• louise2

    Update: Bachie and Louise share their holiday pics because #neveradullmoment.

            We have another Bachie scoop for you and this one is straight from Louise Pillidge herself or, you know, her Instagram. Bachie Blake Garvey and his latest lady love Louise are on holiday in Thailand and they have had “a crazy week”. When we say holiday, we mean paid-for paparazzi-evading mission paid for by [read more]

  • stay-at-home-mum-380x571

    “Dear Stay-At-Home Mums, Shut The Eff Up.”

          BY SUSANNAH B. LEWIS Dear Stay-At-Home Mums, Shut The Eff Up. Just be content or quit your whining. Oh, the poor, exhausted stay-at-home mother: her yoga pants constantly covered in little people’s various body fluids and her dreams of backpacking across Europe flushed down the toilet with her mobile phone (courtesy of her [read more]

  • Ana Ferguson

    “I’m dying from breast cancer and I hate your pink ribbons.”

            By ANA FERGUSON Yesterday, I had to go on a little shopping adventure. A pretty normal excursion, you would say. Nothing uber exciting. A bit of retail therapy normally puts a smile on any woman’s dial.  Traditionally, I find wandering through the shops and focusing on something other than cancer, a great [read more]

  • red-phone

    He thought it was a prank call, but this emergency operator ended up saving a life.

      Trigger Warning: This post deals with issues of sexual assault and domestic violence and may be triggering for survivors of abuse. A recent Reddit thread asked emergency call operators to describe the one call that they would never forget.  There were hundreds of sad, shocking and fascinating responses, but one in particular has gone viral [read more]

  • sarah-wilson-IQS

    The one where Mamamia asked Sarah Wilson what’s so wrong with Paddlepops.

        For parents, school is about learning and preparing our kids for life. For kids that’s all an aside – school is about lunchtime. Tag, handball, chasies and the big one – the canteen. Do you remember the thrill of being given 50c from Mum to spend at the canteen? A Sunnyboy and a BIG M [read more]

  • short horror film

    These people should not be allowed at the movies. The end.

    By LUCY GRANSBURY Alright, movie-goers. It’s time. Some of you have been pissing me off for years. It’s time we talk about cinema etiquette. I pay half my wages every week to go the cinema (both indicative of my low income and the high ticket prices), and I’m sick of the carry-on. It’s not all [read more]

  • image_preview

    One Woman. Two Husbands. One Bloody Execution.

        By MIA FREEDMAN Louisa Collins was not your average Australian woman. A mother of 10. She liked a drink and a dance. She had two husbands and a baby who all died in a short space of time in unexplained ways. One woman. Two husbands. Four trials. One bloody execution.   The new [read more]

  • 57277815

    The mother-of-two who was “bullied” out of a job – for wearing this one thing.

      A mother-of-two claims she was ordered her to remove her crucifix by her former employee, Qantas – and now she’s suing. Georgina Sarikoudis, a former customer service worker for the airline, claims she was told to “cut off” her prayer bead bracelets and remove her crucifix necklace while working for the airline last year and earlier this year, the [read more]

  • genderless gingerbread figures

    Gingerbread people now must be genderless. We’re all doomed.

      By ALEXIS CAREY So “genderless gingerbread figures” are now a thing, and they prove the world has officially lost its mind. In case you’re not across the background story, an unnamed, “hip” Melbourne bakery has made international headlines today after a picture of these biscuits were posted on Reddit with the caption: “So this [read more]

  • roxy jacenko mercedes

    We never thought we’d say this, but today, we wish Roxy was our boss.

                  What do you do when your star employee stays loyal for SEVEN WHOLE YEARS? If you’re Roxy Jacenko, you give her a Mercedes Benz. Because of course you do. What do you do when your boss rewards you for all your hard work BY GIVING YOU A MERCEDES [read more]

  • felinablurred

    Minutes after this journalist was murdered, the people who killed her sent this message.

        “Felina” was a citizen journalist dedicated to speaking out about violent crime in her hometown. According to The Daily Beast, Felina hailed from Reynosa, Mexico – where drug cartels have considerable influence over the mainstream media, where corruption is rife and where kidnapping and arson are common. Felina was one of many reporters dedicated to truth-telling about [read more]

  • kfc-dumped-feature

    Heartbroken woman spends a week in KFC after getting dumped.

                  Like you need a reason to spend a week in KFC. Rather than than hit the town or get get pissed with friends, a woman in China only wanted to do one thing when her boyfriend dumped her last week: Sit in KFC, and eat fried chicken wings. [read more]

  • awks

    Embarrassing body issues you ignore, but really shouldn’t.

                By ZOE LAWRENCE I once had a medical issue that was so embarrassing that I avoided going to the doctor for three months. Even when I finally did get to the doctor, I was nearly too embarrassed to tell her what was going on. It was a problem, um [read more]

  • rainy day

    4 ways to keep kids entertained on a rainy day.

            By CYNTHIA PEARCE I love sleeping when it’s raining. My children are all safe and happy, tucked into bed and then I crawl in, exhausted, and fall asleep to the sound of rain falling. It’s so relaxing. But rain during the day? Total. Nightmare. Children and rain don’t mix, whatsoever. It’s [read more]

  • baby and comp

    How to kick your career goals (while working, raising a family and generally being awesome).

            By LISA MITCHELL Having children changes you in every single way. When we first have to leave our precious little humans, even for a short amount of time, it hurts, physically and emotionally. Our every instinct screams at us to stay with them. So we become pickier about what we allow to [read more]

  • TaylorShock

    Why millions of Taylor Swift fans wish they didn’t spend $1.29 on her new track.

      Taylor Swift has just released another number 1 hit on iTunes. The track is ambitious. It’s edgy. It’s modern. It’s eight seconds of white noise. Thanks to a glitch in the Canadian iTunes system, a song called ‘Track 3′ was accidentally released under Taylor’s name. Fans thought she had released a snippet of a new track, [read more]

  • cirillo

    The Canadian capital is in lockdown after a fatal shooting.

        The Canadian capital, Ottawa, is in lockdown after a gunman shot and killed a soldier before shooting at least 30 times inside Canada’s parliament building. MPs were close by at the time of the shooting. “One shooting victim succumbed to injuries … one male suspect has also been confirmed deceased,” the Ottawa Police Service said. [read more]

  • harry-potter-third-movie

    There is a hidden sex scene in the third Harry Potter movie.

            Bet you didn’t notice this at the movies. In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, there’s a very sneaky, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sex scene between two students. Fans of the series (aka everyone on earth) will know that in this film, Fred and George Weasley give Harry a Marauder’s Map, which allows him [read more]

  • 2014-10-21-1012615_417424678370489_1821565314_n-thumb

    “I wrote a shopping list of everything I wanted in a husband. And then he walked past my desk.”

        By KEYON BAYANI If you want to be married or in a long-term relationship, but find yourself attracting Mr. Won’t Commit, or, Mr. I Don’t Believe in Marriage, I’ll tell you why — it’s because you’re not being upfront. Yes, you heard me, you’re not being honest with yourself or the person you [read more]

  • WhoSexy

    WHO Magazine’s SEXIEST party was last night. But the ‘Sexiest Woman’ did not show up.

      The sexiest night went down last night. A bunch of sexy people drank some sexy espresso martinis and sexily applauded Who Magazine’s Sexiest People of 2014. So much sexy. The event actually looked to be pretty spectacular, with tuxedo-ed waiters offering fancy canapés, stars drinking passionfruit margaritas (low-cal, of course) and performances by Jessica [read more]

  • Jacqueline Sparks holding her daughter Mia.

    Thursday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    1. Canadian shooting.     A gunman has shot and killed a soldier standing guard at Canada’s National War Memorial before shooting at least 30 times inside Canada’s parliament building. CBS NEWS reports that the gunman was later killed during a shootout. It is not known if there is more than one shooter and the [read more]

  • coffee frnech cafe

    Cafe sparks a social media storm after saying “No, we are not child friendly.”

      By SHAUNA ANDERSON     It started with a pretty snarky Facebook inquiry “Are you child friendly? Because it doesn’t seem like it?” Like many Facebook conversations it escalated. But this one ended up in a frenzy of media right around the world. The controversy was a post by a café in Newcastle, NSW [read more]

  • mia freedman

    Of course feminism needs men. But you know what it doesn’t need?

            By MIA FREEDMAN Take a deep breath because there’s a small, yet loud handful of women who are angry with anyone who thinks feminism could benefit from the support of men. Last month, while the world was enthusiastically taking Emma Watson‘s brilliant UN speech on this topic viral, these same women were rushing [read more]


    That beautiful dress that you love? It was probably inspired by this man.

      BY ALYX GORMAN The man responsible for a style of dressing that we now know universally as “tasteful” has died. Oscar De La Renta was an icon of American fashion design, and without his vision royalty the world over (both the Hollywood and blue blooded kind), would be entirely without a blue print for [read more]

  • ask-rosie-feature

    ASK ROSIE: All your relationship questions answered.

              Welcome to ‘Ask Rosie’, the space on Mamamia where you can contact me with all of your love and relationship dilemmas (including but not limited to eyebrow crabs). I’m 28 whole years of age, so I’m fairly certain I know everything and will be able to give you ridiculously useful [read more]

  • Renee Zellweger

    Why is the world losing its mind about Renee Zellweger’s face?

    Update: Renee Zellweger has responded to the day’s tsunami of rumours about her face. The actress, 45, told People magazine: “I’m glad folks think I look different! I’m living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I’m thrilled that perhaps it shows.” “It seems the folks who come digging around for some nefarious truth which doesn’t exist won’t get [read more]

  • potty-mouthed princesses

    These preschool princesses are swearing for one very good reason.

    And she’s f*cking fed up. This potty-mouthed princess and her friends are fed up with a future where women are still paid 23% less than their male counterparts and where 1 in 5 women are raped or sexually assaulted. So they’re saying F*CK THAT and asking: “What’s more offensive? A little girl saying f*ck or [read more]

  • (Photo: Kimmy's Legacy)

    Little Kyden entered the world on Thursday. On the same day, his mother left it.

            Kyden Thomas Bede Kelly entered the world last Thursday, 16 October. On that same day, his mother — Kymberlie Shepherd, 26 — tragically left it. Now, Kyden’s heartbroken father Wayde Kelly, 26, has spoken out about the rare complication that killed his “soulmate” and fiancé — and has shared photos of the beautiful little son [read more]

  • Jennifer Garner

    And this is why Jennifer Garner should be Mayor of Hollywood.

      In fact, Jennifer Garner for Mayor of Everything. Jennifer Garner on the ‘Women in Hollywood’ red carpet. The Hollywood actress was honoured at the annual ‘Women in Hollywood’ event on Monday night, and she brought the house down with her acceptance speech, sharing her experiences with sexism in the film industry. “The fact that there [read more]

  • “I love my husband, but here’s why I want to cheat.”

            I’m one of the lucky ones: I’m married to my soul mate. The first time I ever saw Nige, my heart caught in my throat and my stomach dropped faster than you can say ‘love at first sight’. I was captivated, awed and knocked sideways by the depth of my attraction [read more]