Open Post: What’s on your mind?


Welcome to the open post. On Wednesdays here at Mamamia, we do a little time travel back to our primary school days and come armed with an exciting prop and a thoughtful story – ready to share our ‘news’ with the rest of the class.

Except, you see, it’s way better than it was when you were six.

Why? Because everyone actually listens politely to your news and not just because they know that if they don’t sit still and pay attention they’ll get kept in during little lunch. And they ask questions. And they give all sorts of lovely feedback. And all of this without any prompting from the teacher.

Also, because this website is brought to you courtesy of the written word, nobody has to listen to me re-enact the entire score from Phantom of the Opera. And that is a win for all concerned. (For any readers who were in Mrs Horton’s year 2 class at Weetangera Primary, I really am sorry – what can I say? Musicals are my thing).

So what’s on my mind today? Far too much. You see it’s been a rather hectic week.

Originally I had all these super swell plans: I’d have a few days off in between finishing up at my old job and starting here at Mamamia. This would give me more than enough time to leisurely sort, wrap and pack up my life in Adelaide and head back to the east coast.

And then the Prime Minister’s Office called and thought it might be fun for the lady who runs our country to drop by Mamamia for a piece of cake, some tea and a chat about child care. You can see how that all went down here.

You can also hear directly from Mia about why you’re important enough to be attracting the interest of the most powerful red head in the country:

But enough of that – back to me and the fact that Mia suddenly had me relocating halfway across the country with 24 hours notice to hang with the PM – ruining all of my carefully laid packing plans.

It had me a tad panicked I have to admit. But you know what? I learned a lot from that panic. And for the bargain price of absolutely nothing, I’m going to share those learnings with you right now.

NEVER make plans.

Plans only serve to lull you into a false sense of security.

A sense of security that means you end up wasting evenings that could have been used for packing, on mastering the art of caramelising perfectly popped corn, painting your nails and watching more reruns of America’s Next Top Model than you will later care to admit.

I am never going to plan anything ever again. Ever.

Because plans this week have hampered my ability to roll with the punches – leaving me internet-less, phone-less, homeless (almost rectified!) and ID-less (long story, but it’s got to do with switching to a pretty new wallet on moving day and accidentally packing my passport and driver’s license in boxes that are now on a moving truck somewhere in the Hay Plains).

But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you have some fabulous plans for this week or even more excitingly – this weekend.

Share ‘em with us now people. We are all sitting cross-legged on the floor, hands on our knees, sitting not so much straight but with our backs at a 45-degree angle with the carpet. We’re ready.

And if you’re new to the open post, new to Mamamia or a long time reader but never-time-commenter, then why not break with your plans and give it a go?

Plans never did anyone any good anyway.

What’s on your mind?

nailed it

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