How do you get art directors and photo retouchers to STOP digitally manipulating images of women in advertising?


If you can’t watch the video right now; bookmark it, write a note on your hand, tie a knot around your finger, DO ALL THE THINGS because it is one of the best things you’ll see today.

In short, beauty brand Dove is continuing their long-running Real Beauty campaign with this latest chapter: Thought Before Action, aimed at creating change within the advertising and photo retouching industries.

The creative team made a Photoshop action (a downloadable file that applies an effect to a photo with a single click) and distributed it on graphic design forums and websites that appeared to be a tool to add a glowing effect to be used on model’s skin, flowers etc.

BUT -and here’s the genius bit – the action actually reverted the photo the designer was manipulating back to its original state along with this message, “Don’t manipulate our perceptions of real beauty” @Dove Canada #Dove PostitiveChange.

Dove (and their creative agency) have made some pretty powerful advertising campaigns through their Real Beauty initiative, take a look at this:

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