• triviahost2

    Deeply offensive remarks at primary school fundraiser divide the community.

    By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST The trivia night held by North Cottesloe Primary School on Friday was supposed to be a light-hearted, feelgood fundraiser. But some parents were left hurt and dismayed when the MC, Perth barrister Simon Watters, allegedly launched a homophobic, racist and sexist tirade — prompting booing from some portions of the crowd. “I’m not going to say ‘faggots,’ because [read more]

  • bride

    ‘Marriage pacts’ that actually worked out.

              “If we’re both single at 35…. “ For all those who have made a marriage pact over a few too many glasses of wine/champagne/tequila, we have some news for you. Turns out, marriage pacts aren’t just silly statements. Turns out, they become reality. At least for these lovely couples. When a Reddit [read more]

  • Tony Abbott

    A broken promise from the Government just affected 9 million people. You’re one of them.

    By MICHELLE GRATTAN The government today has finally secured the repeal of the mining tax, after agreeing to keep the schoolkids bonus and two measures for low income earners until after the 2016 election. As part of a deal with the Palmer United Party, the government’s promised move to increase the compulsory superannuation rate to [read more]

  • naked selfies

    “Why I take naked photos of myself.”

      By ANONYMOUS If a hacker broke into my phone today, here is what they would find: – Photographs of me making horrible faces; – Photographs of weird things I’ve seen on the street; – Photographs of my partner – on ferris wheel, on a boat, smiling over dinner; – Photographs of my thighs; – [read more]

  • Swing set disagreement

    It was just a typical day at the park. Then someone called the police.

    Children’s playgrounds are no strangers to arguments, but it’s normally the kids who are fighting. But yesterday afternoon police were called to a Sydney playground where two parents were locked in a heated conversation over a set of child swings. Sydney mother Elaine Stack took to Facebook after witnessing a man and woman arguing over whose [read more]

  • tubular sirens

    Is the fashion industry deliberately trying to alienate women? Certainly looks like it.

      By MIA FREEDMAN Here is an image that Australian designer label Manning Cartel believes will make you want to rush out and buy their clothes:   What. The. Actual. Now I like clothes very much. Very, very much. Too much it could be said. I buy way more clothes than the average woman. I [read more]

  • hamidpic

    Breaking: Manus Island claims another victim.

    A 24-year-old Iranian asylum seeker has been declared ‘brain dead’ after suffering septicaemia from an infection. Hamid Kehazaei had sought medical attention for days in detention after sustaining a cut to his foot, Refugee Action Coalition Sydney reports. On 27 August, Kehazaei was urgently medivacced from Manus Island to Brisbane and taken directly into intensive care in the Mater [read more]

  • Angelina Jolie wedding details

    How Brad Pitt honoured Angelina Jolie’s mother at their wedding.

            When Angelina Jolie walked down the aisle last weekend, she must have thought of her mother. The absence of The Mother of The Bride is always heartbreaking at a wedding. Jolie’s mother, Marcheline Bertrand, died in 2007 from ovarian cancer. But Brad Pitt found a beautiful way to honour Marcheline’s memory. He had [read more]

  • toilet-paper-feature

    Watch this guy lose it over people who never change the toilet roll.

              Will Reid was sick of telling his kids to change the toilet paper. Again and again, he would finish his business and reach to his left, only to find a bare toilet roll on the holder. He got sick of being left stranded on the toilet because of his kids’ laziness [read more]

  • Josefa dress

    How to rock a sleeveless dress at any age.

          By JOSEFA PETE Here’s the thing; the older I get the more of my body I seem to cover up. Sure part of this mindset is maturity and that I no longer want to run around in tiny skirts and crop tops, aka the era of my late teens. But part of [read more]

  • Katie Hopkins weight gain challenge

    Katie Hopkins gained 20 kilos to make a point about fat people.

        “Fat people are lazy and there is no excuse for obesity.” That’s what 39-year-old British former reality TV star and tabloid columnist, Katie Hopkins, believes. Hopkins wants so desperately to prove her point, that she deliberately put on 20 kilograms just so she could lose it publicly and show the world how ‘easy’ it is [read more]

  • BEST FRIENDS. Obviously.

    Open Post: What’s happening in your world?

        By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Friends! Welcome to another week of Mamamia’s Open Post. If you’re new here, Open Post is a weekly Mamamia tradition where we share what’s been happening in our lives. You can moan about what’s been bad, gloat about what’s been great —  and tell us (and your fellow Mamamia readers) what you need advice on right this [read more]

  • croptops

    How to wear a crop top when you are over the age of 12.

            By NICKY CHAMP I’m always excited about the spring fashion injections dropping in store. It’s a time when the rain and cool weather is coming to an end (c’mon Sydney), we’re embracing more colour and florals and we can retire the black opaques and long pants for another year. Except this year, [read more]

  • A kale smoothie looking deceptively cute.

    7 reasons why kale sucks.

            By ALISSA WARREN Can the kale-crush BE OVER? Please? For the past year or so, kale has crept it’s long, thin, crinkly, mouldy-coloured hand over the world. Normal, rational-thinking, well-educated humans have turned into ‘superfood’ craving monsters, eating it at every meal in solid and liquid form in a way reminiscent [read more]

  • oliver-cookie

    When Cookie Monster hosts the news, you watch the news.

            John Oliver? Check. Cookie Monster? Check. The news broadcast of your dreams? Check check check. Oliver and Cookie Monster teamed up as co-anchors for Sesame Street’s W-ORD News – bringing you ALL the latest breaking word stories. It’s amazing.     And if you thought that was good, the out-takes are [read more]

  • A video showing Steven Soltoff being beheaded was released overnight.

    Wednesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. ISIS beheads US journalist     The Islamic militant group ISIS has beheaded another American journalist – Steven Joel Sotloff, a freelance journalist who was abducted a year ago in Syria. In a video, made public overnight by a jihadist monitoring organisation, a masked man describes the act he is about to commit as [read more]

  • margot robbie new boyfriend

    Beautiful Australian actress has beautiful new boyfriend. 

      Remember Margot Robbie? The so-beautiful-it-should-be-illegal Australian actress who made her debut in Neighbours, before crossing over to Hollywood and doing that horribly successful movie Wolf of Wall Street? Here’s a refresher if you need one:   Well. Shockingly. The 24-year-old actress has been doing all kinds of normal things like going out with friends and getting [read more]

  • steven soltoff

    NEWS: ISIS beheads US journalist Steven Sotloff.

          Islamic militant group ISIS claims to have beheaded another American journalist – Steven Joel Sotloff, a freelance journalist who was abducted in August 2013 in Syria. In a video made public overnight by a jihadist monitoring organisation, a masked man dressed in black describes the act he is about to commit as retribution [read more]

  • weird vagina stories

    ROSIE: “It took me a really long time to find my vagina.”

              By ROSIE WATERLAND It took me a really long time to find my vagina. I got my period in Year 8, and didn’t manage to successfully insert a tampon until Year 11. Every month for four long years, I would head into the bathroom, hoist my foot up on the toilet, [read more]

  • There aren't many surfaces you can't vacuum...

    “I would argue traditional marriage… was a form of prostitution.”

            By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Jane Caro is a well-respected, Australia-based feminist author, journalist and social commentator. She’s also making headlines across the country today. Last night on national television, she compared marriage to prostitution. Appearing on the ABC’s Q&A program, Caro was asked a question about prostitution as a career choice following the publicity surrounding the [read more]

  • JLAW

    This isn’t just about nude celebrities. It’s about women.

          By MAMAMIA TEAM Yesterday, the privacy of 101 famous women was violated in a depraved way that we’ve never before seen on this scale. Their phones were hacked and their intimate photos and videos were stolen. The headlines have been about J-Law whose photos were immediately released by the hacker who also [read more]

  • hacking photos online

    An expert explains how someone can access your deleted photos.

          After you heard about those photos of Jennifer Lawrence, did your mind cast back to your photo folder? If you have or have ever taken nude photos of yourself, there are a few things you need to know about how protected you are. According to the experts, there’s no such thing as [read more]

  • Kylie Ladd

    “The ‘experts’ can take a backseat. My 11 y/o’s on social media and I’m fine with that.”

            By KYLIE LADD Recently, my daughter’s primary school held a cyber-safety session aimed at grades three to six. The children were taken into the school hall and introduced to the visiting expert, a middle-aged woman who immediately asked those who used any form of social media to stand up while the [read more]

  • mad monday

    How not to be offensive at fancy dress parties: An Official Guide.

        Another day, another clueless and offensive fancy dress costume hits the news. This time it was a couple of AFL players dressed up as convicted paedophile Rolf Harris and one of his young victims. Because, you know, paedophilia is obviously hilarious: Shocking? Yes. Offensive? Yes. Unusual? Not even close. It’s depressing to admit, but [read more]

  • Brad and Angelina wedding photos

    First photos of Brad and Angelina’s wedding.

    $20 million or more. That’s how much news outlets are presuming the first pictures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s wedding cost People and Hello magazine’s. And according to sources, the pair, along with Getty images, plan on donating the fee to their charity the Jolie- Pitt foundation. Because they are awesome humans, obviously. But that’s not all. Those [read more]

  • Robin Bailey (image via 97.3 FM

    Tragic news for Robin Bailey.

        It’s been reported today that radio host Robin Bailey’s husband Tony Smart has tragically taken his own life after battling depression for many years. The couple have three sons aged 14, 12 and 10. A spokesperson for the Australian Radio Network said in a statement: “Yesterday we were saddened by the terrible news that [read more]

  • Fathers day

    The Find: 9 last minute Father’s Day gift ideas.

      By NICKY CHAMP Men are the worst to buy presents for, there I said it. There’s no other time of year this is more obvious than Father’s Day. Typical gift guides offer no help, especially if your dad doesn’t drink scotch, appreciate novelty socks or want a mini golf/pool set for his desk. And [read more]

  • Dave and Erica on their wedding day. (Photo: Facebook)

    Dave lost his new wife, and his photos of her. Then a beautiful thing happened.

          Erica Werdel looked radiant when, at 28, she married her long-term partner Dave Lacey. But if you look past Erica’s proud grin and delicate tulle veil in the wedding photos, you can just about make out the flesh-coloured bandage on her arm. That bandage concealed a portacath for her chemotherapy. You see, Erica was diagnosed with large B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma just days before [read more]

  • house in hands

    You can find out your credit score online now.

            What’s your credit score? If you — like most Australians – have no idea, this newly-launched website was made for you. GetCreditScore.com.au, launched today, allows consumers to check their credit history — and provides them with a ranking from zero to 1200, with higher scores indicating higher creditworthiness. The idea? To give consumers a realistic [read more]

  • Sonny Blake video

    Sonny Blake speaks out for the first time about being a famous baby.

      SONNY BLAKE TELLS ALL. The tiny famous son of Hamish Blake and Zoe Foster Blake has released a tell-all video about his life as a tiny famous baby. Look, it’s revealing. We have not had an official response from the family, but the allegations are pretty serious. And for more pictures of this adorable [read more]