Open post of the week – what’s on your mind?

Welcome to the open post of the week where you can see what we’ve been up to behind-the-scenes at Mamamia and you can then talk about ANYTHING that’s on your mind. Maybe something is bothering you. Maybe you’ve had some good news. Maybe you need some advice. Or need to vent. Or want to ask the community something and tap into the infinite source of MM wisdom. Simple really. But effective.

The recipe

Lana brought in home-made almond brittle this week.

Almond brittle

I’ve asked her to share the recipe:

– Roast slivered almonds for a little bit (precise hey?)

– Then boil 3 cups sugar with 1 cup of water water and leave on stove for 8 minutes till it starts to get golden

– Pour the golden syrup stuff that you have created over the almonds and then wait till it sets (not very long)

– Melt dark chocolate (I used nestle melts) and pour over the almond brittle

– Don’t forget to serve it to your guests but if you do then just take it to your friends at work.

The interview

I’ve been organising (and doing) lots of video interviews for Mamamia on Sky News. Getting into the swing! Charlotte Dawson stopped by this week to get down on the floor with me and drink tea. She brought cupcakes which were delicious and inspired some great conversation. I’ve always admired Charlotte’s insistence on being honest – about her relationships, her surgery, her age, her disappointments…she’s one strong chick who tells it like it is.

I loved our chat. You’ll see it soon.

Charlotte Dawson





















The show

Looking so forward to this week. Every one of these guests has written for Mamamia and I love their very different take on life. Should be BIG FUN.

From left: Tracey Spicer, Sam de Brito, Nina Funnell, Brendan Maclean

At most TV gigs, there are hairdressers and makeup artists to ‘joosh’ you. Not at Sky News! Which I quite love about it because it’s true to the way the channel runs – it’s about content not joosh. So you DIY jooosh.

I’ve had to learn how to do this (after more than a decade of being on TV it’s ABOUT TIME) but some guests request a bit of help! Enter Revlon who kindly sent over a bunch of goodness that we make available to our guests (yes, even the blokes – that TV lighting can wash you out big time).

Nothing to be embarrassed about boys – wait, who am I kidding. The boys are the first ones who want some foundation…..


The competition winner

After we posted about the American Express Room for Thought competition, Mamamia reader Elle sent us this email..

Hey Mamamia team,

I was just writing to let you know that after I read Lana’s article, I decided to enter with my idea. To my great surprise I made the top 3 finalists in the community category! So I just wanted to thank you for making me aware of this opportunity as I’m so excited about it!


And guess what – she won! Her Drummer Restaurant idea will be here, and open 14th-16th Sept from breakfast until dinner.

The boob

I sent this screenshot to a male colleague to ask him about a technical thing. And didn’t he get quite the surprise when he opened his email. In some workplaces, this would be called ‘sexual harassment’. At Mamamia, it’s called ’email’.



The Lend Lease Family Life forums

The forums have begun and Paula Joye, Bec Sparrow, Jo Lamble and I have begun touring Lend Lease shopping centres around the country. Last week I went to McArthur Square and Erina Fair and Bec and Paula went to Menai aand Port Macquarie. This week, I’m off to Maroochydore. Next week Melbourne and after that, Perth.

There are still tickets if you want to come along – bring a friend! Bring 3! It’s lots of fun and there is tea and usually cupcakes and (if you’re lucky) a little giftbag! Would love to see you there, go here to register.






























The website

Lana discovered Torn Lives, a blog that collects ripped-up pictures along with something reflecting back on the missing parts. It’s kind of like the next PostSecret – definitely worth a look.


































‘Manx’ – Man spanx

Imagine a guy unbuttoning his jeans and discovering……this.

Manx (men’s version of Spanx) from Asda
















Look out beergut, you’re about to get sucked into oblivion. These Bodysculpt Trunks from Asda claim to lift and firm flabby backsides, suck in beer bellies and smooth away love handles.

Oh man…….

How’s your week going – what’s on your mind?

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