• Mariah Carey

    Fluff: Mariah Carey was almost definitely drunk when she confessed to routinely firing her nannies.

            Sometime last week, deep in the heart of Hollywood hills, Mariah Carey sat in front of her bejewelled mirror and thought to herself, “Does the world still know the full extent of my craziness? I’m just not sure. Perhaps it’s time to remind them.” And so, the ’90s pop diva set [read more]

  • 11 year old stabbed

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Father had a criminal history       The Herald Sun has revealed today that Greg Anderson who beat his 11-year old son, Luke to death with a cricket bat on Wednesday, had a vast criminal history including domestic violence and child pornography. At the time he attacked his son there were four separate [read more]

  • Happy Birthday Colin

    SHARE: This boy thinks he has no friends. He now has over one million!

                Her son said he didn’t want to have a party for his birthday. When she asked him why he said it was because he didn’t have any friends to invite. He told his Mum he eats lunch alone in the office everyday because no one will let him sit [read more]

  • Mega Gale pregnant

    Fluff: Megan Gale’s baby bump photos are making us all jealous.

    Now Megan Gale’s just showing off. The 38-year-old Aussie supermodel has posted this photo of her growing baby bump on instagram.   And here she is on The Today Show, with Ben Fordham and Karl Stefanovic. Who are worshiping her. (Where are our suited-up man worshippers, huh?)   And this is the excessively handsome man – 25-year-old [read more]

  • michael sam gay

    EPIC: This defence of America’s first openly gay footballer might just change the world.

            American footballer player Michael Sam has become the first openly gay NFL player. He says he knew it would be hard. The 24-year-old, who is likely to be picked for the upcoming NFL draft in the States, came out by saying: “I’m Michael Sam. I’m a football player and I’m gay.” [read more]

  • Miranda Kerr family confidential

    When it comes to this epic global argument? We’re on Miranda Kerr’s side.

          So you might have heard that Aussie supermodel Miranda Kerr‘s parents are NOT HAPPY. She never calls, she never writes, they don’t get to see their gorgeous little grandson enough. Her Nan hasn’t seen her in for ever… Does any of this sound familar? To anyone who’s flown the family nest, left a [read more]

  • before and after drug photos

    These before and after photos of drug users were taken only a few months apart…

    Remember back in the day when you were a teenager in a hot-stuffy auditorium and they were lecturing you to just “Say NO to drugs!” Problem was the teachers never elaborated much beyond the whole ‘drugs are bad’ message. Well that’s no longer the case for students United States. They get the message loud and clear [read more]

  • ovarian cancer awareness month 2

    ‘It was New Year’s Eve when my wife was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.’

              By DUNCAN McPHERSON It was New Year’s Eve of 2008 when my wife was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. In the 15 months that followed my family and I undertook a harrowing fight to save Lyn, my wife and adoring mother to our three kids. Sadly in March 2010 Lyn [read more]

  • annoying Facebook friends

    The 11 Facebook friends you need to un-friend immediately.

    Going through a thorough Facebook friend cull can be really hard. But sometimes it’s just necessary. We’re here for you. Here to hold your hand. Here to take you on a de-friending journey that will ultimately leave your newsfeed – and your life – lighter. Alright. Let’s do this. 1. Your ex. Your ex’s sister. [read more]

  • article-2555716-1B4706BD00000578-668_634x364

    Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the world of plastic surgery? This happens.

    “When God was giving out dimples I was at the back of the queue.” That’s a quote from Cherelle, who is one of the first women to undergo dimpleplasty. A new plastic surgery procedure that adds dimples onto an otherwise dimple-free face. It involves making an incision with a scalpel and stitching the cheek to [read more]

  • mamamia

    A letter from the editors and writers of Mamamia.

    It’s not often we are able to jointly author a post from the 20 or so women who work at Mamamia.com.au and our parenting site iVillage.com.au. In fact, this is the first time ever. Because, like any group of women, we have diverse and nuanced opinions. We don’t all vote the same way. We range in [read more]

  • oppressed-majority-new-600x337

    The short film that reverses gender roles and proves sexism exists.

    Upworthy gave this short film the headline: “French film showing men what being a woman feels like kinda nails it.” BuzzFeed captioned it: “This powerful video shows men what it feels like to be subjected to sexism and sexual violence.” Huffington Post said: “Try doubting everyday sexism after watching this.” We just want to say: [read more]

  • Mia Freedman

    MIA: 9 things feminism doesn’t do.

      Feminism is coming to get you. It really is. It’s overtaking schools, workplaces, the media, politics…..goddammit even sport. It’s wrecking our society like, like, like a wrecking ball. The one Miley was swinging around on and what was wrong with that video clip anyway? Feminism wanted to ban that just like they want to [read more]


    Plus-size model lands major fashion campaign (and she’s an Aussie).

            There’s an unspoken rule in the world of fashion that curvy girls shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes. Australian model Georgina Burke has smashed that myth in her new gig as the face of US retailer Torrid. Take a quick look at the image opposite and I think you’ll agree, she is owning [read more]

  • gay marriage radio competition

    Dear Homophobic Stranger.

              One of my favourite things about this incredibly lucky country that we live in, is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So in the interest of free speech, I’d like to try and explain to you why there is absolutely no reason to be afraid of gay people and how [read more]

  • 11 year old stabbed

    Horrific: Father kills his own son during junior cricket training.

    What would cause a father to stab his 11-year-old son to death during a local junior cricket training? That’s the question police and community members in south eastern Victoria are asking today after that exact scenario played out at a regional sports oval at around 6:30pm yesterday. The boy has now been identified as Luke [read more]

  • Torah Bright

    Torah Bright wins Australia’s first medal

                Torah Bright has won Australia’s first medal at the Sochi Olympic Games. The defending Olympic champion won a silver medal in the women’s halfpipe just after 5.30 AEST. Bright had previously been critical of the course but said there had been a notable difference before competition began. “They have [read more]

  • Luke Batty

    What would cause this to happen?

    Editorial Note: The original post found at this URL was removed after information came to light that Luke Batty’s father had been facing homelessness and was battling mental illness at the time he is alleged to have killed his son.  That information may change the way we think of the crime, but the sad truth [read more]

  • happy kids

    When everyday life has other plans for you.

            This year my world changed drastically. I officially entered the phase of my life where I will be forever known as ‘school-mum’. No longer can I grab any old clothes out of my daughter’s drawers and toss them to her in-between throwing Weetbix in a bowl and realising we’re out of [read more]

  • cutting back kids screentime

    This is what it feels like to have a 4-year-old, a new baby and $236 in the bank.

              In 2007 my husband and I slowly lost every single cent we’d ever earned. The process took about two-and-a-half years. At first his business started to fail due to the GFC. We had to cut back, then when things didn’t improve the home we’d used as security for the business [read more]

  • Torah bright wins silver

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Torah Bright wins Australia’s first medal         Torah Bright has won Australia’s first medal at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The former Olympic champion won silver in the women’s half pipe this morning. For more read this post here. 2. Father shot after 12-year old boy dies A horrific incident last night [read more]

  • Miranda Kerr lingerie

    Fluff: Orlando Bloom moves out and moves from Miranda Kerr

    Famous people just never learn. They’re always forgetting to whisper when they’re talking about the private lives in public places. Newly single actor Orlando Bloom, 37, was just hanging with some buddies at a trendy club called Bodega Negra when he spoke at an audible level about moving out of the Tribeca apartment he shared [read more]

  • Lara Bingle Sam Worthington

    Fluff: Where the bloody hell are you going, Lara Bingle?

    Looks like Lara Bingle has ditched Sydney for New York. The model/reality TV star has confirmed she’s moving to NY, NY with her actor boyfriend, Sam Worthington. Which means no more sunny beach bikini photos on Instagram, and a whole bunch more blizzard shots from a New York winter. Bingle, 26, and Worthington, 37, have [read more]

  • childhood bipolar disorder

    Desperate Mum pleads for help with her uncontrollable son

    WARNING: This article deals with suicide and mental health, and may be distressing for some readers.           The first time her son said he was going to kill himself he was four-years old. “Mom, I’m gonna kill myself.” “I can’t take it anymore.” “ I just want to die. “ “I [read more]

  • Rachel Louise Simon Gittany

    6 signs your friend is in a relationship with a man like Simon Gittany.

          Nobody can stop talking about convicted killer Simon Gittany’s new girlfriend, Rachelle Louise. Gittany will spend the next 18 years in jail for the murder of his former partner, Lisa Harnum, whom he threw from a 15-story Sydney apartment. That’s 18 years without parole as punishment for taking a life. But that [read more]

  • 5 things bec sparrow

    BEC: This woman is more than brave.

            I want you to do something. I want you to look at a photo. And I want you to tell me what you see. I’ll give you a heads up before you scroll down. The photo is of a naked woman. Yep, naked. Still willing to look? Let me tell you [read more]

  • porn on phone on news

    Imagine if your phone’s entire search history was displayed on national TV.

    If you’re going to scroll through your phone history on live TV, you might want to double check there’s nothing embarrassing in there first. Nothing embarrassing like, oh, you know, all the porn sites you’ve bookmarked recently. A local Chicago news station was reporting on a new student-run website, and to demonstrate how easy it is [read more]

  • Shauna Anderson and her kids at home.

    “I stopped exercising 7 years ago because KIDS”

            I haven’t done a second of exercise in seven years. Seven years. It didn’t used to be like that. I used to run 12 km a day and I was fairly well known for doing back-to-back spin classes a few times a week. But then seven years ago I stopped. Seven [read more]

  • vacrdbacon

    13 non-gifts for Valentine’s Day haters.

    Is there any other day of the year that is more emotionally charged than Valentine’s Day? If you’re single, you hate the world. If you’re in a relationship, you hate your partner. Because even after we’ve agreed that Valentine’s Day is a commericalised ripoff, after eight hours of witnessing colleagues receiving flowers and a Facebook [read more]

  • alison-gold-shush-up-feature

    Another day, another overly-sexualised music video. Except this time the star is 11 yrs old.

        This is 11-year-old Alison Gold:     Alison Gold has just paid for and released her third song through producer Patrice Wilson. It’s called Shush Up, and there is no other way to describe it other than extremely, extremely disturbing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm9l4s4awUs From watching it a few times over, here’s what I think I’ve deciphered: [read more]