• taylor

    “What to get a single 25 year old woman for Christmas.”

          Much like Taylor Swift, I recently turned 25. I also recently became single. Even more recently (it was about 15-minutes ago) I read Elite Daily’s “51 Things That A 25-year-old Single Girl Really Wants for Christmas.” It didn’t resonate with me. Actually, it filled me with very un-seasonal fury. It opens: “Let’s [read more]

  • katrina dawson

    Former GG to head new Katrina Dawson charity for women’s education.

        The family of Sydney siege victim Katrina Dawson says a new charity will honour her memory by supporting education opportunities for women. Ms Dawson, 38, was regarded as one of the “best and brightest barristers” at the NSW Bar before she was killed in the Martin Place siege on Tuesday. Katrina Dawson. Former [read more]

  • Kim Kardashian fan

    Kim Kardashian is in the bad books with her mum.

        We’ve all been there in one way or another but now it seems that Kim Kardashian finds herself in the bad books with her mum, Kris Jenner, after giving her some fashion feedback. “Mum, what are you wearing?” Kris posted a photo to her Instagram account of an email she received from her [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 2.43.50 pm

    UPDATE: Mother arrested for murder of 8 children in Cairns.

      Trigger warning: This post deals with graphic violence and a possible suicide attempt and may distress some readers. UPDATE: Police have positively identified the victims of the homicide currently under investigation in Cairns. Four girls aged 14, 12, 11 and two, and four boys aged nine, eight, six and five were found within the Murray [read more]

  • boysFB

    Father and two sons missing in Queensland. Can you help?

      A Brisbane man and his two sons who have been missing for several days after leaving on a driving holiday to Cairns may be stranded in outback Queensland, police say. Steven Van Lonkhuyzen, 37, and his children Ethan, 7, and Timothy, 5, left their home at Lota on Brisbane’s bayside about midnight on Thursday, [read more]

  • hair app how's your hair

    “The time my hairdresser threatened to call the cops on me.”

        My hairdresser threatened to call the police on me last week. No, I didn’t run at her with the scissors after discovering my haircut was more  ‘V for Vendetta’ than ‘Victoria Beckham'; and no, we didn’t just have a nasty disagreement over the temperature in the wash basin. In fact, I’m not normally a [read more]

  • baby-feet

    Christmas just came early for this Frozen star.

    They’re the Hollywood couple that’s just too cute for words. And now Christmas has come early as they welcomed baby number two on Friday. Frozen‘s Kristen Bell, 34, and Dax Shepard, 39, were both proud to announce the birth of their second daughter via Twitter. And the name? After revealing in June that she was [read more]

  • Kathryn

    “My biological father is now a woman.”

    I no longer celebrate Father’s Day with my father. Not because my father is dead. No, my biological father is still very much alive. But my biological father is now a woman. In case you need further clarification: the person who contributed the sperm that created the person that is me is now living as [read more]

  • girlonswing

    Rejection is hard. Rejection from your 2 year old is harder.

    Rejection is hard. Rejection from your own two year old is harder. As a new mother to a precious baby girl I would spend hours looking forward to days of lovingly combing her long hair after a bath, reading bedtime stories and whispering sweet little nothings to each other. But most of the time I [read more]

  • australia most popular instagram

    Is this the world’s favourite country?

    It’s not enough that we have incredible beaches, beautiful weather and brilliant people. Now, we’re the proud holders of the most coveted title in the social media world. Australia is officially the most popular country on Instagram. With photos of baby possums and beautiful city skylines, it’s no wonder we’ve clocked over one million followers. [read more]

  • sam armytage mamamia

    Sam Armytage tells Mamamia: “I don’t need you to speak for me.”

      Samantha Armytage is like any woman, really. She’s dated some bad guys, wrestled with the idea of being single, managed a love-hate relationship with her body, and worked really hard for what she’s got. Oh, except that she gets up at 3.40 every morning, spends 3 hours on live telly, and sometimes finds herself [read more]

  • Brian Houston FB resize

    Hillsong founder should be referred to police says Royal Commission lawyer.

          Trigger warning: this post relates to child sex abuse and may be distressing for some readers. In October this year, Hillsong Church founder Brian Houston told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse about the day that he found out that his father was a paedophile. He said it [read more]

  • FrozenElsa

    Finally. The apology parents have been waiting all year for.

      The song “Let it Go” from the animated smash, Frozen, might just have the ironic lyrics of all time. Because every single time I hear that song, my brain grabs a hold of it and I JUST CAN’T LET IT GO. “Let it goooo. Let it goooo.” That one line, which happens to be the [read more]

  • policecordonoff

    Saturday’s news in less than 5 minutes.

     1. Mother arrested for murder of children in Cairns. Police have confirmed this morning that a 37-year-old mother has been arrested for the murder of eight children near Cairns yesterday. She has not yet been formally charged. The woman is the mother of seven of the deceased children and aunt to the eighth who was [read more]

  • dog eating thumb

    WATCH: This is the best Christmas ad. Ever.

    It seems that silly season is well and truly upon us with all it’s tinsel-wrapped, bauble-encrusted glory. And that also means you’ve probably been subjected to a string of bad Christmas ads, videos and memes to try and make you feel festive – when all they really make you do is want to pull out your own [read more]

  • nrm_1417696036-erotic-carp-calendar-4

    PICS: Apparently dead fish are now dead sexy. (NSFW)

    Warning: This post features images that are Not Safe for Work. They are also Not Safe for Fishtank. There are some things that you just know to be true. One of those things is this: Fish are not sexy. But as some German fish enthusiasts will tell you, that’s a load of carp. Meet the sexy [read more]

  • Torah

    Why Torah Bright really did Dancing with The Stars.

      Imagine an endless winter. From November to May, then July to November you’re surrounded by snow, crisp icy air and mountains covered in powder. This is the life of snowboarding legend Torah Bright. This year will be the first time Torah has spent Christmas in Australia for 15 years, and  she can’t get enough of it. I was [read more]

  • granny

    Meet the cheeky nannas who have bared all for charity

      Forget crochet and lawn bowls – these grannies have a much cheekier pastime. The group of grannies from the Vale of Clwyd, Wales, recently got their gear off – for a good cause. The 15 women created The 2015 Wrinklies Charity Calendar for £10, and they are already well on their way to hitting [read more]

  • Group of tween boys and girls standing together in park

    5 reasons why the tween years are the hardest.

                Parents of young children face many well-documented challenges. Namely, the never-ending chatter of the little person who shadows you around the house, asking, “Why Mum? How come? Why not?” Their stories are sweet, but detailed, long-winded and never… seem to… get to the point. But fast forward a few [read more]

  • sdfa

    This Christmas break, we decided to try something a little different.

      When you’ve got kids, taking a holiday can be a tricky exercise. You pack up half the house, drag it through the airport amid constant cries of “are we there yet?”, only to be greeted by complaints of boredom and hunger when you finally do arrive. But determined to have a family holiday this Christmas break, [read more]

  • MILO_Ambassador_image

    Win a chance to train with the Australian Cricket team.

            Would your son or daughter (or a child you know) like a chance to train with the Australian cricket team? In only four sleeps? Then we’re about to hit you for a six. As part of the Milo Valuable Player (MVP) campaign, the Milo team is giving 20 kids the chance to attend a money-can’t-buy [read more]

  • grease-danny-sandy-drive-in-movie-date-m

    Your worst-ever date in 5 words. Go.

      We may have just lost our faith in humankind. Or had the most fun we’ve had in for ever. We can’t decide. For anyone who has ever gone on a first date, a last date or is currently dating – this is for you. For the women and men who have sat through dates like [read more]

  • Stella Young.

    Today, Australia pays tribute to a fearless, beautiful advocate.

      Today, as Australia remembers a strong, fearless comedian, writer and advocate — Mamamia remembers a friend and inspiration. Stella Young passed away at age 32 earlier this month, and her memorial service is currently underway at Melbourne Town Hall. In true Stella style, the dress code at the service is “fabulous” with little to [read more]

  • holding hands thumb

    “The day I was told my husband was abusing my daughter.”

      Trigger warning: this post deals with child sexual abuse and may be distressing for some readers.   One month ago my life changed. One month and one day ago I was happily married to my second husband who was a wonderful stepfather to my teenage daughter, and I was (I hope) a great stepmum [read more]

  • mariepic

    What happens when a woman is Photoshopped by 21 different countries.

            Marie Southard Ospina is fashion and beauty editor who’s fascinated by Photoshop and its use by women’s magazines in the relentless pursuit of perfection. Inspired by recent experiments where women sent photos of themselves around the world and asked to be “made beautiful” according to different cultural standards, Marie — a plus-size woman — [read more]

  • (PHOTO: Julie Taylor, a hostage in the Sydney siege, has written of her grief at losing friend and fellow hostage Katrina Dawson.)

    Friday afternoon’s news in under 5 minutes.

    We’ve rounded up the biggest news stories the afternoon – and it will only take you a few minutes to catch up on these headlines. FOR NEWS UPDATES on the Cairns tragedy, please see this post here.  1. Sydney siege hostage reveals her unborn baby is unharmed – and pays homage to Katrina Dawson By [read more]

  • Zooey-nice-face-jpg

    The 7 very real struggles of living with Resting Nice Face.

            You’ve heard of Bitchy Resting Face (BRF). It’s a condition that causes your facial features to fall into an unapproachable expression, or “bitch face”. Something like this: Or this:   But there’s a lesser known, more invasive condition affecting millions of sweet-cheeked people around the world. It’s called Resting Nice Face. Those of us [read more]

  • laura and her son

    Santa wrote these kids a letter. And it scared them silly.

      Look, I’ll admit that I’ve thrown around an idle threat or two in my time. The old, “Santa is always watching you” and “If you don’t behave, you’ll get a lump of coal in your stocking for Christmas” that kind of thing, but honestly, show me a parent who hasn’t used the omnipresence of [read more]

  • tori composite

    Tori Johnson’s partner on the man he loved for 14 years.

          It is the flowers that he thinks would have overwhelmed Tori. “Tori loves flowers and this is probably the most beautiful thing he would ever have seen.” For the partner of Tori Johnson, Thomas Zinn, the floral tribute in Martin Place, which is slowly helping Sydney piece together a shattered city is [read more]

  • kid on swing

    Every parent does this. But your kids wish you wouldn’t.

      In my struggle to write and share, I’ve noticed that I have created the nasty habit of becoming glued to my phone; checking my emails, replying to questions, and sending updates has started to dominate that small voice sounding ever more irritated in the background—my daughter. “Daddy, play with me!” Here we were at [read more]