Skydive 80-year old

Laverne Everett did not think her first skydive would end up like this.

She wanted to celebrate her 80th birthday with a bit of excitement, but the jump went horribly wrong when she almost fell out of her harness during the dive. Here’s the video:

She defended her instructor against criticism he pushed her against her will.

The Huffington Post wrote:

“The upper harness came off, you know,” she said in a recent interview with CBS Sacramento, available below. “Just slipped down, it was just the lower harness, is all I had.”

“This happened a long time ago and everything worked as advertised,” said Parachute Center owner Bill Dause in a statement to ABC News. “No one got hurt or injured.”

So, still feel like jumping? It hasn’t deterred Laverne from excitement. She now wants to drive in a race car.

Here’s her interview:

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