• georgeandamaledited

    BEC: George and Amal just proved it’s worth waiting for the right person.

            By REBECCA SPARROW This past weekend George Clooney gave all of us a lesson in love. And it’s possible we missed it. It’s possible that amongst all the swooning over luscious designer gowns and Armani suits and Venetian canals and tequila and hang-on-was-that-Emily-Blunt-on-that-gondola? – we missed it.   We missed the real [read more]

  • unveiled thought 2

    ‘I’m a Muslim woman living in Australia and I’m scared.’

            By AMNE ALRIFAI The past 10 days have left me numb. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say that since the terror raids began, we’ve been overloaded with talk of ISIS-sanctioned beheadings and threats of terrorism on our country. As an Australian Muslim, I’m mortified about the possibility of [read more]

  • lisa-wilkinson

    Lisa Wilkinson raised eyebrows at the Dally M Awards. And not for the reason you’d think.

            Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson, who is married to former-Wallaby-turned-author Peter FitzSimons, sparked controversy at the Dally M awards last night. “Forget magazine editor. Forget Today Show host. I am a WAG,” she reportedly told reporters. “Why would you not want to own that? If you can bag yourself a footballer, [read more]

  • Pete Evans

    Celebrity chef claims Paleo Diet will prevent autism.

              Pete Evans is pissed. The celebrity chef – best-known for his starring role as judge on My Kitchen Rules – has published a 2100-word rant against two of Australia’s leading and most-trusted nutritional organisations: the Heart Foundation, and the Dietitians Association of Australia. Evans – who recently gained himself a [read more]

  • Bachelor Spoiler

    Bachelor finalist posts ring selfie. We all LOSE OUR MINDS.

    Everyone breathe. The Bachelor final is on this week, and things are getting crazy. And now, “the media” have come across a photo of finalist Louise wearing AN ENGAGEMENT RING. The world went into a spin. But. It was taken in 2013. Oh. Apparently, Louise took a selfie and posted it on her Facebook account in August 2013, [read more]

  • If you aren’t capable of having this conversation, you shouldn’t be having sex.

      By ROSIE WATERLAND There is a new app called Good2Go. The creators of the app say that it is ‘a simple sexual consent mobile phone app’. So, basically, ‘Good2Go’ is a euphemism for sex, and the app is a way for people to find out if they want to bone each other without having to [read more]

  • Fiona-O-Loughlin-2

    BERN: “Bravo, Fiona O’Loughlin.”

            Editor’s note: This post deals with suicide. Some readers may find this article triggering. BY BERN MORLEY I’m not an alcoholic but I am the daughter of one. So, watching Australian Story last night about Fiona O’Loughlin’s struggle with alcohol and subsequent suicide attempt, was quite confronting. Fiona O’Loughlin is a brilliant Australian [read more]

  • viral letter to emma watson

    Teenage boy writes perfect letter to Emma Watson.

              Well, this is refreshing. A 15-year-old boy from Britain has penned a mature and eloquent letter, defending Emma Watson’s gender equality speech to the United Nations. In the face of the vitriol directed at Watson last week, it’s nice to see a young man proudly declare that feminism is on his radar. And something [read more]

  • george and amal wedding people magazine

    First pictures of George and Amal’s actual wedding.

    This is it, guys. FINALLY. We have photos of the outfit worn by Amal Alamuddin in her wedding ceremony to George Clooney. Until now we’ve only seen photos of all the other spectacular designer outfits worn by Amal during the four-day wedding celebrations. But this is the actual wedding dress. THIS IS NOT A DRILL. [read more]

  • boob-cam-feature

    She wore a hidden bra camera. Guess how many people she caught staring at her breasts?

    A camera attached to a woman’s bra recorded 36 people – including a mesmerised baby – staring at her breasts in one day. To be fair, she was basically just wearing a bra and an unzipped sweater. But still. When they’re looking straight at your boobs, 36 sure seems like a lot of people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gr1OJbidw8 [read more]

  • Pixie Curtis LA trip

    3-year-old Pixie Curtis is FABULOUS in LA.

        Pixie Curtis is doing LA, dahling. At the ripe old age of 3. While most 3-year-olds are concerned with trivial matters like tying shoelaces and mastering the actions to Incy Wincy Spider, Pixie is sipping mocktails and strolling Rodeo Drive (literally… she’s in a stroller). If you are wondering who this fancy toddler [read more]

  • Wedding pants. WEDDING PANTS! (Photo: PIERRE TEYSSOT/AFP/Getty Images)

    IN PICTURES: Feeling inspired by Amal’s Amazing Wedding Pants? So are we.

      By NICKY CHAMP I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin’s wedding took place this weekend in Venice, Italy. Of course, I’m being sarcastic, because I’m guessing your news feed has also been cluttered with images of the stunning designer frocks worn by Amal too. Not that I’m complaining, it’s [read more]

  • Tony Abbott

    Tony Abbott names top 4 global crisis. Forgets the whole ‘climate change’ caper.

          By ALYS GAGNON Last week was a pretty big week for climate change on the world stage. The United Nations held a Climate Summit, where the leaders of the world came together to plan how to tackle climate change. It was a summit that Prime Minister Tony Abbott failed to attend. He [read more]

  • Nicole Kidman speaks about father

    Nicole: “We are all heartbroken.”

      Nicole Kidman has broken her silence following her father’s death earlier this month. The actress took to Facebook this morning to express her (and husband Keith Urban’s) gratitude for the support received from fans.   Nicole’s father, Dr Antony Kidman, died of a suspected heart attack when visiting daughter Antonia in Singapore on September [read more]

  • Holly and her son Billy.

    “This time every year, the world is full of men I don’t want my son to grow up to be.”

    By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT I don’t want to shock you. But. There was a stripper at the Grand Final yesterday. Not a streaker – the kind of nudity we’re happy to laugh of as harmless hijinks – but a woman apparently paid to take her clothes off for a corporate crowd in a fancy box. Because [read more]

  • revengeporn2

    When home-made porn is used as a weapon.

      Dividing all your jointly-owned property after a relationship breakdown is never fun: debates about who keeps the coffee table, or the white goods, or the dog. But there’s one issue that’s a little scarier when it comes to dividing property post-break-up: what happens to those nude photos you took together? For a lot of women, saucy photos taken in more intimate times are [read more]

  • You can do it.

    3 easy ways to actually achieve all the life goals you set.

              By NAT HAWK You know what’s nice? Having a goal. Everyone needs a goal – whether it’s a big one or a small one – to keep them moving along this road that is life. You know what’s not so nice? Failing to achieve any of the goals that you [read more]

  • allergic reaction

    “I had no idea that my son was being cyber bullied.”

              By JO ABI I grew up playing lots of video games, so when my boys started playing them, I didn’t think of it as a huge deal. Philip is 10 and is a total and complete Minecraft addict. He has it on our PC, on his iPod and on our [read more]

  • daily habit

    The one thing you do every day that’s costing over $1,200 a year.

              By ZOE LAWRENCE A year ago, I stopped buying coffee. Not because I don’t like it. There are few things I love more than a really decent flat white on a weekday morning. But my daily coffee started to become so much more than coffee. It was my crutch; the [read more]

  • court and jules kissing booth

    “Condoms helped my lesbian relationship. Who would’ve thought?”

              By COURTNEY BECK I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Who would have thought that a condom company could positively influence a lesbian relationship? Well, it happened and here’s how. Over a month ago, my partner Jules and I signed up for the Durex 30 Nights Of Nookie [read more]

  • "But far from repairing anything, this destroys."

    A newspaper has dedicated an entire page to this hateful ad.

    A newspaper in the US has published a full-page ad targeting transgender people. Anti-LGBT group The Minnesota Child Protection League bought the ad, which directly addresses parents, in the Sunday Star Tribune. The ad says: “A male wants to shower next to your 14 year old daughter. Are you okay with that?” The ad. The [read more]

  • Isis  and her family.

    This 8 y/o girl’s name is ruining her family’s life.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON       Eight-year-old Isis Leskien has spent her whole life believing her name is beautiful and unique. Her parents carefully chose her name from the ancient Egyptian god of magic for its representation of strength. These days however the name Isis has other connotations – of terror and fear. Of beheadings, [read more]

  • phones on planes

    Woman has drunken meltdown on plane. Someone live-tweets the whole thing.

        A woman in the US found herself on a flight from hell yesterday – sitting behind a passenger who was drunk and, to be honest, a little crazy. Ryan Case (who is a director on TV’s Modern Family) was travelling on a flight from New York to Los Angeles, when the woman in [read more]

  • Protests yesterday on Nauru.

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

      1. Accusations of sexual abuse and rape on Nauru Warning this item deals with sexual abuse and may be distressing for some readers.       Horrifying claims of sexual abuse of women and children by guards has emerged from the detention centre on Nauru. Fairfax Media reports that a female detainee detailed allegations [read more]

  • Video thumbnail for youtube video #NotAnotherChild: the campaign fighting against child abuse

    More Aussie kids are living away from home for their own protection than ever before.

            By DANI COLVIN More Australian children are living away from home for their own protection than ever before.  The number has doubled in the past 10 years. Tonight, more than 40,500 children won’t be able to sleep in their own beds because it not safe for them to do so. It’s [read more]

  • A Current Affair bullying story

    Why a mother told her daughter’s horrific story on national television.

      By KATE LEAVER This is what bravery looks like. A mother who refuses to stay quiet when her baby girl is savagely bullied. A mother who wants all kids to go to school without fear. A mother who makes the decision to tell her daughter’s traumatic story on national television. On tonight’s episode of A Current Affair, mother Julie* told host [read more]

  • jodi and braithe

    Dally M Awards RED CARPET 2014.

    EVERYONE STOP. The Dally Ms are on tonight, and there are dresses to behold. If you just said “huh?”, then you should know that the Dally Ms are the Rugby League equivalent of the AFL Brownlow Awards. Basically, there are medals, there are kudos to the most valuable players, but most importantly: There are dresses. Pretty, [read more]

  • Kate Leaney.

    This non-Muslim woman is wearing a headscarf for all the right reasons.

          By ALYS GAGNON In many ways, Kate Leaney is a pretty average 27-year-old Australian woman. She lives in Adelaide, holds down a full-time job, hangs out with friends and messes around on her social media in her quiet moments. But last week was quite different for Kate for one big reason. Despite [read more]

  • rosie-waterland-photo

    ROSIE: If you broadcast your love on Facebook, YOUR LOVE IS A SHAM.

          By ROSIE WATERLAND A very sciencey-type science study is making the internet rounds today, because it finally offers definitive proof for the very important thing that everybody knows to be true: The more you bang on about your relationship on Facebook, the shittier your relationship probably is. Or, to put it the technical [read more]

  • Mohamed El-

    What made this man give up $100million a year?

        By HOLLY WAINWRIGHT Picture this: You’re feeling tired and crabby with your kids. You yell at your daughter to hurry up and brush her teeth, and no matter how loudly you shout, or how serious you make that tone, she refuses to do it. When you push her on why she’s ignoring you, the 10-year-old disappears [read more]

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