Katie and Charlotte

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks so much for putting pen to paper and producing The Gift Of Sleep. Like many others I was silently starting to crumble, following many exhausting nights over the past few months trying to settle and resettle my eight-month-old daughter to sleep.

I haven’t helped her cause – we have been traveling for the past 6 weeks (both domestically and to the States) where breastfeeding her to sleep was my only answer to her constant waking throughout each night. To read Mia’s article on your beliefs, and subsequently the book you have written could not have come at a better time.

We didn’t rush into it. Having purchased your book on a Monday, we decided as a family that Friday would be it. (Even mum came to stay, ready to swing into action the following morning so I could get some sleep following the dreaded night one.) Flat bear ready, room rearranged, sleeping bag on … and what happened next astounded us all!! She cried for a total of 20 seconds. And then silence. For the next 12 hours, our little girl ‘woke up’ twice – we held our breath, thinking I would have to start your process and she then proceeded to resettle herself on her own and was quickly back to sleep. We couldn’t believe it!! She was such a happy baby that next morning – and like other mums, I also noticed her increased appetite. Surely that was just a fluke and the tough times were ahead for night two??

Night two = exactly the same. Another 12 hours, resettling herself (without me having to get out of bed!). I managed to get the best night’s sleep I have had since she was born (the previous night I just lay awake all night wondering if something was wrong with my sleeping girl!). Night three and then the game started. She took 75 minutes to resettle, but following your process, the waits, knocks and resettles finally worked. She slept again for the rest of the night until 7am.

Even though I feel I have had a smooth run so far (except for one night), I am sure it will change and she will test me – however I feel absolutely confident that your system works, and that I really am giving my girl a gift. Just watching her play, eat and go about her day after a good night of sleep is proof enough for me. I feel it is as if she has sensed something has changed and has adapted beautifully.

Thanks to you, Mia and Bec again. An easy to read, accessible book which made more sense to me than anything else I have read along the journey.

Warm regards,

Katie & Baby Charlotte.

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