Dove Foaming Make-up Remover

Selected Mamamia readers have been trialling Dove’s Foaming Make-up Remover.

75% of Australian women ADMIT to sleeping with their make-up on! Are you guilty?

NEW Dove Foaming Make Up Remover is gentle on skin and is designed to effectively remove even the heaviest make-up, including waterproof mascara, eye make-up and foundation.

It works by transforming from liquid to an ultra fine foam to leave facial skin and eyelashes clean, fresh and without that greasy feeling.

It has all the Dove skincare credentials and is just as effective as oil-based products without the greasiness. The foaming cleanser is also better for your skin than wipes, and just as quick and easy to use.

So come and join the conversation.

Has the new Dove make-up remover foam made it easier to remove your make-up?

How does your skin feel after using the product?

How does the new Dove MUR compare to other make up removers that you have used in the past?

Did you take off your make up more regularly while using the Dove MUR than you did while using other products?

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