Now this is frightening. Especially because I think she may be smiling in this photo.

Personally, I’ve never understood the Britney Murphy thing. She irritates me. Apart from the rather unfortunate first name, well, I just don’t see the point of her. Actually, in Clueless, when she played the kind of outsider, edgy girl that didn’t fit it, that worked. And she was pretty good in Girl Interrupted.

But then, ironically, she turned herself INTO a carbon copy of all the other young blonde perky Hollywood wannabes. Click below to see what she once looked like……

Here’s what she looked like once:

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Why do these girls do it to themselves? Do they think it makes them
look younger? Because I think she looks like a 47-year-old star of
Dynasty. And she’s what? About 30?
Time to get down on our knees and
kiss the ground that we live in a normal world, not one where your next
pay check depends on your looks. Or your lips. Are there many roles for
trouts in Hollywood right now?


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