• frozen thumb

    Is this the movie sequel announcement every kid has been waiting for?

              Tell your kids the good news, Frozen will have a sequel. Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa, has confirmed a second instalment of the highest grossing animated film of all time is in the works. In an interview with the UK’s Daily Telegraph, the Broadway star said that although she won’t be a part of [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 11.19.27 am copy

    VIDEO: Watch Kate Hudson’s epic family dance battle.

        It’s not Strictly Ballroom level, and it’s certainly no West Side Story. But what this dance battle routine lacks in choreography, it makes up for in serious Hollywood star power. Kate Hudson, 35, gladly accepted fellow actress Julianne Hough’s #thanksgivingdancewars challenge and created the magic that is the following four part video which she posted to [read more]

  • Australian batsman Phillip Hughes raises

    Experts: Phillip Hughes’ death was “very rare and very freakish”.

          Doctors who treated Australian batsman Phillip Hughes say the injury which led to his death was “incredibly rare”. Hughes died in Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital on Thursday, just days short of his 26th birthday. He had been in an induced coma since a bouncer caused a brain haemorrhage at the Sydney Cricket [read more]

  • Lucy Gransbury sunnies

    Eight things that really glamorous people do that most of us just…. don’t.

      I have a confession to make. I ate the last Tim Tam. No, wait. That’s a different one. This is it: I try really, really hard to be glamorous, but I’m just not. It’s a hard truth for me to accept but there it is. I’m a bit more Bridget Jones than Bette Davis. [read more]

  • shia labeouf 1

    Shia LaBeouf’s sexual assault: “We don’t get to choose which victims we support.”

              Trigger warning: This post deals with sexual assault. It may be distressing for some readers. Fury star Shia LaBeouf has revealed he was sexually assaulted by a woman in a gallery earlier this year. In February, LaBeouf sat silently in a gallery for five days with a paper bag on [read more]

  • 175329884

    These are the breasts of reality: Not televised, retouched, enhanced perfection.

      Asking someone to draw their own boobs sounds like an easy instruction right? Wrong. It’s hard. Not because you don’t know what they look like (look down ladies, look down) but because it can be very… confronting. Last week New York magazine’s The Cut asked women in New York to draw images of their own boobs along with [read more]

  • He told me his fantasy was a threesome.

    Sex confession: For Jenny, an open marriage was the key to living happily ever after.

      This post was first published on YourTango.com. I was 17 when my sexual education began. “You are responsible for your own orgasm,” my boyfriend told me. He was the guy I lost my virginity to, the guy I had my first orgasm with, and the guy whose words would one day become my mantra: I [read more]

  • encouraging

    A guide for parents: How to respond to your kid’s ‘artwork’.

      Melbournian illustrator Gavin Aung Than takes inspirational quotes and turns them into comic strips. His cartoons, based on uplifting or inspiring quotes from poets to Presidents and comedians to colonels, have been published around the world. But one cartoon in particular affected us all quite deeply. For this special cartoon, Gavin has taken a quote from film-maker (and [read more]

  • E Perry Feat

    Ellyse Perry: From cricket and soccer to TV studios and red carpets.

    Ellyse Perry is one of the best all-rounder athletes in the world. She’s represented Australia in both cricket and soccer World Cups. Oh, and she’s the youngest person ever to play cricket for Australia. All this, and she just so happens to be glamorous too. Here, she opens up about what it’s like to go from cricket pitches and [read more]

  • philliphughes

    Saturday’s news in less than two minutes.

            1. The Queen sends her condolences to the Hughes family. Queen Elizabeth II has sent her sympathies to the family of deceased batsman Phillip Hughes. The message of condolence was conveyed privately on Friday night. To honour the batsman, who played for three county sides in England between 2009 and 2012, [read more]

  • "So far it’s working..."

    “Bullying that could reach you in your own home? I wasn’t prepared for this.”

              These days, it’s pretty rare for me to have a solid 20 minutes ALONE with my 15-year-old daughter. And if we do get the chance, it’s often in the car. I’ll either be dropping her somewhere or picking up ALL of her friends (the upside to having a seven-seater car, [read more]

  • Jillaroos team

    Devastating: This week has dealt a painful blow to Australian women’s sport.

            Australians are already underfed with coverage of women’s sport, and with the government’s recent decisions to cut the ABC budget, it’s only going to get worse. One of the key casualties of the ABC budget cuts will be the coverage of women’s sport. Australia’s national broadcaster recently told their staff that both the women’s soccer and women’s basketball will [read more]

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    Little Miss Sunshine throws major shade at the boy who broke her heart.

            BREAKING VERY IMPORTANT AND URGENT NEWS YOU GUYS: Abigail Breslin just threw some MAJOR shade at bangin’ 5SOS dude Michael Clifford, cos they totally hooked up last year but she didn’t end up becoming his forever bae. Yeah. Please allow me to translate for those of us over the age of 15…. The impossibly [read more]

  • what it's like to be single

    “Single” is a relationship status in its own right. Not a waiting period.

              Being single is a bit like wearing Crocs in public. Strangers judge you, family members think you’ve given up or let yourself go, and society in general wants you to feel embarrassed about your bold personal choice. But I’m not embarrassed. I refuse to be. Being single is liberating, sexy, confronting, and awesome. [read more]

  • planeoverlaypic

    PHOTOS: Brisbane’s storm was so intense, it flipped planes upside down.

              Social media has lit up with striking images from a super storm cell that battered Brisbane and South East Queensland yesterday, smashing windows, bringing down trees and powerlines and cutting power to tens of thousands of homes and businesses. The storm, which suspended train services and caused flash flooding in [read more]

  • mamamia's best and worst

    Dear men: “Don’t approach me in the street. You don’t have that right.”

        He had black teeth and stunk of alcohol, the man who approached me on Tuesday night. He intruded into my personal space and stood centimetres away from my face. The man touched me and wouldn’t leave me alone. Even when I moved away. Even when I ignored him. Even when I told him [read more]

  • koala3

    Best thing you’ll see today: The pensive koala, sitting on the beach, contemplating life.

          This pensive koala spotted chilling on the beach and contemplating life will pretty much make your day. The curious marsupial was seen scrambling down from his gumtree home to take a leisurely walk along the coastline on Queensland’s Magnetic Island. The video shows the koala sauntering towards the shore before sitting and [read more]

  • 147917245

    The most important gift you could give this Christmas.

              As a woman in Australia I have lived a very fortunate life. I am not filthy rich or super famous – but I am wealthy is so many ways. I have a home for my family, I have food in my belly, a bed and warm blankets every night and [read more]

  • skin care

    Sorry to break it to you – but you’ve been moisturising wrong.

            By JO ABI Moisturiser is my absolute favourite skincare product. No matter what I’ve done to my skin due to stress, fatigue, makeup, pimple squeezing or anything else, moisturiser seems to erase all of that. I know it doesn’t actually erase everything. But it FEELS like it does. Still, moisturiser has [read more]

  • universal shopping spree

    What are Black Friday Sales, and why should I care?

            I’m about to leave on holidays to the US and all my friends are crazy-jealous about my upcoming shopping holiday. I tried to convince myself it wasn’t going to BE a shopping holiday, but then I realised I would be in New York for Black Friday and every sightseeing plan I [read more]

  • phillip hughes tribute

    “I lost my brother in a similar way to Phillip Hughes. Today, I’m remembering them both.”

      This morning our seven-year-old boy and I leaned our cricket bats on the front door to pay tribute to a man we never knew. I was sure the gesture was more therapy for me than anything else, but whilst preparing breakfast he started cutting pieces of black tape and sticking them on the bats. [read more]

  • beachactress

    Pakistani actress sentenced to 26 years in jail for “malicious acts of blasphemy”.

            An actress has been sentenced to 26 years in prison. She hasn’t murdered anyone. She’s not guilty of torture, or rape, or grevious bodily harm. Instead, the actress — Veena Malik, a Pakistani Bollywood film actress, model and TV presenter  — been sentenced because  for “malicious acts of blasphemy”  for appearing in televised live wedding scene. [read more]

  • Mamamia podcast Angela Mollard

    The 3 best conversations we’ve had this week.

            60,000 people have listened to our podcast so far. FIDDY THOU! Have you? You really should. Every week, I have the ridiculous pleasure of getting some of my favourite smart, funny women and forcing them to talk to me about interesting things. This week is particularly special. It involves a pregnant [read more]

  • 5923742-3x2-700x467

    Sean Abbott receiving flood of support after death of Phillip Hughes.

              As the sporting world reeled from the news of Phillip Hughes’s death and tributes flowed for the young batsman, support began to pour in for the man who bowled the last delivery he would face. A day before the Sheffield Shield clash between South Australia and New South Wales began, New South [read more]

  • Straightforward kid shocks newspaper with brutally honest quote.

            Now this is a kid who has her head together. Isabella Jerhigan, 8, has become the unofficial mascot of all that is brilliant in this world, because when asked what she was thankful for this Thanksgiving, she gave the best response possible:   via   At least YOU tried Isabella. You, [read more]

  • lady-gaga

    Frockwatch: You have to see what Lady Gaga is wearing.

      Stop looking because we’ve found your Christmas tree topper. It’s Lady Gaga, and she’s resembling a holographic sea urchin. She jumped out of the car then inflated herself on the street. It’s actually heaven. Take a look:   Somebody had too much to drink at the after-party! My tentacles had too much whiskey. pic.twitter.com/6dCntETLGw [read more]

  • bats fi2

    A gentle gesture as households across the world ‘put out their bats’ to remember Phillip Hughes.

            As not just the cricketing community but also the world comes to terms with the death of 25-year old Phillip Hughes, flags across Sydney will fly at half-mast today. The 25-year old lost his life yesterday from head injuries sustained from a blow to the head in a Sheffield Shield match [read more]