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    Meningococcal Awareness Week: What you need to know.

              By LEANNE WEYMARK-COTTER Danielle, my 14 month old baby girl, woke up sick, vomiting with a high temperature in the middle of the night. I gave her some paracetamol but she couldn’t keep that down.  She had been sick with a throat infection two weeks earlier and I thought it [read more]

  • guy with three testicles

    Here’s that picture of a man with three testicles.

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    Sick of fish fingers and potato smileys? This will help.

    Meals have falled into chaos at our house in recent months. I must be getting old – years ago I ran a weekly magazine and still put a creative dinner on the table every night. I reminisce about those days and shake my head, I have no idea how I did it.
    Many a night I end up grabbing a BBQ chook or sushi for the kids because I’ve run out of time to a) shop or b) cook before the kids’ 6pm dinnertime .

  • Region Australia has added a dimension to my city-life that I never knew existed.

    This is for anyone who’s ever had to pack up everything… and move.

              By LUCY GREY We are on the move. We are leaving the town we have lived in for the last three years and heading to greener pastures, oh wait, is that a euphemism for death? Because that’s not part of the plan. I am having a break-down about this and [read more]

  • sport

    Chicks with Stix: The Olympians coaching girls. For free.

      By NATALIA HAWK Last Sunday was the worst snow day I’ve seen this season. Grey skies and snow made for low visibility, and blustering winds meant that most of the lifts were closed. My friends and I sat in our car in the carpark, gazing miserably outside, willing ourselves to venture out into the [read more]

  • man flu

    Colds, Imma let you finish. But MANFLU is the WORST sickness of all time.

    By the end of this week, the Mamamia office was a ghost town. And it was all because of one thing: man flu. We caught man flu so hard, most of the men – and even some of the women – in the office were out of action. As were their partners. And their housemates. [read more]

  • election

    Cheat sheet: What everyone’s promising on paid parental leave.

    The Coalition’s paid parental leave scheme, first announced by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on International Women’s Day in 2010, has been both lauded and criticised as a “Rolls-Royce” scheme. But what is the difference between this and competing policies?

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    Kaitlyn Hunt sent back to jail for sending explicit texts.

            by MAMAMIA NEWS Kaitlyn – or ‘Kate’ as she’s known to her friends – doesn’t look like society’s stereotype of a sex offender. But having broken her bail, the Florida teenager is waiting in prison, likely to be convicted of child sexual abuse. Kaitlyn was what many would call “a model [read more]

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    Every smart solution you’ll ever need. Seriously. Ever.

      By MAMAMIA TEAM Everyone has tips and tricks when it comes to smart solutions for your home. And for the past month Mamamia has made it out goal to scour the internet, listen in on stranger’s conversations, and get tips from our readers about the best smart solutions out there. And if you are [read more]

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    Saturday’s news: UN investigation into use of chemical weapons in Syria

            1. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has offered the United Nations support for an immediate investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria. PM Rudd has yet to confirm whether Australia will be committing troops to the intervention. It comes in the wake of the UN’s announcement that there are now [read more]

  • Excited women scream

    What to say when your friend gets engaged to a total arse-hat.

    By MAMAMIA ROGUE We’ve all been there. Your friend starts dating a total arse-hat. You’re concerned but don’t want to cause unnecessary hurt feelings… so you say nothing. Then all of a sudden he’s at all your dinner parties, sitting next to you at mutual friend’s weddings, he drops round in the middle of girls’ [read more]

  • Carre-Otis-closeedit

    Former top model exposes the ugly truth about the modelling industry.

            By NICKY CHAMP “THINK models are effortlessly perfect glamour magnets lapping up the good life?” Don’t answer that, it’s a rhetorical question posed by former model Carré Otis in the September issue of Vogue Australia. Eating disorders, sexual trauma and abuse, airbrushing, emotional abuse, drug addiction: they are all part of the [read more]

  • election

    The election campaign was lacking inspiration. So Abraham Lincoln is helping out.

              By MAMAMIA ROGUE Is it just us or is this whole election caper feeling a little… lackluster? Australian politics has always been missing the grand patriotism and stirring rhetoric of our American friends. And even when compared with our nation’s own recent past – we currently don’t have anyone with [read more]

  • anti-bucket list

    Feel like achieving something today? Create an anti-bucket list.

    By ROSIE WATERLAND As a born pessimist, I love the concept of anti-bucket lists. The idea of an entire list devoted to the things I will definitely never do gives me serious jollies. If you need to feel the instant satisfaction of successfully ticking off everything on a goal-oriented list I highly recommend you make [read more]

  • Hannah Smith.

    Hannah took her own life because of online bullying. She posted 98% of the abuse herself.

          By JAMILA RIZVI Warning: This post deals with themes of suicide and may be triggering for some readers. Earlier this month, 14-year-old Hannah Smith took her own life. A quick scan of the Ask.fm website reveals that Hannah had been sent a series of relentlessly abusive messages. Amongst the cruel taunts she [read more]

  • Syria protestors

    The Syrian conflict: Enough is enough.

            By SAMAH HADID WARNING: This article deals with distressing content, and some readers may find the images upsetting. Scores of children choking from chemical gas, suffering convulsions, mouths filled with foam as others gasp for air. These are images I never thought I’d see in my lifetime. ‘Massacre kills almost 1300 Syrians [read more]

  • Should she have to pay for that glass of wine?

    It costs women more to get ready, so blokes should pay for dinner. Discuss.

            By MAMAMIA TEAM It’s a question that’s been asked since the dawn of time: If a caveman and a cavelady decide to join each other for a (possibly romantic) wilderbeast barbecue, is the man obliged to pay for their wilderbeast, or should they split the cost of their wilderbeast so that [read more]

  • Em at the spa

    Em Rusciano: Getting social down the Great Ocean Road

              By EM RUSCIANO When I was contacted to take part in an “Instameet” I initially thought it had something to do with online dating and I had visions of speed dating over Skype with men who have glamour pictures of their mothers behind them. Turns out an Instameet involves getting [read more]

  • fail

    FLUFF: Photoshop fail. Because who needs bones or joints, right?

      1. Oh, Grazia. What have you done? Forget hot dogs as legs, according to Grazia France, the hot new trend this season is hot dogs as fingers: Because who needs joints, right?   2. A GIF of Robert Pattinson lying on the ground kissing his co-star over and over and over … Need we [read more]

  • best-and-worst

    Best and Worst: How’s your week been?

    By MELISSA WELLHAM Welcome to Best and Worst, that time every week where we get to celebrate and commiserate together over the past seven day’s highs and lows. If you’re new to the game, then I’ll get us started to give an guide for how it’s done! BEST: Honestly, seeing all the beautiful, smiling faces [read more]

  • news 2

    Friday’s news in under 2 minutes.

            1. New figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveal that the gender pay gap has increased over the past year. The weekly wage for women has increased from $1193, to $1252. But men’s weekly wages have risen from $1447 to $1518 per week. Australian men earn on on average 26% [read more]

  • Tavi Gevinson

    Spirit Animal of the Week: Tavi Gevinson

              By MAMAMIA TEAM We’re trying something new this Thursday evening: Spirit Animals. Basically, a Spirit Animal is a thing or a person you’re loving this week; someone who has done something cool that you want to emulate in your own life. It might be because of something the person has [read more]

  • Robyn Wagner

    “In January 2012, I found a lump under my jaw.”

    By ROBYN WAGNER In January 2012, I found a lump under my jaw, like a pea under my skin. After all available tests, the doctors said that it was secondary cancer, and that there was no sign of the primary cancer. Finding out I had cancer was devastating, not knowing where it was threw up [read more]

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    Mamamia Cares: The Butterfly foundation’s Body Con is on.

          By THE BUTTERFLY FOUNDATION The Body Con is a national competition launched by The Butterfly Foundation focusing on debunking the myths and pressure surrounding body image. Society, brands, products and the media all play a role in the message that our value is tied to how we look. The “perfect” body looks [read more]

  • election

    It’s all about selling yourself, rather than your policies.

          By STEPHANIE BROOKES Shaking hands. Kissing babies. Throwing snags on the barbie, or wandering through a suburban shopping centre. These are the familiar scenes of “retail politics”, a campaign style in which candidates sell themselves and their policies by talking to as many voters as possible. American political communication scholars Judith Trent [read more]

  • sonia-kruger

    Will ‘motherhood deniers’ regret their decision not to have kids?

            By MAMAMIA TEAM UK journalist Kate Spicer, a 44-year-old woman without children, has been causing some online havoc this year be classing women who say they don’t want to have children, as ‘motherhood deniers’. But before we all jump down Spicer’s throat and defend a woman’s right to choose whether or [read more]

  • Bottled water has already caused tooth decay in kids.

    Are anti-fluoride campaigners the new anti-vaxxers?

    By MAMAMIA TEAM Federal and State Governments, health authorities, scientists, medical experts and the World Health Organisation all agree that we need fluoride to be part of our drinking water. But a local council in NSW has decided it knows way more than all these ‘expert’ types and has decided to ban fluoride from their [read more]

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    The magazine cover deemed too vulgar and indecent to publish. (NSFW)

    By MAMAMIA TEAM The covers of 4000 copies of Honi Soit (the University of Sydney student newspaper) are about to be guillotined. Why? Because there are pictures of vulvas on the front. You know, the body part that approximately 52% of the population has. Because OFFENSIVE. Here’s the cover:   And this is just the [read more]

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    An Open Apology to all of my weightloss clients.

              by IRIS HIGGINS I worked at a popular weight loss company for 3 years. I loved my job there. I LOVED my clients. I loved making a connection and sharing my knowledge. And I learned a lot about nutrition, about dieting and weight loss and what works and what doesn’t. [read more]