• sarah-wilson-IQS

    OPINION: Sarah Wilson says she knows why women get sick. And she’s wrong.

              BY AMY STOCKWELL Sarah Wilson has written a story today about why women get sick. As a health coach and media personality, she says she knows why women experience chronic illness. It’s not genetics. It’s not risk factors like smoking or obesity. It’s not your environment. It’s not even sugar. It’s [read more]

  • katefluff

    Is this Kate Middleton’s best maternity look yet?

        By NICKY CHAMP We’re calling it. This is Kate Middleton‘s best maternity look yet. The Duchess of Cambridge is back in the spotlight after a (no doubt) hideous bout of Hyperemesis Gravidarum, and it’s her appearance at the Place2be Wellbeing in Schools Awards at Kensington Palace that we’re loving. Wearing a midnight blue [read more]

  • womanwithupad

    If your friend is receiving abusive texts, show her this.

          Trigger warning: This post deals with domestic violence and suicide, and may be triggering for some readers. Imagine a man messaged his girlfriend a list of reasons why she was “not worthy.” Imagine that 34-item list accused her of having a “fat gut”, a “loose” vagina and “bad breath”, accused her of “hating [read more]

  • perfect family

    “I’m proud to say I’m the perfect mother and I have the perfect family.”

              So many of us strive for perfection. I believe for many of us, it’s an innate desire within us, whether we’d like to admit to it or not. I am proud to say that I am the perfect mother. I have a perfect husband who is likewise, a perfect father. [read more]

  • Ladies jeans

    “My bum is not the problem. These jeans are just a bad shape.”

              By ANNA JAMES I really wish my girlfriends would stop telling me that I’m fat. I don’t know about these jeans.  I grumbled to a girlfriend over the weekend, examining my rear in a garishly lit store changeroom.  Apparently my predicament could be solved by a diet based on a [read more]

  • international adoption positives

    OPINION: Children in orphanages need overseas adoption.

          By SARAH SALMON As an adoptive mother, I would like to respond to Amy Stockwell’s November 17 article, “You can’t change poverty one adoption at a time”, in order to portray another side of the story, to highlight the constructive things adoptive parents are doing for their children, so as not to [read more]

  • Deanna Blegg U Armour

    This woman with HIV is one tough mudder.

                By SARAH NORTON Deanna Blegg beat hundreds of men for the chance to compete in one of the toughest physical challenges on earth – but the athlete says it was nothing compared to her long battle with AIDS. On November 15 this year, Deanna represented Australia in the World’s Toughest Mudder (WTM) – [read more]

  • chrissieswan

    Chrissie Swan speaks about shock radio axing.

              Radio host and media personality Chrissie Swan, 41, has spoken out about being let go from her Mix FM breakfast show, which she has hosted with Jane Hall for the past three years. Chrissie has confirmed that it was not her choice to leave the show: “It’s very rare to leave [read more]

  • nightiw

    How to wear your pyjamas in public… and get away with it.

    By CHERRY BEALE. Two weeks ago, I started wearing nighties in public, and I haven’t looked back since. Yep, that’s right – call it what you will: nightie, nightgown, nightshirt, pyjamas – I’m wearing it in public, and I’m loving it. You see, I’ve had a fashion epiphany of late. There’s nothing like gaining 25 [read more]

  • sad student

    What you need to know about THAT kid in your child’s class.

              By AMY MURRAY. Dear Parent: I know. You’re worried. Every day, your child comes home with a story about THAT kid. The one who is always hitting shoving pinching scratching maybe even biting other children. The one who always has to hold my hand in the hallway. The one who has [read more]

  • .

    10 reasons why I won’t give my child alcohol for Schoolies.

          By KARRYN WHEELANS I am just about to send my fourth daughter in five years to Schoolies and while I have arranged a pack filled with sunscreen, shampoo, cereal and hand sanitizer, I will NOT be supplying her with alcohol. Every year a different set of friends, who have kids about to head [read more]

  • Schapelle Corby drugs

    Saturday’s news in under 5 minutes.

    Police count the cost of their botched investigation into Schapelle Corby’s post-prison interview. Federal Police have confirmed their raids on Channel 7 offices in February, which included 30 armed officers, was a ‘mishap’ that cost taxpayers approximately $1.185 million. The officers spent 12 hours searching for documents indicating whether Schapelle or her family were paid for their [read more]

  • bec judd

    Bec Judd’s formal photos. Yes, they are as excellent as you imagine.

    Bec Judd is one of the most stylish women in Australia. Which is why you’ll probably fall off your chair and die when you see what she wore to her year 12 formal. The model, presenter and lifestyle guru takes us through her life in hair, from her awkward teenage years, to her time as [read more]

  • types of wedding photography

    “Ending my fairytale marriage was the best thing I ever did.”

    By CRIS GLADLY for YourTango.com We started dating two days after we graduated from high school. We each had a handful of high school relationships before that. His were pretty innocent, mine were fairly traumatic. But still, it was high school, how serious could any of it have really been? Sexually, we both were each other’s [read more]

  • awkwardhug2

    The 7 rules of hugging, according to non-huggers.

                By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST Here’s a confession that’s not going to win me any friends: I don’t care for hugging. It’s not that I’m not into affection, friends or feelings. I’m an extrovert with a fondness for sprawling my legs over whoever has the misfortune of sitting next to me on the [read more]

  • clive-storm-out-feature

    Style Guide: A brief history of Clive Palmer’s interview storm-outs.

        Oh Clive Palmer. Clivey. Palmso. Clivey Palm. The man wears many hats. Leader of the Palmer United Party. Billionaire business man. Builder of the Titanic floating monument of death. Anamatronic dinosaur owner. Lover of golf. Driver of fancy fast cars. But if there’s any legacy ol’ Clivey will leave us with when his entertaining [read more]

  • maynardvideo

    Brittany Maynard’s final message.

            Brittany Maynard did so much, in her short life, for the cause of dying with dignity. She passed away peacefully at home on 1 November after taking a lethal dose of prescribed drugs — but her beautiful work here is not done. On Wednesday, which would have been her 30th birthday, Maynard — who moved to Oregon, USA, to [read more]

  • marry for your career

    Ambitious men and women want the same thing. But women probably won’t get it.

      By ALYX GORMAN Ambitious men and women want more or less the same thing. But it seems that if you are a woman,you won’t get what you want – unless you are prepared to “marry down”. A survey of Harvard Business School MBA graduates (just about the most ambitious people in the world) found that men [read more]

  • raising boys 1

    Heartbreaking: 9 y/o boys list what they don’t like about being male.

      By ALEXIS CAREY This list of things a group of nine-year-old boys dislike about being male will make the inside of throat tense up and turn the corners of your lips decidedly down. The list, which was created during a workshop held by White Ribbon community engagement manager Jeff Perera, clearly shows the range [read more]

  • Three children murdered. A mother sentenced.

    The judge said this was the saddest story he had ever come across.

    By SHAUNA ANDERSON   Warning: This post deals with a detailed description of the deaths of three children and themes of suicide. It may be distressing for some readers.         The two boys, three-year-old twins, were tucked up in bed, little cars and toys placed by their heads, the covers neatly tucked [read more]

  • Eminem Feat

    Eminem says disgusting thing about Australian pop star.

        Clearly, Eminem didn’t get the message that using music to threaten women is not cool (we’ve tried everything – SMS, SnapChat, carrier pigeon). The 42-year-old rapper (YES, 42) just rapped about raping Australian pop star Iggy Azalea. To quote Eminem directly: “So what’s it gon’ be? Put that s*** away Iggy. You don’t wanna blow [read more]

  • Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 11.21.49 AM copy

    The real reason Ryan Gosling wasn’t named “Sexiest Man Alive.”

            It’s truly baffling to any male-attracted adult that actor Ryan Gosling, 34, deserves to have a trophy with a plaque reading ‘sexiest’ on his mantlepiece. He’s a man. He’s impossibly attractive. There are sexy feminist memes about him all over the internet. As the protagonist in Crazy Stupid Love yelled in response to [read more]

  • Diary of the Dying mamamia

    “Cancer may take my life, but it can’t take my friends.”

              By ANA FERGUSON Ana Ferguson is 44 years old. She’s got 4 kids. And she’s dying. She has stage four breast cancer, and she doesn’t know how long she’s got left on this planet. So, we’re bringing you Diary of the Dying. A place where Ana will share her fears, her days, and her [read more]

  • small voices big dreams

    These children may have small voices but they have big dreams.

      One in three of the world’s children say children’s rights to protection are still not being met. That’s according to the Small Voices Big Dreams survey – one of the largest global polls of children’s views in the world. Nanda, Timor-Leste Marking the 25th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the [read more]

  • The Snow Camo.

    “This is what I did with my ex-wife’s wedding dress.”

      By KEVIN COTTER One year ago, my book, 101 Uses For My Ex-Wife’s Wedding Dress, was published. It is a combination of photographs of odd uses for a wedding dress and my story of getting through a really challenging time in my life. I got the idea to start a blog when I inherited my ex-wife’s [read more]

  • mark latham column

    “Today, I stand with every woman who is honest about motherhood or mental illness”.

              By MIA FREEDMAN Today, Mark Latham, former opposition leader, made an extraordinarily irresponsible and repugnant attack on women, on mothers and on anyone who seeks help for mental illness. I do not wish to link to his column here because I fear the controversy he is courting will serve to [read more]

  • celebrityben

    Farewell Fordo, you will be missed.

      The Today team farewelled Ben Fordham this morning after four years on air – and no one is happy about it. There were tears on this morning’s show — with both sports reporter Fordham and co-host Karl Stefanovic needing tissues as they bid goodbye. Fordham announced he would be leaving the Channel 9 breakfast show (and his BFF Karl [read more]

  • reese witherspoon renee zellweger

    Reese Witherspoon said a thing about Renee Zellweger’s face.

              Remember that dark period of human history when everyone lost it over actress Renee Zellweger’s 45-year-old face? It was only a few weeks ago. Of course you do. Close friend of both Renee and her face, Reese Witherspoon, has been doing some thinking. The 38-year-old This Means War actress aint pleased about [read more]

  • sampic

    ‘”You have to be that perfect, happy mother. The reality is, it’s not always like that.”

            By GRACE JENNINGS-EDQUIST You’ll remember Samira El Khafir as the 2013 MasterChef finalist with the infectious laughter. She’s also the proud owner of Melbourne’s Modern Middle Eastern Cafe and the mother of Nada, four, and Mariam, who Samira tells me is “three going on five”. But Samira’s open smile belies a tumultuous struggle [read more]

  • caitlinkelly

    If we talked about other crimes the way we talk about rape.

            By KATE LEAVER Sometimes, all it takes is an eloquent American girl in a beanie and seven perfect tweets to make a complex issue, simple. Here’s New Yorker web editor Caitlin Kelly just casually demonstrating everything that’s wrong with the way we speak about rape. Let’s call this series of tweets, “If Everyone Spoke [read more]