Banana Boat Clear Spray Sunscreen.

Summer: it’s the season synonymous with poolside lounging, open-toed shoes and eating icy poles for every meal. Unfortunately, summer is also usually accompanied by its evil sidekick, sunburn. Banana Boat has come out swinging in our skin’s defence with their Clear Spray sunscreen – and some lucky Mamamia readers have roadtested it.

According to Banana Boat:

Gone are the days of greasy hands and missed spots – Banana Boat Clear Sprays are a practical, no mess, no fuss sunscreen. They are fast and easy to apply and do not need to be rubbed in.

– Spray on clear – no rubbing required

– Fast drying and dry to touch

– The ideal sporting partner for golf, football and tennis enthusiasts to avoid greasy, sticky hands while playing.

– A practical solution for squirming kids.


– Can also be used in self-application for those hard to reach areas like your back.

– Available in SPORT, ULTRA and KIDS variants.

The readers who have been trialling the Banana Boat Clear Spray are going to be telling us what they thought of it.

You can join in too, even if you’re not part of the trial but have tried the product.



1. Did you apply Clear Sprays to yourself and did you find it easy to apply?

2. Were you surprised at the feel of the product and how light and non-greasy it was?

3. How did you go applying the sunscreen without rubbing it in?

4. Would you recommend it to your friends and family?



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