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Lucy with Nanthees, the tech guru who spent most of yesterday fixing the website.






You know how Wednesday is hump day?

We got in a day early this week when crashed for, oh, I don’t know exactly how long but MORE THAN 5 HOURS.

It was a weird feeling. When you’re working on a website that isn’t there. We went through all the stages of grief:

1. Shock: “Oh my God! We’re down! We’re down!”

2. Denial: “No way! The site CANNOT be down!”

3. Anger: “Fuck this! How can the site STILL be down?”

4. Depression: “This is a disaster. The site will never go up again. There’s nothing we can do.”

5. Reconstruction: “Maybe I could go and get some lunch? Or a cupcake.”

6. Acceptance: “The site may not come back for hours.”

7. Hope: “Think of all the unposted content we’ll be able to use tomorrow instead!”

Eventually (aka 5 HOURS LATER), the site came back up. Not before Managing Ed Jamila’s mum emailed her to say “Darling, I think your site is down. Is there anything I can do?” I love that woman and her kindly offer of civilian help.

We also welcomed a new member to the MM team this week. Jasmine Garnsworthy will be working on our e-commerce site, Mamamia Shopping which will be launching very soon. [Text continues after the gallery]

She’s also going to be contributing some fashion content to Mamamia, as we seek to portray all kinds of women – shapes, sizes, skin colours, ages & abilities – in our style posts.

THAT MEANS YOU. Get busy with your camera-phones and camera-cameras people and start snapping your favourite outfits worn by you or your friends. It can be a whole look or just a particularly delicious item, preferably with you in it and ALWAYS with details of where it’s from (even if it’s old, it’s still nice to know where it came from). Just email it to [email protected]

Here are some examples of the kind of shots we’re looking for (scroll through the gallery for more pictures):

There is no change to our content mix. Wait, there is. We’re posting a bit more. But we’re not dumbing down. We’re not fluffing up.

Our commitment to a diverse mix of content is as strong as our commitment to portraying a diverse mix of women. I’ve always believed strongly that being interested in a bit of fluff – celebrity news or fashion or beauty – doesn’t mean you’re dumb (it also doesn’t mean you can’t ALSO be interested in politics or news etc). And NOT being interested in fluff doesn’t automatically mean you’re smart.

Light and shade, my friends. Light and shade.

What’s happening in your world?

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