Hi Bec, Elizabeth and Mia,

I don’t even know where to start. THANK YOU is probably the best place! Your ebook release timing could not have been more perfect – my 6 month old son Hugo was a dummy addict. I’d breastfeed him to sleep each night, then pop the dummy in. He’d usually sleep through from 7.30pm til about 12.30am, then from that time til morning I would usually be up at least 3 or 4 times during the night, popping the dummy back in or breastfeeding him again to get him to fall back to sleep. In the 3 or so nights before your book was released I couldn’t get him to fall back to sleep so was bringing him into our bed, which is something we definitely did not want to encourage. When I saw the book was available, I bought it straight away and read it in one sitting late that night. We had a friend staying with us though, so we only started the program 3 nights ago. AMAZING! The first night was pretty trying on my Hugo and I – it took about 45 mins to get him to settle at the beginning, but we followed the steps perfectly and got there in the end. Then he woke at about 12.30am, and didn’t settle til almost 2am, however slept through until 7.30am! Day sleeps were good – only a few minutes of crying then off to sleep. The next night was easier – only 12 mins to get him off, then a period of only about 10 mins during the night where he was awake. Then last night at 7.30 he cried for a minute, then fell asleep. I heard him stir at 6am, then he put himself back to sleep! It’s now 7.30am and my little boy is waking up – I can hear him blowing raspberries in his cot through the monitor!

I honestly feel like I have a new little boy. He really does seem happier and more content, and has a much bigger appetite now! I gave him lots more food yesterday and he wolfed it down, must be to do with all the sleep he is now getting – and the fact that he’s no longer getting milk during the night. Also we are now 3 days dummy-free and that is amazing!!! I realise now that I had been abusing the dummy, and feeling like I needed it more than he did. So in the last 2 days I didn’t even bother taking it to places where I thought I’d need it – the shops, a doctors appointment – and he was perfect, didn’t ”need” it at all.

For what it’s worth, I don’t care if these methods are or aren’t similar to those advocated by Tizzie Hall or Gina Ford (or any other author for that matter) – I haven’t bought those books, but I found your format the best – a quick simple read (that’s all it should be), that I can read on my Kindle and iPad/iPhone late at night.

I can’t thank you all enough. The program is so easy to follow and it has worked for us. Next step for me – dealing with my massive boobs in the morning that aren’t used to not feeding during the night!

Robyn xxx

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