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Why Zoe Foster quit Facebook.

Why Zoe Foster quit Facebook.


Sirens sounding. Cue bad 80s pop music. Cameras at the ready. Bring up the lights. Enter stage left, host with a bad haircut and too much fake tan. 3, 2, 1 ACTION.

“Aaaaaaaand welcome to the Mamamia Open Post of the Week. Step on up and play the game. Post your comment and see what happens next”. Okay, so you’re not going to win a new car but we promise it’ll still be fun.

Open Post is a weekly Mamamia tradition, where we turn our desks around and let you take total control of the keyboard. This is your chance to talk about, well, whatever you like. It’s less about the post and ALL about the comments.

Today we are trying something new and we’re bringing you an Open Post gallery with a difference. Here is a look back at the week that was through Twitter, Instagram and all things social media:


On My Mind (OMM) this week: is romance. Or more precisely, lack of romance.

Now I’m probably not going to reach my target audience with this message but to any of the men who ARE reading this: get your shit together. Seriously. I am over the “do you feel like getting a drink, you know, after work or something?,” and the “so whaddya feel like doing?” and the “Let’s pencil in 7pm but I might have to work late”. No. No. No.

Gentlemen, THIS is a date:



Magic carpets, starlit skies, flying ponies, tigers and turbans. You don’t have to be a prince (although I’m not ruling princes out, any single princes should feel free to call the Mamamia offices and ask for Jamila)…You just have to bring it.

Us girls, we want a good date. And given that we’ve just spent approximately two hours waxing and plucking and moisturising and tanning and bronzing and styling hair and putting on make-up and trying out multiple outfits – I think we deserve one.

Best date I’ve ever been on: he picked me up, we went to the art gallery and then to the fish market and sat on the grass outside, eating everything we’d just bought and drinking cheap wine. It wasn’t expensive, it wasn’t fancy – but it required a bit of effort and it made me feel special.

Okay, rant over. Almost.

Because last night I was walking home from the bus stop with one of my housemates and a homeless guy approached us. We both presumed he was asking for spare change but then he said “I don’t want money but you sir, should be carrying her bags.” Bam. Just like that. (Disclaimer: my housemates are both lovely blokes and offer to carry my bags all the time.)

Now I know that’s chivalry rather than romance but you know what? Homeless guy has restored my faith in male-kind this week and the rest of you men, could learn a thing or two.

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