• Sylvia Jeffreys

    Sylvia Jeffreys speaks about the murder of her friend.

      This morning, a very brave Sylvia Jeffreys spoke about the loss of a dear friend who was murdered two years ago as a consequence of a violent relationship. As the 28-year-old Today Show presenter discussed White Ribbon Day, she shared a very personal story about her close relationship to Rachelle Yeo and the issue [read more]

  • babydrainpic

    See the moment a baby was rescued from a Sydney drain.

    The first pictures have emerged from the moment a newborn baby was rescued from a 2.4m-deep drain in western Sydney. It took six men including three police officers to lift the concrete slab covering the drain, which weighed over 200kg. Underneath, they found the newborn baby wrapped in a hospital blanket, with a peg still attached [read more]

  • Jennifer Lawrence video overlay

    A video of Jennifer Lawrence singing in a Shakespeare play at age 14.

      You may have noticed, we could talk about Jennifer Lawrence even if we were underwater with a mouthful of marbles. She’s fun. She’s daggy. She trips over while she’s accepting awards. And now, we’ve seen what she was like as a young teen-aged actress. CNN played one of their classic “Never-Before-Seen-Videos” (we reckon someone had [read more]

  • Gelato

    This is what it’s like to be overweight in public.

    In 2010 a photographer named Haley Morris-Cafiero set up a camera to take a self-portrait in Times Square. She isn’t the first person to take a picture of herself in the iconic location nor will she be the last, but something about this picture was different. Haley captured an attitude, written on the face of [read more]

  • roguebride

    Watch this wedding celebrant completely mess up a couple’s ceremony.

        The wedding celebrant forgets his lines, loses the rings, and calls the groom by the bride’s name. It sounds like a segment from a dodgy Hollywood rom-com, but these are just some of the mistakes made in this real-life footage of a wedding ceremony. The Toronto Star reports the couple – Casey and Jessica [read more]

  • jana pittman overlay

    Beautiful news for this Australian Olympian.

            Jana Pittman has revealed she is four months pregnant after undergoing IVF treatment to have her second child. But the story doesn’t stop there. Soon after deciding to go ahead with a sperm donor, Jana met the love of her life – a man called James Gurr. “With James beside me, [read more]

  • admin-ajax (2)

    Tuesday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Dumped baby allowed to be named by mother     The newborn baby dumped by his mother in a drain near the M7 at Quakers Hill has been named by his mother. News Limited reports that the woman, of Pacific Island decent has been allowed to name the baby that she left in a [read more]

  • The mother was obsessed with thought the baby had dwarfism.

    Did this mother kill her baby? Or was it a tragic mistake brought on by a terrible illness?

          It was a typical suburban scene – a mother lovingly bathing her six-month old. The bathroom had rubber ducks, a purple chair. Laid out beside the clean towels was a jumpsuit neatly folded and ready to be worn by the baby girl. The tepid bath – about 11 centimetres full held a foam [read more]

  • Sex-Worker3

    She agreed to have sex with him. But this man may still be guilty of rape.

            By NINA FUNNELL Earlier today in the ACT Supreme Court, a 51-year-old man pleaded guilty to one count of sexual intercourse without consent. His plea came after having sex with a sex-worker in the knowledge that she was not giving full and informed consent at the time. Why? Because she only gave [read more]

  • 467762855

    These are 24 of my greatest parenting fails.

            By JO ABI I had a grand vision of what kind of mother I’d be. I’d be firm but fair, steering my children with a perfect blend of wisdom and love. I’d be organised, supportive and, well, perfect really. I never expected to be the kind of mum whose children regularly [read more]

  • AA038389

    8 conversations to shake up your next dinner party.

              By JACQUI PORTER Well, the party season is almost upon us (happy dance!) Prepare yourself for masses of good food, yummy wine and catching up with friends. But what happens if you’re at a party where the guests don’t know each other that well and the convo is, well, a [read more]

  • hair scream

    5 ways your hair affects your mood.

              By CYNTHIA PIERCE When I was in high school, my best friend used to dread the days I arrived wearing my hair out. For some reason it put me in a bad mood, but I didn’t make the connection until she’d finally had enough and cracked it one day when [read more]

  • baby-found-in-a-drain-in-sydney

    Let’s celebrate a little fighter: Against all odds, the baby dumped in a drain has survived.

          Just 24 hours into his precious life, a newborn boy was tossed under a thick slab of cement by the side of a freeway, where he fell 2.4 metres to the ground. The baby is alive. He’s alive. Just 24 hours into his precious life, a newborn boy was tossed under a thick slab of cement by the side of [read more]

  • kids birthday parties

    “The top 7 things about your child’s OTT birthday party that piss me off.”

            I’m not sure why anyone actually thinks I want to attend their child’s party.  I’m a little too old for pass the parcel. But the fact is, I was a little put out when my son got a birthday invitation that didn’t specifically include my name – just his. The party [read more]

  • 2014 American Music Awards - Arrivals

    The American Music Awards: Where the fashion is as questionable as the songs.

    Sshhh. Listen really hard. Can you hear that? Clicking of cameras. Drumming of high heels. Shallow breaths because dresses are so tight they don’t allow deep-breathing. It’s the sound of celebrities walking the red carpet. The 2014 American Music Awards have started, and all the top musicians are there. Taylor Swift is performing (may even [read more]

  • The woman has the nasty note stuck to her door.

    This note was pinned to her door. “You disgust me. Cover up”

            By SHAUNA ANDERSON     You ready for this, because it is going to make you want to scream. Scream obsecenties, slam your keyboard in fury and shake your fist towards the heavens (cause that’s what angry people do don’t they?) Well shake both fists folks cause this one is a [read more]

  • Vagina or vulva? Which word is correct?

    The world is searching for a new word for female masturbation.

      Today we’re going to talk about female masturbation. Don’t blush – later some of us might even do some female masturbation. But something in those sentences doesn’t sound quite right…  It’s not the act itself – which, I think we all agree, is oh-oh-oh so great. (Sorry, that was terrible but as if you wouldn’t [read more]

  • family after birth

    Sex in the delivery room: Yes it happens, and more regularly than you’d think.

    A cleaner in a Bristol hospital complained to her bosses after walking in on a heavily pregnant woman having sex with her partner on the ward, while waiting to have her baby induced. As you do. The worker decided to investigate when she heard moaning coming from the woman’s room and was surprised to discover [read more]

  • brian henderson cancer

    Sad news: Brian Henderson is battling cancer for the fourth time.

                Television legend Brian Henderson has revealed that he is battling throat cancer, 9NEWS reports. The former 9NEWS anchor – who has already survived bowel, prostate and skin cancer –  was diagnosed during a routine check-up with his GP after his wife prompted him to mention “a tickle in his throat”. “Doctors have [read more]

  • tessa james selfie

    Actress Tessa James shares a beautiful positive selfie during cancer treatment.

      Home and Away actress Tessa James, 23, remains positive about her recent diagnosis of the cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She instagrammed a selfie on Sunday, blowing everyone away with her gorgeous and hopeful smile. cruising A photo posted by Tessa James (@tessacharis) on Nov 11, 2014 at 4:58pm PST   The #nomakeupselfie has already gotten 2000 likes, [read more]

  • The Lego 'Friends' range on the left, compared to the traditional Lego on the right.

    These 1970s LEGO instructions are real and they’re AMAZING.

      By SARAH NORTON Well, well, well – It seems LEGO was at the forefront of gender equality in the 70s. And yes, you read that correctly, the 1970s. it almost makes stepping on all those painful little pieces of plastic your kids haven’t put away in the middle of the night worth it, right? This letter to [read more]

  • erotic

    Erotic fiction writer Jodie has left her husband for one of her characters.

            By GEMMA ASKHAM Honest literary fact: many a novel has been spiced up by the addition of a good (i.e. absolutely filthy) sex scene. Who hasn’t had to re-angle their reading matter from wandering eyes on the bus to shield content that was 100% NSFPT (Not Suitable For Public Transport)? Then we [read more]

  • double mastectomy

    Look: The breathtaking beauty and bravery of a double mastectomy.

      Barbie Ritzco lived her life with courage and with a passion for helping women cope with the effects of breast cancer. Sadly, that life ended last month.  Before her death, her close friend and Flat & Fabulous Facebook support group co-founder Sara Bartosiewicz-Hamilton wrote this moving piece about their experiences with breast cancer and their determination to empower  women living with double [read more]

  • gavinfernando

    “I’m a recovering Grade A Instagram-addicted wanker”.

          Hello. My name is @gavinfernando, and I am a recovering Gram-a-holic. Instagram is like a disease. A vile virus that causes chaos and destruction, leaving naught but a misleading self-portrait, aesthetically-pleasing brunch salad and $3000 Prada bag in its relentless path. It’s the same as any fateful addiction. First you oppose it [read more]

  • fluffpic

    In this fight, our money’s on Lisa Wilkinson.

    It’s not often that you see the likes of Karl Stefanovic, Derryn Hinch, Annabel Crabb, Sandra Sully and Lee Lin Chin on-screen screen simultaneously — but the rival newsreaders have appeared in an hilarious broadcast battleground promo scene in a new video for the final episode of SBS 2 program, The Feed. The Anchorman-inspired comedy skit, entitled Broadcast [read more]

  • admin-ajax (2)

    NEWS: The baby abandoned in a drain has been named by his mother.

             Update: The mother of a baby left in a Sydney drain last week has been allowed to name the little boy. News.com.au reports that the mother yesterday gave the child a “biblical name” which is associated with one of the most infamous child death cases in Australian history. For legal reasons, [read more]

  • nat feat book

    DIY New Years: How to host your own party.

                By NAT HAWK Go ahead and call me a fun sponge – but there is nothing I dislike more than venturing out of my house on New Years Eve. I live in Sydney. The beaches are crowded, the parks are packed and at New Years, the city reaches a [read more]

  • Your Christmas shopping sorted – in less than 24 hours.

          How often have you found yourself killing time by scrolling through Facebook and Instagram when faced with a few spare minutes of downtime? Pretty often, we bet. It’s no surprise that Australians spend hours researching and planning for Christmas, and according to new research, we spend five times more hours planning than [read more]