• ISIS demanded a $132 million ransom in the days before it executed Foley.

    Friday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. James Foley ransom         The GlobalPost – one of the news outlets James Foley worked for – has said that ISIS demanded a $132 million ransom in the days before it executed Foley. GlobalPost CEO Philip Balboni confirmed the demand was made. Meanwhile it has been reported that U.S. Special Operations [read more]


    Great news at last: A miraculous day for two Ebola patients.

      By SHAUNA ANDERSON In amazing news two American Ebola patients have done the unthinkable and survived – being discharged from the hospital they were being treated at in the US. Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol, an American Doctor and aid worker were infected with the deadly Ebola virus in Africa in Liberia where [read more]

  • father poisoned daughter

    Congratulations to this Aussie supermodel and her billionaire hubbie.

    Australian model Kristy Hinze Clarke has given birth to a baby girl, Harper. The 34-year-old former Project Runway host – who is married to 67-year-old billionaire Jim Clark- made the announcement over Twitter.               Kristy had her baby in New York with her husband at her side. Her Australian [read more]

  • the-bachelor-2014

    GASP! A contestant just shoved her rose back in the Bachelor’s face. DRAMA.

            By ROSIE WATERLAND Well, order has officially been restored to the earth and all feels right in the depths of my soul. We finally open on Bachie Wiggum thinking about life and love the only way he knows how: Doing sit-ups. Shirtless. On a cliff-top. At sunset. Looking out at the [read more]

  • perfect mother and housewife

    How To Be The Perfect Mother. Commit this to memory, ladies.

            By LYZ LENZ. In order to be the perfect mother, you must do absolutely everything you can for your child. But not everything because if you do, then you are setting them up for failure in life and ruining the future of the world. Of course, if you don’t do everything [read more]

  • Love your lines

    Why hundreds of women are sharing photos of their stretch marks on social media.

      It takes courage to pose for a photograph that reveals a private part of yourself. So why have so many women joined a campaign that focuses on their stretch marks? To inspire others, of course! And we can see why. More than 24, 000 people have shared this gallery celebrating stretch marks and post-baby bodies created [read more]

  • some good news

    Help us remember that the world can be a beautiful place.

      There have been some truly harrowing stories in the news lately; enough to make a person feel like evil and sadness are taking over. We get that, we really do. We cover some excruciatingly sad stories each day. And does feel like there are more than ever. Of course it’s important to know what’s happening in the [read more]

  • Daily Telegraph

    Dear Newspaper Editors, what should I tell my kids who have questions about this?

          By SHAUNA ANDERSON This morning my seven-year-old son asked me the most uncomfortable question I’ve ever been asked as a parent. As he stood dressed in his green and gold school uniform, he looked up at me with his dark eyes and asked me why the black ninja was trying to cut the bald [read more]

  • what is the als ice bucket challenge

    Is this 26-year-old man’s life worth saving?

          Anthony is 26 years old and he’s just been diagnosed with what we call Motor Neurone Disease. Already, his fingers fumble when he’s trying to do up the buttons on his shirt. His hands shake and stiffen as he tries to brush his teeth. And he knows what’s coming because he’s seen [read more]

  • Professional bridesmaid

    ‘Always the bridesmaid, never the bride’ has never been more fitting.

      We’ve heard of couples hiring wedding venues, celebrants and fancy cars for their big days… But never before have we heard of brides hiring a bridesmaid. But that doesn’t mean no one ever will, right? Especially now that “professional bridesmaids” are offering their services. A few weeks ago, a 26-year-old US woman named Jen Glantz [read more]

  • ALP leader Bill Shorten.

    Bill Shorten says he was the Labor figure investigated for sexual assault.

              Labor leader Bill Shorten has revealed he was investigated for an alleged sexual assault that occurred in the 1980s. The Opposition Leader denied any wrongdoing, saying there was “absolutely no basis for the claim”. “I will not go into the details, except to say that the allegation was untrue and abhorrent,” he said. [read more]

  • Man stuck in high chair

    An adult stuck in a child’s high chair: Proof the human race has hit peak stupidity.

      Humans have done some pretty neat things in our time. Discovering electricity. Inventing airplanes. Nutella. Apparently our genius is capped though and now we have to find other ways to fill our time…  like trying to fit into a child’s high chair. For no other reason than “because he could”, this adult male managed to fit into [read more]

  • is quitting sugar dangerous

    KATE: Eating clean isn’t about health anymore. It’s about shame.

            By KATE LEAVER   Eating clean isn’t about health anymore. It’s about discipline and shame. Celebrity-endorsed eating plans like Sarah Wilson’s “I Quit Sugar” series and Pete Evans’ “The Paleo Way” are not diets. They’re cult-like groups that thrive on a culture of fear around food rather than realistic wellbeing. At various times in my [read more]

  • Dora and friends

    Dora the Explorer grows up. Possibly turns into baby Carrie Bradshaw.

      By MELISSA HUGZILLA Meet the new Dora the Explorer. She’s had a makeover. Gone is the gender-ambiguous seven year old tomboy with bowl cut and boots, replaced by a lean tweenage girl with sleek accessories and a bouncy mane of shampoo-commercial hair. Gone is the trusty paper map and the purple backpack, replaced by [read more]

  • the-bachelor-2014

    Ew. A girl just got booted off The Bachelor for not being maternal enough.

                    By ROSIE WATERLAND Well, this is the third episode in a row we haven’t opened on Bachie doing an every day thing minus his shirt. I was really looking forward to some contemplative working out/beach gazing/basketballing/getting ready for a business day because he is a business man [read more]

  • Shauna and Jasper 1

    Seven things a midwife wants you to know.

              By SHAUNA ANDERSON When I had my first baby I was busy. I was working an “important job in TV land.” I was dedicated, I was committed, and I was focused. Pregnancy was just a sideline. Morning sickness – I could overcome. Pre-natal classes – you must be kidding I [read more]

  • Jamila Rizvi

    Mamamia editor Jamila Rizvi takes us for a drive in her car.

              Have you ever met a woman who hasn’t apologised for the state of her car before you step into it? We definitely haven’t. It’s often said that a woman’s car is just an extension of her handbag. And just like a handbag, you can tell a lot about a person by what’s [read more]

  • Paper's decided to publish pictures of James Foley just minutes before his death.

    Don’t share photos of the moment James Wright Foley died. Share this.

            Update: The family of executed journalist James Foley has spoken about his brave and compassionate nature. His mother, Diane Foley, said outside her family home in New Hampshire: “Jim was very loved, very proud to be a journalist.” “He had such courage… He had incredible heart, and he always cared about people who [read more]

  • teens

    She’s only 18. And if she were your daughter, you’d be outraged too.

            By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Warning: Details in this post are quite distressing and could be triggering for some readers.  She endured an unthinkable trauma that left her suicidal. What she needed was compassion and immediate action – but what she received was slow, unsympathetic mistreatment by the authorities who were supposed to act in her interests. According [read more]

  • Zac Efron Michelle Rodriguez break up

    Is this the shortest celebrity romance ever?

        Actually, let’s be fair about this. Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez were sporadically making out for a whole two months. It might be a very short relationship according to real people and also the passage of time, but for celebrities? We don’t know, maybe that’s long term. It all began on this Italian [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video The best baton twirler we have ever seen. - Mamamia

    Three seconds into this video, your jaw will be on the floor.

      Her name is Kairi Mori.  She’s a 10-year-old girl from Japan. And… give her a medal already. Check this out:  

  • facebook messenger 2

    How to get around downloading the Facebook Messenger app.

          If you have Facebook on your phone, and you have tried to check your messages recently, you will have been asked to download Facebook Messenger. For some apparently irritating reason, Facebook has decided that users can no longer reply to their private messages using the Facebook app. Instead, Facebook-users are now being forced to [read more]

  • marriage

    10 things nobody tells you about getting married.

            By SHERYL PAUL If we offered couples an instruction manual to help contextualise and normalise the challenges that arise in any intimate partnership, I can only imagine how different our divorce rate would be. When we don’t understand what’s normal, it’s easy to assume there’s something wrong with us, our partner, or our [read more]

  • Who's doing the homework now?

    Good news for parents whose kids refuse to do their homework.

    Here’s some news your children will love: Homework has almost no academic benefits for primary school students. At least, that’s what an inquiry in Victoria has claimed in a report published today. The Herald Sun reports The Victorian Parliament’s Education and Training Committee found that there was “strong evidence” that homework at  primary-level had little impact on academic performance. The [read more]

  • Bachelor contestant Ali

    Last year’s Bachelor contestant Ali is back. With a song.

            ALI’S BACK SHE’S BACK. Remember Alison Outjen? The “runner-up” in the contest to win last year’s Chiropractor Muscle Bachelor, Tim Robards’ heart? Well. She’s been working on something real special and she’s just about ready to reveal it. It’s a song. It’s a love song. A song about love written by [read more]

  • Sofia Vergara

    Sofia Vergara is a stone cold genius.

        Is Sofia Vergara engaged to that guy? Joe Man-hunk-alo? Is that his name? She’s wearing a big old sparkler on her special engagement finger, as you can see here: Sofia Vergara is not engaged to Joe Man-hunk-erino-ello. She just pranked the entire world to promote her own jewellery line. You can see it [read more]

  • Paper's decided to publish pictures of James Foley just minutes before his death.

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Parents of James Foley speak         The father, mother and brother of US journalist James Foley have spoken to the media saying how proud of him they were. “We just pray that Jim’s death can bring our country together in a stronger way,” his mother Diane said. His father said that James [read more]

  • Gwyneth Paltrow ice bucket

    Gwyneth Paltrow nominates Chris Martin in the prank taking over Hollywood.

        Gwyneth Paltrow, standing in a bikini, getting a bucket of ice-cold water dropped on her head, saying the name of her consciously uncoupled ex-husband Chris Martin. The woman doesn’t have to do much to make worldwide news. Here she is, doing exactly that thing that we just described. AND BY THE WAY The [read more]

  • Shaun Zagar and Kaleb and Zara

    He took three lives and received less than two years jail. It is time to demand justice for this family.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON       It was June 4 2013. Shaun Zagar and his two kids, six-year-old Kaleb and five-year-old Zara were stopped in their car at the school bus stop. It was the day before Kaleb’s 7th birthday. Can you imagine the excitement the little boy would have been feeling? Safe. In his [read more]

  • reggie bird

    Remember Reggie from Big Brother? Her son is sick, and she needs your help.

            Remember Reggie from Big Brother? She’s the wonderful women who won Big Brother (and Australia’s heart) back in 2003. These days, Reggie is a single mum to Mia, 6, and Lucas, 4. Sadly, Reggie is also legally blind and lives on a disability pension and she’s struggling to raise funds to support her son Lucas, [read more]