic

    Sad news and an emotional climax for David and Margaret at the Movies.

              ROLL THE END CREDITS. This is a real tear-jerker. The ABC just announced that, after 28 glorious years together, Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton will record the final episode of ‘At the Movies’ on December 9. The show came to the ABC in 2004 after 18 years at SBS. Margaret [read more]

  • NGanz1 (9)

    5 things we wish Bridget Jones had known about shapewear.

              By JACQUI PORTER Recently, a few of us ladies at Mamamia were lucky enough to be sent some sexy shapewear. Of course, at first everyone pretended they would never need/wear/want shapewear but once we got a peek at the new SLIMS range from Nancy Ganz, it seems our misconceptions of [read more]

  • rachel corbett

    We went on a road trip with one of our favourite Aussie radio hosts.

            Some of the best conversations we’ve ever had, happened when we’ve got a friend or family member captive in a car. So Mamamia’s Kate Leaver invited some inspiring young women to jump in her car for a tiny road trip. This video is brought to you by Nissan Qashqai.  She picked blogger/writer/radio girl, Rachel Corbett up for [read more]

  • dairy free smoothies

    Four delicious dairy-free smoothie recipes.

            By NAT HAWK I used to be one of those people who never ate breakfast. I would sleep in, stumble out of the house and spend every morning in a complete fog, until about 11am, when I would finally eat something. But then I bought a smoothie maker and it changed [read more]

  • principal in favour of naplan

    Principal tells kids, “You’re more than your marks.” We applaud.

    By LOUISE AYLING     An Australian teacher has written a heartfelt letter to his students after the release of the school’s NAPLAN results. Len Christie, the principal of Beechboro primary school in Western Australia, wrote a message of encouragement to his students in the school newsletter last Wednesday, the Daily Mail reports. “I’d like you, your [read more]

  • Miss America skill

    Miss America’s weirdly impressive skill.

          In a win for World Peace, a new Miss America has been crowned. Kira Kazantsev, the third Miss New York to become Miss America in three years, won the crown in Atlantic City on Sunday. And her ‘skill’? Playing the cup. In case you weren’t aware, a movie called Pitch Perfect (which starred hilarious [read more]

  • kanye

    The ‘Kanye West Confidence Generator’ will fix everything.

              GREAT NEWS. Kanye West just solved all your self-esteem issues. The pop star / Kim Kardashian spouse probably has one of the steadiest egos on the planet. Inspired by his impenetrable confidence, someone made a wonderful tool (other than Kanye West) that generates a quote from the man himself, dripping with enough self-love to [read more]

  • Lindsay Lohan Whitney Houston

    Lindsay Lohan wheeled Whitney Houston’s body through the morgue.

              Well, this is intense. Some particularly strange news has come out in a recent interview with London’s Telegraph.  Hollywood actress-turned-disaster Lindsay Lohan claims that, during her court-ordered community service stint at a Los Angeles morgue, she had to wheel in the body of Whitney Houston after her 2012 drowning in a [read more]

  • John Travolta gay rumours

    John Travolta finally addresses those gay rumours.

                The rumours have been persistent. For decades. Is John Travolta gay? Did he get it on with his co-pilot? Would he have preferred Kenickie to Sandy in Grease? If he is, it’s his business, and he has chosen not to comment on it. Until now. “I don’t care that much [read more]

  • I don't even like pizza!

    Dangerous, idiotic giveaway: Buy 10 pizzas and get a fluffy animal.

        By SHAUNA ANDERSON   Some fast food restaurants give you a free McHappy meal. Small fries for just a dollar if you’re lucky. Or remember when you could collect those 10cm Buzz Lightyears? But if you visit Pizza Hut at Mount Waverly in Melbourne you might just get a small fluffy animal to [read more]

  • unnamed

    The easiest way to help homeless people – from your own home.

        By MORAN DVIR Do you ever wonder how lucky kids are these days? It’s tempting to give them lectures about eating their vegetables because kids are starving, or appreciate the myriad of toys, games and clothes many children are given. But if you really want to find a way to help your kids [read more]

  • (Photo: supplied by NSW police)

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Search for William Detectives are investigating known sex offenders in the area where three-year old William Tyrell went missing on the NSW mid-north coast. The little boy was last seen playing in his grandparent’s front yard at 10.30m on Friday in Kendall. News Limited reports police dogs have so far failed to pick up [read more]