Next time I’m bumped for Hugh Jackman, can he at least be naked?


My usual fortnightly "What's Making News" segment on Today and today, my segment was interrupted and then cut short by Hugh Jackman who was arriving in Sydney harbour via helicopter.

Being bumped by Wolverine is not something that happens to everyone so I'm going to be all glass-half-full and put that in my CV. Me and Hugh? We're THISCLOSE. Do TV segments together all the time. We do.
You can watch the segment here if you are my mother or if you want to see Hugh hanging out of a helicopter and combining to of my biggest nightmares: heights and flying.
In the make-up room before the show, I bumped into Tara Moss who was appearing after me&Hugh (all one word) to talk about how she met her fiance online.

Tara j

I missed seeing this segment because I was on my way home to scrub the artfully applied TV make-up off my face but I was busting to see it because Tara is not exactly the type of person you'd imagine would require an online dating service to get lucky. But maybe that's the point – meeting people online extends your circle farther than going to parties and bars. Her fiance lives in Perth.
You can watch Tara's segment here…..


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