• Hipster Cat

    ‘OK, I admit it. I am a hipster.’

    ShareOK, I admit it. I own a vintage style bicycle with a wicker basket and no gears. I trawl op shops on the weekend looking for oversized cream knits. I own two type writers (neither of which I use). I live in Redfern. And I was listening to Bon Iver “way before you”. Yes friends, [read more]

  • Matthew Newton

    Matthew Newton talks about assaulting his ex girlfriends.

            In his first “clean” interview, Australian actor Matthew Newton has spoken about the erratic and violent behaviour – namely the assault of two former girlfriends – that has thrust him into the public spotlight for all the wrong reasons. “I haven’t come with an agenda. I have come with an agenda [read more]

  • Julian Assange

    ‘I had lunch with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy.’

          By JOHN KEANE Everybody warned this would be no ordinary invitation, and they were right. Three hundred metres from Knightsbridge underground station, just a stone’s throw from fashion-conscious Harrods, I suddenly encounter a wall of police. I try to remember my instructions. Look straight ahead. Avoid eye contact. If asked my name, [read more]

  • reminders

    KATE: ‘In our house, it’s just one sport per kid per term.’

        By KATE HUNTER The schoolbooks are contacted, you’ve filled in the paperwork dealing with allergies, internet use, media permissions, school swimming and library borrowing. What next? I’ll tell you what’s next: sport sign-on. It feels like it’s happening earlier and earlier every year. The first hockey / soccer/AFL/netty games don’t even start in [read more]

  • Mia with Karl Stefanovic (he's pointing at her mullet pants)

    MIA: Something very few people know about being on TV.

          By MIA FREEDMAN Last week, I took my 7yo daughter with me when I went to do my regular segment on The Today Show. She was excited to see what goes on behind the scenes and I was excited to see her excited. First, we met Luke Mangan on our way in, [read more]

  • This might be the best Big-Night-Gone-Bad story we've ever heard.

    The best Big-Night-Gone-Bad story ever.

              What did you get up to this weekend – a spot of tennis? Quick trip to the beach or park with the kids? Perhaps a wine or four? Either way, we’re willing to bet you didn’t attempt to have sex with an ambulance. But someone did. Englishman Calum Ward, 25, [read more]

  • Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steencamp

    Monday’s news in 2 minutes.

    1. More details are emerging on the shooting death of Reeva Steenkamp. Police have now revealed they recovered a blood-spattered cricket bat from Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius’ home where the murder took place. One source said: “There was lots of blood on the bat.” The details have put to bed any suggestion that Steencamp’s death [read more]

  • diana rihanna cover

    FLUFF: Rihanna vs Diana, and a new baby for A-list actor but…

                1. Is Rihanna the new Princess Diana? UK Magazine The Sunday Times certainly thinks so. Writer Camille Paglia argues in the mag that not since Diana has a celebrity had such a love affair with the world press; alternatively capitalising on the power that her position provides, or being [read more]

  • GRAPHIC CONTENT: Woman slices off ex-boyfriend tattoo (photos)

    Okay, last warning. This is really graphic.         Turn back now….         Last chance….         Okay, really, last chance:         I’m not kidding, here it is….       Annnnnnd here is how Torz sent it to Chopper: Officially no longer Chopper’s Bitch. [read more]

  • PMS

    PMS: A serious hormonal issue or just an excuse to be a b*tch?

                By JAYASHRI KULKARNI PMS isn’t real. Well, according to several recent academic studies it isn’t and as a result, it is starting to become an accepted norm: that when it comes to PMS, women are just ‘looking for an excuse’. This puzzlingly widespread belief needs challenging, as it perpetuates [read more]

  • Video

    We promise you’ll watch this video twice.

        See this unassuming little video? It’s about to test your awareness (and blow your mind) in a way you’ll never expect. Just you wait. How did you go?

  • Son

    “I want to wear a skirt to school” he said.

              By LUCY OSBORNE My 5-year-old son was choosing his clothes for school one day, when he came upon a skirt. He was so excited, “Look Mum, here’s my special skirt” he said. His sister has recently turned 2 and received a plethora of cute dresses of differing colours, styles and [read more]

  • birthday present (1)

    My husband bought me a vibrator for my birthday.

      by JO ABI Yes, you read that correctly. My loving husband of almost ten years decided it was a good idea to purchase a vibrator as a gift for the birthday of the mother of his three children. After all my hints about anti-aging facials and jewellery he decided what I need was a [read more]

  • The Snow Camo.

    “This is what I did with my ex-wife’s wedding dress.”

      By KEVIN COTTER One year ago, my book, 101 Uses For My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress, was published. It is a combination of photographs of odd uses for a wedding dress and my story of getting through a really challenging time in my life. I got the idea to start a blog when I inherited my ex-wife’s [read more]

  • Moving back in with the parents.

    How to become a non-confident, dependent woman. Fast.

        By WENDY LANG There comes a time in a girl’s life when she must move back home with her parents. It’s all part of growing down, moving backward and becoming a non-confident, dependent woman. But it also comes with copious amounts of food and widescreen TVs. So I recommend it to everybody. I [read more]

  • Lama

    UPDATE: She was 5 y/old & her father questioned her virginity.

            Editor’s warning: this story is extremely distressing. We thought very carefully about publishing it but decided it needed to be told if women and girls in Saudi Arabia are ever going to be helped. UPDATE 09.10.13: The Saudi Islamic preacher Fayan al-Ghamdi, who was accused of torturing his five-year-old daughter Lama to [read more]

  • adele

    Fluff: Hugh Jackman addresses the gay rumours.

    It’s been a pretty eventful week in Planet Celebrity. Here’s all the news you need to know: 1. Awards shows everywhere! Remember when two of your school friends used to have their birthday party on the same night, just to make people choose between them? Well, that’s exactly what happened on an A-List scale when [read more]

  • Now is the perfect time to Quit For Cancer.

    It’s easy to say you’ll quit a bad habit, we all make New Years Resolutions at the start of the year, to quit smoking, drink less, exercise more or eat healthy. 29 year old mother of two Elizabeth Hogan has been there and done that, promising to quit smoking time and time again. Smoking all [read more]

  • oscar and girlfriend

    Olympian Oscar Pistorius charged with murdering his girlfriend.

            Initial reports suggested he’d accidentally shot his girlfriend last night, mistaking her for an intruder. But now he’s been charged with murder. And there are disturbing personal details emerging about the first paralympian to compete against able bodied athletes in the London 2012 Olympics. South African Paralympian sprinter Oscar Pistorius has [read more]

  • young mum kate

    “Why is this such a shocking age to have a baby?”

                By KATE PIASECKA Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kate and by today’s standards, I’m a young mum. Let me explain. In January of 2009 I moved from Perth to Melbourne by myself with a suitcase of clothes and a couch to sleep on; a 22 year [read more]

  • kate

    KATE: Why would anyone buy THIS as a pet?

        By KATE HUNTER One of the ways I get my daughters to come to the supermarket with me – you know, so I don’t drop them at the library – is to promise them 10 minutes poking around the pet shop. They look at rubber toys I won’t buy for our dog, and [read more]

  • louse

    MIA: Yep, my kid has nits.

        Hello nits. I bet just reading that word has made your head itch. I know. Me too. Nits don’t scare me anymore. They don’t even horrify me. I had nits a lot as a kid. So many times that I remember my mother threatening more than once to cut off all my hair. [read more]

  • color run nicky

    What were the best and worst bits of your week?

    By NICKY CHAMP Welcome to Best and Worst; Mamamia’s long-standing tradition. If this is the first time you’ve ever stumbled across this post, it’s where we share the highs and lows of the week that was. Think of it as one big sounding board for advice, problems, a place to share your good news and [read more]

  • ellen sofia

    Fluff: Ellen DeGeneres attacks Sofia Vergara on her show

    1. Allow us to set the scene for you: This little video combines all the goodness of Sofia Vergara, Ellen DeGeneres, an opera singer, birds and a beach ball. It’s literally laugh-out-loud funny and confirms, once again, that Sofia Vegara is one seriously good sport. Take a look:   2. Guess which celebrity’s boyfriend proposed in [read more]

  • face tattoo

    Friday’s news in 2 minutes.

            1. A Russian designer has had the name of her tattoo artist boyfriend tattooed on her face less than one day after meeting him. Lesya Toumaniantz met Belgian Rouslan Toumaniantz online at the beginning of this year. Apparently the couple “realised they had a lot in common, and quickly began falling head [read more]

  • gardisil1

    Some news on the link between oral sex and cancer.

            Today, Australian teen and pre-teen boys will become the first in the world to receive Gardasil, the cervical cancer vaccine. Australian boys aged 12-13 will be vaccinated at schools around the country from today. Boys aged 14-15 will also be vaccinated in the coming months as part of a free program. [read more]

  • anne hathaway crop

    BLOG: 5 ways Anne Hathaway is smashing short hair.

    By NICKY CHAMP Man Hathaway. That’s the moniker Anne Hathaway gave herself immediately after her long hair was cut into a short pixie for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.  The 30-year-old was “inconsolable” and reduced to a “mental patient level of crying” (her words, not mine) once the hairdresser had downed tools and [read more]

  • Kate Middleton in checks

    Can someone please explain the Kate Middleton bikini pic outrage?

              Yesterday, an Italian gossip magazine published photos of (pregnant) Kate Middleton in a bikini. The Duchess of Cambridge was shown in a bright blue bikini on the cover of the magazine. St. James’s Palace said that the photos were a “clear breach of the couple’s right to privacy.” Vanessa Raphaely is [read more]

  • daniel a heartkid

    Mamamia Cares: Help mend a real broken heart.

              By NATALIA HAWK This Valentine’s Day, let’s forget about the cards, the roses, the balloons, the pink confetti and the heart-shaped cookies. Instead, why don’t we focus our energy on something a hundred times more amazing? You can help to mend a broken heart. And not a metaphorically broken heart. [read more]

  • teenager phone

    7 signs there’s a teenager in your house.

              By BERN MORLEY Hey there 13 year old, WTF DID YOU COME FROM? Look, it shouldn’t be a massive surprise.  It’s not like I woke up a month ago and there was suddenly this teenager residing in my home that I hadn’t allowed for. The attitude isn’t new. It’s amplified, [read more]