• Tina Fey

    WATCH: Terrible commercials really famous people starred in before they were famous.

    Looking at pictures of famous people before they were famous is always pretty interesting and mind-boggling exercise. But watching the terrible commercials famous people starred in before they were famous? Hilarious. In the below video Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Channing Tatum, Simon Pegg, and a super, super young Leonardo DiCaprio (just to name a few) [read more]

  • Missing man Nicholas Simmons found on front of newspaper

    Their son went missing and they found him on the front page of a newspaper

                To the millions of people who looked at the image over their morning coffee, he was just another homeless man. A face peering at them from the front of the newspaper. A man fending for himself against the harshest winter weather seen in over twenty years. But to his [read more]

  • Whaling Sea Shepherd

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Graphic footage of whale slaughter       Activists from Sea Shepherd Australia have released graphic images of the Japanese whaling fleet processing harpooned minke whales in waters south-east of Tasmania. Sea Shepherd Australia’s managing director, Jeff Hansen, said the International Whaling Commission’s Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary was being tainted by the illegal slaughter [read more]

  • Absolutely Fabulous movie

    Fluff: Sweetie, Darling. We have some Absolutely Fabulous news.

        Sweetie darling – do we have some news for you! Jennifer Saunders has finally come to the party and confirmed that there will be an Absolutely Fabulous movie. Champers for everyone, mwah, mwah. Co-star in the BCC sitcom, Joanna Lumley (Patsy) has been alluding to the much-loved TV show’s transition from small to [read more]

  • scott morrison

    Friends? We’d like you to send your tampons to the Minister for Immigration.

              Scott Morrison, Immigration Minister, is responsible for policies that degrade and humiliate refugee women in our detention centres. It has just been revealed that women are forced to ask guards for sanitary items and the tampons and pads are only doled out one or two at a time. This issue [read more]

  • Tragic.

    This story is the definition of resilience.

            Next February, it will be twenty years since I became a mother for the first time. I was 25 and living in Newcastle, far from home and newly married to an unpredictably violent man.  He hit me. Often. It hurt. Every time. He was 6ft 4″. I am 5ft 2″. He was cruel and I was suffering from an [read more]

  • jen selter instagram

    This woman’s bum has 1.5 million Instagram followers.

    Meet Jen Selter. Oh, sorry. That should’ve read ‘Meet Jen Selter’s bum’. Take a look:   Jen Selter’s bum is famous. Instagram famous, which is like, way better than regular famous according to anyone under 20 these days. Why is Jen Selter’s bum famous? That’s not entirely clear. The New York Post did a profile [read more]

  • Maysoon Zayid cerebral palsy

    Watch: “I got 99 problems and palsy is just one.”

    Maysoon Zayid isn’t your ordinary stand up comedian/actress/philanthropist. She is one of 17 million people worldwide living with cerebral palsy, a condition that has no known cure. But that doesn’t stop her, and that’s what makes her bloody awesome. In her recent TED talk, Maysoon describes herself as “Shakira meets Muhammad Ali – I shake all [read more]

  • Mamamia predicts all the news for 2014

    We predict the big news stories of 2014.

    See you 2013, and thanks for all the twerking! Now that we’ve read all the wrap stories (2013 in Instagram Photos; 2013 in JLaw gifs; 2013 in Beyonce Snapchats), it’s time to whip out the crystal ball and predict some of the newsiest news of 2014. January 8. Beyonce uses SnapChat to release a secret, [read more]

  • This is Run, Fat Bitch, Run.

    Run, fat bitch, run.

          Run, fat bitch, run. No, I haven’t taken up a new – and rather rude – mantra for exercising in 2014. I’m just repeating the name of a book that’s come onto the health and fitness radar in the last few days of the new year. Yes, it is actually called “Run [read more]

  • Senator Bernardi abortion

    This post is for all you women going off and having abortions willy nilly.

      A conservative Liberal politician from South Australia, Senator Cory Bernardi, is reported to have labelled the pro-choice movement as pro-death and labels abortion a death industry in his new book The Conservative Revolution. Senator Bernardi has written that women use abortion “as an abhorrent form of birth control.” In addition to abortions, his new [read more]

  • Ali Choudhry and Matthew Hynd

    This is a love story that shouldn’t have to end.

              Ali Choudhry and Matthew Hynd are a same-sex couple who have been together for four years in Australia. But the Australian government has denied the couple’s application for a partnership visa, and that means that next week, Choudhry will be deported to Pakistan. It is the country he was born [read more]

  • Drowning doesn't look like drowning

    Drowning doesn’t always look like drowning.

        The new captain jumped from the deck, fully dressed, and sprinted through the water. A former lifeguard, he kept his eyes on his victim as he headed straight for the couple swimming between their anchored sportfisher and the beach. “I think he thinks you’re drowning,” the husband said to his wife. They had [read more]

  • ship filled with cannibal rats

    After watching this 6-second video, you’ll never look at your pubic hair the same way again.

    This guy came across a random pile of pubic hair and decided to poke it. The pubic hair is not pubic hair. That will teach said man not to poke random piles of pubic hair. Because seriously – who sees random pubic hair and decides to touch it (other than someone hoping to make a [read more]

  • man with two penises

    A man born with two penises answers all your questions.

                Okay. So. Um. There’s no creative way to package this so we’re just going to tell it like it is and know that you’ll keep reading because there is literally nobody who wouldn’t want to keep reading this: A man in the US was born with two penises. He [read more]

  • mther and daughter

    Monday’s news in under 5 minutes

    1. Bali mother and daughter deaths       Investigators in Indonesia are looking into the meals consumed by Sunshine Coast mother and daughter Noelene and Yvana Bischoff. The pair, described as being like ‘best friends’ died within hours of each other on Saturday in Bali. Reports are focusing on the dinner they had eaten [read more]

  • Katy Perry

    And the first Photoshop victim of 2014 is…?

    1. The latest Photoshop victim is Katy Perry’s right hand. Katy Perry has been photoshopped so much in the past that the most recent incident took some examining to determine what exactly was wrong with the image. Flawless skin, tick, perfect body, tick, two arms and legs, tick. Wait, two arms… hang on – two [read more]

  • worst baby names

    Friends, this is why you should always type potential baby names into Urban Dictionary.

      In 2013 the most popular boy’s names were: 1. William 2. Jack 3. Oliver 4. Noah 5. Ethan 6. Thomas 7. Lucas 8. James 9. Cooper 10. Jackson/Jaxon Perhaps this is why, when an Alabama couple named their newborn son ‘Krimson Tyde’, it was met with a certain amount of surprise, backlash and ridicule. [read more]

  • baby forceps death

    Heartbreaking: this family alleges a forceps delivery crushed their baby’s skull and caused her death.

                For Rachel Melancon her first pregnancy was a dream. Her and her fiancé Allen Coats excited awaited the Christmas Day birth of their baby. As the pregnancy progressed they started to become concerned about the size of the baby. Rachel is petite – pre-pregnancy weighing just over 40 kilograms [read more]

  • coward punch

    SHARE: There is nothing noble about a ‘king hit’.

          If you’re like me, you’ve had a gutful of innocent people being ‘king hit’. In fact, Professor Gordian Fulde, Director of Emergency at Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, was quoted in The Sydney Morning Herald as saying that on some nights at least twice an hour they treat a patient who’s been knocked [read more]

  • Noelene and Yvana Bischoff

    News: An Australian mother and her daughter have died in Bali.

        A 54-year-old woman and her 14-year-old daughter who were on holiday in Bali have  died after a suspected case of food poisoning. Noelene Bischoff, a Sunshine Coast health professional, and her daughter Yvana checked into Padang Bai Beach Resort on Bali’s East Coast on Friday for a two-day holiday. The Resort Manager  Vanni Bareato, [read more]

  • jacqui mccallum, son, mother, party, love, working mum, returning to work

    The thing every mother fears when they go back to work post baby.

            From the day my baby boy was born I’ve second-guessed every decision I’ve made with regards to his wellbeing. While my confidence as a mother has definitely grown over the last 10 months, I am currently facing my biggest challenge yet – trying to balance the ‘mummy me’ with the ‘career-focused [read more]

  • Eating Disorder Recovery

    “How the voice inside my head became an eating disorder.”

      My friend *Liz was an easy going soul with the world at her feet. She lived a life to be envied, one filled with love, laughter and promise. That was until about a year ago when she succumbed to an eating disorder that almost robbed her of her family, happiness and sanity. This is her [read more]

  • woman knitting from vagina

    This woman is knitting from her vagina. Because ART.

    To finish up the year that was, we’re going to bring you the most popular 14 Mamamia posts of 2013. It’s like a countdown, an advent calendar of sorts, but one that gets your through the post-Christmas blur and into the new year. We’ve been lucky to have some truly wonderful writers join us to share [read more]


    When you accidently hurt someone else’s kid. Awkward much?

            I injured a friend’s child not so long ago. I belted a soccer ball into his face from about 2m away. Meet The Fockers Style. But worse. This kid was wearing glasses. To add insult to ….well, injury….. there was blood. His dad, a doctor, thought I had burst his septum [read more]

  • Danielle Wright

    Sunday’s news in under 2 minutes.

            UK police say they know who kidnapped Madeleine McCann.  UK police have revealed that they now believe thieves snatched Madeleine McCann from a Portuguese beach resort back in 2007, in a burglary ‘gone wrong’. Moreover, Scotland Yard believe they know who kidnapped the British four-year-old, after identifying and analysing the phone records of [read more]

  • Ke$ha

    CELEB NEWS: Ke$ha checks into rehab for eating disorder.

          Ke$ha seeking treatment for an eating disorder. Tik-Tok singer Ke$ha has reportedly checked herself into rehab for an eating disorder. In a statement to the media, the 26-year-old said: “I’m a crusader for being yourself and loving yourself, but I’ve found it hard to practice.” “I’ll be unavailable for the next 30 [read more]

  • angela brower

    PHOTOS: This is what domestic violence really looks like.

    Trigger Warning: This post contains graphic images of domestic violence, and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. READ THE FULL POST HERE. One woman has decided to try to help people understand how exceptionally serious domestic violence can be. 37-year-old Angela Brower, has shared graphic images of her battered face online, to help raise [read more]

  • brain maggots

    6 things to say when you’re faced with anti-vaccination rhetoric.

      To finish up the year that was, we’re going to bring you the 14 most popular Mamamia posts of 2013. It’s like a countdown, an advent calendar of sorts, but one that gets your through the post-Christmas blur and into the new year. We’ve been lucky to have some truly wonderful writers join us [read more]

  • trans, jay, on treatment, gender, gender reassignment

    “I’ve always felt like a boy – I’ve always been a boy – but I was born in the wrong body.” .

              I’m a typical bloke – deep voice, hairy chest and a few muscles I’m proud to show off in the right light. I look relatively well adjusted for my thirty years on the planet. And for the most part, I guess I am. But if you were to look a [read more]