Nicole Kidman wears head-to-toe sheer dress. Oh my.

Nicole Kidman photoshopped for Jimmy Choo
Nicole Kidman's daring sheer dress.
Nicole Kidman’s daring sheer dress.





1. Nicole Kidman has bared it all.

Or at least, she has given the impression of baring it all, in a head-to-toe lace dress at Omega ‘La Nuit Enchantee’ gala in Wien, Austria.

The 45-year-old actress wore a sheer, floor length gown that gave the impression she was naked underneath.


We think Nicole looks stunning – but would you wear it?

Click through the gallery below for more of Nicole’s revealing dress, and other unexpected celebrity outfits.

2. Kristen Bell has shared a pic of the moment she introduced her dying father-in-law to his unborn grandchild. See the incredibly moving photo here.

Kristen Bell

3. Gwyneth Paltrow wants to help you update your wardrobe. For half a million dollars.

Gwyneth just wants to help, but unfortunately she also has a slightly larger annual income than most of us. Meaning that when shared her recommendations for the new season on blog Goop, they added up to a cool half mil (almost). 

The clothes below are all from Net-a-porter, and are described as ‘inspiration for outfits for all aspects of your busy life’.

Still, an excessively-expensive styled shoot or not, you’ve got to admire Gwyneth’s ability to rock shiny, cinnamon-coloured shorts. That’s a skill.

4. Drew Barrymore has shared a home video of her cute bub Olive on The Jimmy Fallon Show, see it by clicking here.


5. Lindsay Lohan has landed a role in Louis Vuitton’s latest ad series.

Oops, hold it. Actually, her latest court appearance has just inspired a spoof of the luxury brand’s Core Values ads.

This is the original photograph:


And this is the spoof, which appeared at


The Louis Vuitton satchel belongs to her lawyer, Mark Jay Heller. BuzzFeed added to the spoof, with the caption, “Some journeys have no end. Los Angeles. 9:45 a.m. LAX Courthouse.’’

6. Which female celebrity is sleeping in a glass box at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of an exhibition? This is seriously weird. Read the details here.


Rachel Zoe with husband Roger, and son Skylar.
Rachel Zoe with husband Roger, and son Skylar.

7. Rachel Zoe’s reality show may be suffering from a diminishing audience, but the celebrity stylist is focusing on what’s more important: her family.

The 41-year-old tweeted a picture of her son’s second birthday, picturing her and her husband Roger with son Skylar – standing in front of not one, but two birthday cakes. Lucky kid.

The photo had the caption, ‘Happy 2nd birthday to the love of my life !! Let the birthday weekend begin!’


8. Jennifer Lopez is allegedly collaborating with Chris Brown on her next album. At least, that is what we’ve been led to believe, after the 43-year-old singer tweeted a photo of herself in the studio with music producer Cory Rooney, and Chris Brown.

Jennifer Lopez Chris BrownBrown assaulted girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 – an attack which included throwing her against a car and biting her face.

We think Lopez could probably find some collaborators of a higher calibre to work with. To read about Mamamia’s uncertainty about whether to include any media coverage of Chris Brown on the website, click here and share your opinion.

9. Dennis Quaid is being forced to divorce his wife by a Los Angeles judge. Click here to find out why.




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