• hamilton island

    A touch of Mauritius (and why you should visit).

    Share      By LANA HIRSCHOWITZ (Managing Editor of iVillage Australia) There are certain memories from our childhood buried deep beneath the recesses of our day to day lives that don’t even surface during our adulthood. Not until something triggers them and suddenly it’s as fresh and exciting and as real as it happened just [read more]

  • Alys with her son

    5 parenting ‘rules’ that should be ignored (or laughed at).

      by ALYS GAGNON Who said there were rules about how to parent your child? Sure, there are some things that are certainly black and white. Don’t shake the baby comes to mind. That. But let’s explore a few of the “rules” of modern parenting. 1. You’re a good parent if your baby sleeps/sleeps in [read more]

  • Beyonce

    Nicole admits botox & Beyonce talks about her miscarriage.

    We know that it can be hard to keep up with what’s happening in the land of Hollywood. That’s why we’ve gathered this week’s best in one oh-so-convenient location for you. Make yourself a cup of tea, put your feet up and enjoy. 1. Beyonce has spoken about her miscarriage for the first time, describing [read more]

  • What will you STOP for a week?

    Will you STOP? Because others can’t.

              In the next 10 years there could be a blood test to accurately diagnose schizophrenia, which will help doctors to detect the illness earlier and possibly determine the most effective treatment. Help us get there. People with schizophrenia can’t stop hearing the voices in their head. They can’t stop the [read more]

  • Anne Hathaway for One Billion Rising

    Silence is a girl’s loudest cry.

    by NATASCHA MOY When the world comes together to stand as one we know it is time to sit up and pay attention. For years we have been aware of the incredible atrocities that have affected women of all ages around the world and for many of us we have remained silent. Not because we [read more]

  • Angels on the catwalk.

    Victoria’s Secret models without photoshop and 9 posts to make you think about beauty in a different way.

    1. A raw and insightful account into the ‘real’ world of modelling Model Cameron Russell recently painted a frank and disturbing portrait of her career as a model, tackling everything from the fashion industry’s hyper-sexualisation of women to the unattainable ideals of perfection created by photo retouching. Read her thoughts here. 2. This is what Victoria’s Secret models [read more]

  • Woman running on track

    10 posts guaranteed to get you thinking about being healthier. GO.

        1. What weight loss really looks like (NSFW) Photographer Julia Kozerski lost 73kg to become literally half her size. She took photos to document her weight loss journey, but this isn’t a before and after shoot. Her photos also show the reality of life after dramatic weight loss; saggy skin and all. In [read more]

  • Zoe

    ‘You’re applying your foundation wrong’ and 9 other must-read beauty posts from Zoe Foster.

          1. 7 seconds. That’s all it takes to create the perfect ponytail. One dad uses this unorthodox method to put his daughter’s hair in a ponytail – in just seven seconds. Mary Ward reminisces what else women could have achieved if we’d figured this one out earlier. Read the post here. 2. [read more]

  • ryan-gosling-bp__span

    ‘Ryan Gosling you have to stop’ & 9 other articles so funny they break the internet.

          1. Accidental penises These seem like innocent photos. Pictures of breadsticks, ice cream sundaes and collared shirts aren’t exactly NSFW, right? Wrong. This gallery is full of what we termed ‘accidental penises.’ Take a look at them in all of their accidentally phallic glory, here. 2. Ryan Gosling: stop being so Ryan [read more]

  • You need a date night. Right now.

    The sex bucket list. PLUS our 10 most popular posts about relationships.

              1. The sex bucket list. How many of these can you tick off? This one needs no explanation. How many of these can you tick off your sex bucket list? What would you add? (Don’t forget to check out the comments, they went wild with this one!) Read the post [read more]

  • sexual harassment reenactment

    What is sexual harassment?

    We hear a lot about sexual harassment. About how to avoid it. About what to  do if it happens. But rarely do we hear what really constitutes sexual harassment; it’s just assumed that everyone knows what it is. This is an excerpt from the Australia Human Rights Commission website and it’s worth a read so [read more]

  • gillrox

    Senior Labor ministers resign 48 hours after election date announcement.

    Two senior Labor ministers have resigned only 48 hours after Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced this year’s election date. Higher Education Minister and Leader of the Senate, Chris Evans, resigned from his cabinet post and leadership position this morning. Attorney-General Nicola Roxon has also resigned, citing the desire to spend more time with her family [read more]

  • concealing a knife

    The woman who tried to kill her husband with oral sex.

      With a story like this, there’s not much you can do other than cut to the chase. So. This very modern woman tried to kill her husband. With her vagina. A woman in Brazil has attempted to end her husband’s life by putting poison on her vagina and then asking him to perform oral [read more]

  • No. You can't take a photo.

    The restaurant that bans customers from photographing their food.

              Restaurants in the United States are reportedly banning their customers from taking arty iPhone photographs of their food because it disrupts the ambiance of the venue. That’s right, these restaurants want you to sit and they want you to eat…. no demonstrate your creative brilliance, filter it ‘just so’ and [read more]

  • Dimond, Monty

    Monty: “Nursery rhymes will do your head in”

        By MONTY DIMOND My son Bax is 14 months old. He is a typical little boy, meaning he is INTENSE.  He is currently sporting gorgeous yellow and brown bruises all over his face as a  result of flinging himself head first off the couch. We have both discovered the hard way that kids [read more]

  • What's on your mind?

    Open Post: What’s on your mind?

            By NATALIA HAWK So. How’s your weekend going? I am going to spend mine surrounded by hot cross buns. Oh yes, you read that correctly. Hot. Cross. Buns. I realise that we’ve only just greeted February. I know that Easter is still nearly two months away. I, like everybody else, think [read more]

  • Yellow Smiley Balloon

    Camp Goodtime: Helping families tremendously

    This is the story of Andy and Maria, who were able to attend Camp Goodtime for the first time in 2012 with their daughter Maya. Andy and Maria are an Australian couple who, whilst living and working overseas, came across Maya living in a local hospital, cared for by nursing staff. Maya is HIV positive [read more]

  • Mia and Bernard.

    Help us educate Bernard Gaynor.

    By MIA FREEDMAN Last week, a candidate for Bob Kattar’s Australia party, called Bernard Gaynor, took the extraordinary step of announcing that he would not want his children to have a gay teacher. It prompted me to write him – and others who sprout similarly homophobic attitudes – an open letter, which was then widely [read more]

  • Dilmah Green Tea

    Dilmah Green Tea

    Some lucky Mamamia readers have been trialling Dilmah Green Tea. According to Dilmah: Dilmah’s green tea range is all-natural and rich in antioxidants. Carefully prepared and dried, the teas provide a range of health benefits, while the natural ingredients add delightful variety and aromas. There are four unique green teas to choose from: Green Tea [read more]

  • This post is sponsored by Goodstart Early Learning.

    SHARE: Why your child’s brain development is important.

      by KATE BUTLER. Before my daughter (now 2 months old) was born, my partner and I read everything we could get our hands on so that we would know what to expect before, at and after the birth… what we needed to do in taking our baby home, how to care for and provide [read more]

  • 31 year old Savita

    Dear Catholic hospital, either a foetus is a person or it isn’t. You can’t have it both ways…

              In January 2006, 31-year-old Lori Stodghill died of a heart attack in the emergency room at St Thomas More Hospital in Canon City, Colorado. Despite being paged multiple times by the hospital, Lori’s on-call obstetrician never arrived. Lori was 28 weeks pregnant with twin boys at the time. And tragically, [read more]

  • Sex

    Bang With Friends: the sex app that’s about to change Facebook for EVERYONE

    By ROB BROOKS I’m intrigued. And horrified. And curious. And incredulous. Twitter, that lolly-bag of random ideas, just led me to a story on the website of Cosmopolitan magazine about a new FaceBook app called “Bang with Friends”. Catchy. Think I might go back to Scrabble. According to Cosmo: The way it works is you [read more]

  • Cameron Russell

    These revelations from a model will make you look at every fashion picture differently.

    By NICKY CHAMP “Saying that you want to be a model when you grow up is akin to saying that you want to win the Powerball when you grow up. It’s out of your control and it’s awesome — and it’s not a career path.” This is just one of the honest, surprising and incredibly [read more]

  • smiley clock

    Best and Worst: What’s happening in your world?

            By JAMILA RIZVI To the experienced old hands – welcome back. To the bright eyed new players, here is how Best and Worst works: It’s a tradition almost as old as Mamamia itself and the game is simple. You tell us the best thing and the worst thing that’s happened in [read more]

  • craig thomson sentenced

    NEWS: 6 stories we’re talking about today.

          1. Embattled Labor MP Craig Thomson has been arrested and charged with 150 counts of fraud. The timing of his arrest, so soon after Prime Minister Gillard’s announcement of the election date has been criticised by the Opposition. Many in the media are asking questions about whether the sequence of these events [read more]

  • beyonce and baby

    Celebrity news: Beyonce opens up about her miscarriage.

    1. Beyonce has spoken about her miscarriage for the first time, describing it as “the saddest thing” she’s ever been through. “About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time,” the pop star, 31, reveals in an upcoming HBO documentary about her life, called Life is But a Dream. “And I heard the [read more]

  • doctor joanna

    Can your plastic water bottle give you cancer?

              by DR JOANNA MCMILLAN Warning! Leaving your water bottle in the car on a hot day can give you cancer! This was the message of a recent email I, and no doubt many of you, received. The claim is that as the plastic bottle heats up it leaches potentially carcinogenic [read more]

  • gluten free loaf

    Are some people using ‘gluten-free’ etc to mask an eating disorder?

            Everywhere you turn, it seems like someone is cutting something out. Sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol, red meat – they’re all up for elimination and for a thousand different reasons. Some people are embracing New Year’s Resolutions, some are taking part in Febfast, some want to lose weight and others are acting [read more]

  • im gay cake

    Teenage lesbian comes out to her parents – with a cake.

      When you’re a teenager, there are countless things that are hard to tell your parents. Like, “Sorry mum, your car no longer has a rear view mirror” or “Here is my report.” But imagine having to tell your parents you were gay. Imagine having to come out. Unfortunately, not every story of coming out [read more]