• Derby Day Bachelorettes Chantelle and Sam

    Derby Day #drama for The Bachelor

                  Derby Day? I think you mean DRAMA DAY. Blake, the Bachelor, turned up to Derby Day today. He didn’t bring Louise as his date. But he did the next obvious thing: he brought her dad, Terry, as his date. That’s cool. Remember back when Bachie and Tezza had this hug [read more]

  • tim and anna derby 2

    Derby Day fashions 2014 – Black, white and celebs all over.

      Horses? What horses? We all know that Spring Racing Carnival is really about the fashion. The week has kicked off in style at Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne with Derby Day. The weather has started out a little grim with wind and rain greeting racegoers, but that hasn’t stopped Australia’s finest from looking, well, fine. It’s not [read more]

  • sex 2

    If the penis fits: The relationship compatibility factor most of us dismiss.

          By GEMMA ASKHAM They say love conquers all, but can it really conquer a penis and a vagina who refuse to get along? In my early 20s, I was in a relationship where the chemistry was like hairspray to a naked flame. We fitted in every area – shared professions, backgrounds, humour [read more]

  • taylor swift

    The best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2014.

                Well, folks. It’s that time of year again. When celebs go all out for Halloween making you want to bin the crappy set of devil horns you donned for your workplace’s Halloween lunch. [You can check out the MM Team’s efforts on Instagram – which involved a lot more gaffer [read more]

  • michelle levy missing girl

    White, cute and from ‘good homes': This is not what all missing kids look like. 

      By AMY STOCKWELL Last Saturday night, 11-year-old Michelle Levy went missing from her home in North Bondi. Family and friends searched local streets for her before her disappearance was reported to police and a land, air and sea search for her began. On Sunday, the nation was alerted. News reports were filled with images of [read more]

  • Mamamia Out Loud podcast

    On the podcast: Honey Boo Boo, Cool Girls, and Renee Zellwegger’s face.

            Should Mama June lose custody of Honey Boo Boo? How often do women lie to their partners and themselves to be a ‘Cool Girl’? Why did Renee Zellweger’s face dominate the global news cycle for a full week? This week on the Mamamia OutLoud podcast, I had Mia Freedman, Rosie Waterland [read more]

  • kids maths

    Adam Spencer wants to teach your kids to love maths.

            By ADAM SPENCER. Every week seems to bring another sad story about mathematics in Australia and especially women in mathematics. Falling rates of final years students doing maths, lower enrolments in physics at university and the truly bizarre and galling tampon ad that suggested the latest Libra product “absorbs more than [read more]

  • wreckage virgin 1

    Saturday’s news in less than five minutes.

    1. Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo crashes during test flight. US officials are investigating the crash of a Virgin Galactic spaceship yesterday in the Mojave Desert, California, which killed one pilot and injured another. SpaceShipTwo, which was reportedly trialling a new type of fuel, lost contact with ground controllers shortly after 10am local time.   It is [read more]

  • things you say to toddlers

    The 10 dumbest things I’ve said to my toddlers.

                By CHRISTINA ANTUS Since having kids, I tend to say things I’ve never said and do things I’ve never done. Being a mum has made me rattle off the dumbest questions and most pointless sentences of my life. Some so ridiculous that after I say it, I think to [read more]

  • sally fitzgibbons surfer

    Sport on Saturdays: Meet our next world champion surfer.

      In less than a month, one woman will be crowned as surfing’s world champion. The Association of Surfing Professionals World Championship Tour has been kicking on since March 2014. They’ve travelled across Australia – to the Gold Coast, Victoria and Western Australia – as well as Fiji, California, France, Portugal and Rio de Janeiro. [read more]

  • yumi stynes

    Yumi Stynes and her hair journey (with a little bit of Osher’s in there too).

    All around legend Yumi Stynes has spent almost 15 years in the public eye, first working as a host on Channel V, then expanding into writing, radio, social commentary and more. In that time, she’s learned more than a little about life, love and hair. In the video below she teaches us about the benefits [read more]

  • brittany and dan maynard

    Brittany Maynard’s right to die isn’t about choosing death, it’s about controlling her life.

          Trigger warning: This post deals with the themes of assisted death and suicide. If it brings up any issues for you, contact Lifeline:  131 114.   By JAMILA RIZVI. Brittany Maynard might die tomorrow. Or she might not. But regardless of whether her much publicised plan to die on 1 November 2014 [read more]

  • Sarah Harris

    Did this morning TV presenter just tell the world she’s pregnant?

          Pah. Pesky psychics. They’ll get the truth out of you. The totally marvellous Sarah Harris just possibly/maybe/most likely told her audience that she was expecting her first child, all because she was being pushed by a know-it-all sooth-sayer. Head to the 5-minute mark to see what went down: The Studio 10 host, who [read more]

  • Disney Ariel

    “Ariel and Elsa, this is how I wish my daughter saw you.”

    In my house, 2014 feels like it’s been sponsored by Disney. Frozen. Frozen. Frozen. We have Elsa costumes, we have the DVD on high-rotation. The CD’s playing in the car. We have Elsa and Anna action figures, we go to Frozen parties, we eat Frozen cake. The look on my daughter’s face here pretty much sums it up: [read more]

  • 5855136-16x9-340x191

    “What has happened to Nova Peris isn’t a sex scandal – it’s family violence.”

    By AMY STOCKWELL This week, an Australian newspaper appears to have become an accomplice in a campaign of family violence against a Senator. In publishing the most deeply personal elements of emails between Senator Nova Peris and Trinidadian athlete Ato Bolden, the NT News has compounded a violent act apparently designed to humiliate, coerce and manipulate the Senator in a dispute [read more]

  • theperfectbody

    More than 12,000 women want this ad to go away.

          So subtle. Images of women in advertising tell us every day what the “perfect body” looks like – and all too often, that means thin, tall, big-breasted, free of body hair, unblemished and white. But usually, the messages are slightly more subtle than Victoria’s Secret’s newest campaign, which features images of a bunch of [read more]

  • bac and ava

    “My daughter can be whatever she wants. As long as she’s not a teacher.”

              By REBECCA SPARROW This week my five-year-old pranced into the kitchen and announced she wanted to be a teacher. I winced. Actually I did more than that. As she twirled past me wearing her Wonder Woman cape and Dora The Explorer pajamas I thought, ‘Teaching? Oh God, I hope not.’ Why? It’s simple.  I [read more]

  • (Photo: Kimmy's Legacy)

    He lost his fiancé and gained a son on the same day.

          Update: The Queensland man whose fiancé died during childbirth earlier this month has called for more research into the condition that took her life. The ABC reports Wayde Kelly said he’s struggling to understand how his partner, Kymberlie Shepherd, could pass away so suddenly. “It’s rare and unexpected, but so is a snakebite but [read more]

  • cheater-feature

    There is now SCIENTIFIC PROOF: Once a cheater, always a cheater.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND A study has today revealed that if your current partner left somebody to be with you, they’re probably going to leave you to be with somebody else. So basically, science has finally proven what Rachel Green’s mum told her all those years ago:     And if the words ‘science’ [read more]

  • heyharvard

    This is what “street harassment” is like if you’re a man (hint: nothing like harassment.)

    Yesterday, a video went viral of a woman being harassed over 100 times as she walked the streets of New York City. Inspired by his girlfriend Shoshana Roberts, who told him about what was happening to her every day, video director Rob Bliss collaborated with not-for-profit  movement Hollaback to film her walking around for 10 hours — capturing the continuous verbal [read more]

  • activewear fashion

    How activewear is shaping fashion this summer.

        By ZOE LAWRENCE For me, activewear and fashion are one and the same. My wardrobe is full of it and I happily wear it – without shame – to any location and every occasion that calls for a casual dress code. Activewear is comfortable, practical and let’s face it, just downright fashionable and is [read more]

  • healthy hair tips

    6 steps to healthy hair that cost NOTHING.

          By JO ABI   It’s Spring Racing time and my hair is about to be styled to within an inch of its life for an extended period of time. Because there’s no point finding a fab dress, awesome shoes and semi-comfy shape wear unless your hair looks PERFECT. And that means: Blowdrying; [read more]

  • how happy are you

    How often do you sit down and try to work out how happy you are?

            By HELEN VNUK I was interviewing an actress a few months back, and I was asking her the usual questions about her life, when she suddenly turned the tables and started questioning me. “Are you happy?” she asked. “How has the past year been for you?” Put on the spot, I [read more]

  • 2014-10-31_10-27-3722

    Frockwatch: We have one big question about this outfit.

      By MAMAMIA STYLE Stuck for a Halloween outfit for tonight? Make like Miley and grab a roll of duct tape. Or, not. Miley Cyrus has just outdone Miley Cyrus and proved that it is totally acceptable to wear an outfit made of tape out in public. Actually, it’s the top of a very expensively-fabulous Tom Ford [read more]

  • Brittany

    29-year-old Brittany Maynard planned to end her life tomorrow. Now she’s changed her mind.

        Warning: This post deals with issues around assisted suicide and could be triggering for some readers. Update: Brittany Maynard the 29-year-old terminally ill woman who planned to take her own life this Saturday after a battle with terminal brain cancer has released a new video saying that she may or may not choose [read more]

  • Alanis Morissette haircut

    Alanis Morissette faked a sickie, and got caught out.

      Alanis. Alanis, Alanis, Alanis. Alanis Morissette pulled a fake sickie and got caught out. But it gets worse. She lied to a CHARITY. Alanis signed on to perform at a charity event. She was going to smash out some girl-power angsty vocals at the Fertile Futures benefit in Ottawa, an organisation that helps cancer [read more]

  • fairy-fire-feature

    Watch this girl accidentally destroy her Christmas present in 30 seconds.

            Oh to be a child at Christmas again. The magic in the air. The anticipation of the big day. The excitement at realising Santa has stopped by. The absolute devastation at watching your dream present slowly burn to ashes mere seconds after receiving it. That’s right. SLOWLY BURN TO ASHES. This poor [read more]